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A Comprehensive Robert Burns collection of 700+ songs and lyrics with pdf for printing.

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Election Ballad For Westerha Election Ballad Elegy On Captain Matthew Henderson Elegy On Stella Elegy On The Death Of Robert Ruisseaux Elegy On The Death Of Sir James Hunter Blair Elegy On The Late Miss Burnet Of Monboddo Elegy On The Year 1788 Elegy On Willie Nicols Mare Epigram Addressed To An Artist Epigram At Brownhill Inn Epigram At Roslin Inn Epigram On A Country Laird Not Quite So Wise As Solomon Epigram On A Henpecked Country Squire Epigram On Francis Grose The Antiquary Epigram On Miss Davies Epigram On Mr James Gracie Epigram On Parting With A Kind Host In The Highlands Epigram On Rough Roads Epigram On Seeing Miss Fontenelle In A Favourite Character Epigram On The Laird Of Laggan Epigram On The Said Occasion Epigram To Miss Ainslie In Church Epigram To Miss Jean Scott Epigrams Against The Earl Of Galloway Epistle From Esopus To Maria Epistle To A Young Friend Epistle To Colonel De Peyster Epistle To Davie A Brother Poet Epistle To Dr Blacklock Ellisland 21st Oct 1789 Epistle To Hugh Parker Epistle To J Lapraik An Old Scottish Bard Epistle To James Smith Epistle To James Tennant Of Glenconner Epistle To John Goldie Epistle To John Maxwell Esq Of Terraughty On His Birthday Epistle To John Rankine Enclosing Some Poems Epistle To Major Logan Epistle To Mrs Scott Gudewife Epistle To Robert Graham Esq Epistle To The Rev John Mmath Epitaph For Gavin Hamilton Esq Epitaph For James Smith Epitaph For Mr Gabriel Richardson Epitaph For Mr W Cruikshank Epitaph For Mr Walter Riddell Epitaph For Mr William Michie Schoolmaster Of Cleish Parish Fifeshire Epitaph For Robert Aiken Esq Epitaph For William Nicol Of The High School Edinburgh Epitaph On A Lap Dog Named Echo Epitaph On A Noted Coxcomb Capt Wm Roddirk Of Corbiston Epitaph On Holy Willie Epitaph On John Dove Innkeeper Epitaph On John Rankine Epitaph On Wee Johnie Hic Jacet Wee Johnie Epitaph On Wm Hood Senr In Tarbolton Esteem For Chloris Extemporaneous Effusion On Being Appointed To An Excise Division Extempore In The Court Of Session Extempore On Some Commemorations Of Thomson Extempore Reply To An Invitation Fair Fa Your Honest Sonsie Face Fair Is The Morn In Flowry May Fairest Maid On Devon Banks Fareweel To A Our Scottish Fame Farewell Song To The Banks Of Ay Farewell Thou Fair Day Thou Green Earth Farewell Thou Stream That Winding Flows Farewell Thou Stream Farewell To Ballochmyle Farewell To Eliza Farewell To The Highlands Farewell To The North Fickle Fortune Fragment First Six Verses Of The Ninetieth Psalm Versified The First When Maggie Was My Care For A That An A That For A That For The Sake O Somebody Forlorn My Love No Comfort Near Frae The Friends And Land I Love Fragment Of Song From Thee Eliza I Must Go Fy Let Us A To Kirkcudbright

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