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Tunes from the Sussex Folk Orchestra Click on the tune number (under Tune # to go to the page showing that tune. When in that page, left click on the speed selector to play the tune, or click back on your browser to return to this page. Note: The midi arrangements are intended for reference and educational purposes only, and have been designed to emphasize the melody (left channel) and the rhythm with a simple bass and chord backing (right channel). Note: This are some of the tunes played by SFO when I was a member in the early 2000's their repertoire may have changed since then. You can visit their website here
Title Tune # Key Lyrics?
Bat Reel 000749 Amin No
Bayou Pon Pon 000784 Dmaj No
Bear Dance 000796 GMaj No
Bill Grogan's Goat 000935 DMaj Yes
Black Almain 000977 GMaj No
Blackberry Blossom 001051 GMaj No
Bobby Shafto 001141 GMaj No
Bonny At Morn 001231 Emin No
Braes Of Mar, The 001348 DMaj No
Buffalo Girls 001504 GMaj Yes
Butterfly 001558 DMaj/Em No
Calon Lan 001623 GMaj Yes
Chere Joue Roses 001849 AMaj No
Cherokee Waltz 001846 Dmaj No
Chicken Reel 001884 DMaj No
Church Street 008973 GMaj No
Comb Your Hair And Curl It 002080 DMaj No
Dan Leno's Boat 002714 GMaj No
Dona Susana(Oscar Barron) 002744 DMaj No
Drunken Piper / Greenwoodside, The 002887 GMaj No
Eamonn An Chnoic(Ned Of The Hill) 002987 GMaj No
Enas Mythos 003099 GMaj No
Flower Among them All 003543 GMaj No
Foxhunter's Jig 003637 DMaj No
Freight Train 003661 GMaj Yes
Gaspe Reel 003782 DMaj No
Georgia Railroad 003832 GMaj No
Goddesses 003968 GMaj No
Green Valley Waltz 004152 GMaj Yes
Heel and Toe Polka 004429 GMaj No
High Road To Linton, The 004522 GMaj No
Hole In The Wall, The 004592 GMaj No
Humours of Carolan 004701 GMaj No
Hundred Pipers, The 004734 GMaj No
I Love A Lassie 004835 GMaj No
Jacks Maggot 005165 DMaj No
Jay Bird 003796 DMaj No
Jimmy Allen 005287 GMaj No
Kalinka 012810 GMaj No
Kanupla (Stewart Butler) 005542 DMaj No
La Bourree a Huit 005763 GMaj No
La Nopalera 005771 GMaj No
La Ride 005772 GMaj/Em No
Lavender Blue 005950 GMaj Yes
Little Brown Jug 006112 DMaj Yes
Loch Lomond 006189 GMaj Yes
Mazurka 70 013110 GMaj No
Megan's Daughter(Merch Megan) 006734 GMaj No
Michael Turners Waltz 006769 GMaj No
Misir Lou 006860 GMaj No
Mon Chere Babe Creole 013166 Dmaj No
Muffin Man 007069 GMaj No
Nonesuch 007376 GMaj No
Oh Ye Yai 007553 Dmaj No
Old Joe Clark 007639 AMaj Yes
One Step a Chaumont 007754 Dmaj No
P and O Polka 008186 GMaj No
Poor Hobo 008212 Gmaj No
Rakes of Mallow 008503 GMaj No
Rattling Bog 008537 GMaj No
Roamin In The Gloamin 008720 GMaj Yes
Scan's Polka 2 009079 GMaj No
Scotland The Brave 009118 GMaj Yes
Scots Wha' Hae 013753 GMaj Yes
Sellenger's Round 009178 CMaj No
South Downs Quickstep, The 009615 GMaj No
St Marys 001935 GMaj No
Sussex By The Sea (W Ward-Higgs) 009878 DMaj Yes
Sussex Polka 009856 DMaj No
This Train 014155 GMaj Yes
Toom Balalaika 010337 GMaj/Am No
Tros Y Garreg(Over The Stone) 013475 GMaj/Am No
Tsakonikos 010440 GMaj No
Turkey in the Straw 010464 DMaj Yes
Un Homme Marie 014887 Gmaj No
Waters Of Tyne 010762 DMaj Yes
Wha Wadna Fecht for Charlie 010904 GMaj No
What Shall We Do With the Drunken Sailor 002890 DMaj Yes
Wildwood Flower 014432 GMaj Yes
William Brown 011124 GMaj No
Yankee Doodle 011277 DMaj No

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