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Great first of beings! mighty Lord

1. Great first of beings! mighty Lord
Of all this wondrous frame !
Produced by thy creating word,
The world from nothing came.

2. Thy voice sent forth the high command,
Twas instantly obey'd ;
And through thy goodbness all things stand,
Which by thy pow'r were made.

3. Lord! for thy glory — shine the whole;
They all reflect thy light :
For this — in course the planets roll,
And day succeeds the night.

4. For this — ^the sun disperses heat
And beams of cheering day;
And distant stars, in order set.
By night thy pow'r display.

5. For this — the earthly produce yields.
For this — the waters flow;
And blooming plants adorn the fields,
And trees aspiring grow.

6. Inspired with praise, our minds pursue
This wise and noble end —
That all we think, and all we do,
Shall to thine honour tend.

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