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Tunes for Musicians playing in sessions, Irish, Bluegrass, Old-time, English, Canadian, Scottish and European Traditions with Printable Sheet-music, Tabs for Guitar, Midi Backing Tracks and mp3 audio

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The songs are accessed by clicking on a letter on the above nav-bar, A for songs beginning A etc. See below for full titles list .
Session tunes guitar tab with sheet music and midis THIS COLLECTION INCLUDES MORE THAN 1600 SCORES with sheet music and tabs for guitar plus midi files of the tunes. The tunes are mostly ones commonly played in music sessions from the Irish, Bluegrass, Old-time, English, Canadian, Scottish and European Traditions. For the Tab, EADGBE (standard) tuning for the guitar is assumed.

The versions here are not intended to represent any particular version or performance and are provided for educational purposes only. As with most traditional music, a process know as "folk processing" occurs, which can result in many different versions of songs and tunes, so you may find more than one version of a tune listed here..

Note that we also have this same collection with TAB and sheet music for mandolin.

Click on the link to the song you want to see or choose a new letter above.

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Multi page scores: Some of these tunes are quite long and may extend to 2 or 3 pages, in these cases only the first page is displayed on the web page and to view all the pages, you will need to download the PDF file for that tune, see below.

Listen / Practice the tune: Each tune is provided with a download link to a midi file which can be used as a backing track for practicing the tunes or just so you can hear what the tune sounds like. The Midis are mostly at a slowish temp to make them easy to play along with.

PRINT OUT: Free Scores are are provided for each piece, so should you need a print-out of the song, PDF versions (without banners or adverts) are available to download from the link at the bottom of each song page.

This is a list of all the lyrics available in this section, click on A,B, etc in to top nav-bar to go to the song pages or on "session-guitar-tab" to return to this page. Use control F to search this page in your browser.

69th Street Polka
Abbots Bromley Horn Dance
Abes Retreat
Acrobatic Reel
Acrobats Hornpipe
Adairs Waltz
Adam Lay Ybounden
After The Ball
After The Battle Of Aughrim
Ah Spring
Aiken Drum
Aker Erlands Schottis
Alabama Jubilee
Alabama Jubilee 1
Alabama Jubilee 2
Alfred Montmarquettes
Allens Reel
All The Fleas (alla Lopper)
All The Rage
All The Way To Galway
Amazing Grace
Amelias Waltz
American Hornpipe
American Patrol
America The Beautiful
Andersons Reel
Andy De Jarlis
Angeline The Baker
Angeline The Baker 1
Angels From The Realms Of Glory
Angle Cain Tune
Angus Campbell
Angus Robichauds Reel
Animas Reel
An Buachaillin Ban
Appleblossom Thomasson
April Waltz
Archibald Macdonald Of Keppoch
Archie Menzies
Arkansas Traveller1
Arkansas Traveller2
Arkensas Traveller
Arthur Darleys
Arthur Muses
Art Stamper
Ar Eireann Ne Neosin Ce Hi
Ar Eirinn
Ashland Breakdown
Ashokan Farewell
Ash Grove The
Ash Plant The
Asquamchumauke Waltz
As The Sun Was Setting
As With Gladness Men Of Old
Atholl Highlanders The
Auld Graden Kirk
Auld Grey Cat The
Auld Lang Syne
Aunt Hassie (tante Hessie)
Aunt Hessys White Horse
Aunt Marys Canadian Jig
Autumn Waltz
Away In A Manger
Away To The Maypole
A Child This Day Is Born
A Fig For A Kiss
A Hundred Bottles Of Beer On The Wall
A Virgin Most Pure
Bach Bouree
Back Up And Push
Bakers Buck
Ballydesmond Polka 1
Ballydesmond Polka 2
Ball And Chain Hornpipe
Baltimore Johnny
Banish Misfortune
Banjo Breakdown
Banjo Signal
Banks Of The Ohio
Banshee The
Bantry Bay
Bantry Bay Hornpipe
Barley Mow The
Barrowburn Reel
Bastringue La
Batchelders Reel
Battle Cry Of Freedom
Battle Hymn Of The Republic The
Battle Of Aughrim
Bay Of Fundy
Bay Of Fundy Ii
Bear Crossing
Bear Dance
Bear Island
Beaumont Rag
Beaux Strategem
Been To The East Been To The West
Beer Barrel Polka
Beethovens Favorite Waltz
Behind The Bush In The Garden
Behind The Haystack
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms
Belled Cow
Belles Of Lexington
Belle Of Lexington
Bennetts Reel
Bentons Dream
Berkeley Reel
Better With Age
Betty Lous Reel
Bielbies Hornpipe
Big Corral
Big Footed Man In The Sandy Lot
Big John Mcmanus
Big John Mcneil
Big Liza Jane
Big Mon
Big Sandy River
Big Sciote
Big Scioty
Big Ship
Billy In The Low Ground
Billy In The Low Land
Bill Cheatham
Bill Cheathams
Bill Sullivans Polka
Bimis Ag Ols Ag Pogadh Na Mban
Birchards Hornpipe
Birdland Breakdown
Blackberry Blossom
Blackberry Blossom (b Part)
Blackberry Blossom A Part (harmony)
Blackberry Blossom A Part (melody)
Blackberry Blossom Improv
Blackberry Rag
Blackthorn Stick The
Black And White Rag
Black Jack Grove
Black Mountain Rag
Black Mountain Reel
Black Velvet Band The
Blarney Pilgrim
Blaydon Races
Blind Mans Reel
Blind Mary
Bluebell Polka
Bluegrass Brian
Bluegrass Stomp
Bluegrass Twist
Bluemont Waltz
Blue Eyed Stranger
Blue Moon Of Kentucky
Boars Head Carol
Bobby Shaftoe
Bobcat Shuffle
Boda Valsen
Bonapartes Retreat
Bonapartes Retreat 2
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine
Bonaparte Crossing The Rocky Mountains
Bonnie Kate
Bonny Green Garters
Booth 2
Booth Shot Lincoln
Boston Boy
Boston Boy 1st Break A And B
Boston Boy 2nd Break A Only
Boston Boy 3rd Break B Only
Bottom Of The Punchbowl
Boyne Hunt The
Boys Of Bluehill
Boys Of Bluehill The
Boys Of The Town The
Boys Of Wexford
Bread And Pickles
Breeches Full Of Stitches
Brenda Stubberts
Brenda Stubberts Reel
Breton Dance Tune
Brian Borus March
Bridgewater Boys
Brightest And Best
Brighton Camp
Brilliancy Medley
Britches Full Of Stitches
British Grenadiers
Brown County Breakdown
Bryan Olynn
Bucks Of Oranmore The
Buck Reel
Buffalo Gals Banjo Bg
Buffalo Gals Banjo Fr
Buffalo Gals Fiddle Si
Buffalo Gals Guitar Ld
Bully Of The Town
Bunch Of Rushes
Burning Of The Pipers Hut The
Burns Farewell
Bus Stop Reel
Butchers March
Butchers Row The
Buttered Peas
Butterfly The
Cabin Of Love
Caitlin Triall
Cajun Two-step
California Cotillion
California Here I Come
Calliope House
Camaronian Reel
Campbells Farewell To Redcastle
Campbells Farewell To Redcastle1
Campells Farewell To Red Gap
Can Can
Cape Cod Reel
Captain Okane
Carleton County Breakdown
Carolans Concerto
Carolans Draught
Carpathian Tune
Carpathian Tune Harmony
Castles In The Air
Castle Kelly
Cattle In The Cane
Cat Jumped Into The Mouses Hole The
Cat On A Leash
Celtic Cousins Hornpipe
Charlie Hunters Jig
Charlie Mulvihills
Chase Me Charlie A Kerry Slide
Cherish The Ladies
Cherokee Shuffle
Cherokee Trail
Cherry Tree Carol The
Cheshire Rounds
Chicago Reel The
Chicken Dance
Chicken Dance Klezmerized
Chicken Reel
Chilly Winds Of Shannon
Chinese Breakdown
Chinese Polka The
Chinquapin Hunting
Chips Off The Block
Chocolate Rabbit
Chorus Jig
Christians Awake Salute The Happy Morn
Christmas Is Coming
Church Street Polka
Cincinnati Hornpipe
City Of Savannah
Clare Jig The
Cliffs Of Moher
Climb Up Golden Stairs
Clinch Mountain Backstep
Cluck Old Hen
Cluck Ol Hen
Cock O The North
Coilsfield House
Cold Frosty Morn
Cold Frosty Morning
Cold Frosty Morning I (minor-major)
Colemans Cross
Colemans March
Coleraine Jig
Colored Aristocracy
Comb Your Hair And Curl It
Come Dance And Sing
Coming Home With The Girls In The Morning
Coming Through The Canebrake (to Shoot The Buffalo)
Comin Round The Mountain
Concert The
Connaughtmans Rambles
Connaught Mans Rambles
Connaught Mans Rambles The
Constant Billy
Constitution March
Cooleys Reel
Copperplate The
Corn Riggs Are Bonny
Corn Rigs
Cotillion The
Cotton-eyed Joe
Cotton Eye Joe
Country Gardens
Coventry Carol
Cowboys Dream
Cowboy Jig
Cowboy Waltz
Cranking Out
Crested Hens
Cripple Creek
Cronins Favorite
Cronins Hornpipe
Crooked Stovepipe
Crooked Stovepipe 1 The
Crooked Stovepipe 2 The
Crooked Stovepipe 3 The
Crossing The Delaware
Crow Creek
Cuckoos Nest 1
Cuckoos Nest 2
Cumberland Square Eight
Cup Of Tea
Curly-headed Ploughboy
Curly-headed Ploughboy The
Curly-headed Ploughboy The1
Cushie Butterfield
Cutting Ferns
Czar Of Russias Favorite--hornpipe
Dance To Your Daddy
Dancing Bear
Dancing Up A Storm
Danny Boy
Dark Island
Dark Island The
Dark Isle
Dark Isle Harmony 1
Dark Isle Harmony 2
Darling Nellie Gray
Dashing White Sergeant The
Davy Davy Knick Knack
Da Slockit Light
Deck The Halls
Dedannans Polka
Dedicado A Jos
Denis Murphys Polka
Denis Murphys Slide
Dennington Bell
Dennis Murphys Polka
Denver Belle
Denver Belle Rector
Dermott Grogans Hornpipe
Dever The Dancer
Devils Dream The
Devil Among The Tailors The
Devil In The Kitchen The
Devil In The Strawstack
Dick Gossip
Dinahs Jig
Dingle Regatta
Ding Dong Merrily On High
Diplodocus The
Dixie Hoedown
Dobbins Flowery Vale
Dominion Reel
Donegal Reel
Done Gone
Donkey Riding
Donnybrook Fair
Donnybrook Fair (aka The Joy Of My Life)
Dont Do That Again
Don Messers Breakdown
Don Side
Doon The Brae
Dorset Four Hand Reel
Double Clog
Double Lead Through
Dowds Favorite
Downfall Of Paris The
Down By The Sally Gardens
Down Fall Of Paris
Down The Brae
Down Yonder
Down Yonder 1
Down Yonder 2
Drag Her Round The Road
Drops Of Brandy
Drowsy Maggie
Drums And Guns
Drunken Landlady
Drunken Sailor
Dublin Streets
Ducks On The Millpond
Ducks On The Pond
Duke Of Leinster
Duke Of Yorks March
Durangs Hornpipe
Durham Rangers
Dusty Miller
Dust On The Windowsill
Eagles Whistle
Earls Chair The
Earl Grey
East Neuk Of Fife
East Of Glendart
East Tennesee Blues
Easy Club
Eber Atkins Tune
Eddies Reel
Eel In The Sink
Egans Polka
Eighth Of January
Eighth Of January The
Elaines Hambo
Eleanor Plunkett
Eli Greenes Cakewalk
Elzics Farewell
Erics Waltz
Evening Prayer Blues
Evit Gabriel
Expectation Waltz
F-three Hoe Down
Faded Love
Fairy Dance The
Fair Jenny
Fair Jennys Jig
Falling Off A Moose
Fanny Power
Farewell To Bachelorhood Harmony
Farewell To Ireland
Farewell To Long Hollow
Farewell To Whiskey
Farewell Trion
Far Away
Far Away (harmony)
Far From Home
Fasten The Leggins
Father Kellys
Father Kellys (reel)
Father Kellys Reel
Fiddlers Dram
Fiddle Rag
Fiery Clock Face
Finnegans Wake
Finn Jenta
Fire In The Mountain1
Fire On The Mountain
First Noel
Fishers Hornpipe2
Fishers Hornpipe3
Five Roads
Fjallnas (hambo)
Flatbush Waltz
Flatbush Waltz2
Flop-eared Mule
Flop-eared Mule 2
Flop Eard Mule 1
Flowers Of Edinburgh
Flowers Of Edinburgh The
Flowers Of Edinburgh Variation
Flowers Of The Forest The
Flowers Of The Thorn (blodaur Drain)
Flowing Tide
Flying Through The Gap
Fly Around
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Forked Deer
For Elisa
For Elisa Harmony
Four Pound Cheque
Four Up
Foxhunters Jig
Foxhunters Jig The
Foxhunters Reel
French-canadian Waltz
Frenchies Reel
French Canadian Four-step
Friendly Visit The
Frieze Britches
Froggie On The Carport
Frog In The Well
Frosty Morning
Frost Is All Over
Frustration Reel
Gallaghers Frolics
Galway Belle
Galway Hornpipe
Gandy Dancers
Gandzia Polka
Garfields Hornpipe
Garrett Barrys
Gaspe Reel
Gaspe Reel1
Gatineau Reel
Gay Gordon
Gentle Maiden
George Brabazon
Ger The Rigger
Get Down On Your Knees And Pray
Get Up Early
Gigue De Terrebonne
Gilsland Hornpipe
Girl I Left Behind Me
Girl I Left Behind The
Give The Fiddler A Dram
Glen Cottage The
Glory In The Meeting House
Gloucester Hornpipe
Goathland Square Eight
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
God Save The King
Goin Down South
Goin Down South 1
Goin Down South 2
Golden Eagle Hornpipe
Golden Slippers
Good-bye Girls
Goodbye Girls Im Going To Boston
Goodbye My Lady Love
Good Christian Men Rejoice
Good For The Tongue
Good King Wenceslas
Good Old Summertime
Goosey Boy
Go And List For A Sailor
Go Tell It On The Mountain
Grandfathers Clock
Grandfathers Clock1
Grandfathers Clock2
Grandfathers Tune
Grandma Blair
Granny Wont Your Dog Bite
Grasshopper Sittin On A Sweet Potato Vine
Great High Wind That Blew The Low Post Down
Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Great North Run 86 The
Greencastle Hornpipe
Green Apple Quickstep
Green Fields Of America
Green Mountain Petronella
Green Willis
Grey Eagle
Grizzly Bear The
Grogans Favourite
Growling Old Man And Grumbling Old Woman
Growling Old Man And Grumbling Old Woman2
Grub Springs
Grumbling Old Man And The Growling Old Woman
Grumbling Old Men And Women
Gunpowder Reel
Hail To The Chief
Hales Rag
Halls Barn Dance
Hangmans Reel
Happy Acres Two-step
Hardiman The Fiddler
Hard Times
Hard Times (come Again No More)
Hard Times Come Again No More
Hark The Herald Angels Sing
Harpers Frolic
Harpers Frolic1
Hartfords Real
Harvest Home
Haste To The Wedding
Have A Drink On Me
Hawks And Eagles
Hay For Two
Headless Horseman
Hearts Freely Given
Hearty Boys Of Ballymote
Heart Of The Heartland
Heights Of Alma (aka Rakes Of Mallow)
Hell On The Wabash
Her Mantle So Green(in D)
Her Mantle So Green
Hicks Hornpipe
High Level Hornpipe
High Reel
Hills Of Glenurchie
Hippodrome Reel
Hobarts Transformation
Hoedown Polka
Hollow Poplar
Holly And The Ivy The
Holly Berry
Home Of The Red Fox
Home Ruler The
Hommage Edmond Parizeau
Honest John
Honky Tonk Swing
Hop High Ladies
Horses Brawl
Hot Time
House Of The Rising Sun
Hughie Shorties Reel
Hughie Shortys Reel
Hughie Travers
Hugh Mcardles Fancy
Hulls Victory
Humors Of Ballinthra
Humours Of Ballyloughlin
Humours Of Glendart The
Hungarian Gypsy Tune
Hunsdon House
Huntingtone Castle
Hunting The Buffalo
Hunting The Hare
Huntsmans Chorus1
Hunt The Squirrel
Huron Carol
Hurry Hurry Hurry 1
Hurry Hurry Hurry 2
Ice On The Pond
Ice On The Road
Ice On The Water
Ida Red
If Ever You Were Mine
If You Knew Susie
Ill Buy Boots For Maggie
Ill Tell Me Ma
Im Going Back To Old Kentucky
Im Working On A Building
Indian Ate A Woodchuck
Indian River Hornpipe
Infant Holy Infant Lowly
Ingonish Jig
In The Bleak Midwinter
In The Misty Mountains
Irish-american Reel
Irish American Jig
Irish Rover The
Irish Washerwoman
Irish Washerwoman The
Iron Legs
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
I Am A Poor Wayfaring Stranger
I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In
I Want A Girl
I Wonder As I Wander
Jacksons Breakdown
Jacky Tan
Jack In The Fog
Jack Mccanns Reel
Jack Wilson
Jamie Allen
January Spring
Jeans Reel
Jefferson And Liberty
Jennys Chickens
Jennys Choice
Jennys Gone To Linton
Jenny Dang The Weaver
Jenny Lind
Jenny Lynn
Jenny Picking Cockles
Jerrys Beaver Hat
Jerusalem Ridge
Jessies Hornpipe
Jesus Christ The Apple Tree
Jesu Joy Of Mans Desiring
Jimmy Allen
Jimmy In The Swamp
Jingle-bell Rock
Jingle Bells
Johnny Cope
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
Johnny Johnny Dont Get Drunk
Johnny Mickeys
John Browns Body
John Hardy
John Howatt
John Howett
John Peel
John Ryans Polka
Jordans Reel
Joys Of Quebec
Joy Of The Dance
Joy To The World
Judys Reel
Judy And Jims Wedding
Juliann Johnson
Julia Delaney
Jump At The Sun
June Apple
Justin Otter
Just Because
Just Because
Just Because 1
Just Because 2
Kansas City
Kansas City Reel
Karis Pers Polska (hambo)
Karis Pers Polska (harmony)
Kate And Roses
Kathleens Waltz
Katushka Aka Ukranian Love Song
Katy Hill
Keel Row The
Keep Your Feet Still
Kentucky Mandolin
Kerfunken The
Kerrywomans Lament The
Kerry Shuffle
Kesh Jig
Kesh The
Khosid Wedding Dance
Kid On The Mountain
Kid On The Mountain The
Killarney Boys Of Pleasure
Killavail Fancy
Killavil Fancy
Kingsbury Reel
Kingsbury Reel
King Of The Fairies
King Of The Fairies The
Kirkgate Hornpipe
Kitchen Girl
Kitchen Girl Harmony
Kitchen Girl The
Kitten Takes Over The House
Kittys Wedding
Kitty Magee
Lady Anne Montgomery
Lady In The Boat The
Lady Of The Lake
Lady On The Island The
Lady Walpoles
Lady Walpoles Reel
Lakes Of Sligo
Lake Bay Reel The
Lamplighters Hornpipe
Lamplighters Hornpipe1
Langstroms Pony
Lannigans Ball
Lark In The Morning The
Larry Ogaff
La Aboleda
La Bastringue
La Belle Catherine
La Grande Chaine
La Russe
Leaping Lizzie
Leather Breeches
Leather Britches
Leaving Of Liverpool The
Leitrim Jig
Lens Waltz
Leslies Hornpipe
Letter From My Darlin
Liberty Bell
Life On The Ocean Wave
Lightnin Bug
Light Cavalry Overature
Lilting Banshee The
Lily Marlene
Lil Liza Jane
Limehouse Blues
Linehope Lope
Linus And Lucy
Little Black Mustache
Little Judique
Little Liza Jane
Little Liza Jane 1
Little Rabbit
Little Stack Of Barley
Little Toesy
Liverpool Hornpipe
Lizard Candy
Liza Jane
Liza Jane
Liza Lynn
Log Cabin
Loiseau Bleu
Lonesome Fiddle Blues
Lonesome Injun
Longford Collector The
Long And Tall
Looney Tunes
Lord Inchiquin
Lord Mcdonald
Lord Of The Dance
Losing My Religion
Lost Banjo The
Lost Goose
Lost Indian
Louisiana Swing
Louis Waltz
Lovers Waltz
Lovers Waltz2
Love Came Down At Christmas
Love Wont You Marry Me
Lucy Campbell
Lucy Farrs
Lumps Of Plum Pudding
Madame Bonaparte
Madame Renaud
Mad Moll Of The Cheshire Hunt
Maggie In The Wood
Maggie In The Woods
Maid Behind The Bar
Maid Behind The Bar The

Mairis Wedding
Mairis Wedding1
Mairis Weddinglewis Bridal Song
Mamas Shoes
Manchester Hornpipe
Man In The Moon The
Man Of The House
Maple Sugar
Marching Through Georgia
March Of St Timothy
March Of The Men Of Devon The
Margarets Waltz
Maries Wedding
Martha Campbells
Martin Oconnors
Martin Wynnes Reel
Mary Had A Baby
Masons Apron
Masons Apron The
Masons Apron The1
Master Crowley
Maureen Of Gibberland
Maxime Leblancs Reel
Mcelligotts Fancy
Medicine Bow
Merrily Danced The Quakers Wife
Merry Blacksmith The
Merry Blacksmith The1
Merry Month Of May The
Methodist Preacher
Mexican Waltz
Michael Turners Waltz
Michael Turners Waltz1
Mickey Dohertys Reel
Midnight On The Water
Midnight Rider
Midnight Sun
Midwinter Blossom
Midwinter Blossom Harmony Part
Mineapolis Hornpipe
Minneola Rag
Minstrel Boy The
Mississipi Sawyer
Mississippi Sawyer
Mississippi Sawyer (embellished Version)
Miss Mcclouds Reel
Miss Mcginnes
Miss Mcleods
Miss Mcleods Reel
Miss Mcleods Reel1
Miss Monahans Reel
Miss Rowan Davies
Miss Rowan Davies Harmony
Miss Thompsons Hornpipe
Misty Morning
Misty Mountain
Mist Covered Mountains
Mist In The Bog
Molly Bloom
Moll In The Wood
Money Musk
Money Musk The
Monks March
Monroes Blues
Monroes Hornpipe
Moon And Seven Stars
Morning Star Reel The
Morning Star The
Morpeth Rant
Morrisons Jig
Morrisons Jig1
Moscow Nights
Moses Hoe The Corn
Mother And Child
Mountain Roads
Mourisque La
Mouse In The Cupboard
Mouth Of The Tobique
Moving Clouds
Mr Beveridges Maggot
Mr Gordon Of Hallhead
Muckin O Geordies Byre
Mudgee Waltz
Mud In Your Eye
Mug Of Brown Ale
Mug Of Brown Ale The
Munster Hop
Murtough Mulloy
Musical Priest The
Muskrat Ramble
My Dancing Day
My Darling Asleep
My Fathers Footsteps
My Grandfathers Clock
My Little Girl
My Marianne
My Sweet Blue Eyed Darling
Nail That Catfish To A Tree
Nail That Catfish To The Tree1
Napsters Retreat
Nathaniel Gows Lament For The Death Of His Brother
Navvie On The Line
Ned Of The Hill
Needle Case
Nelly Bly 1
Nelly Bly 2
New Camptown Races
New Land The
New Rigged Ship
New York Girls
Niagara Hornpipe
Niel Gows Lament For The Death Of His Second Wife
Night-geese Polska
Nine Hundred Miles
Nine Points Of Roguery
Nixons Farewell
Nobel Franz
Nobel Franz Harmony
Norman Toy
Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen
North Carolina Breakdown1
North Shore
November Afternoon
Nutting Girl
Ocarolans Welcome
Oconnells Trip To Parliament
Oconnors Polka
Ode To Joy
Odwyers Reel
Off She Goes
Off To California
Oh! Dear! What Can The Matter Be
Oh Lady Be Good
Oh Susannah
Okeefes Slide
Okeefes Slide1
Oklahoma Rooster
Olde Saybrooke
Olde Tyme Quadrille
Old Bell Cow
Old Copperplate The
Old Dangerfield
Old Ebeneezer Scrooge
Old French
Old Grey Cat
Old Grey Mare
Old Joe
Old Joe (r-150)
Old Joe Clark
Old Joe Clark 1
Old Joe Clark 2
Old Man And Old Woman
Old Man Old Woman
Old Mole The
Old Mountaineer
Old Rocking Chair The
Old Rosin The Beau
Old Time Reel
Old Woman Tossed In A Blanket
Old Zip Coon Reel
Once In Royal Davids City
On And On
On The Danforth
On The Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
On The Train
On The Way To New Orleans
Ookpik Waltz
Ootpik Waltz
Opera Reel
Opera Reel The
Orange In Bloom
Oriellys Fancy
Out On The Road
Out With The Boys
Over The Waterfall
Over The Water To Charlie
Oyster Cove
Oyster Girl The
O Come All Ye Faithful
O Come O Come Emmanuel
O Holy Night
O Little Town Of Bethlehem
O Tannenbaum
Pacific Slope Reel
Paddy Faheys No 1
Paddy Fahys Reel
Paddy On A Hand Car
Paddy On The Railroad
Paddy On The Turnpike
Paddy Orafferty
Parlez-nous `a Boire
Parsons Farewell
Past Three Oclock
Patchwork Quilt
Pat Dbudgie
Pat Tuohys Reel
Pays De Haut
Peggy Perkins
Peter Eat Your Heart Out
Peter Feeneys Dream
Petes Breakdown
Pickin Wild Cherries
Pigeon On The Gate
Pigeon On The Statue
Pigtown Fling
Pig Town Fling
Pike County Breakdown
Pipe On The Hob
Pipe On The Hob The
Plaisir Damour
Planxty Fanny Power
Planxty George Brabazon
Planxty George Brabizon
Planxty Irwin
Point Au Pic
Polecat Blues
Polka 1
Pomp And Circumstance
Ponies In The Forest
Poor Ould Woman
Poor White Folks
Pops Waltz
Portland Fancy
Possumwood Harmony
Possum In The Well
Possum Up A Gum Stump
President Garfields
President Garfields Hornpipe
President Grants Hornpipe
Pretty Little Dog
Pretty Little Widder
Princess Nancy
Princess Royal
Princess Royal (morris)
Priscillas Jig
Proudlockss Hornpipe
Puff Adder Step Dance
Puncheon Floor
Queens Delight The
Queens Polka
Quince Dillons High-d Tune
Quince Dillons High D
Quindaro Hornpipe
Rabbit Wheres Your Mammy
Rachels French Tune
Raemonas Waltz
Raglan Road
Ragtime Annie
Ragtime Annie (raggedy Anne)
Ragtime Reel
Rakes Of Clonmel
Rakes Of Kildare The
Rakes Of Mallow
Rakes Of Mallow The
Rakes Of Marlow
Rakish Paddy
Rambling Pitchfork
Randy Millers Tour Of Scotland
Rattling Bog
Redesdale Hornpipe
Redhaired Boy The
Redwing 1
Redwing 1 (harmony)
Redwing 2
Red Apple Rag
Red Haired Boy
Red River Valley
Red Wing
Reel 80
Reel Des Eboulements
Reel Des Jeunes Maries
Reel Des Jeunes Maries Harmony For B Part
Reel De Chateauguay
Reel De La Tuque Bleue
Reel De Lenfant
Reel De Montreal
Reel De Pere Leon
Reel Du Goglu
Reel Du Grandpere
Reel Du Printemps
Reel Du Semeur
Reel Indien
Reel Of Mullinavat
Reel Of The Burl
Reel St Antoine
Reel St Antoine Harmony
Reel St Etienne
Reel St Josef
Reimstalder Chilbi
Return From Tchernobyle
Return To Milltown
Reunion Reel
Richard Dwyers Reel
Richmond Cotillion
Rickers Hornpipe
Ricketts Hornpipe
Ride The Wild Turkey
Riding On A Load Of Hay
Rights Of Man
Rights Of Man The
Rights Of Man The1
Road To Boston
Road To California
Road To Columbus
Road To Lisdoonvarna The
Robertsons Reel
Rochdale Coconut Dance
Rockabilly Reel
Rocking Carol
Rock The Cradle Joe
Rock The Cradle Joe1
Rock The Cradle Joe2
Roddy Mccorley
Rodeo Reel
Rolling In The Rye Grass
Rollin In My Sweet Babys Arms
Rollstone Mountain
Roll Out The Gravel
Roman Wall
Root Hog Or Die Jig
Rory Omore
Rosbif Waltz
Rose Of Sharon
Rose Tree
Rose Tree The
Rose Tree The1
Rosie Finns Favourite
Rosin The Beau
Rosin The Bow
Round The Horn
Roxborough Castle
Rufty Tufty
Rule Britannia
Rush And The Pepper
Russian Two Step
Ryans Favorite
Ryans Polka
Rye Straw
Rye Whisky
Saddle The Pony
Sadie At The Backdoor
Sailors Hornpipe
Sailors Hornpipe The
Sailors Hornpipe The1
Sailors Set On Shore
Sailors Wife The
Saint Annes Reel
Saint Annes Reel1
Saint James Infirmary Blues
Saint Patricks Day
Salamanca Reel
Saletan Special
Sally Forth
Sally Gal
Sally Gardens Down By The
Sally Gardens Reel
Salmon Tails Up The Water
Salty Dog Rag
Salty River Reel
Salt Creek
Sam Cormier Reel
Sandy Boys
Sandy Macintyres Trip To Boston
Sandy River Belle
Sandy River Belles
Sans Day Carol
Sarah Armstrongs Tune
Sarah Armstrongs Tune Harmony
Saratoga Hornpipe
Saturday Night Breakdown
Saucy Little Bird On Nellys Hat The
Saute De Lapin
Saut Du Lapin
Scan Testers No 1
Scan Testers No 2
Scatter The Mud
Scatter The Mud Ii
Scholar The
Scollays Reel
Scotland The Brave
Scotsman Over The Border The
Scottish Hornpipe
Scottish Reform
Scullays Reel
Scullys Reel
Seamus Oshanahans
Sean Ryans Jig
Sean Ryans Polka
See Amid The Winters Snow
Seneca Square Dance
Seneca Sq Dance Portland Style
Seven Joys Of Mary
Seven Stars
Sgian Dubh
Shadows On The Staircase
Shady Grove
Shamrock Reel The
Shandon Bells
Shearing The Sheep
Shebag Shemore
Sheebeg And Sheemore
Sheehans Reel
Sheffield Hornpipe
Sheik Of Araby The
Shelburne Rotary Breakdown
Shelvin Rock
Shenandoah Falls
Shenandoah Valley Breakdown
Shepherds Hey
Shindig In The Barn
Ships Are Sailing
Shloymele Malkele
Shoes And Stockings
Shoe The Donkey
Shoo Fly
Shores Of Lough Gowen
Shores Of Lough Gowna
Shove That Pigs Foot A Little Further In The Fire
Shuffle About
Silent Night
Silver And Gold Two-step
Silver Bell
Silver Spear
Silver Spear The
Simple Gifts
Simple Gifts (keyg)
Siobhan Odonnells
Sir Roger De Coverley
Sisters Jig
Sitting Bull
Six Penny Money
Si Bheag Si Mhor
Skippin Cat
Sledd Ridin
Sliabh Mhachaire
Sligo Maid The
Smoke On The Water
Smokin Camp
Snake River
Snake River Reel
Snowday Waltz
Snowflake Breakdown
Snowy Path The
Snow Deer
Snow Deer (harmony)
Snow Deer Harmony
Soldiers Joy
Soldiers Joy1
Soldiers Joy2
Solomon Levi 1
Solomon Levi 2
Solomon Levi 3
Southern Flavor
Southern Spy
Southwest Bridge
South 14
South Wind
South Winds
South Wind The
Spanish Ladies
Speed The Plough(em)
Speed The Plough
Speed The Plough (old Time Version)
Spike Island Lasses
Spirit Of The Dance
Split The Ticket
Spootiskerry Reel
Spotted Pony
Spotted Pony Ii
Spuds Polka
Squirrel Hunter
Stack Of Barley
Starry Nights Of Shetland
Stars And Stripes Forever
Star Above The Garter
Star Of Munster
Star Of Munster The
Star Of Munster The1
Star Of The County Down
Staten Island
Staten Island Hornpipe
Steamboat Quickstep
Steamboat The
Steel Guitar Rag
Step Back
Stones Rag
Stoney Lonesome
Stop Press
Streets Of Laredo
Struan Robertsons Rant
St Annes Reel
St Annes Reel (easier)
St Patricks Day
Sugarfoot Rag
Sugar In The Gourd
Sunday River Waltz
Sun Assembly
Suo Gan
Sussex Carol
Swallowtail Jig
Swansea Town
Sweets Of May The
Sweet Chiming Bells
Sweet Fern
Sweet Georgia Brown
Sweet Jenny Jones
Swimming In The Gutter
Swinging On A Gate
Swing Your Partner
Tabhair Domh Do Lamh
Tall Timbers
Tam Lin
Tarbolton Lodge
Tarbolton The
Tattered Jack Welch
Teahans Fling
Teetotalers Reel
Teetotallers Reel
Temperance Reel
Temperence Reel
Templehouse Jig
Tennessee Blues
Tennessee Waltz
Tennessee Waltz The
Tenpenny Bit The
Ten Penny Bit
Ten Strike (quadrille Fig 4)
Texas Blue Bonnet
Thatched Cabin The
Theme Vannitaise (tv)
The 42-pound Cheque
The Almond House
The Arkansas Traveler
The Ash Grove
The Athole Highlanders
The Attitude Problem
The Ballydesmond Polka 1
The Ballydesmond Polka 2
The Ballydesmond Polka 3
The Banshee
The Banshee Aka Mcmahons
The Barley Mow
The Battle Hymn Of The Republic
The Big Chief
The Blackbird
The Black Haired Lass
The Blarney Pilgrim
The Boyne Hunt
The Boys Of Galway
The Bunch Of Roses
The Bunch Of Rushes
The Burnt Old Man
The Butchers Row (r-113)
The Cavity Investigator
The Chickadees Polka
The Chorus Jig
The Christmas Song
The Christ Childs Lullaby
The Clare Jig Mug Of Brown Ale
The Cliffs Of Moher
The Cobbler
The Concertina Reel
The Corner House
The Corn Is Ripe
The Cowboys Jig
The Cuckoos Nest
The Dances At Kinvara (barndance)
The Dancing Bear
The Dark Girl (dressed In Blue)
The Dingle Regatta
The Dogs Who Had Their Own Car
The Drunken Landlady
The Drunken Sailor
The Dublin Lasses
The Earls Chair
The Fermoy Lasses
The Flogging Reel
The Flowers Of Red Hill
The Frieze Britches
The Frog In The Well
The Gallow Glass
The Galtee Reel
The Gammaho
The Geese In The Bog
The German Beau
The Girl I Left Behind Me
The Girl With The Blue Dress On
The Glass Of Beer
The Golden Keyboard
The Green Cockade
The Green Meadow
The Green Mountain
The Green Willis
The Harriott
The Highway To Limerick
The High Cauled Cap
The High Level
The High Reel Aka Duffy The Dancer
The High Road To Linton
The Home Ruler
The Humors Of Westport
The Humors Of Whiskey
The Humours Of Ballyconnell
The Humours Of Ballyloughlin
The Humours Of Glendart
The Hungry Rocks
The Jolly Beggar Man
The Keel Row
The Kesh Jig
The Kid On The Mountain
The Killashandra Lasses
The Langstern Pony (aka Langstrom Pony)
The Lark In The Morning
The Last Mile
The Long Hot Shower
The Mackilmoyle
The Maids Of Ardagh
The Maids Of Mitchellstown
The Maid Behind The Bar
The Meeting Of The Waters
The Meeting Of The Waters Harmony 1
The Meeting Of The Waters Harmony 2
The Merry Blacksmith
The Merry Old Maid
The Millers Reel
The Minstrel Boy
The Monaghan Jig
The Monaghan Twig
The Morning Dew
The Morning Star
The Mountain Road
The Musical Priest
The Old Boar
The Old Copperplate
The Old Grey Goose
The Otters Holt
The Peacocks Feather
The Peelers Jacket
The Peerie Werrie
The Pidgeon On The Gate
The Pipe On The Hob
The Plains Of Boyle
The Post Office
The Primrose Lass
The Quarry Cross
The Rakes Of Mallow
The Red Box
The Red Coat
The Red Crow
The Rights Of Man
The Road To Lisdoonvarna
The Road To Recovery
The Road To Tunbridge
The Rocky Road To Dublin
The Rose Tree
The Roving Bachelor
The Silver Spire
The Skipper
The Smoky Chimney
The Spey In Spate
The Squire
The Stack Of Barley
The Stack Of Wheat
The Star-spangled Banner
The Star Of Munster
The Sultans Polka
The Swallowtail Jig
The Sweeps Hornpipe
The Sweets Of May
The Templehouse Reel
The Three Captains
The Tipsy Parson
The Torn Jacket
The Touchstone
The Tournmore Polka
The Trip To Durrow
The Trowie Burn
The Walls Of Time
The Wasps
The Wearin Of The Green
The Wedding Jig
The Western Lasses
The Whirling Dervish
The White Cockade
The Wicklow Hornpipe
The Wind That Shakes The Barley
The Wizards Walk
The Woodchoppers
The Wood Duck
The Wren
Thick And Thin
Three Around Three
Tick- Tock Polka
Timothy March
Tim & Sheilas Wedding Waltz
Tobins Favourite
Tombigbee Waltz
Tommys Tarbukas
Tommy Beadles Polka
Tom And Jerry
Too Young To Marry
Top Of Cork Road
Top Of The Maol
Top O The Hill
Toss The Feathers
Trade Wind Hornpipe
Trail Of The Lonesome Pine
Trail Of The Lonesome Pine The
Tripping Up The Stairs
Trip To Durrow
Trip To The Cottage
Trollspolska Harmony
Trumpet Hornpipe The
Turkey In The Straw
Turning Of The Tide
Turpin Hero
Twelfth Of January
Twelve Days Of Christmas The
Two Rivers
Uncle Pen
Under The Double Eagle
Up In The Woods
Up In The Woods Basic Melody
Utpick Waltz
Utpik Waltz
Vandals Of Hammerwich
Violas Favorite Schottische
Violate Me In The Violet Time
Wagoner One-step
Waiting For Nancy
Walker Street Reel
Walking In My Sleep
Walking To Westport
Walk Along John
Walter Bulwers No 1
Waltz Quadrille
Wayfaring Stranger
Ways Of The World
Wearing Of The Green
Welsh Lullaby
Weshin Day The
Westering Home
Western Country
Westfork Girls
Westphalia Harmony 1
Westphalia Harmony 2
Westphalia Waltz
Westphalia Waltz Tow26
West Fork Gals
West Fork Gals I
West Virginia Gals
Wes Muirs Tune
We Three Kings Of Orient Are
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
What Child Is This
When Johnny Comes Marching Home
When The Cock Crows It Is Day
When The Works All Done This Fall
When You Are Lonely
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Whisky Before Breakfast
Whistling Rufus
White Cockade
White Cockade The
White Horse Breakdown
White Petticoat
Wildwood Flower
Wild Horse
Wild Mountain Thyme
Wild Rose Of The Mountain
Wind That Shakes The Barley (set)
Wind That Shakes The Barley The
Winster Gallop
Winster Processional
Winter Wonderland
Wi A Hundred Pipers
Women Of Ireland
Woodchoppers Reel
Woodland Flowers
Wreckers Daughter Quickstep
Yankee Doodle
Yanky Doodle
Year Of Jubilo
Yellow Barber
Yellow Rose Of Texas
Yellow Wrist
York Fuziliers
York Reel The
Youngest Ancient Mariner
Young America Hornpipe
Young Collins
Youre A Grand Old Flag!
You Call Everybody Darling
You Married My Daughter Yet You Didnt!
Yunogo The Two Russian Captains
Zakynthos Jig
Zisooks Schottische
Zucchini Jig Aka Van Hooks

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