Folk and Traditional Music

Titles List(for both guitar and mandolin same titles for either) Part 2 C-D

Consolidated Index Of Available Titles

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Caber Feigh
Cabinet Of Love
Cabin Hunter
Cackling Of The Hens
Cackling Of Ye Hens
Caddam Wood
Caddum Woods
Cadeaus Jig
Cafe Waltz
Caher Rua
Cahirs Kitchen
Cailleach Am Fhraoich
Cairn On The Moor
Caislean Na Nor
Caitlin Ni Aedha
Cajun Jig
Calder Fair
Caledonian Club Strathspey
Caledonian Hunt
Caledonian Hunt Strathspey
Caledonian Laddie
Caledonian Laddie
Caledonian Laddie Hornpipe
Caledonian Laddie Hornpipe 33
Cale Smiths Pastime Reel
Calgarth Hornpipe
California Here I Come
California Hornpipe
Caliope House
Caliope Jig No 1
Caliope Jig No 2
Caliope Jig No 3
Calisthenic Hornpipe
Calla Herring
Caller Herring(Scotch)
Caller Herring
Calliope House
Callipyge (E Elsener)Cafe Waltz
Calums Road
Calum Beag
Camaronian Reel
Cambells Are Coming
Cambrian Lyrist
Cambrian Lyrist
Cameronians Got His Wife Again
Cameronians Rant
Cameronian Reel
Cameron Highlanders
Cammels Rondeau
Campbells Allemande
Campbelss Are Coming
Camptown Races
Camp Frolic
Camp Jigg
Cannie Hobbie Elliot
Canny Cumberland
Canny Hobbie Elliot
Cant Ye Dance The Polka (B)
Cant Ye Dance The Polka (Smith)
Can Ye Sew Cushions
Caoineadh Cu Chullain (From Riverdance)
Cape Breton Fiddlers Welcome To Shetland
Cape Breton Jig
Cape Breton Reel
Cape Breton Symphonys Welcome To Shetland
Cape Cod
Cape North Jig
Capitains Courageous Schottische
Captains Hornpipe
Captain Courageous
Captain Grant
Captain Holmes Jig
Captain Horne
Captain Jinks
Captain Johns Hornpipe
Captain Kelleys
Captain Kelly
Captain Lachlan Macphail
Captain Lanoes Quick March
Captain Leno
Captain Mackintoshs Fancy
Captain Maguire
Captain O Cain
Captain Pugwash
Captain Ross
Captain Rosses Gigg
Captain Thorntons Quick March
Captain Tom Connollys
Captain Wake
Captain Wakea Quick Step
Captain White
Captain White (John Moore Salop)
Captain With His Whiskers Brackley 1
Captain With His Whiskers Brackley 2
Captain With His Whiskers Brackley 3
Captive Waltz
Captn Edwards Waltz
Captn Mackintosh
Captross Reel
Capt Campbel Of Airds Quick Step Wfr
Capt Hoods March
Capt Macintoshs Fancy
Capt Mackintoshs Fancy
Capt Reeds
Capt Rosss Reel
Caras Song
Careless Sallys Reel
Careys Dream
Care Thou Canker
Care Thou Canker
Carlen Is Your Daughter Ready
Carlisle Races
Carlton House
Carmichaels Strathspey
Carnival De Venices
Carnival De Venisele
Carnival De Venise Le
Carnival Of Venice
Carolans Draught
Carolans Dream
Carolans Quarrel
Caroline Of Edinburgh Town
Caroline Quadrille
Caro Dolce
Carpathian Tune
Carpenters Morris
Carraroe Jig
Carrick On Bannow
Carr Lodge Polka
Carthys March
Cart Tracks
Cashmere Shawl
Caspers Songs
Castlebar Races
Castleconnell Lasses
Castlering Lichfield
Castles In The Air
Castles In The Air Jig
Castles Minet
Castletown Connors
Castle Bray
Castle Downe
Castle Garden Jig
Castle Gate
Castle Grove
Castle Jig
Castle Kelly
Castle Kelly Reel
Catching Of Fleas
Catching Of Quails
Catch Club Jig
Cathal Mcconnells
Cathal Mcconnels
Catherinette (Alain Floutard)
Cathleen Hehirs
Catholic Bills Jig
Catholic Boys Jig
Cathys Favourite
Cats Miaow
Cats Rambles To The Childs Saucepan
Cat In The Hopper
Cat In The Hopper Jig
Cat In The Kitchen
Cat Scratch Reel
Cauld Kail
Cauld Kail In Aberdeen
Cavans Own
Cavan Buck
Cavan Town
Cawder Fair
Cawler Herring
Caymann Reel
Ca Ira
Ca The Wethers To The Hill
Ceart Na Cine Daona
Cecil Mceacherns Jig

Cedars Of Lebanon
Ceilidh House Polka (1)
Ceilidh House Polka (2)
Ceili Na Gcnoc
Gerflute Solo In Vauxhalls Symphony
Celebrated Quadrell
Celebrated Quadrille
Celebrated Stop Hornpipe
Celery Jig
Celtic Cousins
Cendrillon La
Centennial Hornpipe
Central Line
Chabanskoho Kozachka
Chalks Hornpipe
Chalk Sunday
Chalmers Hornpipe
Chambers Lilt
Champagne Polka
Champions Hornpipe
Champion Hornpipe
Champion Jig
Chandlers Hornpipe
Chanters Song
Chanters Tune
Chapel Bell
Chapel Gate
Chapter Of Things
Charlbytown Two-Step
Charles Oconnor
Charles Stewards Reel
Charles Street Bank
Charles Sutherland
Charley Mulvahills
Charley Over The Water
Charlie Gores Birthday
Charlie Harris
Charlie Harriss No 1
Charlie Harriss No 2
Charlie Harriss Reel
Charlie Harris Leitrim Jig
Charlie Harris Polka
Charlie Hunter
Charlie Is My Darlingprimo
Charlie Is My Darlingsecundo
Charlie Lennons
Charlie Lennons 4
Charlie Lennons Mazurka
Charlie Lennons Sister
Charlie Mcdevitts
Charlie Mckerrons
Charlie Mulvihills
Charlie Mulvihills Jig
Charlie Oneills
Charlie Stuart
Charming Katys
Charming Mollies
Charming Phillis A Minet
Charming Phyllis
Charter Oak
Chary Is My Darling
Chase Me Charlie
Chastity Belt
Chatham Hornpipe
Chattering Magpie
Cheerily And Merrily
Cheerily Man (Sharp)
Cheerliy Man (Men)
Cheese It Reel
Chelmsford Assembly
Chelmsford Races
Chelsea Reach
Cheltenham Waltz
Cherily And Merrily
Cherish The Ladies
Cherish The Ladies Jig
Cherokee Shuffle
Cherry Cheekd Patty
Cherry Ripe
Cheshire Quick March
Cheshire Quick Step
Cheshire Rolling Hornpipe
Cheshire Round
Cheshire Round1St Setting
Cheshire Round2Nd Setting
Cheshire Round3Rd Setting
Cheshire Round (Det)
Chester Castle
Chester Hornpipe
Chester Waits
Chestnut (Doves Figary)
Chestnut Reel
Cheviners Jig
Chevy Chase
Chicago Reel
Chicken On The Fence Post
Chicken That Made The Soup
Chief Oneills
Chief Oneills Favorite
Chief Oneills Favourite
Childgrove In Dm
Childgrove In Em
Childgrove In Fm
Chilling O Guiry With Variations
Chilly Winds
Chinese Air
Chinese Breakdown
Chinese Dance
Chinese Polka
Chingford Processional
Chipin Fair
Chips And Shavings
Chips And Shavins
Chip And Rant
Chirping Of The Nightingale
Choeur Des Montagnards
Choice Wife
Chois Tinn An
Chorus Jig
Chorus Reel
Chos Brisk
Christchurch Bells
Christmas Cheer
Christmas Comes But Once A Year
Christmas Day Ida Morning
Christmas Day In Da Morning
Christmas Day In The Morning
Christmas Eve
Christy Barrys
Christy Barrys 2
Christ Church Bells
Chris Normans
Chuck And Di
Chuck Fureys Reel
Chuntering Charlie
Church Hill
Church Street
Church Street 2
Cilu (B Lasbleiz) En Dro
Cincinnati Hornpipe
Cine Citta (D Thonon)
Cinncinnati Hornpipe
Circasian Polka
Circassian Circle
Circle Around
City Life Clog
City Of Savannah
Clapton Jig
Clap Dance (Miss Mcleod)
Clara Polka
Clarence Waltz
Clares Dragoons
Claret And Oysters
Clare Jig
Clare Polka 1
Clare Polka 2
Clarks Favorite
Clarks Hornpipe
Claw Her Weam
Clear The Track Hornpipe
Clear The Track Let The Bulgine Run
Clear The Way
Clee Hill
Cleggs Hornpipe
Clemens Reel
Cleveland Park
Clever Lad
Cliffs Of Moher
Cliffs Of Moher (Another B Part)
Cliffs Of Moher Set No 1
Cloch Na Ceithre Mhile
Cloge Waltz
Cloggers Quilt
Clog Double
Cloon Reel
Close Every Door
Close To The Floor Jig
Clumsy Lover
Clyde Hornpipe
Cnoc Na Gclarac
Coach Road To Sligo
Coalminers Reel
Coal Black Rose
Coast Of Austria
Cobblers Hornpipe
Cobblers Hornpipe

Cobbs Horse
Coblers Hornpipe
Cobourg Waltz1St Part
Cochin China
Cochrane Waltz
Cockle Geordie
Cock And The Hen
Cock Of The North
Cock Of The North Eynsham
Cock O The North
Cock Up Thy Beaverjemme
Cock Your Pistol Charlie
Coconut Dance
Coffee And Tea
Cois Taoibh A Chuinn
Colarchd Campbells Quick Step
Cold And Raw
Cold And Thow
Cold Rolled Steel
Coleg Y Br Fyrgol Abertawe
Colemans Cross
Colepit Laddy
Coleraine Jig
Colhowards March
Collage Hornpipe
Collage Hornpipe
Colla Citheach
College Grove
College Groves
College Hornpipe
Colliers Daughter(Duke Of Rutlands Delight)
Colliers Jig
Colliers Reel
Collins Complaint
Colonel Frazer
Colonel Frazier
Colonel Mcbain
Colonel Ridleys Quickstep
Colonel Rodney
Colonel Roger
Colonel Sanders March
Colr Archd Campbells Quick Step
Coltins Slow March
Coltins Waltz
Coltishall Slow Hornpipe
Col Thorntons March
Comb Your Hair And Curl It
Come All Ye Fair Maidens
Come Along With Me
Come Ashore Jolly Tar
Come Ashore Jolly Tar With Your Trousers On
Come Dance And Sing
Come Hap Me With Thy Petticoat
Come Hap Me With Thy Pettycoat
Come Haste To The Wedding
Come Have A Drink With Me
Come Here Son
Come Lasses And Lads
Come Let Us Away To The Camp
Come On Wee Man
Come Till The Bottle-House Reel
Come To The Bower
Come To The Raffle Jig
Come To Your Tay Reel
Come Under My Dimity
Come Under My Pladdie Jig
Come Under My Plaidie
Come Under My Plaidy
Come Under My Plaidy
Come Upstairs With Me
Come Up The Back Stairs
Come West Along The Road
Comical Fellow
Coming Through The Rye
Concertina Cocktail Polka
Concertina Hoe Down
Concertina Hornpipe
Concertina Polka
Concertina Reel
Concertina Reel Th
Concert Reel
Condons Frolics
Confesse His Tune
Congress Park
Congress Reel
Conlans Well
Conlons Jig
Conlons Reel
Connachtmans Rambles
Connaught-Mans Ramble Jig
Connaughtmans Rambles
Connaught Heifer
Connaught Heifers
Connaught Lasses Reel
Connaught Mans Rambles
Connellys Ale Jig
Connemaras Pet
Connemara Skies
Connemara Stocking
Connie Oconnells
Connie Oconnells Jig
Connie The Soldier
Connie Walshs
Connollys Ale
Connollys Jig
Connollys Reel
Conscription (F Paris)
Conscrit Quand Tu Partiras
Constant Billy
Constant Billy
Constant Billy Adderbury
Constant Billy Bampton
Constant Billy Bucknell
Constant Billy Eynsham
Constant Billy Fieldtown
Constant Billy Headington 1
Constant Billy Headington 2
Constant Billy Ilmington (
Constant Billy Ilmington (Rks)
Constant Billy Longborough 1
Constant Billy Longborough 2
Constant Billy Sherborne
Constant Billy Wheatley
Constant Couple
Constitutional Volunteers
Constitution Hornpipe
Contentment Is Wealth
Conways Farewell
Con Cassidys
Con Mcginleys 1
Con Mcginleys 2
Cook In The Kitchen
Coolea Jig
Cooleys (A Part Only)
Cooleys Hornpipe
Cooleys Reel
Coopers Hornpipe
Cooper O Stannerton Heugh
Copenhagen Waltz
Copenhagen Waltz
Copenhagen Waltz Jbo13
Coppers And Brass
Copppers And Brass
Coqette Hornpipe
Cordal Jig
Corellis Maggot
Corinthian Hornpipe
Cork Leg
Corner House
Cornish Quickstep
Cornwallis March
Cornwalls Sett
Corn Riggs
Corn Rigs
Corn Rigs Are Bonny
Coronation Dance
Coronation Day
Corporal Caseys Fancy
Corporal Cazy
Corsair Hornpipe
Corsican Fairy
Coryphee La
Cosgroves Schottiche
Cosmopolite Reel
Cottage Dance
Cottage Hornpipe
Cottage In The Grove
Cottage Maid
Cottage That Stands By The Sea
Cottage Waltz
Cotton Stockings
Countess Of Eglingtons Delight
Countess Of Sutherlands Reel
Country Bumpkin
Country Dance
Country Dance
Country Dance At The Jubileea
Country Dance Polka
Country Farmer
Country Farmers
Country Gardens
Country Gardens Bampton
Country Gardens Fieldtown
Country Gardens Headington (
Country Gardens Headington (Carey)
Country Gardens Longborough (
Country Gardens Longborough (Rks)
Count Browns March(Secundo)
Count Fs March
Courenta Dei Butei
Courenta Le Belle Si Maritano
Courento Dla Rocho
Cowboy Jig
Cows Are A-Milking
Coxheath March
Crafty Maids Policy
Craigs Pipes
Crazy Creek
Crazy Dog
Crazy Jane
Creef Fair
Creehans 83
Creel Of Turf
Crel Father
Crieff Fair
Crimson Rose
Cripple Creek
Crock Of Gold
Croen Y Ddeted Felan
Croghan Hill
Cromptons Quick March
Cromptons Slow March
Cronins Hornpipe
Crooked Reel
Crooked Road
Crooked Road To Dublin
Crooked Stove Pipe
Crooked Yew
Crookit Bawbee
Croppies Lay Down
Croppies Lie Down
Croppies Lie Down Jig
Croppies March
Crop The Croppies
Crosby Square
Crosses Of Annagh
Crossing The Brazos
Crossing The Cascades
Crossing The Minch
Crossing The Shannon
Cross Morris Mossley
Cross Reel
Cross Road
Crotchet Lodge
Crowleys 1
Crowleys 2
Crowleys No 1
Crowleys No 2
Crowleys Reel 1
Crucaharan Cross
Ct Browns March
Cuckolds All A Row
Cuckolds All A Row (G)
Cuckolds All In A Row (C)
Cuckold Come Out O The Amrey
Cuckold Out O Nest
Cuckoos Nest
Cuckoos Nest Bledington
Cuckoos Nest Ilmington 1
Cuckoos Nest Ilmington 2
Cuckoos Nest Ilmington 3
Cuckoos Nest Longborough 1
Cuckoos Nest Longborough 2
Cuckoos Nest Sherborne
Cuckoo Hornpipe
Cuckoo In The Tree
Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird
Cuckoo Nest
Cucko Nest
Cuddle Me Cuddy
Cuddy Clauder
Cudland Cudy (Cuddle Me Cuddie)
Cudll Me Cudy
Cuillin Reel
Cuil Aodha Jig
Cuil Aodh Jig
Cuiribh Sreang Air Na Bodaich
Cullen Jig
Cul Aodh Jig
Cul Dreimne
Cumberlands Crew
Cumberland Militia Quick Step
Cumberland Nelly
Cumberland Rangers Troop
Cumberland Rant
Cumberland Reel
Cumberland Square Eight
Cumberland Waltz
Cupido Hornpipe
Cupids Dart
Cupids Recruiting Sergeant
Cupids Recruiting Serjeant
Cup Of Tea
Cup O Tea
Curly-Headed Ploughboy
Curly Headed Ploughboy
Curragh1 The Winter It Is Past
The Winter It Is Past Or Curragh Of Kildare
Curragh3 The Winter It Is Past
Curt Lawrences
Cutting The Waves
Cut And Dry Dolly
Cuz Teehans
Cyder And Perry
Cylph Dance
Cynthia La
Cytheria La
Czar Of Russias Favorite Hornpipe

Daffy Dont You
Dainel Cooper
Dainty Beesom Maker
Dainty Davie
Dainty Davy
Dainty Davy Was A Lad
Dairy Maid
Daisy Daisy
Daisy Field
Daj Mi Daj
Dalesmans Litany Or From Hull And Halifax
Dalkeith Maiden Bridge
Dalston Forge
Dalton Watches
Danbury Hill
Dance All Night
Dance In Qeen Mab
Dance In The Prior Claim
Dance Of The Honey Bee
Dance The Polygon(She) Ash06
Dance Til Dawn
Dancing Feet
Dancing Master
Dancing Mynah Bird
Dancing Tailor
Dandies O
Dandy Denny Cronin
Dandy Mikes Reel
Daniels Hornpipe(Edited)
Daniels Hornpipe(Nedited)
Daniel Cooper
Daniel Monroe
Daniel Wrights Hornpipe
Danse De Chez Nous
Dan Backus Favorite Reel
Dan Breens
Dan Collins Fathers Jig
Dan Dan
Dan Lenos
Dan Macs Polka
Dan Okeefes Slide
Dan Powries Farewell
Dan Sullivans Favourite
Dan The Cobbler
Darby Gallaghers
Dark-Haired Lass
Dark Girl
Dark Girl Dressed In Ble
Dark Girl In Blue
Dark Haired Lass Reel
Dark Island
Dark Isle
Dark Woman Of The Glen
Darling Nellie Gray
Dars Sugar In De Gourd Jig
Darwinian Theory
Dashing White Sargent
Dashing White Sergeant
Dash To Portobello
Davies Brae
Davy (Davy) Knick Knack
Davy Davy Nick Nack
Davy Hornpipe
Days Of 49
Day We Went To Rothesay O
Da Aald Hill Grinnd
Da Boannie Polka
Da Brigg
Da Ferry Reel
Da Forfeit O Da Ship
Da Full Rigged Ship
Da Galley Watch
Da Lerwicks Lasses
Da New Rigged Ship
Da Tushkar
Da Underhill
Dearest Dicky
Dearest Dicky Fieldtown
Dear Betty Brown
Death And The Lady
Debbies Jig
Debka Hilel
Debtors Salutations
Deed Polka
Deils Dead
Deil Amang The Tailors
Deirdres Fancy
Deirdre Shannons
Delight Of The Men Of Duffi
Deligurgh Two-Step
Del Caros Hornpipe
Demi-Tour Chez Mon Pere
Democratic Hornpipe
Denbeys March
Denbys March
Denis Doodys
Denis Dootys
Denis Langtous
Denis Murphys
Denis Murphys
Denis Murphys Polka
Denis Murphys Slide
Dennis Doodys Polka
Dennis Murphys
Dennis Olarry
Denny Byrne Piper
Denny Mescalls
Denty Davy
Den Store Paipolsen
Deol Gae With Himye
Derby Hornpipe
Derby Hunt
Derby Ram
Dermott Grogans Hornpipe
Derry Craig Wood
Derry Hornpipe
Derwentwaters Farewell
Der Freishutz Waltz
Desponding Negro
Dess Polka
Devanneys Goat
Devannys Goat
Devent Castle
Dever The Dancer
Devils Dead
Devils Dream(With 3 Parts)
Devils Dream
Devils Dream Reel
Devil Among The Tailors
Devil Among The Tailors
Devil Among The Tailors Country Dance
Devil Among The Taylors
Devil And The Bailiff
Devil And The Feathery Wife
Devil In Dublin
Devil In The Bush
Devil In The Kitchen
Devil Take The Hindmost
Devil To Pay
Devines Hornpipe
Devonshire House
Devonshire Quickstep
Dew-Drop Hornpipe
De Golyer Hornpipe
Dibdins Fancy
Dicks Maggot
Dick Glasgows
Dick Gossip
Dick Gossips
Dick Gossips Reel
Dick Sands
Didelots Dance In Virginia
Did You Wash Your Fathers Shirt
Die Vier Branslen
Dillons Fancy
Dimen Dru Deelish
Dingles Regatta
Dingle Dance
Dingle Regatta
Ding Dong
Ding Dong Bell
Dinkys Reel
Dinners 1
Dinners 2
Dinny Delaney
Dinny Delaneys
Dinny Obriens Reel
Dinny Okeefes
Din Tarrants 1
Dionne Reel
Disconsolate Sailor
Dissembling Love
Dissembling Love (Lost Heart)
Distant Greeting
Disused Railway
Divchyno Moya Pereyaslavko
Diviels Dream
Dixie Hoedown
Dixons Cotillon
Dix Canetons Tour
Di Tanti Palpita
Di Tanti Palpite

Doctors Delight
Doctor Gilbert
Doctor Gilberts
Doctor Oneill
Doc Boyd
Doc Boyds Jig
Dogs Among The Bushes
Dogs Bark
Dog Big Dog Little
Doideag Mhuileach
Dolly My Comical Bride
Domhnall Na Greine
Donald Camerons Polka
Donald Cooper And His Man
Donald Ian Rankine
Donegall Boys
Donegal Highland
Donegal Reel
Donkey Ride
Donkey Riding
Donkin Gray
Donna Lombarda
Donncha Lynchs
Donnybrook Fair
Dont Ever Love
Dont Know
Don Messers Breakdown
Don Side
Don Tremaines Reel
Doodely Doodely Dank
Doodle Let Me Go
Doolin No 1
Doolin No 2
Doon Reel
Doon The Bank
Dornoch Links
Dorrington Lads
Dorsetshire March
Dorset 4-Hand Reel 2Nd Tune
Dorset 4 Hand Reel (1)
Dorset 4 Hand Reel (2)
Dorset Four-Hand Reel
Dorset Four Hand Reel
Dorset Shire March
Double Clog
Double Kisses
Double Lead Through
Double Rise
Double Setback Headington 1
Double Setback Headington 2
Double Setback Headington 3
Double Shuffle
Doubtfull Shepherd
Doubtful Shepherd
Dougie Macdonalds 2
Dougie Mcdonalds 1
Dover Pier 1791
Doves Figary
Dowds 9
Dowds Favorite
Dowds Favourite
Dowds No 9
Downfall Of Paris
Downfall Of Paris 1
Downfall Of Paris 2
Downfall Of The Gin
Down Home
Down In The Mines
Down The Back Lane
Down The Brae
Down The Broom
Down The Glen
Down The Jubilee
Down The Road
Down The Road Went Polly
Down The Tannoch Road
Down Through The Broom
Down With The French
Down With The Tithes
Do Let Me Alone Susan
Do So In A Meraca (America)
Dragoons Slow March
Drag Her Round The Road
Drapers Gardens The Margravines Waltz
Dream Waltz
Dreary Black Hills
Drill Ye Tarriers Drill
Drinking Parson
Drink Of Brandy Slipjig
Drink To Me Only
Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes
Drive Aggy To Water Jigg
Drive Aggy To Water Jigg X009
Drive The Cold Winter Away
Drogheda Bay
Drogheda Lasses
Drops Of Brandy
Drops Of Brandy
Drops Of Drink
Drover Lads
Drowsy Maggie
Drub The Roges
Drucd An Ceo
Drucken Moll Knox
Drummond Castle
Drumnagarry Strathspey
Drum Beats To Arms
Drunken Barnaby
Drunken Gangers The Jig
Drunken Landlady
Drunken Piper
Drunken Sailor
Drunken Sailor (A)
Drunken Tinker
Drunken Wives
Drunk At Night(1St Part)
Drunk At Night And
Drunk I Was Last Night
Dr Best Best
Dr Faustus Tumblers
Dr Maia
Dr Oneill
Dr Syntax Or The Race Horse
Dublin Jig
Dublin Lads
Dublin Lasses
Dublin Porter
Dublin Reel
Dublin Reel Ii
Dublin Reel Iii
Dublin Streets
Dublin Volunteers Quick March
Duchess Hamilton
Duchess Of Atholes Slipper
Duchess Of Atholls Strathspey
Duchess Of Athols Strathspey
Duchess Of Bedfords Waltz
Duchess Of Devonshire
Duchess Of Gordons Reel
Duchess Of Hamiltons Rant
Duchess Of Hamiltons Rant Ash03
Duchess Of Yorks Favourite
Ducks Dang Oer My Dadie
Dukes Hornpipe
Dukes Reel
Dukes Reel
Dukes Whim
Duke John
Duke Marlboroughs March
Duke Of Argyle
Duke Of Bellugs Quickstep
Duke Of Cumberlands March
Duke Of Glosters March
Duke Of Gloucesters Quick March
Duke Of Glousters New March
Duke Of Gordon
Duke Of Gordons Birth Day
Duke Of Hamiltons Reel
Duke Of Kent
Duke Of Kents Waltz
Duke Of Leinster
Duke Of Leinsters Wife
Duke Of Perth
Duke Of Perths Reel
Duke Of York
Duke Of Yorks Cotillion
Duke Of Yorks March
Duke Of Yorks March (In C)
Duke Of Yorks March (In D)
Duke Of Yorks March 1
Duke Of Yorks New March
Duke Of Yorks New March
Duke Of Yorks Return From Holland
Duke Of York March
Duke Of York March Another Way
Duke Of York New March
Dull Sir John
Dumbarton Castle
Dumb Glutton
Dumfries Bowling Green
Dumiama Dingiama Dumiama Day
Dunbarton Drums
Duncans Barndance
Duncans Boots
Duncans Dance
Duncans Waltz
Duncan Davison
Duncan Gray
Duncan Grey With Variations
Dundee Hornpipe
Dunkeld House
Dunkeld Steeple
Dunmore Lasses
Dunnigalls Rant
Dunphys Hornpipe
Durangs Hornpipe
Durham Hornpipe
Durham Old Women
Durham Rainger
Durham Rangers
Dusarks Fancy
Dusky Meadow
Dusky Minstrel
Dusky Night
Dusky Night
Dusty Bobs Jig
Dusty Miller
Dusty Windowsill
Dusty Windowsills
Dutches Hamiltonof Wedicarmear
Dutch Skipper
Dutch Trot
Du Ska Fa Sockertoj
Dwyers Hornpipe

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