Traditional Bluegrass Music

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Click on the tune number (under Tune #) to go to the page showing that tune. When in that page, left click on the speed selector to play the tune, or click back on your browser to return to this page. Note: The midi arrangements are intended for reference and educational purposes only, and have been designed to emphasize the melody (left channel) and the rhythm with a simple bass and chord backing (right channel)

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Title Tune # Key Lyrics?
A Beautiful Life 000027 GMaj Yes
Abilene 000150 GMaj Yes
Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow 000189 GMaj Yes
Alabama Jubilee 000203 GMaj No
All The Good Times Are Past And Gone 000241 GMaj Yes
Amazing Grace 000285 GMaj Yes
Angel Band 000349 GMaj Yes
Angeline The Baker 000352 DMaj Yes
Arkansas Traveller 000413 DMaj Yes
Back Up And Push 000563 DMaj No
Baltimore Fire 000649 GMaj Yes
Banks Of The Ohio, The 000696 GMaj Yes
Barlow Knife 000722 GMaj No
Battle Of New Orleans 000770 DMaj Yes
Betty Likens 000900 DMaj No
Big Ball In Boston 000911 GMaj Yes
Bill Cheetham (2) 000932 AMaj No
Bill Cheetum 000933 GMaj No
Billy In The Lowground 000950 CMaj No
Black Eye'd Susie 014786 DMaj Yes
Blackberry Blossom 001049 GMaj No
Blackberry Blossom (2) 001066 GMaj No
Boil 'em Cabbage Down 001150 DMaj Yes
Bonaparte's Retreat 001186 GMaj Yes
Bound For The Promised Land 001298 GMaj Yes
Bound To Ride 001300 GMaj Yes
Bowling Green 001306 GMaj Yes
Browns Ferry Blues 001474 GMaj Yes
Buddy Won't You Roll Down The Line 001529 DMaj Yes
Buffalo Gals 001498 GMaj Yes
Bully Of The Town 001522 DMaj Yes
Bury Me Beneath The Willow 001541 GMaj Yes
Cannonball, The 001667 GMaj Yes
Careless Love 001707 FMaj Yes
Casey Jones 001751 CMaj Yes
Cattle in The Cane 011833 DMaj No
Cherokee Shuffle 001852 AMaj No
Chicken Reel 001883 DMaj No
Chinese Breakdown 001901 DMaj No
Church In The Wildwood 001945 GMaj Yes
Cindy 001946 GMaj Yes
Cindy(2) 005359 AMaj Yes
Cluck Old Hen 001998 Gmix Yes

Colored Aristocracy

002077 GMaj No
Columbus Stockade Blues 002089 GMaj Yes
Cotton Eyed Joe 002216 GMaj Yes
Cotton Eyed Joe 002219 GMaj Yes
Crawdad Song, The 002262 GMaj Yes
Crazy Creek 002265 AMaj No
Cripple Creek 002277 GMaj Yes
Cripple Creek (A) 014787 AMaj Yes
Cumberland Gap 002349 GMaj Yes
Cumberland Gap (D) 000017 DMaj No
Dark Hollow 002452 DMaj Yes
Darling Corey 011978 DMaj Yes
Darling Cory (A) 002462 AMaj Yes
Devils Dream 002600 AMaj No
Dill Pickle Rag 002634 GMaj No
Dinah 002639 AMaj No
Don't Let Your Deal Go Down 002726 DMaj Yes
Don't The Road Look Rough & Rocky 012043 GMaj Yes
Down In The Willow Garden 002808 GMaj Yes
Down The Road (Pearly Blue) 002817 GMaj Yes

Dueling Banjos is NOT a traditional tune, it is still under copyright and therefore not included in this collection.

Dusty Miller (not UK version) 002984 DMaj No
East Tennessee Blues 003010 CMaj No
East Virginia 003011 GMaj Yes
Eighth Of January 012102 DMaj No
Engine 143 003104 GMaj Yes
Falls Of Richmond 003230 Aaeo No
Fiddler's Dream 003391 GMaj No
Fine Times At Our House 003427 Amix No
Fire On The Mountain 003470 DMaj No
Fisher's Hornpipe 003473 DMaj No
Flop Eared Mule 003521 GMaj No
Flop-eared Mule(2) 003523 GMaj No
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss 003551 CMaj Yes
Foggy Mountain Top 003561 GMaj Yes
Foggy Mountain Breakdown is NOT a traditional tune it is still under copyright and therefore not included in this collection.
Foggy Mountain top (A version) 003563 AMaj Yes
Footprints In The Snow 003578 DMaj Yes
Forked Deer 003596 DMaj No
Franklin D. Roosevelt's Back Again 003650 CMaj Yes
Free Little Bird 003659 CMaj Yes
Freight Train 003665 GMaj Yes
Freight Train (C) 003666 CMaj Yes
Gaspe Reel 003780 DMaj No
George Collins 003813 GMaj Yes
Girl I Left Behind Me 003870 GMaj Yes
Give Me The Roses While I Live 003894 GMaj Yes
Going Across The Mountain 007627 DMaj Yes
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad 003976 GMaj Yes
Going To Boston 003982 GMaj Yes
Golden Slippers 004001 CMaj Yes
Great Speckled Bird 004105 GMaj Yes
Ground Hog (G) 004192 GMaj Yes
Groundhog 004188 CMaj Yes
Hamilton County Breakdown 004278 GMaj No
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane 004283 GMaj Yes
Handsome Molly 004286 GMaj Yes
Hard Ain't It Hard 004326 GMaj Yes
Hog Eye Man, The 004581 BbMaj Yes
Home Sweet Home 004615 GMaj Yes
Hot Corn, Cold Corn 004655 GMaj Yes
I Am A Pilgrim 004778 GMaj Yes
I Can't Feel At Home In This World Anymore 004797 EMaj Yes
I'm Just A Poor Wayfaring Stranger 004930 GMaj Yes
In The Pines 005027 GMaj Yes
In The Sweet By And By 012661 GMaj Yes
Jesse James 005251 GMaj Yes
John Hardy 005354 CMaj Yes
John Henry 005355 DMaj Yes
Johnny Booker 005401 GMaj Yes
Johnson Boys, The 005439 GMaj Yes
June Apple 005524 Gmix Yes
Katy Cline 012814 AMaj No
Keep On The Sunny Side 005576 GMaj Yes
Knoxville Girl 005741 GMaj Yes
Late Last Night (way Downtown) 005946 GMaj Yes
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms 005973 CMaj Yes
Leather Britches 005977 GMaj No
Liberty 006039 DMaj No
Life Is Like A Mountain Railroad 006050 GMaj Yes
Likes Likker Better Than Me 006056 GMaj Yes
Little Bessie 006104 GMaj Yes
Little Birdie 006105 DMaj Yes
Little Glass Of Wine 006123 DMaj Yes
Little Liza Jane 006130 AMaj Yes
Little Maggie 006132 Gmix Yes
Little Mohee 006137 DMaj Yes
Little Moses 006138 GMaj Yes
Little Rabbit 006140 AMaj Yes
Little Rosewood Casket, The 006144 DMaj Yes
Liza Jane 006167 DMaj Yes
Lonesome Fiddle Blues 006218 Dmin No
Lonesome Road Blues 006221 GMaj Yes
Long Journey Home(Two dollar bill) 006231 GMaj Yes
Long, Long Ago 012989 GMaj Yes
Lord I'm Coming Home 006260 GMaj Yes
Lost Indian 006303 GMaj No
Make Me A Pallet On The Floor 006493 GMaj Yes
Mama Don't Allow 006505 GMaj Yes
Maple On The Hill 006541 GMaj Yes
Maple on The Hill 011397 DMaj Yes
Midnight On The Water 006784 DMaj No
Midnight Special, The 006785 GMaj Yes
Miss Mcleod's Reel 006862 GMaj No
Mississippi Sawyer 006886 DMaj No
Mountain Dew 007001 GMaj Yes
Mountain Dew (A version) 007009 AMaj Yes
My Dixie Darling 007132 GMaj Yes
My Grandfather's Clock 007148 GMaj Yes
My Home's Across The Smokey Mountains 007153 GMaj Yes
My Old Coon Dog(Whoa Mule) 007191 DMaj Yes
Needle Case 007261 DMaj No
New River Train 007303 GMaj Yes
Nine Hundred Miles 007351 AMin Yes
Nine Miles out of Louisville 007350 GMaj No
Nine Pound Hammer 007356 GMaj Yes
Oh Mary Don't You Weep 006599 CMaj Yes
Oh Susanna (1848) 007548 GMaj Yes
Old Country Church 013412 GMaj Yes
Old Joe Clark 007638 Gmix Yes
Old Molly Hare 007663 GMaj Yes
Over The Waterfall 007833 DMaj No
Paddy On The Turnpike 007910 GMaj No
Pallet On The Floor 013486 GMaj Yes
Pay Day At Coal Creek 008003 GMaj Yes
Peacock Rag 008012 GMaj No
Poor Ellen Smith 008244 GMaj Yes
Poor Howard 008246 GMaj Yes
Precious Memories 008287 GMaj Yes
President Garfield's Hornpipe 008292 DMaj No
Pretty Polly 008272 GMaj Yes
Putting On The Style 008394 DMaj Yes
Ragtime Annie 008466 DMaj No
Ragtime Annie 011787 DMaj No
Railroad Bill 008471 CMaj Yes
Rank Stranger 008514 GMaj Yes
Red Apple Juice 008559 GMaj Yes
Red Apple Rag 008560 GMaj No
Red Haired Boy 008571 Gmix No
Red Rocking Chair 013609 Gmix Yes
Red Wing 008588 GMaj Yes
Reuben's Train 008640 DMaj Yes
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms 008777 GMaj Yes
Roll On Buddy Roll On 013667 GMaj Yes
Roll On The Ground 008781 GMaj Yes
Rose Tree 008841 DMaj No
Roving Gambler 008880 GMaj Yes
Run, Johnny, Run 008905 DMaj No
Sail Away 008936 GMaj Yes
Sail Away Ladies 008937 GMaj Yes
Sal Got A Meatskin 008924 GMaj Yes
Sally Ann (G) 008982 GMaj Yes
Sally Ann Johnson 008992 DMaj No
Sally Goodin 008988 GMaj Yes
Sally Goodin 009008 GMaj No
Salt Creek/Salt River 013711 Gmix No
Salty Dog 009011 GMaj Yes
Salty Dog 013712 GMaj Yes
Sandy River Belles 009032 DMaj No
Shady Grove 009220 Gmix Yes
Short Life Of Trouble 009340 GMaj Yes
Skillet Good And Greasy 009456 GMaj Yes
Snowflake Reel 009514 DMaj No
Soldier's Joy 009535 DMaj Yes
Sourwood Mountain 009611 GMaj Yes
St Anne's Reel 009697 DMaj No
Storms Are On The Ocean 009786 CMaj Yes
Sugar In The Gourd 009831 AMaj No
Sweet Fern 009917 GMaj Yes
Sweet Sunny South 009921 Gmix Yes
Swing And Turn, Jubilee 009935 GMaj Yes
Take This Hammer 009980 GMaj Yes
Titanic, The (2) 010266 DMaj Yes
Tom Cat Blues 010304 GMaj Yes
Tom Dooley 010306 DMaj Yes
Too Young To Marry (chinky Pin) 010336 DMaj No
Turkey In The Straw 010458 GMaj Yes
Twinkle Little Star 010505 GMaj No
Under The Double Eagle 010547 GMaj No
Under The Double Eagle 014238 GMaj No
Up Jumped The Devil 010575 AMaj No
Wabash Cannonball 010662 GMaj Yes
Waiting For The Federals 010672 GMaj Yes
Walk In Jerusalem 010685 GMaj Yes
Walking In My Sleep 010690 GMaj No
Waterbound 010757 GMaj Yes
We Shall Meet Some Day 010804 CMaj Yes
Westfork Girls 010890 DMaj No
Where The Soul Never Dies 014400 GMaj Yes
Whiskey Before Breakfast 011024 DMaj Yes
Whistling Rufus 011039 CMaj Yes
White House Blues 011050 EMaj Yes
Wildwood Flower 011111 CMaj Yes
Will The Circle Be Unbroken 011114 GMaj Yes
Worried Man Blues 011249 GMaj Yes
Wreck of Old Number Nine 014468 GMaj Yes
Wreck Of The Old Ninty Seven 011256 DMaj Yes
Year of Jubalo 005496 GMaj No