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Bawdy Songs Click on the tune number (under Tune #) to go to the page showing that tune. When in that page, left click on the speed selector to play the tune, or click back on your browser to return to this page. Note: The midi arrangements are intended for reference and educational purposes only, and have been designed to emphasize the melody (left channel) and the rhythm with a simple bass and chord backing (right channel). Note: that the items with no key marked are available as lyrics only.
Title Tune # Key Lyrics?
A Clean Song 000039 CMaj Yes
A Little Over One With T'other 000073 Yes
A Maiden Did Bathing Go 000076 Yes
A Riddle 000098 Yes
A Wee Bird Cam' Tae My Apron 000124 Yes
A-creepin' And A-crawlin' 000132 Yes
A-gathering Nuts 000133 Yes
A-rovin' 000135 DMaj Yes
Adam Catched Eve (round) 000166 AMaj Yes
Ali Boogie 000219 Yes
Astrologer, The 000488 CMaj Yes
Ball O' Kerrimuir, The 000588 GMaj Yes
Ballad Of The Bobbit Hillbillies, The 000614 Yes
Bang Lulu 000662 Yes
Barsted King Of England, The 000743 Yes
Bee-hive, The 000827 DMaj Yes
Bell Bottom Trousers 000852 CMaj Yes
Besom Maker, The 000886 GMaj Yes
Blow The Candles Out 001073 CMaj Yes
Blow The Man Down 001074 DMaj Yes
Bonnie Black Hare, The 001202 DMaj Yes
Boring For Oil 001273 GMaj Yes
Bricklayer's Dream, The 001390 GMaj Yes
Brisk Young Butcher, The 001429 GMaj Yes
Broomfield Hill, The 001453 DMaj Yes
Bury New Loom, The 001544 Yes
Captain Mckean 001693 Yes
Chandler's Wife, The 001805 Yes
Changing Guard At Buckingham Palace 001807 CMaj Yes
Charlotte The Harlot 001830 Yes
Chastity Belt, The 001837 GMaj Yes
Christopher Columbo 001928 Yes
Clerk Colvill 001975 Yes
Coachman, The 002003 CMaj Yes
Comical Dreamer, The 002120 CMaj Yes
Cooper O' Dundee, The 002182 CMaj Yes
Crayfish, The 002263 Yes
Creation Of A Pussy, The 002267 Yes
Cuckoo's Nest 002337 GMaj Yes
Danger Waters 002427 GMaj Yes
Darby Ram, The 002442 GMaj Yes
Deed Of Entail 002532 Yes
Diddle, Diddle (or The Kind Country Lovers) 002618 Cmaj Yes
Doctor Of Physick 002686 Yes
Doctor's Lament, The 002688 Yes
Dumiama Dingiama Dumiama Day 002934 Yes
Eskimo Nell (amalgamated) 003138 Yes
Fatal Wedding, The 003324 GMaj Yes
Follow The Band 003571 Yes
Four Drunken Maidens 003609 GMaj Yes
Four Old Whores 003619 CMaj Yes
Friggin In The Riggin 003683 Yes
Gay Caballero, The 003789 Yes
Gently, Johnny, My Jingalo 003807 GMaj Yes
German Musicianer, The 003825 DMaj Yes
Good Ship Venus, The 004029 Yes
Great Wheel, The 004109 GMaj Yes
Grey Cock 004174 AMaj Yes
Hares On The Mountain 004332 GMaj Yes
Haselbury Girl 004363 GMaj Yes
Hermit, The 004479 Yes
Hieland Laddie 004508 GMaj Yes
How Can I Keep My Maidenhead 004670 CMaj Yes
Humoresque 004702 Yes
I Don't Want To Join The Army 004806 CMaj Yes
I Rede You Beware O' The Ripples 004846 GMaj Yes
I Used To Work In Chicago 004860 CMaj Yes
I Want To Play Piano In A Whorehouse 004865 CMaj Yes
If He'd Be A Buckaroo 004976 Yes
Jolly Tinker 005087 Yes
Jolly Tinker (2), The 005461 GMaj Yes
Kafoozalum 006124 GMaj Yes
Keyhole In The Door 005625 DMaj Yes
King Henry 005670 GMaj Yes
Knave, The 005728 Yes
Knife In The Window 005732 Yes
Lehigh Valley, The 005995 GMaj Yes
Little Ball Of Yarn 006102 AMaj Yes
Long Eddy Waltz 006227 GMaj Yes
Long Funny Dingle Dangle 006228 Yes
Long Peggin' Awl, The 006236 GMaj Yes
Lumps Of Pudding 006383 GMaj Yes
Lydia Pinkham 006387 CMaj Yes
Maid Gaed Tae The Mill 006447 GMaj Yes
Maid's Conjuring Book, The 006469 CMaj Yes
Manchester Angel, The 006524 GMaj Yes
Mill, The Mill, O, The 006801 DMaj Yes
Miller And The Lass, The 006802 DMaj Yes
Molecatcher 006915 GMaj Yes
Mower, The 007020 Yes
My Bonnie 007114 CMaj Yes
My God How The Money Rolls In 007144 Yes
Navvy Boots 007250 CMaj Yes
Nine Inch Will Please A Lady 007352 GMaj Yes
Nine Times A Night 007357 GMaj Yes
No Balls At All 007360 CMaj Yes
Old Gray Bonnet) 004005 CMaj Yes
Old She-crab 007685 Yes
On Top Of Old Smokey 007728 GMaj Yes
Pig And The Inebriate 2 (long Version) 008104 Yes
Pioneers, The 008121 CMaj Yes
Poor Lil 008247 GMaj Yes
Poor Lil (2) 008248 Yes
Pop Goes The Weasel 008260 GMaj Yes
Portsmouth City 008270 AMaj Yes
Pretty Peggy 008311 CMaj Yes
Raptptap 008524 GMaj Yes
Red Light Saloon, The 008576 CMaj Yes
Red Wing 008589 CMaj Yes
Reel O` Stumpie 008610 Yes
Reilly's Daughter 008618 GMaj Yes
Retirement 008632 Yes
Reuben And Rachel 008639 DMaj Yes
Riddle, The 008665 GMaj Yes
Ringy Dang Doo 008688 DMaj Yes
Roll Your Leg Over 008788 Yes
Sally Let Your Bangs Hang Down 008994 Yes
Santa Pause 009036 Yes
Seasonal Sex (a Miscellany) 009168 Yes
She Lay All Naked In Her Bed 009256 CMaj Yes
She Was A Rum One 009265 GMaj Yes
Shoemaker's Kiss, The 009333 GMaj Yes
Strawberry Roan 014776 CMaj Yes
Sweet Joan 009910 CMaj Yes
Sweet Violets 009924 AMaj Yes
Take Your Fingers Off It 009982 Yes
This Way And That Way 010156 Yes
Three Birds 010170 CMaj Yes
Three Travelers 010206 CMaj Yes
Times Is Hard 010248 DMaj Yes
Tinker's Courtship, The 010255 GMaj Yes
Trooper Watering His Nagg, The 010418 CMaj Yes
Trooper's Horse, The 010419 GMaj Yes
Two Maidens Went Milking One Day 010514 DMaj Yes
Two Puritains, The 010515 GMaj Yes
Unfortunate Miss Bailey 010545 GMaj Yes
Union Maid 010551 CMaj Yes
Ups And Downs, The 010584 Yes
Vanessa Picklegin 010617 GMaj Yes
Violate Me, In The Violet Time 010647 CMaj Yes
Wanton Seed, The 010731 GMaj Yes
Watkins Ale 010765 DMaj Yes
Weaver, The 010830 DMaj Yes
Wind Up Her Little Ball Of Yarn 011163 AMaj Yes
Woman Belly Full O'hair 011214 GMaj Yes
You're A Liar 011339 Yes