Folk and Traditional Music

Titles List(for both guitar and mandolin same titles for either) Part 3 E-G

Consolidated Index Of Available Titles

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Eamonn An Chnoic (Ned Of The Hill)
Earle Of Darwins Farewell
Earls Chair
Earls Favourite
Early Morn (Lancashire) Clog
Early One Morning
Earl Bleys Jig
Earl Cathcart
Earl Grey
Earl Moiras Welcometo Scotland
Earl Morriss Farewell To Scotland
Earl Of Angus And Arran
Earl Of Dalhousies Happy Return To Scotland
Earl Of Dalkeith
Earl Of Dalkieth Reel
Earl Of Dalkith Reel
Earl Of Vincents Fancy
Earl The Breakfast Boiler
Easter Chick
Easter Morn
Easter Sunday Waltz
Easter Thursday
East Clare Reel
East Dene
East Hill Breakdown
East Neuk Of Fife
Easy Club
Easy Club Reel
Eau De Luce
Ebb Tide Hornpipe
Eccho Minet
Echoes From Forest Garden
Eclipse Galop
Eddie Kellys
Eddie Kellys 1
Eddie Kellys 2
Eddie Moloneys
Eddie Smyths
Edenside Rangers Quick March
Edinborough Hornpipe
Edinbrough Castle
Edinburgh Castle
Edinburgh Jigg
Edinburgh Musical Fund
Edmund Mackenzie Of Plockton
Eel In The Sink
Egans Polka
Egg Hornpipe
Egyptian Festival
Eighth Of August
Eight Maids Of Moidart
Eight Oclock In The Morning
Eight Step Waltz
Eileen Curran
Eileen Curran 2
Einsteins Reel
Eithnes Child
Eleanor Kaness
Eleanor Plunkett
Election Tune
Electric Hornpipe
Elizabeth Donald
Elizabeth Keanes
Elizabeth Kellys Delight
Elks Festival
Ellesmere Quickby Davies
Elseys Waltz
Elsies Waltz
Elsie Marley
Elterwater Hornpipe
Elterwater Quickstep
Elverton Grove
Ely Court
Emon Acnuck Jig
Emperor Of Austrias Waltz
Emperor Of Russias Waltz
Empty Wallet Waltz
Enchanted Lady
Englands Glory
Englands Lamentation
England The Home Of The World
English Dance
English Hornpipe
Ennis Jig No2
Ent Anara Garda
En Dro
En Dro De Meriadec
En Flandres (F Paris)
Eppie Mcnabb
Epping Forest
Epsom New Mills (The Pursuit)
Epsom Races
Eraesen Ollin Polkka
Ere Around The Huge Oak
Erie Hornpipe
Erlegh March
Erwten Plukken
Espie Mcnabb
Espresso Polka
Esquire Lessar
Essequibo River
Essex March
Eunyssagh Vona (Vonas Delight)
Eureka Hornpipe
Eveline (F Paris)
Evening-Star Waltz
Evening Hymn
Even And Odd Like Tom With His Hod
Evergreen Lasses Reel
Every-Bodys Hornpipe
Every Lad His Lass
Evesham Ilmington
Eves Jig
Evil Hearted Man
Evit Gabriel
Ewans Hornpipe
Ewe Reel
Ewe With The Crooked Horn
Excelsior Hornpipe
Excelsior Schottische
Exiles Jig
Exiles Lament Jig
Exonian Finale
Eyes Of Ble
Eyes Right
Eynsham Poacher
E To E Reel

Factory Girl
Fagan And Fentons Clog
Fahys Jig 1
Fahys Jig 2
Fainne Oir Ort
Fain I Would
Fairey Dance
Fairhaired Boy
Fairhaired Mary
Fairies Hornpipe
Fairies Revels
Fairly Shot Of Her
Fairwell Ye Green Fields
Fairy Dance
Fairy Jig
Fairy Reel
Fair And Softly
Fair Haired Lass
Fair Jennys Jig
Fair Maid Of Whickham
Fair Quaker Of Deal
Fair Wind A
Falling About
Falling Down Stairs
Fall Of Paris
False Bride
False Young Man
Fal Lal La
Fal Lal La
Family Jig
Famous Ballymote
Fang The Fiddlers
Fanny Blair
Fanny Frail
Fanny Lisp
Fanny Power
Fanny Powers
Fanny Power
Fantastic Hornpipe
Fantastic Reel
Fantocini Ash05
Farandole De Frejus
Farewell Manchester
Farewell Nelson
Farewell Sweet Nora Jig
Farewell To Craigie Dhu
Farewell To Erin
Farewell To Erin Reel
Farewell To Gurteen
Farewell To Ireland
Farewell To Joe
Farewell To Leitrim
Farewell To Marian
Farewell To Milltown
Farewell To Miltown Malbay
Farewell To Newcastle
Farewell To Peggy
Farewell To The Creeks
Farewell To The Foyle
Farewell To The Moy
Farewell To The Troubles Of The World
Farewell To Whiskey
Farewell To Whisky
Farley Shot Of Her
Farmers Daughter
Farmers Jamboree
Farmers Tune
Farmors Brudpolska
Farniente Bene (R Robert)
Farrell Ogara
Farrell Ogaras Favorite
Farther Be In The Welcomer
Far Away
Far From Home
Fasten The Leg
Fasten The Legging
Fasten The Leg In Her
Fasten The Leg On Her
Fasten The Wig On Her Jig
Father Dollards Hornpipe
Father Fieldings Favorite
Father John Macmillan Of Barra
Father Kellys
Father Kellys Jig
Father Kellys No 1
Father Kellys No 2
Father Kellys Reel
Father Oflynn
Father Ogradys Visit To Bocca
Favourite French Air With Variationsa
Favourite Gigg
Favourite Hornpipe
Favourite Italian Dance
Favourite Quick Marcha
Favourite Waltza
Favourite Hornpipe
Fear A Fige
Feely Kearneys
Feely Kearnys
Felton Lonnin
Felton Lonnin1
Female Drummer
Female Rake
Fenwick O Bywell
Fergal Ogaras
Fergie The Tre Story
Fergussons Rant
Fermanagh Highland
Fermoy Lasses
Ferny Hill
Ferry Bridge
Fer Lyskerys
Festival Reel
Festival Waltz
Ffarwel Ir Marian
Fiddlers Dream
Fiddlers Mountain
Fiddlers Three
Fiddle Hill Jig
Fiddling Around
Fields O Foula Da
Fieldtown Processional
Fiery Clockface
Fiery Clock Fyece
Fife Hunt
Fife Hunt Reel
Fifty Not Out
Fight About The Fireside
Fijiyama Hornpipe
Fill Every Glass
Fill The Tankard
Fill Up The Bowl
Finbar Dwyers
Findlaters Highland Fling
Fine Companion
Fingals Cave
Finger Post
Finnegans Wake
Finnish Polka
Fionas New House
Fiona Blakeys Reel
Fiou De Lono)
Fiou De Lono (Ersion Esbelin)
Fiou De Lono (Ersion Pauvert)
Fireside Reel
Fire Down Below (A)
Fire Down Below (B)
Fire Down Below (C)
Fire Down Below (D)
Fire Down Below (E)
Fire On The Mountains
First Day Of Spring
First Flirtation Fling
First House In Connaught
First Love
First Month Of Summer
First Morris Badby
First Night In America
First Night In Leadville
First Of April
First Of Aug
First Of May
First Of October
First Western Change
Fishermans Frolic (Lancashire) Clog
Fishermans Island
Fishermans Lilt
Fisherss Hornpipe
Fishers Hornpipe
Fishers Hornpipe
Fisher Who Died In His Bed
Fishing Rod Reel
Fits Come On Me Now
Five Green Bridges
Five In A Bed
Five Leaved Clover
Five Mile Chase
Five Servants
Flags Of Dublin
Flaming Oflanigans Jig
Flanders1 Will You Go To Flanders
Will You Go To Flanders, Gramachree Molly
Flannel Jacket

Flatworld (Cutting)
Flat Cap
Flat Cap 1St Setting
Flat Cap 2Nd Setting
Flavor Of The Month
Flax In Bloom
Flee As A Bird
Fletchers Delight
Flims Castle
Flip Mcgilders
Flitter Dance
Floating Crowbar
Flocks In A Cluster(Cloister)
Flocktons Hornpipe
Flogging Reel
Flours Of Edinburgh
Flour De Civado
Flowers Of Adrigole
Flowers Of Brooklyn
Flowers Of Cahirciveen
Flowers Of Edinborough
Flowers Of Edinburgh
Flowers Of Edinburgh Bampton
Flowers Of Edinburgh Bledington
Flowers Of Edinburgh Jig Bampton
Flowers Of Edinburg Reel
Flowers Of Limerick Reel
Flowers Of Michigan
Flowers Of Red Hill
Flowers Of Spring
Flowers Of St Petersburg Reel
Flower Of Edinbourough
Flower Of Edinburgh
Flower Of The Flock
Flower Of Yarrow
Flowing Tide
Fly-By-Night (Lancashire) Clog
Fly Away Pretty Moth
Fly Not Yet
Fm Slip Jig
Follow Her Over The Border
Follow Me Down
Follow Me Down To Carlow
Follow Me Down To Galway
Follow The Drum
Fondly Yours
Fond Shepherd
Fools Jig Bampton
Foots Minet
Footy Aygen The Wa
Foot And Fiddle
Foot Minet
Foresters Hornpipe
Forester Fieldtown
Forest Flower Highland Fling
Fortune My Foe
Forty Years Of Fun
For A That And A That
For Beth
For Sake Of Old Decency
For The Sakes Of Old Decency
For The Sake Of Old Decency
Fosters Hornpipe
Foul Weather Call
Fourpence Halfpenny Farthing
Fourposter Bed
Fourth Dragoons March
Four Kisses
Four Lanes End
Four Mile Stone
Four Pence Half-Penny Farthing
Four Shoves
Foxhunters Jig
Foxhunters Reel
Foxhunters Reel (Transposed)
Foxie Mary
Foxy Mary
Fox Hunter
Fox Hunters Jig
Fox On The Town
Fox Quadrille
Fradley Reel
Frahers Jig
Fram Apon Him
Frankie Gavins
Franks Reel
Frank Gilruth
Frank Roches Favourite
Frantic Rant
Fraoch As Aitenn
Frazers Jig

Frederic Paris
Freds Frolics
Fred Bartell
Fred Finns
Fred Pigeons
Fred Rodens Reel
Freedom And Liberty
Freedom For Ireland
Free Masons Salute
Free Trade
Frehans 2
Frejus Waltz
French Air
French Canadian Four-Step
French Hornpipe
French Hornpipea
French March
French Mariners March
French Mineta
French Stroller
French Taptoo
French Waltz A
Friars Oak
Friar And The Nun
Friday Night (Through Monday)
Friday Night Mixer
Friendly Visit
Friends And Y
Frieze Breeches
Frieze Britches
Froggies First Jump
From Aberdeen
From Aberdeen To Edinburgh
From De Dannan
From Galway To Dublin Town
From Johnsons Book
From Night Till Morn
From Shore To Shore
From Thee Eliza I Must Go
Frosty Morning
Frost Is All Over
Frost Is All Over Jig
Frost Is All Under
Funny Eyes
Funny Eyes X309
Furlana Di Migliara
Furlana Di Virgilio
Furnills Frolic
Fy Gar Rub Her Oer Wi Straw
Fy Let Us A To The Bridal
Fy Nay Prithee John

Gaelic Waltz
Gaily We Went And Gaily We Came
Galician Jig
Gallaghers Frolics
Gallant Hussar Bledington
Gallant Hussar Longborough
Gallop In Benioshy
Gallop In Gustavus
Gallop On Gaily
Galloway House
Galloway Tom
Gallways Lament
Gallway Girls
Galopede (Yarmouth Reel)
Galope Carmen
Galtee Ranger
Galtee Reel
Galway Bay
Galway Girls
Galway Hornpipe
Galway Lasses
Galway Rambler
Galway Reel
Gambles Are Coming
Game Cock
Game Cock Reel
Gander In The Pratie Hole
Gandzia Polka
Ganerians Flight
Ganivelle (F Paris)
Ganivelle Scottish
Gants Rant
Gan Ainm (Apples In Winter)
Gan Ainm (Charlie Lennons Sister)
Gan Ainm (For Now Somebody Give Us The Name)
Gan Ainm (From Siobhan Egan)
Gan Ainm (Ireland Green)
Gan Ainm (Miss Mcleods)
Gan Ainm (The Heather Breeze)
Gan Ainm (Tommy Peoples)
Gap In The Clouds
Garden Of Butterflies
Garden Of Daisies
Garoio An Irish Air
Garrai Na Bhfeileog
Garrets Wedding
Garrett Barrys
Garrett Barrys Jig
Garrett Barrys Reel
Garry Owen
Garry Owen Jig
Garsters Dream
Gaspe Reel
Gatehouse Maid
Gateshead Hornpipe
Gathering Peascods
Gathering Peascods (A)
Gathering Peascods (G)
Gavota Ash15
Gavot By Mr Stanley
Gay Gordons
Gdnight1 Good Night And God Be With You
Gdnight2 Good Night And God Be With Yow
Gdnight3 Good Night And God Be With You
Gdnight4 Good Night An Joy Be Wi You A
Gdnight5 The Parting Glass
Geaghans Fancy (Sp)
Ged Man Of Ballangigh
Geese In The Bog
Geese In The Bog Jig
Gee Ho Dobbin
Gee Odobbin
Gee Woe Dobin
Gelding Of The Devil
Geld Him Lassies Geld Him
Geminianis Minet
Geminiani Minet
Gemman The Bard
Gem Of Ireland
General Blucher
General Grahams Victory
General Monks March
General Monks March Bledington 1
General Monks March Bledington 2
General Monks March Bledington 3
General Toast
Gene Odonnells
Genl Bonapartes March
Genl Carletons Quick March
Genl Washingtons March
Genny Bell
Gentleman Hills Quickstep
Gentle Ann
Gen Longstreets
Geordie Hinnie
Georges Corkscrew
George 2Nd
George Greens College Hornpipe
George Greens Slow (College) Hornpipe
George Kings Hornpipe
George Kings Hornpipe 1St Setting
George Kings Hornpipe 2Nd Setting
George Whites
George Whites Fancy
George Whites Favorite
George Whites Favourite
Georgia Crackers
German Air
German March
German Minet
German Musicianer
German Polka
German Schottische
German Waltz
Gerry Commanes
Gerry Squires Palette
Ger The Rigger
Getting Upstairs Headington
Getting Up Stairs
Get Up And Bar The Door
Get Up Old Woman And Shake Yourself
Geud Man Of Ballangigh (Hunt The Squirrel)
Ghost Ship
Giant Irishman
Gie Me A Lass Wia Lump O Land
Gie Me A Lass Wi A Lump O Land
Gift Of The Fairies
Giga Di Roccagrimalda
Giga Emiliana
Giga Ferrarese
Gigg Time
Gillans Apples
Gillians Apples
Gilsland Hornpipe
Gilsland Hornpipe
Gingerhogs No2
Gingling Geordy
Gingling Geordyanother Way
Ginny And The Teepee
Ginos Reel
Gin I Were Where The Gadie Rins
Giovinetto Cavalier
Gipseys Hornpipe
Gipsys Hornpipe
Girls At Martinfield
Girls Of Balladoole
Girls Of Banbridge
Girls Of Castlebar
Girls Of Edmonton
Girls Of Farranfore
Girls Of The County Mayo
Girl From The Big House
Girl In The Dress
Girl I Left Behind
Girl I Left Behind Me
Girl That Broke My Heart
Girl Who Broke My Heart
Girl With The Blue Dress On
Girl With The Redble Dress On
Gisburn Processional
Give Me A Lass With A Lump Of Land
Give Me Your Hand
Give The Fiddler A Drink
Give Us A Drink Of Water
Glasses Sparkle On The Board
Glass Of Beer
Gleanntan Slide
Glee Oh Nanny
Glenallen (Harmony Line)
Glenbeigh Hornpipe
Glenburnie Rant
Glendarel Highlanders
Glengarrys Foxhunter
Glengarrys March
Glen Allen
Glen Cottage

Glen Of Aherlow
Glen Ogle
Glen Orchy
Globe Hornpipe
Gloomy Winter
Gloomy Winters Night
Glorishears Bampton
Glorisher (Leapfrog)
Glorisher Bledington
Glorisher Fieldtown
Gloryflower (Cliff Stapleton)
Gloryflower Schottische
Glory Of The West
Glory Reel
Gloster Reel
Gloucestershire Hornpipe
Gloucestershire March
Gneevgullia Reel
Goathland Square Eight
Goat On The Hill
Goby O
God Rest You Merry Gentlemen
Going To The Races
Going To The Well For Water
Golden Eagle
Golden Eagle Hornpipe
Golden Egg
Golden Keyboard
Golden Stream Varsoviana
Golden Stud
Golden Valley
Golden Wreath
Gold Ring
Gold Ring Schottische
Gold Stud
Gollihers Folic Jig
Gondola Air
Good-Bye Girls
Good-Bye Sweetheart
Goodbye Fare-Ye-Well (A)
Goodbye My Love Goodbye
Goodmans Fields Hornpipe
Goodnight And God Be With You
Goodnight And Joy Be With You
Good Christian Men Rejoice
Good Fellow Stilla
Good For The Tonge
Good For The Tonge Hornpipe
Good Girl
Good Humour
Good Morning To Your Nightcap
Good Morning To Your Night Cap
Good Mornin Ladies All (A)
Good Mornin Ladies All (B)
Good Morrow To Your Night-Cap Jig
Good Natured Man
Good Night And God Be Wi Ye
Good Night And Joy Be With You
Good Night And Joy Be With You All
Good Old Summertime
Good Omens
Good One Waltza
Good Thing
Good Tunea
Gooseberry Blossoms
Gooseberry Bush
Goose And The Gridiron
Gorbachevs Farewell To Lithuania
Gorgie Farm
Gosson That Beat His Father
Goumaldies Hornpipe
Gowfrwl Farewell To Whiskeyby Niel Gow
Go As You Please Hornpipe
Go Georgei Cant Endure You
Go To Bed Betty And
Go To Berwick Johnnie
Go To Berwick Johnny
Go To Sea No More
Go To Sea Once More
Go To The Devil And
Go To The Devil And Shake Yourself Jig
Go To The Well For Water
Go To The And Shake Yourself
Grab Your Hats
Graces Farewell
Gracious Lady
Grafton Hornpipe
Graf Spee
Graf Spey
Grahams Hornpipe
Graies Inne Maske
Graies Inne Maske (Part 1)
Graies Inne Maske (Part 2)
Grainnes Jig
Gramachree Molly
Grande Chaine La
Grandfathers Dance
Grandfathers Pet
Grandfathers Tune
Grandmothers Dance
Grand Canal
Grand Chien
Grand Hornpipea
Grand March By Tthompson
Grand Old Duke Of York
Grand Parade
Grand Spey
Grand Swaine
Grand Turks March
Gran Cuntradanza
Gravel Walk
Gravel Walks Jig
Grays Opera House Clog
Gray Eyd Morn
Greatwestern (Lancashire) Clog
Great Eastern
Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Great North Run 86
Greencastle Hornpipe
Greenhouse Hornpipe
Greensleeves Longborough
Greensleeves Or Kick My Ae
Greenslv Greensleeves (Original)
Greenwich Park
Green Banks Of Rossbeigh
Green Brechans O Branton
Green Cockade
Green Fields Of America
Green Fields Of Glentown
Green Fields Of Rossbeigh
Green Garters
Green Gates
Green Groes The Rushes O
Green Groves Of Erin
Green Grows The Rushes O
Green Grow The Rushes
Green Grow The Rushes O
Green Grow The Rushes O 1
Green Grow The Rushes O Reel
Green Hills
Green Hills Of Tyrol
Green Hills Of Tyrol 1
Green Hills Of Tyrol 2
Green Island Home
Green Meadow
Green Mountain
Green Mountain Petronella A
Green Mountain Petronella G
Green Ship
Green Sleaves
Green Sleeves
Green Sleeves 3
Green Sleeves 4
Green Sleeves And Yellow Lace
Green Trees Of Athol
Green Willis
Greeting To Ireland
Gregorian Rant
Greigs Strathspey
Gretna Green
Grey Eagle
Grimaldies Hornpipe
Grimstock A
Grimstock G
Grinders 2
Grizzly Bear
Groom Jig
Grote Ronde
Grouse On The Hill
Guinea Corn
Gullane Polka
Gumpendorfer Schottisch
Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
Gussondall Bay
Gustavus Galloppe
Gustavus Galloppe Jmy119
Gustys Frolics
Gus Jordans
Guy Mannering
Gypsy Hornpipe
Gypsy Princess
Gypsy Round
Gyre And Gimble

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