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A Comprehensive Robert Burns collection of 700+ songs and lyrics with pdf for printing.

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Under The Pressure Of Violent Anguish Up In The Morning Early Up Wi The Carls O Dysart Verses Intended To Be Written Below A Noble Earls Picture Verses On Captain Grose Verses On The Destruction Of The Woods Near Drumlanrig Verses To Clarinda Sent With A Pair Of Wine Glasses Verses To Collector Mitchell Verses Written With A Pencil Versicles On Sign Posts Versified Note To Dr Mackenzie Mauchline Versified Reply To An Invitation Wae Is My Heart And The Tears In My Ee Wandering Willie First Version Wandering Willie Revised Version Wee Willie Gray And His Leather Wallet Wee Willie Gray Well Hide The Cooper Behint The Door Wha Is That At My Bower Door Wha Will Buy My Troggin Fine Election Ware Whare Live Ye My Bonie Lass What Can A Young Lassie Do Wi An Auld Man What Can A Young Lassie What Shall A Young Lassie What Will I Do Gin My Hoggie Die When First My Brave Johnie Lad Came To This Town When Guilford Good Our Pilot Stood When Oer The Hill The Eastern Star When Princes And Prelates When Rosy May Comes In Wi Flowers When She Cam Ben She Bobbed When Wild Wars Deadly Blast Was Blawn Where Are The Joys I Have Met Where Are The Joys I Have Met In The Morning While Larks With Little Wing Whistle And Ill Come To You My Lad Whistle Oer The Lave Ot Whom Will You Send To London Town Why Why Tell The Lover Fragment Why Why Tell Thy Lover Wi Braw New Branks In Mickle Pride Will Ye Go To The Hielands Leezie Lindsay Will Ye Go To The Indies My Mary Will Ye Go To The Indies My Mary Willie Brewd A Peck O Maut Willie Chalmers Willie Wastle Dwalt On Tweed Wilt Thou Be My Dearie Winter A Dirge Written By Somebody On The Window Of An Inn At Stirling Written In Friars Carse Hermitage On Nithside Ye Jacobites By Name Lend An Ear Ye Jacobites By Name Ye Sons Of Old Killie Assembled By Willie Yestreen I Had A Pint O Wine Yon Wandering Rill That Marks The Hill Yon Wild Mossy Mountains Sae Lofty And Wide Yon Wild Mossy Mountains Young Jamie Pride Of A The Plain Young Jockie Was The Blythest Lad Young Peggy Blooms Our Boniest Lass Young Peggy Blooms Your Friendship Much Can Make Me Blest Youre Welcome Willie Stewart

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