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Faith is the Christian’s evidence

1. Faith is the Christian's evidence
Of things unseen by mortal eye;
It passes all the bounds of sense.
And penetrates the inmost sky.

2. Things absent it can set in view.
And bring far distant prospects home,
Events long past it can renew,
And long foresee the things to come.

3. With strong persuasion, from afar
The heavenly region it surveys,
Embraces all the blessings there,
And here enjoys the promises.

4. By faith a steady course we steer.
Through ruffling storms and swelling seas,
Overcome the world, keep down our fear,
And still possess our souls in peace.

5. By faith, we pass the vale of tears
Safe and serene, though oft distressed;
By faith, subdue the king of fears.
And go rejoicing to our rest.

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