Robert Burns collection, Songs and Lyrics - Titles I

A Comprehensive Robert Burns collection of 700+ songs and lyrics with pdf for printing.

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I Coft A Stane O Haslock Woo I Do Confess Thou Art Sae Fair Alteration Of An Old Poem I Do Confess Thou Art Sae Fair I Dreamd I Lay Where Flowers Were Springing I Dreamd I Lay I Gaed A Waefu Gate Yestreen I Gaed Up To Dunse I Hae A Wife O My Ain I Hae A Wife Of My Ain I Hae Been At Crookieden I Love My Love In Secret I Murder Hate By Flood Or Field I Murder Hate I Reign In Jeanies Bosom I Sing Of A Whistle A Whistle Of Worth Ill Aye Ca In By Yon Town Ill Go And Be A Sodger Ill Meet Thee On The Lea Rig Im Oer Young Im Oer Young Im Oer Young To Marry Yet Impromptu Lines To Captain Riddell On Returning A Newspaper Impromptu On Carron Iron Works Impromptu On General Dumouriers Desertion From The French Republican Army In Comin By The Brig O Dye In Simmer When The Hay Was Mawn In The Character Of A Ruined Farmer In The Prospect Of Death Inconstancy In Love Inscribed On A Work Of Hannah Mores Inscription At Friars Carse Hermitage Inscription For An Altar Of Independence At Kerroughtree Inscription For The Headstone Of Fergusson The Poet Inscription To Miss Graham Of Fintry Inscription To Miss Jessy Lewars On A Copy Of The Scots Musical Museum Inscription Written On The Blank Leaf Of A Copy Of The Last Edition Of My Poems Is There For Honest Poverty It Is Na Jean Thy Bonie Face It Was A For Our Rightfu King It Was In Sweet Senegal That My Foes Did Me Enthral It Was The Charming Month Of May It Was Upon A Lammas Night Ithers Seek They Ken Na What

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