Traditional Old-Time (Oldtimey) Music of America

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Old Time(oldtimey) music collection

SCROLL DOWN for tune list, then click on the tune number (under Tune #) to go to the page showing that tune. When in that page, left click on the speed selector to play the tune, or click back on your browser to return to this page. Note: The midi arrangements are intended for reference and educational purposes only, and have been designed to emphasize the melody (left channel) and the rhythm with a simple bass and chord backing (right channel)

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Title Tune # Key Lyrics?
A Celebrated Workingman 000037 GMaj Yes
A Picture From Life's Other Side 000090 DMaj Yes
Abe's Retreat 000148 Gmaj No
Acrobatic Reel 000161 AMaj No
Across The Rocky Mountains 000163 GMaj Yes
Adam In The Garden Pinnin' Leaves 000168 GMaj Yes
Anderson's 000333 DMaj No
Angeline The Baker 000354 DMaj No
Angle Cain Tune 000357 DMaj No
Applejack's Reel 000387 Dmaj No
Arkansas Boys 000411 GMaj No
Arkansas Traveller 000423 DMaj No
Avalon Quickstep 000528 DMaj No
Back Step Cindy 000564 DMaj No
Barbara's Fancy 000713 Amaj No
Barlow Knife (2) 000725 DMaj No
Batson 000754 GMaj No
Battleship Of Maine, The 000781 DMaj No
Beaver Creek 000816 Dmaj No
Been To The East Been To the West 000825 Gmaj No
Belle Of Lexington 000855 Dmaj No
Bennett's Reel 000875 DMaj No
Betsy 000895 DMaj No
Betty Anne 000899 Gmix No
Betty Likens (A) 000902 AMaj No
Beware, Oh Take Care 000904 DMaj No
Big Scioty 000921 GMaj No
Big Taters In Sandy Land 000924 GMaj No
Big Taters In The Sandy Land(2) 004096 GMaj No
Billy Grimes The Rover 000949 GMaj Yes
Birdie 000964 CMaj No
Bitter Creek 000962 Gmaj No
Black Eyed Susan 011674 AMaj No
Black Mountain Reel 000999 AMaj No
Blue Eagle 001091 Dmaj No
Blue-Eyed Gal (fly Around Little Miss)(song) 001104 DMaj Yes
Boating up Sandy 001128 DMaj No
Boatman, The (A) 001127 AMaj No
Boll Weevil 001183 Dmaj No
Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine(Shermans March) 001185 DMaj No
Bonaparte's Retreat (2) 001190 DMaj No
Bonaparte's Retreat (D) 001197 DMaj No
Booth Shot Lincoln 001272 AMaj No
Bostony 001284 GMaj No
Boyne(Bayne) Water, The 001316 Gmaj No
Boys All My Money's Gone 001312 DMaj No
Breaking Up Christmas 001378 AMaj No
Briarpicker Brown 011758 Dmaj No
Brickyard Joe 001399 Gmaj No
Brighton Camp/The Girl I Left Behind Me 014547 GMaj No
Brilliancy 001417 AMaj No
Brilliancy Medley 001420 Amaj No
Buck Reel 001488 DMaj No
Buck-eyed Jim 001490 DMaj No
Bull At The Wagon 001516 Amaj No
Bunch Of Keys (OT) 001526 Amix No
Camp Chase 001637 Amaj No
Campbell's Farewell To Red Gap 011811 Amix No
Canary Waltz 001657 Amaj No
Candy Girl 001663 Amaj No
Carrolltown County 001735 AMaj No
Cat Came Back, The 001766 DMaj Yes
Chicken In The Barnyard 001888 Gmaj No
Chinese Breakdown (2) 011848 DMaj No
Cindy (A OT) 001950 AMaj No
Cindy (D OT) 001951 DMaj No
City Of Savannah (Schottisch) 001955 DMaj No
Cluck Old Hen (A) 002004 AMaj No
Cold Frosty Morning 002047 Gmaj No
Come Dance And Sing 002097 DMaj No
Come Raise Me In Your Arms, Dear Brother 002110 EbMaj Yes
Cottage Hill 002224 DMaj No
Creek Nation 002268 Cmaj No
Cricket On The Hearth 002273 DMaj No
Crooked Stove Pipe 002288 GMaj No
Crossed Old Jordan's Stream 002301 GMaj Yes
Crossing The Brazos 002304 DMaj No
Cuckoo's Nest (OT) 014560 DMaj No
Cuffy 002348 GMaj No
Dad's Reel 002378 AMaj No
Dance All Night 002413 GMaj No
Danville Girl 002438 GMaj Yes
Davy 002473 DMaj Yes
Dinah(D) 012026 DMaj No
Dixie Land 012031 GMaj Yes
Done Gone 002746 AMaj No
Double File 002806 Amaj No
Drunken Billygoat 002886 DMaj No
Dubuque 002911 DMaj No
Ducks On The Mill Pond 002916 DMaj No
Ducks On The Pond 002917 Dmaj No
Durang's Hornpipe 002951 DMaj No
Durham's Bull (reel) 002956 Amaj No
East Hill Breakdown 003007 DMaj No
Ebenezer 003038 GMaj No
Eber Atkin's Tune 003025 DMaj No
Elzics Farewell 003088 ADorian No
Everyday Dirt 003157 DMaj Yes
Far From Home 003259 GMaj Yes
Farmer Is The Man, The 003306 DMaj Yes
Feed Her Candy And Tell Her Lies 003349 Amaj No
Fiddling Around 003395 CMaj No
Fine times at our house (G) 003434 GMaj No
Fire On The Mountain 003445 DMaj No
Fishers Hornpipe 003469 DMaj No
Five Miles From(to) Town 003486 Gmaj No
Flop Eared Mule (D) 003536 DMaj No
Flora, The Lily Of The West 003525 GMaj Yes
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss (Susanna Gal) 003566 DMaj No
Folding Down The Sheets 003565 DMaj No
Forked Deer (2) 003606 DMaj No
Fort Smith Breakdown 003597 Gmaj No
Fortune 003603 DMaj No
Four Cent Cotton 003611 Cmaj No
Fourteen Days In Georgia 003627 Cmaj No
Frosty Morning 003695 Emin No
Gambling Man, The 003749 DMaj Yes
Garfield's Blackberry Blossom 003764 GMaj No
George Booker 003835 AMaj No
Georgia Railroad 003828 AMaj No
Girl On The Greenbriar Shore, The 003873 AMaj Yes
Give The Fiddler A Dram (A) 003903 AMaj No
Give The Fiddler A Dram (G) 003899 GMaj No
Globe Trotting Nelly Bly 003930 GMaj Yes
Go Down Moses 003942 GMaj Yes
Going Down The River 003974 AMaj Yes
Going To Jail 003985 Gmaj No
Golden Eagle Hornpipe 003994 GMaj No
Golden Eagle Hornpipe(2) 003995 GMaj No
Golden Slippers(2) 004002 DMaj No
Gonna Keep My Skillet Greasy 004010 GMaj Yes
Goober Peas 004011 DMaj Yes
Good Fish Chowder 004014 GMaj Yes
Good Indian 004022 Gmaj Yes
Goodbye Liza Jane 004035 AMaj No
Grandmammy Look At Uncle Sam 004087 Amin No
Granny Does Your Dog Bite 004086 AMaj No
Grasshopper On A Potato Vine 004089 DMaj No
Greasy Coat 004098 Amin No
Green Fields Of America 004125 GMaj No
Green Willis 004154 DMaj No
Greenback Dollar 004155 DMaj Yes
Grey Eagle 004097 Amaj No
Hangman's Reel 004289 AMaj No
Hell Amongst The Yearlings 012456 Dmaj No
Hell Broke Loose In Georgia 004439 GMaj No
High Dad In The Morning 004570 Gmaj Yes
Hobart's Transformation 012494 Gmaj No
Hog Eye 004583 AMaj No
Hold That Woodpile Down 012509 DMaj Yes
Hollow Poplar 004585 Gmaj No
Hop Up, My Ladies 004637 DMaj Yes
Huckleberry Blues 004686 DMaj No
Huckleberry Hornpipe 004687 AMaj No
Hungry Hash House 004738 GMaj Yes
I'm Going To Georgia 004920 DMaj Yes
I'm Never To Marry 004935 DMaj Yes
I've Been Working On The Railroad 004950 GMaj Yes
Ida Red 004967 AMaj Yes
In The Woodpile 005031 Gmaj No
Indian Killed A Woodcock 005041 Gmaj No
Indian Nation 005035 Dmaj No
Indian Point 005037 EMin No
Indian Reel 005039 GMaj No
Inimitable Reel 005046 GMaj No
Irish Washer Woman, The 014621 GMaj No
Jackson's Breakdown 005168 DMaj No
Jamie Allen 005200 DMaj No
Jaybird 005214 DMaj No
Jenny Lind (US) 005236 GMaj No
Jimmy In The Swamp 005301 GMaj No
Jimmy Sutton 005308 DMaj No
John Brown's Body 005341 GMaj Yes
John Brown's Dream 005342 Amaj No
Johnny And Jane 005394 CMaj Yes
Johnny Bring The Jug(Around The Hill) 005402 AMaj No
Johnny's Gone To France 005434 Gmaj No
Johnny's Lover's Gone 005435 GMaj No
June Apple(2) 010364 DMaj No
Katy Did 012815 Cmaj No
Katy Hill 012817 GMaj No
Keep The Ark A Moving 005579 Dmaj No
Kitchen Girl 005709 AMix No
Lady Of Carlisle 005829 GMaj Yes
Lady Of The Lake 005824 GMaj No
Lantern In The Ditch 005896 DMaj No
Last Of Callahan 005937 Amaj No
Leaving Home 005982 GMaj Yes
Liberty 006028 DMaj No
Liberty Off The Corn Liquor Still 006047 Gmaj No
Little Dog Trottin Down The River 012965 GMaj No
Little Log Cabin By The Stream, The 006131 GMaj Yes
Little Rabbit 006147 Amaj No
Little Willie 006154 DMaj Yes
Log Cabin, The 006193 DMix No
Lonesome Injun 006219 AMaj No
Lord Thomas 006286 GMaj Yes
Lost Indian (A) 006317 AMaj No
Lost Indian (D) 013030 DMaj No
Louis's Waltz 006314 DMaj No
Lulu Walls 006380 GMaj Yes
Magpie 006439 Gmaj No
Man Of Constant Sorrow 006513 DMaj Yes
Man Who Wrote Home Sweet Home, The 006518 DMaj Yes
Marching On 006550 GMaj Yes
Margaret's Waltz 006557 AMaj No
Mighty Mississippi 006789 GMaj Yes
Mississippi Sawyer 006888 DMaj No
Money Musk 006940 AMaj No
Muddy Water 007062 DMaj No
My Clinch Mountain Home 007122 CMaj Yes
Nancy 007228 DMaj No
Navvy On The Line 007252 GMaj No
Nelly Bly(1850) 013255 Amaj No
New River Train (D) 007331 DMaj No
Niagara Hornpipe 007329 GMaj No
Norman And Nancy 007387 Gmaj No
Old Countryman's Reel 007599 AMaj No
Old Dan Tucker(D) 007606 Dmaj Yes
Old French 007616 DMaj No
Old Grey Cat, The 007623 Emin No
Old Molly Hare (D) 007664 DMaj No
Old Mother Flannagan 007665 AMaj No
Old Pike 007675 CMaj Yes
Opera Reel, The 007768 DMaj No
Over There 007834 GMaj Yes
Oxford Tragedy, The 007845 GMaj Yes
Peek-a-boo Waltz 008028 DMaj No
Pigtown Fling 013522 GMaj No
Pikes Peak (C) 008112 CMaj No
Pikes Peak (D) 008114 DMaj No
Polly Wolly Doodle 008218 DMaj Yes
President Lincoln's Hornpipe 008293 AMaj No
Pretty Little Dog 008301 CMaj No
Red Fox 008568 DMaj No
Red Haired Boy (A) 008592 AMaj No
Richmond Cotillion 008664 DMaj No
Rickett's Hornpipe 008661 DMaj No
Rock The Cradle Joe 008749 DMaj No
Rodney's Glory(D) 008754 DMaj No
Roll On John 008780 CMaj Yes
Roll The Cotton Down 008783 GMaj Yes
Roll The Woodpile Down 008787 GMaj Yes
Rye Whisky 008921 GMaj Yes
Sailor On The Deep Blue Sea 008951 AMaj Yes
Sally Ann (2) 009004 DMaj No
Sally Ann (3) 009020 DMaj No
Sally in the Garden (2) 013710 Amin No
Salt River/Creek (A) 009010 AMaj No
Sandy Boys 009033 DMaj No
Sandy River Belles (2) 009030 DMaj No
Seneca Square Dance 013770 GMaj No
Shoot That Turkey Buzzard 014720 GMaj No
Shooting Creek 009330 Dmaj No
Shortnin Bread 009342 AMaj No
Silver And Gold (two step) 009375 DMaj No
Single Girl 009405 GMaj Yes
Smith's Reel 009500 DMaj No
Sourwood Mountain (A) 009605 AMaj No
South Missouri 009617 DMaj No
Spotted Pony 009661 DMaj No
Squirrel Hunters, The 009690 AMix No
St Anne's (2) 009696 DMaj No
St Anne's Reel(2) 013886 DMaj No
St Joe 013887 Gmaj No
State Of Arkansaw 009742 DMaj Yes
Staten Island (US) 009744 DMaj No
Steamboat Around The Bend 009776 GMaj No
Step Stone 009765 GMaj Yes
Stern Old Bachelor 009769 DMaj Yes
Sugar Hill 009829 DMaj No
Sugar In The Gourd (D) 009834 Amaj No
Sweet Willy O 009928 DMaj No
Tater Patch 010022 AMix No
Teatotaller, The 010039 GMaj No
Tell Poor Lou I'm Gone 010051 GMaj Yes
Temperance Reel (2) 014022 GMaj No
Tenting On The Old Camp-ground 010075 AMaj Yes
Texas Gales (Girls) 010089 CMaj No
That Crazy War 010092 CMaj Yes
Three Forks Of Sandy 003600 Gmaj No
Tom And Jerry 010297 AMaj No
Train On The Island 010374 AMaj No
True And Trembling Brakeman, The 010428 CMaj Yes
Turkey Sag 010457 DMaj No
Twenty Eighth Of January 010498 GMaj No
Uncle Joe 010532 CMaj Yes
Uncle Reuben 010535 GMaj No
Wade In The Water 010663 GMaj Yes
Wagoner 014286 CMaj No
Waiting for Nancy 010669 DMaj No
Waiting For The Rain 010673 GMaj Yes
Walking In My Sleep 010690 GMaj No
Walking In The Parlor 010691 DMaj No
Waves On The Sea 010768 AMaj Yes
Ways Of The World 010780 DMaj No
Western Country 010889 DMaj No
Westfork Girls 010884 DMaj No
Wheeler's Hornpipe 010934 DMaj No
When First Into This Country 010949 GMaj Yes
When Sherman Marched Down To The Sea 010979 DMaj Yes
Whiskey Before Breakfast (2) 011032 DMaj No
Whoa Mule 011069 Gmaj No
Wild Bill Jones 011092 GMaj Yes
Wild Horse(Stoney Point/Pigtown Fling/Buckcreek Gals) 011101 GMaj No
Willie Moore 011138 GMaj Yes
Willow Creek 014437 DMaj Yes
Wilson's Hornpipe 011152 Gmaj No
Woodchopper's Hornpipe 011227 DMaj No
Wreck On The C&O, The 011259 GMaj Yes
Yankee Doodle 014763 DMaj No
Yarmouth Reel(Galopede) 012265 Gmaj No
Yellow Rose Of Texas (D) 011295 DMaj No
Yew piney mountain 011304 DMaj No
Young Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn, The 011360 CMaj Yes

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