Folk and Traditional Music

Titles List(for both guitar and mandolin same titles for either) Part 1 A-B

Consolidated Index Of Available Titles

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12Th Of August
16Th Of October
1St Turks March
2Nd Turks March
30 Year Jig
3Rd Figure Of The Lancers
42 Pound Check
A-Rolling Down The River
A-Rovin (A)
A-Rovin (B)
Aarons Air
Abbey Reel
Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
Abel Brown The Sailor
Aber Geldie
Abitha Muggins Favorite
Aboard The Kangaroo
Aboot The Bush Willy
Abraham Brown
Abraham Brown Ferris
Absent Minded Woman
Ace And Deuce Of Pipering
Acrobats Hornpipe
Admirals Hornpipe
Admiral Lord Nelsons Hornpipe
Admiral Mitchells Hornpipe
Admiral Mitchels Reel
Adsons Sarabande
After The Ball
After The Duck
After The Hare
Ah Surely
Aikendrum Polka
Aiken Drum
Air In Perseus And Andromeda
Aka Polka
Alasdrums March
Albemarle Hornpipe
Albertina Or Skonnert Albertina
Albert Hugheswaltz
Aldridges Allemande
Aldridges Dance
Aldridges Hornpipe
Alec Dan Macisaacs
Alexanders Hornpipe
Ale Is Dear
Algerine Waltz
Alices Reel
Alice Gray
Aline L
Alistairs Half-Remembered Polka
Alistair Maclalastair Strathspey
Allanbig Alex Macdonald
Allenheads Hill
Allens Reel
Allen A Dale
Allen Goose Fair
Allen Water
Allice Gray
Allonby Lasses
Alls Well
Alls Wellprimo
Alls Wellsecundo
Ally Croaker
Ally Croakers Favorite Reel
Ally Croker
All Aboard Reel
All Around My Hat
All Around The Maypole See How They Trott
All Around The World
All A Mode De France
All Hands High Hornpipe
All Hands Upon Deck
All In A Garden Green
All I Want For Christmas Is A Concertina
All On The Tongo Island
All Round My Hat
All The Blue Bonnets
All The Night I Lay Awake
All The Rage
All The Way To Galway
All The Way To Galway Reel
All The World Is Desolation
All Those Endearing Young Charms
Alnwick Castle
Along The Ocean Shore
Altrincham Round
Alvarado Reel
Always Welcome
Alys Waltz
Aly Anderson
Amateur Hornpipe
Ambrose Moloneys
Amelias Waltz
American Hornpipe
American Patrol
American Rifle Team
Amusements Of The Town
Anacreon In Heavn
Andants O Nanny
Andersons Hornpipe
Andrew And His Cutty Gun
Andrew Carey
Andrew Careys Slipjig
Andrew Carr
Andy De Jarlis Jig
Andy Dowys Reel
Andy Irvines Polka
Andy Mcganns
Andy Mcganns 1
Andy Mcganns No2
Andy Stewart
And Will You Be
Ane Irish Tune
Angels Unawares
Angry Peeler
Angus Campbell
Annan Polka
Anna Maria
Anne Fraser Mackenzie
Anne Germaine Macdonald
Annie Lisle
Anniseed Water Robin
Anniversary Reel
Ann From Monaghan
Another Fine Mess
Another Jig Will Do
Another Type Of Waltz
Antrim Rose
An Der Berollo
An Dro

An Old Man Is A Bed Full Of Bones
An The Kirk Wad Let Me Be
An Ye Had Been Where Etc
Apley House
Apollo Club Hornpipe
Appelbo Ganglat
Appelby Election Hornpipe
Applejacks Reel
Apples In Winter
Apprentice Lads Of Alnwick
April Waltz
Apsley House
Ap Shenkin
Archers Dance
Archers Hornpipe
Archibald Macdonald Of Keppoch
Archie Menzies
Archie Neil Chisholm
Ardinglasss Delight
Ard An Bhothair
Arebloon Hornpipe
Are Ye Sleepin Maggie
Are You Ready Yet
Argyle Bowling Green
Argyll Is My Name
Ariel Hornpipe
Arkle Mountain
Arlodhes Eversham
Army And Navy
Arnes Jig
Arnolds Circle
Around The World
Around The World For Sport
Arrane Ghelby
Arrow Waltz
Arthur Darley
Arthur The Brave
Art Wootens Quadrille
Ascot Hornpipe
Ashford Anniversary
Ashford Assembly
Ashleys Hornpipe
Ashleys Rides
Ashley Hornpipe
Ashmoleen House
Ashplant Reel
Ash Grove
Ask My Father
Ask Our Dan
Asleys Hornpipe
Aspinwall Hornpipe
Astleys Flag
Astleys Hornpipe
Astleys Ride
Astley Hornpipe
As I Roved Out
As I Walked Out
As I Went Out Ae May Morning
As Luck Will Have It
As Minjat
As Sweet As A Pinkgigg
Athole Flowers Of Edinburgh
Athole Highlanders
Atholl Brose
Atlanta Hornpipe
Atlantic Roar
Attingham Waltz
Auldlng1 Auld Lang Syne
Auldlng3 Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot
Auldlng4 O Can Ye Labor Lea Young Man
Auldlng5 The Millers Daughter
Auldlng6 Comin Thro The Rye 1St Set
Auldlng7 Comin Thro The Rye 2Nd Set
Auldlng8 Overture To Rossina 1783
Sir Alex Dons Strathspey From Rossina
Auldnlg2 Auld Lang Syne (Old Tune)
Auld Lang Sine
Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lan Syne
Auld Luckie
Auld Reekie Or Hoble About
Auld Rob The Laird
Aunt Hessies White Horse
Aunt Marys Canadian Jig
Aurettis Dutch Skipper
Aure Francoise
Ausberg Waltz
Austin Tierneys
Austrian Charge
Autograph Hornpipe
Auvergne Polka No1
Aux Bois De Norwich Or Norwich Woods
Avalanche (Lancashire) Clog
Avon Jig
Away Hay (2)
Away Susannah
Awillie We Have Missd You
Aye Me
Aye Me (Symphony)
Ayrshire Lassies
A Basket Of Oysters
A Bonny Lass To Marry Me
A Bruxa
A Cup Of Tea
A Double Det
A Drop Of Whiskey
A Dumble Dum Dary
A Favourite Ballad From Robin Hood
A Fig For A Kiss
A Friend In Need
A Ghost Of His Former Self
A Good Minet
A Greable Suprize
A Health To Betty
A Hundred Years Ago
A Long Time Ago
A Long Way From Home
A Lovely Lass To A Friar Came
A Love Of Beauty
A New War Like Tune Of Mr Purcell
A Northern Frisk
A North Country Frisk
A Pinch Of Saltire
A Pinch Of Snuff
A Quadrille
A Souldiers Life
A Touch Under The Blanket
A Trip To Carlisle
A Trip To Clumber
A Trip To Galloway
A Trip To Highgate
A Trip To Kilburn
A Trip To Paris
A Trip To Runcorn
A Trip To The North
A Trip To Wigan
A Waterloo Dance
A West Ocean Waltz

Babara Magones Visit
Babbits Hornpipe
Babes In The Wood
Babylon Hornpipe
Bab At The Bouster
Bab At The Bowster
Bacca Pipes
Bacca Pipes Ascott
Bacca Pipes Bampton
Bacca Pipes Headington
Bacca Pipes Hinton
Backstairs Jig
Backstep No 1
Back Of The Change
Back To Chernobyl
Bacons Hornpipe
Bad Boys Of Dunkirk
Bad Firea
Bag Of Halibut
Bag Of Meal
Bag Of Potatoes
Bag Of Spuds
Bairisch Polka
Bairisch Schottisch
Bakers Buck
Balance The Straw
Balance The Straw Bledington
Balance The Straw Fieldtown
Balance The Straw Fieldtown 1
Balancy Straw Ascott
Balancy Straw Brackley
Balkan Hornpipe
Ballance A Straw
Balletarach Strathspey
Ballinamona Oro
Ballinasloe Fair
Ballintore Fancy
Ballintra Lass
Ballo La Vienna Corentina
Ballroom Reel
Balls Hornpipe
Ballybunnion Polka
Ballydesmond Polka
Ballydesmond Polka 2
Ballydesmond Polka 3
Ballyfier Waltz
Ball And Pin
Balquhidder Lasses
Balquidder Lasses
Bal Plin
Bamford Hornpipe
Banbury Bill
Banbury Bill Bampton
Banbury Bill Bampton 1
Bang Up
Bang Upp
Bang Your Frog On The Sofa
Banish Misfortune
Banister Hornpipe
Banks And Braes
Banks Hornpipe
Banks Of Allen
Banks Of Burdisel
Banks Of Inverary
Banks Of Lough Gamhna
Banks Of Lough Gowna
Banks Of The Allan
Banks Of The Condamine
Banks Of The Dee
Banks Of The Dee Ascott
Banks Of The Dee Fieldtown
Banks Of The Dee Longborough
Banks Of The Liffey
Bank Corps
Bank Of Ireland
Bank Of Turf
Bannielou Lambaol
Bannocks O Barley Meal
Banshee Reel
Bantry Bay
Barbarinis Tambourine
Barbary Bell
Barbers Hornpipe
Barbery Bell
Barber Of Seville
Bards Legacy
Bare-Footed Quaker Lichfield
Bare Necessities
Barham Downs
Barkagans Dobriden
Barley Butt
Barley Raking-For A Jigg Or Reel
Barley Raking
Barlow Knife
Barnacle Bill
Barneys Goat Jig
Barney Brallagans Jig
Barney Brallaghan
Barney Bralligan
Barney Let The Girl Alone
Barney Oneills
Barns O Beneuches
Barn Dance 1
Barn Dance 2
Baron O Brackley
Barrack Hill
Barrel Of Knives
Barren Rocks Of Aden
Barring Of The Door
Barrys Favourite
Basil Cosgroves Pine Tree Flat Barn Dance
Basket Hornpipe
Bass Minet
Bass Rigadoon
Bata Bharra
Batchelders Reel
Batchelors Hall
Batchelors Of Every Nation
Batchelors Of Every Station
Bath Hornpipe
Bath Waltz
Battering Ram
Battle Of Aughrim
Battle Of Aughrim March
Battle Of Prage
Battle Of Waterloo
Battle The Cash Jig
Bavarian Air
Bayrischer Schottisch
Bayrisch Polka
Bayrisch Polka Schottisch
Bay Of Fundy
Bay Tree
Baz And Joy
Bean Setters Brackley
Bean Setting
Bean Setting (North Skelton)
Bean Setting Headington
Bean Tinceara
Beare Island
Bear Dance
Bear Island Reel
Beatrice Hills 4-Hand Reel
Beauties Of The Ballroom
Beautiful Goretree
Beautiful Swanee River Hornpipe
Beautiful Waltz
Beauty In Tears
Beauty Spot
Beaux Of London City
Beaux Of London City Adderbury
Beaux Of Oakhill
Beaux Of Oak Hill Reel
Beaver Creek
Because He Was A Bonnie Lad
Because He Was A Bonny Lad
Because He Was A Bonny Lass
Beckels Hornpipe
Bec A Bec F
Bedding Of The Bride
Bedfordshire Clanger
Bedfordshire March
Bedford Races
Beef Stake Hornpipe
Bees Wing
Bees Wings Hornpipe
Beethovens Waltz
Beethoven Waltz
Beggar Boy
Beggar Girl
Behind The Bush In The Garden
Behind The Bush In The Garden (2)
Behind The Haystack
Belentines Or
Belfast Almanac
Belfast Hornpipe
Belfast Hornpipe 2
Belfast Polka
Belgian Polka
Belgian Waltz1St Part
Belgian Waltz2Nd Part
Belgian Waltzbass Part
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Bella Clara Polka
Bella Union
Belles Of Campbelltown Strathspey
Belles Of Edinboro Highland Fling
Belles Of Omaha
Belles Of Tipperary
Belles Of Tipperary Reel
Belle Isles March Longborough
Belle Of Claremont Hornpipe
Belle Of The Ball Hornpipe
Belle Of The Kitchen Jig
Bellisles March
Bellisle March
Bells Favourite
Bell Quick Step
Belsize Minet
Belvidere Hornpipe
Bennets Favorite
Ben Butlers
Ben Hill
Ben Lennons
Ben Lomond
Ben Lowrys
Berehom Berehom Berezhynoyu
Bergamasco E Tresca
Bernados Favorite (Lancashire) Clog
Berri La
Berry Dhone (Brown Berry)
Berwick Jockey
Besom In Bloom
Bessy Bell
Bessy Bell And Marry Gray
Bessy The Beauty Of Rossnure Hill
Best Shot Hornpipe
Betsy Baker
Betty Ble
Betty Brown
Betty Can Drink No Water
Betty Lous Reel
Betty Pringles Pig
Beware Of The Ripples
Beyond Ballybay
Be A Good Boy
Be Valiant Still
Biddy Martins
Biddy The Bowl Wife
Bidford Town Morris
Bidford Town Morris (Morris On) (
Bielbies Hornpipe
Big Bowwow
Big Corral
Big John Mcneil
Big Leap
Big Pats
Big Pats Reel
Big Reel Of Ballynacally
Big Willies Wedding
Bile Krylo
Billys A Bonney Lad
Billys A Bonny Lad
Billys Forty Footer
Billy Boy
Billy Boy (A)
Billy Boy (B)
Billy Boy Bledington
Billy Boy Bledington (Alt)
Billy Boy Bledington 1
Billy Boy Bledington 2
Billy Boy Bledington 3
Billy Brockers
Billy From Bruff
Billy Pattersons Favorite Jig
Billy Pitt
Billy Riley
Billy The Barber Shaved His Father Jig
Bill Charltons Fancy
Bill Cheetham
Bill Hartes
Bill Hartes Reel
Bill Harts Jig
Bill Malleys Barn Dance
Bill Mccormicks
Bill Sullivans
Bill The Weavers
Bill The Weavers 2
Birds Nest
Bird In A Cage
Bird In The Bush
Birks Of Abergeldie
Birmingham Hornpipe
Birthday Of The Little Doctor
Bishops Jig
Black-Eyed Lassie Reel
Blackamoors Dance
Blackamoors Jigg
Blackberry Blossom
Blackberry Quadrille
Blackett O Wylam
Blackhaired Lass
Blacks Dance
Blacks Hornpipe
Blacks Lamentation
Blackthorne Stick
Blackthorn Stick
Black And Tan Polka
Black And The Grey
Black And White Rag
Black Boy
Black Boy Ash01
Black Ewe
Black Eyd Susan
Black Haired Lass
Black Jack
Black Joak
Black Jock
Black Joke
Black Joker Bledington
Black Joke Adderbury
Black Joke Ascott
Black Joke Ilmington
Black Mares Anticks
Black Marys Hornpipe
Black Mill
Black Molly
Black Mountain
Black Mountain Reel
Black Nag
Black Pats
Black Robe
Black Roge
Black Sheep Jig
Black Tulip Hornpipe
Bladon Races
Blairs Reel
Blanchards Hornpipe
Blanchards Hornpipe
Blanchland Races
Blanchland Races
Blaris Moor
Blarney Pilgrim
Blast Of Wind A
Blaw The Wind Southerly
Blaydon Races
Ble-Bell Polka
Ble-Eyed Lassie
Ble-Eyed Stranger Bucknell
Ble-Eyed Stranger Fieldtown
Ble-Eyed Stranger Headington 1
Ble-Eyed Stranger Headington 2
Ble-Eyed Stranger Sherborne
Ble-Eyed Stranger Winster (Hkf)
Ble-Eyed Stranger Winster (Stick)
Blebird Schottische
Blew Cap
Ble Angel
Ble Beard
Ble Bells Of Scotland
Ble Bells Of Scotland
Ble Bells Of Scotland Adderbury
Ble Bell Polka
Ble Dick
Ble Sausage Island
Ble Stocking Clog
Ble Velvet Clog
Ble Water Quadrille
Blind Mans Ramble
Blind Mans Reel
Blind Mary
Blind Norrys
Blivens Favorite Jig
Blodam Drain
Blodaur Drain
Blooming Meadows
Blooming Molly
Bloom Of Youth
Blow Boys Blow
Blow The Candles Out
Blow The Man Down
Blow The Man Down (A)
Blow The Wind Southerly

Blow Ye Winds (A)
Blow Zabella
Bluchers March
Blyth Jockeyyoung And Gay
Boatie Rows
Bobbing-A-Joe Wheatley
Bobbing Around Bampton
Bobbing Joan
Bobbing Joe
Bobbin Mill Reel
Bobby Caseys
Bobby Caseys2
Bobby Caseys 1
Bobby Shafto
Bobby Shaftoe
Bobing Joan
Bob And Joan
Bob Horns Hornpipe
Bob Mcquillans
Bob Of Dumblain
Bob Taylors Clog
Bodmin Riding
Bogan Lochan
Boggy Brays
Bog An Lochain
Bog Cotton
Boil Em Cabbage Down
Boil The Breakfast Early
Boil The Kettle Early
Bold Belfast Shoemaker
Bold Robert Emmet
Bold Robin Hood
Bonapartes Charge
Bonapartes March
Bonapartes Retreat
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
Bond Store
Boney Crossing The Alps
Boney Lad
Boniest Lass In The World
Boniest Las In Ye World
Boni Cate Of Edinbrough (Bonny Kate Of Edinboro)
Bonnay Wattered Meggy
Bonners Maggot
Bonnets Of Blue Handerchief Dance Upton-On-Severn
Bonnets O Ble
Bonnets O Blue Bledington
Bonnets So Ble
Bonnets So Blue Brackley
Bonnets So Blue Bucknell
Bonney Lades
Bonniest Lass In All The World
Bonniest Lass In Ayer Strathspey
Bonniest Lass Of Aw The Worldwith Vars
Bonnie Anne
Bonnie Annie Clog
Bonnie Banchory
Bonnie Dundee
Bonnie Kate
Bonnie Kates Reel
Bonnie Kate Ash02
Bonnie Lassie Take A Man
Bonnie May
Bonnie Susie Cleland
Bonny Annie
Bonny At Morn
Bonny Bell
Bonny Breast Knot
Bonny Breast Knot (Devon)
Bonny Breast Notes
Bonny Broom
Bonny Cate Of Edenbrough Ha009
Bonny Charlie
Bonny Charlie
Bonny Crossing The Alps
Bonny Dundee
Bonny Gordie
Bonny Green Bucknell
Bonny Green Garters
Bonny Jane
Bonny Kate
Bonny Kate Of Aberdeen
Bonny Laddie
Bonny Lads
Bonny Lasses
Bonny Lass Of Aberdeen
Bonny Lass Of Fyfie
Bonny Lass Of Livingston
Bonny Lass To Marry Me
Bonny Lass To Marry Mea
Bonny Pit Laddie
Bonratty Reel
Boogie Reel
Borlums Reel
Boson Rattlers
Boston Oconnor
Boston Oconnor (Irish Name)
Bosuns Alphabet (Alternate Chorus)
Botany Bay
Both Meat And Dhrink
Bottle Of Punch
Bottom Of The Punchbowl
Bottom Of The Punch Bowl
Bouchards Quadrille
Bouffards Waltz
Bound To Australia
Bound To California
Bourree De Gaston Pommier
Bourree Hansi
Bowlegged Tailor
Bownans March
Boxing The Compass
Box In The Case Arr Gary Blair
Boyers Maggot
Boyle Oreillys
Boyne Hunt
Boyne Water
Boys In Blue Reel
Boys Of Ballinahinch
Boys Of Ballisodare
Boys Of Ballycastle
Boys Of Ballysadare
Boys Of Ballysodare
Boys Of Belfast
Boys Of Blehill
Boys Of Kilsarne
Boys Of Malin
Boys Of Portaferry
Boys Of School Hill
Boys Of Sligo
Boys Of Tandernagee
Boys Of The 25
Boys Of The Bunch Ascott
Boys Of The Lough
Boys Of The Town
Boys On The Hilltop
Boy In The Baskett
Boy In The Boat
Boy In The Bush
Boy In The Gap
Bradys Set 1
Bradys Set 2
Braes Of Acklebrie
Braes Of Angus
Braes Of Auchtertyre
Braes Of Balwhedar
Braes Of Breadalbane
Braes Of Dumblane
Braes Of Mar
Braes Of Marr
Brampton Reel
Brando D Gamondi (Andrea Sibilio)
Branle Quatre Branles
Branohm 1
Branohm 2
Branton Reel
Brave Wille Forster
Brawlad Braw Braw Lads Of Galla Water
Brazen Mask Reel
Bread Street
Break The Windows
Break Yer Bass Drone
Breds Of Marr
Breeches Full Of Stitches
Breeches Mary
Breeches The
Brefni Oreilly
Brendan Mcglinchys
Brendan Mcmahons
Brendan Tonras
Brendas New Fiddle
Brenda Macmahans
Brenda Stubberts
Brenda Stubberts Reel
Brennans Fancy
Brestle Hornpipe
Brest Nots

Breton Tune
Brezon Valse
Brian Borouhme
Brian Borus March
Brian Olynn
Brian Olynn (2)
Brian Oniel
Brian Quinns
Brian Tobins Reel
Bric-A-Brac Schottische
Brickland Races
Bricklayers Hornpipe
Bridal Jig
Brides Bells
Brides Favorite
Brides Favoriteobrians
Brides Favourite
Bride Of Kildare Reel
Bride Of The Winds
Bridgets Mazurka
Bridge No 2
Bridge No 3
Bridge No 4
Bridge No 5
Bridge Of Lodi
Bridge Of Perth
Bridge Over The River Ash
Briggham Hornpipe
Brightest Eyes
Brighthelmstone Hot Bath
Brighton Camp
Brighton Camp Adderbury
Brighton Camp Bampton
Brighton Camp Eynsham
Brighton Camp Headington
Brighton Races
Brighton Waltz
Bright Vision
Bright Was The Morning
Brigid Of Knock
Brigis Lachlainn
Brig O Perth
Brimfield Stick Dance
Brisk Young Lads Jig
Britain Strike Home
Britches Full Of Stitches
British Grenadiers
British Grenadiers Longborough
British Hero
British Swing (N Pignol)
Briton Polka
Britton Strike Home
Broadcove Bride
Broad Cupid
Broad Cupid Badby
Broad Hole
Broad Hoop
Broad Sword Hornpipe
Brodericks Pub
Broken-Legged Chicken
Broken Pledge
Bromley Bells
Bromsberrow Heath Reel
Bronsam Hornpipe
Brooklyn Lasses
Broome Broome Bonny Bonny Broome
Broom Bonny Bonny Broom
Broom Jig
Brose And Butter
Brothers In York
Brownes Hornpipe
Browns Hornpipe
Brown Coffin
Brown Paper Hornpipe
Brown William (Illiam Dhone)
Brudpolska Fraan Indal
Bruise Hill
Brunswick Waltz
Brussels Waltz
Bryan Olynn
Bubbling Wine
Buckleys Fancy
Buckleys Favorite
Bucks Of Oranmore
Buck From The Mountain
Buffalo Girls
Buffoon Adderbury
Buff Coat Has No Fellow
Buggy Ride Jig
Bugle Horn
Bugle March
Bugle March Quick
Bugle Quick March51
Bugle Waltz No1
Bugle Waltz No2
Bugle Waltz No3
Buisson Fleuri
Bulgarian Red
Bulgarian Tune
Bully For You Jig
Bully In The Alley
Bumpus Ostretton Ilmington
Bumpus O Stretton
Bunch Of Green Rushes
Bunch Of Keys
Bunch Of Roses Schottische
Bunch O Roses
Bundle And Go Jig
Bung Your Eye
Bunker Hill
Bunyans Orchard
Buonaparts Coronation March
Burnt Old Man
Burn O Craigie
Bury Fair
Bush Aboon Traquair
Bush In Bloom
Bush On The Hill
Busker Brag
Bus Stop Reel
Butchers Hornpipe
Butchers March
Buttard Peas
Butter-Milk Marys
Buttered Peas
Buttermilk Mary
Buy A Broom Boy
Byrnes Favorite Hornpipe
Byrnes Hornpipe
B Minor Polka
B Regie

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