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Let heaven arise, let earth appear

1. Let heaven arise, let earth appear,
Proclaimed th' Eternal Lord:
The heaven arose, the earth appeared,
At his creating word.

2. But formless was the earth, and void,
Dark, sluggish, and confus'd;
Till o'er the mass the Spirit mov'd.
And quick'ning pow'r diffused.

3. Then spake the Lord Omnipotent!
The mandate, "Be there light:"
Light darted forth in vivid rays.
And scattered ancient night.

4. The glorious firmament he spread,
To part the earth and sky;
And fix'd the upper elements
Within their spheres on high.

5. He bade the seas together flow;
They left the solid land;
And herbs, and plants, and fruitful trees.
Sprung forth at his command.

6. Above, he form'd the stars; and placed
Two greater orbs of light;
The radiant sun to rule the day.
The moon to rule the night.

7. To all the varied living tribes
He gave their wondrous birth ;
Some form'd within the wat'ry deep.
Some, from the teeming earth.

8. Then, chief o'er all his works below,
Man, honour'd man, was made;
His soul with God's pure image atamped
With innocence array'd.

9. Completed now the mighty work,
God his creation view'd:
And pleas'd with all that he had made^
Pronounc'd it "very good."

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