Folk and Traditional Music

Titles List(for both guitar and mandolin same titles for either) Part 7 O-P

Consolidated Index Of Available Titles

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Oak Leaves
Oak Stick
Oak Stick
Oak Stick New Way
Oak Tree
Oats Peas And Beans
Obelisk Hornpipe
Obroins Flightcase
Ocarolans Concerto
Ocarolans Draught
Ocarolans Farewell
Ocarolans Farewell To Music
Ocarolans Jig
Ocarolans Receipt For Drinking
Ocaseys Jig
Och A Bhodaich Na Ri Rium
Oconnells Farewell To Dublin
Oconnells Trip To Parliament
Oconnells Welcome Jig
Oconnors March
Oconnors March (In F)
Oddfellows Holiday
Odd Fish
Odonnells March
Odonnel Abu
Odonnel Abu (The Clan Connell War Song)
Ods Zounds Make Room For Cuckolds Ash16
Od Kyyeva Do Luben
Oer Boggie
Oer Bogie With My Love
Oer The Hills And Far Awa
Oer The Hills And Far Away
Oer The Muir To Maggy
Ofarrells Welcome To Limerick
Off In The Morning
Off She Goes
Off She Goes
Off She Goes Jig
Off To California
Off To Donnybrook Jig
Off To Puck Fair
Of Age Tomorrow
Of A The Airts The Wind Can Blaw
Of O The Arts Vo
Of She Goes
Ogallaghers Frolics
Ohurrah For The Bonnetts O Ble
Oh Aye Rio
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be 1
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be Wheatley
Oh Death
Oh Gang With Me To Yon Town
Oh Hag Youve Killed Me
Oh Lovely Appearance Of Death
Oh No John
Oh No We Never Mention Her
Oh Susanna
Oh The Trees They Grow So Green
Oh What A Row
Oh When The Saints
Oiche Nollaig
Okeefes Plow
Okeefes Slide
Okeeffes Polka
Olde Saybrooke
Olde Tyme Quadrille
Old As The Hills
Old Bachelors Reel
Old Blackbird
Old Black Joe
Old Black Joe Badby 1
Old Black Joe Badby 2
Old Black Joe Bucknell
Old Black Joe Umsi The Gumsi
Old Bush
Old Concertina Reel
Old Copperplate
Old Copper Plate
Old Court
Old Cuffe Street
Old Donegal Mazurka
Old Dun Cow
Old English Gentleman
Old Father Christmas
Old Favourite
Old Figary O Jig
Old French
Old Frog Dance Oddington
Old Gormans Reel
Old Grey Goose
Old Hag In The Kiln
Old Hag Youve Killed Me
Old High Reel
Old Jerry Doyle
Old Joes Ife
Old Joes Jig
Old Joe Sifes Reel
Old Johns Jig
Old Kiss My Lady
Old Lancashire Hornpipe 1St Setting
Old Lancashire Hornpipe 2Nd Setting
Old Lancaster Hornpipe
Old Maid
Old Maids Of Galway
Old Man Dillon
Old Man Killed With A Cough
Old Man Of Mow
Old Marlborough Fieldtown
Old Mole
Old Molly Oxford
Old Molly Oxford (Step Back)
Old Molly Oxford Fieldtown
Old Molly Oxford Ilmington
Old Morpeth Rant
Old Mother Goose Slipjig
Old Mother Oxford Headington
Old Mother Oxford Steeple Claydon
Old National Theatre Jig
Old Nolls Jig
Old Peter Street
Old Pigeon On The Gate
Old Plantation Girls
Old Polka
Old Red Barn
Old Road To Garry
Old Rocking Chair
Old Rosin The Beau
Old Ruined Cottage In The Glen
Old Sir Simon The King
Old Spedlings Castles Ghosts Dance
Old Sport Reel
Old Stone Jar
Old Swansea Town Once More (B)
Old Tanglefoot Hornpipe
Old Taylor Ducklington 1
Old Taylor Ducklington 2
Old Temple House Reel
Old Through The Wood Laddie
Old Time Reel
Old Tom Of Oxford
Old Tom Of Oxford Bampton
Old Torn Petticoat
Old Towler
Old Towler
Old Wife Kist And Paal
Old Woman Tossed Up
Old Woman Tossed Up Bledington 1
Old Woman Tossed Up Bledington 2
Old Woman Tossed Up Bledington 3
Old Woman Tossed Up Brackley
Old Woman Tossed Up Bucknell
Old Woman Tossed Up Ferris
Old Woman Tossed Up Fieldtown
Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket Headington
Old Woman Tossed Up In A Blanket Ilmington
Old Woman Tossed Up Kirtlington
Old Woman Tossed Up Longborough 1
Old Woman Tossed Up Longborough 2
Old Woman Tossed Up Sherborne 1
Old Woman Tossed Up Sherborne 2
Old Woman Who Carried A Broom Brackley
Old Zip Coon Reel
Olearys Ireland
Ollistrum Jig
Ollys New Beanbag
Olympic Hornpipe
Once I Had A Sweetheart
Once I Loved A Maiden Faire
Once Upon My Cheek
One-Horned Cow
Oneills March
One Bottle More Jig
One Evening Fair
One For Dan
One For The Pot
One More Dance And Then
One More Day
One More Step
One Night In Sligo
Only For Barney
On Board Of The Kangaroo
On Christmas Night
On Dit Qui A Quinze Ans
On Dit Qu Ia Quinze Ans
On Donoren Gorda
On Monday Morning
On The Rach
On The Road
On The Road To Boston
On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine

On The Way To Norway
On The Wings Of A Skorie
Oot Pik
Oot Pik Waltz
Operators Reel
Opera Hat
Opera Hat
Opera Hornpipe
Opera Reel
Oranges And Lemons
Orange And Ble
Orange And The Green
Orange Grove
Orange In Bloom
Orange In Bloom Sherborne
Orange In Bloom Valse
Orange Roge
Orange Waltz
Oriental Hornpipe
Original Varsoviana
Orlandos Return
Orleans Baffled
Ormond Sound
Orotaba Waltz
Orourkes Reel
Orton Hornpipe
Orton Lodge
Oscar Woods
Osullivans Fancy
Osullivan Mor
Other Clog
Othe Days When I Was Young
Otters Holt
Oughterside Rant
Ould Ebony
Ould Highland Laddy
Ould Original Scotch Airan
Our Boys Reel
Our Cat Has Kitted
Our Highland Qeen
Outer Magnolia Reel
Outlandish Knight
Outward And Homeward Bound
Out In The Ocean
Out On The Bog
Out On The Ocean
Out On The Ocean
Out On The Road
Out To Lunch
Over Land And Sea Jig
Over The Bog Road
Over The Hills
Over The Hills And Far Away
Over The Hills To Glory
Over The Moor To Maggie
Over The Muir To Maggie
Over The Water
Over The Water To Charley
Over The Water To Charlie
Over The Water To Charlie Bledington 1
Over The Water To Charlie Bledington 2
Over The Water To Charly
Over Ye Moor To Betty
Ower The Border
Ownys Best Jig
Oxfordshire March
Oyster Girl
Oyster Girls
Oy Na Hori Monastyr
Oy Pid Vyshneyu
O Can Ye Labor Lea Young Man
O Dearwhat Can The Matter Be
O Gin Ye Were Dead Gude-Man For The Ger Flute
O Gin Ye Were Dead Gudeman
O Hurrah For The Bonnetts O Ble
O La My Dear
O Mary Come Down
O Nanny Wilt Thou Fly With Me
O Sam(M)Y Dear
O Tabhair Dham Do Lamh
O Then Dearest Helen
O Twine A Wratch
O Twine A Wratch X235
O Ven Aeg Ven Aalin Aeg
O Ye Broom
O Wedding

Pachelbels Frolics
Packie Byrnes
Packys Place
Pack Up Your Troubles
Paddy(S) Wedding
Paddys Farewell To America Jig
Paddys Green Shore
Paddys Own Sweet Little Island Of Green
Paddys Polka No1
Paddys Polka No2
Paddys Rambles
Paddys Resource
Paddys Return
Paddys Trip To Scotland
Paddy And The Whale
Paddy Cannys
Paddy Careys
Paddy Careys Fortune
Paddy Carrey
Paddy Cartys
Paddy Cary
Paddy Clancys
Paddy Cronins
Paddy Fahey
Paddy Faheys
Paddy Fahys
Paddy Fahys (Fiddle Version)
Paddy Fahys 1
Paddy Fahys 2
Paddy Fahys Jig
Paddy Fahys No1
Paddy Fahys No3
Paddy Fahys Reel
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 1)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 10)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 11)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 12)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 13)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 15)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 2)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 3)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 4)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 5)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 6)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 7)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 8)
Paddy Fahys Reel (Number 9)
Paddy Handlys Goose Reel
Paddy In Flow
Paddy In London
Paddy Kellys
Paddy Lay Back
Paddy Lynns Delight
Paddy Mcfadden
Paddy Mcfaddens
Paddy Miles Fricassee Reel
Paddy Murphys Wife
Paddy Now Wont You Be Easy Jig
Paddy Obriens Hornpipe
Paddy Ocarrel
Paddy Ocarrols Jig
Paddy On The Cellphone
Paddy On The Railroad
Paddy On The Railroad Reel
Paddy On The Turnpike
Paddy Orafferty
Paddy Oraffertys Jig
Paddy Orafferty (1)
Paddy Orafferty (2)
Paddy Orafferty
Paddy Osnap
Paddy O Carrol
Paddy Reynolds
Paddy Ryans Dream
Paddy Ryans Nightmare
Paddy Taylor
Paddy Taylors
Paddy The Dandy
Paddy The Piper Reel
Paddy Wack
Paddy Wack
Paddy Was Up To Ganger Jig
Paddy Wedding
Paddy West
Paddy Whack
Paddy Whack Jig
Padeen O Rafardie
Padraig Okeefes
Padraig Okeefes Slide
Padraig Okeeffe
Padraig Okeeffes
Padraig Okeeffes (1)
Padraig Okeeffes (2)
Padraig Okeeffes (3)
Padys Resource
Padys Resource For The German Flute
Pady Whack
Pad The Roadsir
Paganinis Manchester Set
Paganinis Manchester Set2
Paganinis Manchester Set3
Paganinis Manchester Set4
Paganini Hornpipe
Palermo Hornpipe
Palmers Gate
Palm Sunday
Palm Tree
Pamela Rose Mcleod
Pams Fancy
Pandean Dance In Tekeli
Pandeen Orafferty Jig
Pander Dance Jig
Pantalon La
Pantalon Waltzla
Pantalon Waltz La
Pantheon Cotillon
Pantomime Reel
Pant Corlan Yr Wyr
Pany Corlan Yr Wyn
Papa Stour Sword Dance
Paper Bird
Papichon (Stephan Steiner)
Papichon Schottischschottischescottish
Parcel Of Roges
Parlalaw A German Tune
Parnells Reel
Paro Lou Loup
Paro Lou Loup Petiote
Parrys Hornpipe
Parrys Waltz
Parsons Farewell
Parson In His Boots
Parson In The Suds
Parson Upon Dority
Parting Glass
Parting Kiss
Parting Lovers
Parting Of Friends
Parting Of Friends (Henrik Norbeck Abc)
Passaic Hornpipe
Passion-Flower Hornpipe
Pasucais Duvieu
Pas Dete Scottishschottischschottische
Pas De Loup
Patchwork Polka
Paties Mill
Patin His Glory Jig
Patricia Wilmots Reel
Patricks Polka
Patrick Band
Patrick Day In The Morning
Patrick Kellys Jig
Patrick O Hilly
Patsy Gearys
Patsy Hanleys
Patsy Tuoheys
Pats Parlour
Patter On Pitter On
Pat Boyle Of Glencolumkill
Pat Carneys Reel
Pat Clarks
Pat Finnertys No 1
Pat Hogans One
Pat Hogans Two
Pat Horgans 1
Pat Horgans 2
Pat Malone Forgot That He Was Dead
Pat The Budgie
Pat Tuoheys Reel
Pat Tuohys
Pat Wards Jig
Pauls Steeple
Pauls Wharfe
Paul Halfpenny
Paul Oshanoughessys
Payne And Bond
Pays De Haut
Pay Me The Money Down
Peace And Plenty
Peace Be With You
Peach Blossom Hornpipe
Peacocks Fancy
Peacocks Feather
Peacocks March
Peacocks Tune
Peacock Hornpipe
Peacock Rag
Pearsons Hornpipe
Peasants Dance
Pease Upon A Trencher
Peas Upon A Trencher

Peat Fire Flame
Pea Patch
Pea Straw
Peckets Hornpipe
Peek A Boo Waltz
Peelers Jacket
Peelers Jacket Reel
Peep Of Day
Peep O Day
Peerless Hornpipe
Peggys Wedding
Peggy Band
Peggy Lettermore
Peggy Perkins
Peggy Ryans Fancy
Peg Ryans
Pengobilo An Dro
Penny On The H2O
Peppers Black
Peppers Black (Kettledrum)
Percussion (Fanch Marzelle)
Percy Browns
Percy Browns Polka
Perfect Cure
Perfect Wife
Pergola Polka
Persiand Ricado
Persian Dance
Persian Ricardo
Persian Waltz
Perth Hunt
Perth Waltz
Peruvian Boy
Peters Peerie Boat
Peter Feeneys Dream
Peter Murphys Jig
Peter Obyrnes Fancy
Peter Street
Petes Jig
Petes Kettle
Petes Peerie Boat
Pete Coe Tune No 2
Pete Coe Tune No 3
Petit Larousse
Petticoat Loose
Petticoat Wag
Pet Of The Pipers
Philipss Hornpipe
Philipss Hornpipe
Phil Cunninghams
Phil Cunninghams Reel
Phoenix Reel
Phroinsias Ui Mhaonaighs Mazurka 1
Phroinsias Ui Mhaonaighs Mazurka 2
Picking Of Sticks
Picking Up Sticks
Picnic Reel
Pidgeon On The Gate
Pidgeon On The Gate Ii
Pielschmanns Waltz
Pierres Right Arm
Pigeon On The Gate
Pile Of Bricks
Pilib Ruadh
Pilling Moss
Pilling Moss
Pinch Of Snuff
Pinery Boy
Pine Cones
Pinky House
Pink Eyed Lassie
Pinolara La
Piocris La
Pipers Apron
Pipers Chair
Pipers Despair
Pipers Fancy
Pipers Frolic
Pipers Maggot
Piper In The Meadow Straying
Piper O Dundee
Pipe On The Hob
Pipe On The Hob 2
Pirntaton Waltz
Piroette (S Delicq)
Pishla B Na Muzyky
Pishla Maty Na Selo
Pits Hornpipe
Pit Hame Da Borrowed Claes
Pit Lad
Pizza And Apple Pies
Plains Of Boyle
Plante Un Chou
Planxty Beth Patterson
Planxty Drury
Planxty Fanny Power
Planxty George Brabazon
Planxty Hewlett
Planxty Irwin
Planxty Lumen
Pleals Allemand
Pleasant Reel
Please To See The King
Pleasures Of The Town
Plethen Newlyn
Plethen Peswar Luf
Pleyels Rondo
Plodder Seam
Plough And The Stars
Plump Maggy (Illegible Title)
Pnt Ur Y Bys
Pointe Au Pic
Polca Di Ernesto Sala
Polish Waltz
Polka Dauvergne No2
Polka Di Nello
Polka Efter John-Erik Matsson
Polka Efter John-Erik Mattson
Polka Gan Ainm
Polka Koketka
Polkett Efter John-Erik Mattson
Pollys Fancy
Polly Put The Kettle On
Poll Halfpenny
Poll Hapenny
Poll Of Wapping
Polska Efter Farfadern
Polska Efter Fritiof Meschgodnattlaaten
Polska Efter Jons Persson Bergsjo
Polska Efter Larshoga Jonke
Polska Efter Larshoga Jonke Ante Sundin
Polska Efter Myraalle
Polska Efter Olle Thor Funasdalen
Polska Efter Olof Johansson Nasteln
Polska Efter Pelle Fors
Polska Efter Per Jonas Laang Havero
Polska Efter Per Myhr Glote
Polska I A Efter Matts Ersson
Polska I C Efter Jonk Jonas
Polska I D Efter John-Erik Mattson
Polska I Gm Fraan Havero
Polska I Tre Repriser Efter John-Erik Mattson
Polverita Fiera
Polworth On The Green
Polygon Ash07
Pomona Hornpipe
Pompey Ran Away
Pompey Run Away
Poolside Polka
Pools Hole
Poor A Purse But Routh O Credit
Poor Jack Nunan
Poor Lil
Poor Lucy Anna
Poor Man
Poor Mens Labours Never Done
Poor Paddy Works On The Railway
Poor Soldier
Popcorn Behaviour
Poppy Leaf
Popular German Aira
Pop Along Polka
Pop Goes The Weasel
Pop Goes The Weasel
Pop Goes The Wheezle
Portez Une Bouteille
Portland Fancy
Portobellow Hp
Portobello Hornpipe
Porto Bello
Portroe Jig
Portsmouth Hornpipe

Portugal Dance
Portugal Minet
Portugese Laudie
Port Gan Ainm
Port Patrick
Port Shean Tseain
Postmans Knock Adderbury
Post Horn
Pothouge Jig
Poud Cottage
Poule (La)
Poverty Knock
Po Dorozi Zhuk Zhuk Po Dorozi Chorniy
Pram Pushing
Praties Are Dug And The Frost Is All Over Jig
Prayermaster Jig
Pray Goody
Pray Goody
Prelude By Dean(01)
Prelude By Dean(02)
Prelude By Dean(03)
Prelude By Dean(04)
Prelude By Dean(05)
Prelude By Dean(06)
Prelude By Dean(07)
Prelude By Dean(08)
Prelude By Dean(09)
Prelude By Dean(10)
Prelude By Dean(11)
Prelude By Dean(12)
Prelude By Dean(13)
Prelude By Dean(14)
Prends Garde Au Loup
President Garfields
President Garfields Hornpipe
President Grants
President Grants Hornpipe
President Lincolns Hornpipe
Pressed For Time
Preston Guild
Preston Hornpipe
Preston Tally-Ho
Prettygirls Of The Village
Pretty Cotilliona
Pretty Girls Of Mayo
Pretty Janes
Pretty Little Widder
Pretty Maggie Morrisey
Pretty Maggy
Pretty Maid Milking Her Cow
Pretty Martha Schottische
Pretty Peg
Pretty Witch Of Lancaster
Preve Castle Hornpipe
Price Of The Pig
Pride Of Petravore
Pride Of Rathmore
Pride Of The Ball
Pride Of The Stage Fling
Priest And His Boots
Priest In His Boots
Primes Hornpipe
Prime Of Life
Primo A Hornpipe 173
Primrose Lass
Primrose Lasses
Primrose Lass (Ersion)
Primrose Path
Primrose Polka
Princes(S) Royal (Or Cross Caper)
Princes(S) Royal (Or Cross Caper)
Princess Carolines Waltz
Princess Esterhazy
Princess Hornpipe
Princess Margaret
Princess Of Wales Hornpipe
Princess Royal
Princess Royal Abingdon (Bc)
Princess Royal Abingdon (Mdt)
Princess Royal Adderbury
Princess Royal Bampton
Princess Royal Bledington 1
Princess Royal Bledington 2
Princess Royal Fieldtown
Princess Royal Longborough 1
Princess Royal Longborough 2
Princess Royal Oddington 1
Princess Royal Oddington 2
Princess Royal Sherborne 1
Princess Royal Stanton Harcourt
Princes Hornpipe
Princes Qui En Main Tenez
Prince Alberts Farewell
Prince Alberts Hornpipe
Prince Charles Jig
Prince Charlies Quickstep
Prince Charlies Welcome To Skye
Prince Eugenes March
Prince Ferdinands Quick Step
Prince Of Bevens Jig
Prince Of Oranges March
Prince Of Waless March
Prince Of Wales March
Prince Regent
Prince Regents Hornpipe
Prince Ruperts March
Prince Rupert March
Principessa (M Martinotti) Mazurca
Prior To The Fire
Pritty Poll
Processional Fieldtown
Processional Wheatley
Prodsdan Boys
Professor Blackie
Proudlockss Hornpipe
Proudlockss Variation
Proudlocks Hornpipe
Prussian Dance
Prussian Grand Waltz
Prussian Soldier
Prussian Waltz
Psalm) 8 Nv (New Version)
Psalm) 9
Psalm) Pm 40 Nv (New Version)
Psalm No 1
Psalm No 116
Puddleglums Misery
Puddlegums Misery
Pull Down Your Vest
Pull Out The Knife And Stick It In Again
Pull The Knife And Stick It Again
Pumpherston Hornpipe
Pump Room Wedding March Or Pump And Circumstance
Punchanellos Hornpipe Or The Three Rusty Swords
Punch In The Dark
Pup In The Parachute
Purcells Trumpet Voluntary
Pushees Hornpipe
Push About The Jorum
Puss In The Corner Jig
Putney Ferry
Putney Reach
Put Me In The Big Chest
Put On Thy Smock On A Monday
Put Yer Shoulder Next To Mine And Pump Away
Pybcornboscastle Breakdown
Pybcorncan Scoswas
Pythia La
P`Adraic Mac Giollarnath

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