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The Brisk Young Butcher

TML # 001429
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It's of a brisk young butcher as I have heard them say
He started out of London town all on a certain day
Says he "A frolic I will have, my fortune for to try
I will go into Leicestershire some cattle for to buy"

When he arrived at Leicester town he came into an inn
He called for an hostler and boldly he stepped in
He called for liquor of the best, he being a roving blade
And quickly fixed his eyes upon the lovely chambermaid

When she took up a candle to light him up to bed
And when she came into the room, these words to her he said:
"One sovereign I will give to you all to enjoy your charms"
And this fair maid all night to sleep all in the butcher's arms

'Twas early the next morning he prepared to go away
The landlord said "Your reckoning, sir, you have forgot to pay"
"Oh no", the butcher did reply "pray do not think it strange
A sovereign I gave your maid and I haven't got the change"
They straight way called the chambermaid and charged her with the same
The golden sovereign she laid down, prepared she'd get the blame
The butcher then went home, well pleased with what was passed
And soon this pretty chambermaid grew thick about the waist

'Twas in a twelve months after he came to town again
And then as he had done before he stopped at that same inn
'Twas then the buxom chambermaid she chanced him for to see
She brought a babe just three months old and placed him on his knee

The butcher sat like one amazed and at the child did stare
But when the joke he did find out, how he did stamp and swear
She said "Kind sir, it is your own, pray do not think it strange
One sovereign you gave to me and here I've brought your change"

So come all you brisk and lively blades I pray be ruled by me
Look well into your bargains before your money pay
Or soon perhaps your folly will give you cause to range
If ever you sport with pretty girls be sure to get your change

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