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Ye fields of light, celestial plains

1. Ye fields of light, celestial plains,
Where pure, serene effulgence reigns,
Ye scenes divinely fair.
Your Maker's wondrous pow'r proclaim,
Tell how he form'd your shining frame,
And breathed the fluid air.

2. Join, all ye stars, the vocal choir;
Thou dazzling orb of liquid fire
The mighty chorus aid;
And, soon as ev'ning veils the plain,
Thou moon, prolong the hallowed strain,
And praise him in the shade.

3. Thou heav'n of heav'ns, his vast abode,
Proclaim the glories of thy God ;
Ye worlds, declare his might;
He spake the word, and ye were made;
Darkness and dismal chaos fled,
And nature sprung to light.

4. Let every element rejoice ;
Ye thunders, burst with awful voice
To him who bids you roll ;
His praise in softer notes declare.
Each whisp'ring breeze of yielding air,
And breathe it to the soul.

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