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Song Book Finder My Songbook & Tune-book Collection
A huge amount of folk and traditional music is available on the Internet, sometimes, if you are lucky, you may find it complete with lyrics, chords and sheet music. More often however, you find one of these is missing, or simply that you just can't find the song title you are looking for at all. The internet has unfortunately, not yet obviated the need for printed sheet-music, tune books and songbooks. There are some excellent printed collections available which have lots of hard to find pieces.
These pages are basically a contents list for my personal songbook and tune-book collection. I created it for my own use so that looking for a title would not require leafing through all my books, I hope you also find it useful. If you are looking to build you own library I consider some of these books to be seminal must-haves, I have marked these with an asterisk* there is also one other book, "Rise Up Singing", that I would put in this category, unfortunately my copy seems to have gone astray and so is not included in the index. Mostly I brought my copies of these books several years ago but hopefully you should still not have too much trouble getting most of them.

I would suggest you start your search at, who have a very good selection as well as good search facilities and include content indexes for their books. Ebay can also be a good source for secondhand fakebooks at very good prices, beware though, I have seen very poor quality photocopies offered for sale so check what you are getting.

How the index is organised & finding a song

The songs/tunes are in alphabetical order with 15 separate song titles on each page. Next to each title you will find a code e.g. "300FT" this is the abbreviation for the book titled "300 fiddle tunes", each book has it's own abbreviation. The song index pages are ordered on the first 3 characters in the song/tune title; where there are more than 15 entries for any 3 characters, a numeric suffix is added starting at 10. Some of the song titles have extra information such as the page number or author name added after the title. For indexing purposes, where a title began with "The" this has been removed.

Songbooks and Tune-books indexed
300FT 300 fiddle tunes
AAFV1 All American folk Volume 1
AAFV2 All American folk Volume 2
AAPSB2E All-American Patriotic Songbook - 2nd Edition
AFAS American Folksongs & Spirituals
AFFEG American Folksongs For Easy Guitar
AFSB Abelard folk song book
AFSFC American folk songs for Christmas
AFSFG American folk songs for guitar
AMM Anthology Of Mandolin Music
AMV America's Memory Valley
BORF Brumleys Book Of Radio favorites
BPS The Banjo Player's Songbook
BSWW1 Ballads & Songs Of World War 1
CMA Complete Method For Autoharp
EAFA Echoes of Africa in folk songs of the Americas
EBS Early Blues Songbook
EFFS Everybody's favorite folk songs
FBFS Fireside book of folk songs
*FFB The Fiddlers Fake Book
FSEISW Folk songs of England Ireland Scotland and Wales
*FSEV1 Folk Song Encyclopedia Volume 1
*FSEV2 Folk Song Encyclopedia Volume 2
FSONE Folk songs of old New England
FSOW Folk songs of the world
FSUSA Folk song U.S.A.
FSWB Folk Singers Word Book
GASB Great Australian Song book
GEFM Golden Encyclopedia Of Folk Music
GIS Great Inspirational Songs
GODW The Guitar of Doc Watson
H100BFSR Hanson's 100 best folk songs for recorder
JBSB joan baez songbook
LCSC Library Of Children's Song Classics
LFS Library Of Folk Songs
O'Neill's 1001
OHEF One hundred English folksongs
OTFAA Old-Time Fiddling Across America
OTGS Old Time Gospel Songbook
*PHILV1 The Phillips Collection of traditional Fiddle Tunes Volume 1
*PHILV2 The Phillips Collection of traditional Fiddle Tunes Volume 2
PPMDA Peter Paul & Mary Deluxe Anthology
SG Simple Gifts -Shaker Melodies
SHARP Sacred Harp
SKY (or RMC) Ryan's Mammoth Collection Tunes (Patrick Sky)
SOA Songs Of Australia(Silverman)
SOS Songs of Scotland
SOTP1 Songs of The Pioneers vol 1
SOTP2 Songs of The Pioneers vol 2
SOTP3 Songs of The Pioneers vol 3
TCWS A Treasury Of Civil War Songs
TFB The Fiddle Book
TPHOYC Tom Paxton-The Honor Of Your Company
TPWM Traditional & popular wedding music
TS Train Songs (Silverman)
TTSV1 Traditional Tune Sourcebook Volume 1
TTSV2 Traditional Tune Sourcebook Volume 2
UFGSC Ultimate Folk Guitar Song Collection
VFVY Very Favorites of the Very Young
WGSB Woody Guthrie Songbook

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