Robert Burns collection, Songs and Lyrics - Titles H

A Comprehensive Robert Burns collection of 700+ songs and lyrics with pdf for printing.

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Had I A Cave On Some Wild Distant Shore Had I A Cave Had I The Wyte Had I The Wyte Had I The Wyte She Bade Me Halloween Handsome Nell 1 Hee Balou My Sweet Wee Donald Her Answer Her Daddie Forbad Her Minnie Forbad Here Awa There Awa Wandering Willie Here Is The Glen And Here The Bower Heres A Health To Ane I Loe Dear Heres A Health To Them Thats Awa Heres His Health In Water Heres To Thy Health My Bonie Lass Heres To Thy Health Hey Ca Thro Boat Song Hey The Dusty Miller Highland Harry Back Again Highland Mary Holy Willies Prayer Home Hoo Can I Keep My Maidenheid How Can My Poor Heart Be Glad How Cruel Are The Parents Altered From An Old English Song How Cruel Are The Parents How Lang And Dreary Is The Night How Long And Dreary Is The Night How Pleasant The Banks Of The Clear Winding Devon Husband Husband Cease Your Strife

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