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A Comprehensive Robert Burns collection of 700+ songs and lyrics with pdf for printing.

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Talk Of Him Thats Far Awa Tam Glen Tam O Shanter A Tale Tam Samsons Elegy Tarbolton Lasses The Thanksgiving For A National Victory The Auld Farmers New Year Morning Salutation To His Auld Mare Maggie The Authors Earnest Cry And Praye The Bairns Gat Out Wi An Unco Shout The Banks O Doon First Version The Banks O Doon Second Version The Banks O Doon Third Version The Banks Of Nith The Banks Of The Devon The Bard At Inverary The Battle Of Sherramuir The Belles Of Mauchline The Birks Of Aberfeldy The Blude Red Rose At Yule May Blaw The Bonie Lad Thats Far Awa The Bonie Lass Of Albany The Bonie Moor Hen The Bonie Wee Thing The Bonniest Lass That Ye Meet Neist The Book Worms The Braes O Killiecrankie The Braw Wooer The Brigs Of Ayr Inscribed To John Ballantine Esq Ayr The Calf To The Rev James Steven On His Text Malachi Ch Iv Vers 2 And Ye The Campbells Are Comin Oho Oho The Captains Lady The Captive Ribband The Cardin Ot The Spinnin Ot The Charming Month Of May The Charms Of Lovely Davies The Chevaliers Lament The Cooper O Cuddy The Cotters Saturday Night Inscribed To R Aiken Esq Of Ayr The Country Lass The Day Returns My Bosom Burns The Day Returns The Dean Of Faculty A New Ballad The Deil Cam Fiddlin Thro The Town The Deils Awa Wi The Exciseman The Deuks Dang Oer My Daddie The Epitaph The Fall Of The Leaf The Farewell To The Brethren Of St James Lodge Tarbolton The Farewell The Fete Champetre The Five Carlins An Election Ballad The Flowery Banks Of Cree The Gallant Weaver The Gardner Wi His Paidle The Gloomy Night Is Gathring Fast The Gowden Locks Of Anna The Heather Was Blooming The Meadows Were Mawn The Henpecked Husband The Highland Balou The Highland Widows Lament The Holy Fair The Humble Petition Of Bruar Water To The Noble Duke Of Athole The Inventory In Answer To A Mandate By The Surveyor Of The Taxes The Jolly Beggars A Cantata The Keekin Glass The Kirk Of Scotlands Alarm The Lad They Cajumpin John The Laddies By The Banks O Nith The Laddies Dear Sel The Lament Occasioned By The Unfortunate Issue Of A Friends Amour The Lass O Ballochmyle The Lass O Ecclefechan The Lass That Made The Bed To Me The Last Time I Came Oer The Moor The Lazy Mist Hangs From The Brow Of The Hill The Libellers Self Reproof The Lovely Lass O Inverness The Lovers Morning Salute To His Mistress The Mauchline Lady Fragment The Minstrel At Lincluden The Modiewark Has Done Me Ill The Night Was Still And Oer The Hill The Noble Maxwells And Their Powers The Ordination For Sense They Little Owe To Frugal Heavn The Parting Kiss The Poets Progress A Poem In Embryo The Poets Reply To The Threat Of A Censorious Critic The Posie The Rantin Dog The Daddie Ot The Raptures Of Folly The Rights Of Woman An Occasional Address The Rigs O Barley The Robin To The Wrens Nest The Slaves Lament The Small Birds Rejoice In The Green Leaves Returning The Smiling Spring Comes In Rejoicing The Soldiers Return The Solemn League And Covenant The Song Of Death The Sun He Is Sunk In The West The Tear Drop The Thames Flows Proudly To The Sea The Toadeater The Trogger Heron Election Ballad No Iv The True Loyal Natives The Twa Dogs A Tale The Twa Herds The Vision The Weary Pund O Tow The Weary Pund The Weary Pund The Whistle A Ballad The Winter It Is Past The Winter Of Life The Wounded Hare The Wrens Nest Fragment The Young Highland Rover Their Groves O Sweet Myrtle Let Foreign Lands Reckon Their Groves Osweet Myrtle Theniel Menzies Bonie Mary There Lived A Carl In Kellyburn Braes There Was A Bonie Lass And A Bonie Bonie Lass There Was A Bonie Lass There Was A Lad Was Born In Kyle There Was A Lass And She Was Fair There Was A Wife Wonnd In Cockpen There Was Five Carlins In The South There Was Once A Day But Old Time Was Then Young There Was Three Kings Into The East Therell Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Hame Theres A Youth In This City It Were A Great Pity Theres Auld Rob Morris That Wons In Yon Glen Theres Nane Thats Blest Of Human Kind Theres News Lassies News These Verses On Miss Isabella Mleod Of Raza Thine Am I My Faithful Fair Third Epistle To J Lapraik This Is No My Ain Lassie Tho Cruel Fate Should Bid Us Part Thomsons Edward And Eleanora Thou Fair Eliza Thou Gloomy December Thou Hast Left Me Ever Jamie Thou Lingring Star With Lessening Ray To A Louse To A Mountain Daisy To A Mouse On Turning Her Up In Her Nest With The Plough To Alex Cunningham Esq To Daunton Me To Dr Maxwell On Miss Jessy Staigs Recovery To Gavin Hamilton Esq Mauchline Recommending A Boy To John Kennedy Dumfries House To Mary In Heaven To Miss Cruickshank A Very Young Lady To Miss Ferrier To Miss Logan To Mr Madam Of Craigen Gillan To Ruin To The Beautiful Miss Eliza J N To The Weavers Gin Ye Go Tragic Fragment True Hearted Was He The Sad Swain O The Yarrow Twas Even The Dewy Fields Were Green Twas In The Seventeen Hunder Year Twas Na Her Bonie Blue Ee Twas On A Monday Morning

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