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The Red Light Saloon

TML # 008576
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I landed in Rawlins and nothing to do
So I took a short walk to the Red Light Saloon.
I opened the door, stepped up to the bar,
Says a dancing young beauty, "Will you have a cigar?"
I took the cigar and sat down in a chair,
'Twas not very long till she crept around there.
She stepped up a-smilin'; sat down on my knee,
"You are a gay fellow, and this I can see."

"You are a cowpuncher, and this I do know,
Your muscles are hard from your head to your toe."
She twisted my moustache, she smoothed down my hair;
My "ellick" grew hard; it did, I declare.
I got up from the chair, the cigar I threw down,
Says I to this fair one, "Let's go have a round."
She got up a-smilin', led the way up the stair,
The stairs they were covered with those draperies most rare.

Her room she led the way to.
She pulled down the curtains, and at it we flew.
I pulled out my hobo, and I gave her a shove,
Such glorious feelings from the Power above.
She lay there contented, looked up with a smile,
Said "Up you young cowboy, you've got me with child."
She's a dancing young beauty; she's a rose in full bloom,
And she f***s for five dollars in the Red Light Saloon.

version 2

It was early one morning I strolled into town,
For sweet recreation I surely was bound.
I spied a hotel in the mid-afternoon
It was sporting a sign, said: The Red Light Saloon
I boldly walked in and strolled up to the bar,
A pretty young damsel said, "Have a cigar,"
I took that cigar with all thanks for the boon,
But she said, "That's our way in the Red Light Saloon."

Well, she mussed up my hair and sat down on my knee,
Saying, "You are a lumberjack, that we can see,
You are a lumberjack, that we all know-
F'or your muscle is hard from your head to your toe."

She proceeded to feel if my muscle was right,
And I smoked that cigar without striking a light.
My head it was rising just like a balloon
From the treatment I got at the Red Light Saloon,

Early next morning I bid her goodbye.
She waved from the door with a tear in her eye,
And I did not discover till sometime next June
That she'd given me a keepsake from the Red Light Saloon

Well, I cursed that young woman till the forest turned blue
And with whisky and women I swore I was through.
But I knew as I swore that I'd give my fortune
Just to be back once more in the Red Light Saloon.

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