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Ira Sankey songs and chords

Ira David Sankey (August 28, 1840 – August 13, 1908), known as The Sweet Singer of Methodism, was an American gospel singer and composer, associated with evangelist Dwight L. Moody.
Ira David Sankey, son of David Sankey, known as the father of Lawrence County, and Mary Leeper Sankey, was born August 28, 1840, in Edinburg, on the outskirts of New Castle, Pennsylvania.When Sankey was 16, he was converted at a revival meeting at the King's Chapel United Methodist Church, which was about three miles away from his home. When he was young, Sankey served in the Civil War. Afterward, he took employment at the IRS, and also the YMCA. He became increasingly well known as a Gospel singer, and eventually attracted the attention of noted evangelist Dwight L. Moody. The two men met at a YMCA convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, in June, 1870. Several months later, Sankey attended his first evangelistic meeting with Moody. Shortly thereafter, Sankey resigned his government position. Sankey married Fanny V. Edwards, one of his choir members, in September 1863. They had three sons. In October 1871, Sankey and Moody were in the middle of a revival meeting when the Great Chicago Fire broke out.The two men barely escaped the conflagration with their lives. Sankey ended up watching the city burn from a rowboat far out on Lake Michigan. On June 7, 1872, Sankey and Moody made the first of several joint visits to the UK. Sankey's hymns were promoted by the famous London Baptist preacher, Charles Spurgeon, long afterwards. While in Edinburgh, they raised £10,000 for the purpose of building a new home for the Carrubbers Close Mission. During their time in Edinburgh, the foundation stone was laid and the building remains one of the few on the Royal Mile which today serves the same purpose for which it was built. When Rev. Mr. Moody was asked by a local pastor what he felt was the primary contribution that a gospel singer and song leader such as Ira Sankey brought to his meetings he replied, "If we can only get people to have the words of the Love of God coming from their mouths it's well on its way to residing in their hearts." "A Hymn of Thanksgiving" sheet music cover - November 26, 1899 Sankey wrote several hymns and songs, and composed and arranged music for many more. He collaborated with Philip Bliss and then later with James McGranahan and George Stebbins) on a series of "sacred song" collections published in the United States by Biglow & Main (a company of which he was president from 1895 to 1908), and in the United Kingdom by Morgan & Scott, publishers also of his most enduring work, the popular Sacred Songs and Solos (widely known as "Sankey & Moody") which eventually ran to over 1200 works and is still in use today. He was blind from glaucoma the last five years of his life, and no doubt found a kindred spirit in his friend and music-making partner, blind hymnodist Fanny Crosby. Stories of his hymn compositions seem a fitting way to conclude this biography. His first and most famous composition was 'The Ninety and Nine'. Sankey and Moody were en route from Glasgow to Edinburgh, Scotland, in May, 1874, as they were to hold a three-day campaign there. This was at the urgent request of the Ministerial Association. Prior to boarding the train, Sankey bought a weekly newspaper for a penny. He found nothing of interest but a sermon by Henry W. Beecher and some advertisements. Then, he found a little piece of poetry in a corner of one column that he liked, and he read it to Moody, but only received a polite reply. Sankey clipped the poem and tucked it in his pocket. At the noon day service of the second day of the special series, Moody preached on The Good Shepherd. Horatius Bonar added a few thrilling words and then Moody asked Mr. Sankey if he had a final song. An inner voice prompted him to sing the hymn that he found on the train. With conflict of spirit, he thought, this is impossible! The inner voice continued to prod him, even though there was no music to the poem, so he acquiesced. As calmly as if he had sung it a thousand times, he placed the little piece of newspaper on the organ in front of him. Lifting up his heart in a brief prayer to Almighty God, he then laid his hands on the keyboard, striking a chord in A flat. Half speaking and half singing, he completed the first stanza, which was followed by four more. Moody walked over with tears in his eyes and said, "Where did you get that hymn?" 'The Ninety and Nine' became his most famous tune and his most famous sale from that time on. The words were written by Elizabeth Clephane in 1868. She died in 1869, little realizing her contribution to the Christian world. Ira D. Sankey died August 13, 1908 in Brooklyn. Legacy In 1979–1980, the Gospel Music Association recognized Sankey's prodigious contributions to gospel music by listing him in the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.(Ref Wikipedia)

THIS COLLECTION of Ira Sankey Song lyrics with chords, includes some 900 songs. Some of the lyrics also include chords and a few have guitar tablature there may also be different versions of some of the songs.

These transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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A Little While-Ira Sankey
A Shelter In The Time Of Storm-Ira Sankey
A Soldier Of The Cross-Ira Sankey
A Song Of Heaven And Homeland-Ira Sankey
A Year Of Precious Blessings-Ira Sankey
Able To Deliver-Ira Sankey
After-Ira Sankey
After The Darkest Hour-Ira Sankey
All For Me-Ira Sankey
All Praise To Our Redeeming Lord-Ira Sankey
Alleluia-Ira Sankey
Alleluia Sing To Jesus-Ira Sankey
Amazing Grace-Ira Sankey
Amazing Love-Ira Sankey
Ancient Of Days-Ira Sankey
And Can It Be-Ira Sankey
Angels We Have Heard On High-Ira Sankey
Are You Washed In The Blood-Ira Sankey
Army Of Endeavor-Ira Sankey
As With Gladness-Ira Sankey
Awake And Watch-Ira Sankey
Away In A Manger-Ira Sankey
Be Exalted-Ira Sankey
Be Glorified-Ira Sankey
Be Still And Know-Ira Sankey
Be Ye Strong In The Lord-Ira Sankey
Behold How Good-Ira Sankey
Behold The Wondrous Love-Ira Sankey
Believe And Obey-Ira Sankey
Beneath The Cross Of Jesus-Ira Sankey
Bless God-Ira Sankey
Bless The Lord-Ira Sankey
Blessed Assurance-Ira Sankey
Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord-Ira Sankey
Blessed Redeemer (crosby)-Ira Sankey
Blest Be The Tie That Binds-Ira Sankey
Bountiful Harvest-Ira Sankey
Bring In The Children-Ira Sankey
By The Blood Of The Lamb-Ira Sankey
Call Them In-Ira Sankey
Change My Heart-Ira Sankey
Christ Is Risen-Ira Sankey
Clap Your Hands Ye People All-Ira Sankey
Cleanse Me-Ira Sankey
Come And Go With Me-Ira Sankey
Come Every Soul By Sin Oppressed-Ira Sankey
Come Holy Spirit-Ira Sankey
Come Holy Spirit Robert Bruce-Ira Sankey
Come Home My Child-Ira Sankey
Come Into His Presence-Ira Sankey
Come Oh Come With Thy Broken Heart-Ira Sankey
Come Prodigal Come-Ira Sankey
Come Thou Almighty King-Ira Sankey
Come Thou Weary-Ira Sankey
Count Your Blessings-Ira Sankey
Crown Him With Many Crowns-Ira Sankey
Dear Lord And Father Of Mankind-Ira Sankey
Deliverance-Ira Sankey
Doxology-Ira Sankey
Draw Me-Ira Sankey
Easter Lilies-Ira Sankey
Encamped Along The Hills Of Light-Ira Sankey
Everybody Ought To Know-Ira Sankey
Faith Is The Victory-Ira Sankey
Father God-Ira Sankey
Favor And Peace On Earth-Ira Sankey
For You And Me Fanny Crosby-Ira Sankey
For You I Am Praying-Ira Sankey
Gather In The Sheaves-Ira Sankey
Give Thanks-Ira Sankey
Gloria-Ira Sankey
Glory Ever Be To Jesus-Ira Sankey
Glory To God-Ira Sankey
Go And Work-Ira Sankey
Go Forth-Ira Sankey
God Is Love-Ira Sankey
God Is So Good-Ira Sankey
God Is Still On The Throne-Ira Sankey
God Knows-Ira Sankey
God Loveth The Righteous-Ira Sankey
God Of Eternity-Ira Sankey
God Will Take Care Of You-Ira Sankey
Grace Tis A Charming Sound-Ira Sankey
Great Is The Lord-Ira Sankey
Great Jehovah Mighty Lord-Ira Sankey
Greater Is He That Is In Me-Ira Sankey
Hallowed Be Thy Name-Ira Sankey
Hark Hark The Song-Ira Sankey
Hark The Herald Angels Sing-Ira Sankey
Have You Any Room For Jesus-Ira Sankey
Have You Ever Heard The Story-Ira Sankey
Have You Sought-Ira Sankey
He Hideth My Soul-Ira Sankey
He Is Coming-Ira Sankey
He Lives-Ira Sankey
He Shall Feed His Flock-Ira Sankey
Hear My Cry-Ira Sankey
Hear Us O Savior-Ira Sankey
Heavenly Father-Ira Sankey
Help Me O Lord-Ira Sankey
Help Us To Worship Thee-Ira Sankey
Here Is Love-Ira Sankey
Hes Got The Whole World-Ira Sankey
Hiding In Thee-Ira Sankey
Higher Ground-Ira Sankey
His Love-Ira Sankey
His Name Is Jesus-Ira Sankey
Holy Ground-Ira Sankey
Home At Last-Ira Sankey
Hosanna-Ira Sankey
How Can I Keep From Singing-Ira Sankey
How Lovely On The Mountain-Ira Sankey
How Wonderful-Ira Sankey
I Am Praying For You-Ira Sankey
I Am Redeemed-Ira Sankey
I Believe In God The Father-Ira Sankey
I Believe-Ira Sankey
I Cannot Tell-Ira Sankey
I Know He Is Mine-Ira Sankey
I Lift My Voice-Ira Sankey
I Live-Ira Sankey
I Stand Amazed In The Presence-Ira Sankey
I Surrender All-Ira Sankey
I Was Glad-Ira Sankey
I Will Arise-Ira Sankey
I Will Magnify-Ira Sankey
I Will Rejoice-Ira Sankey
I Will Sing Of The Mercies Of The Lord-Ira Sankey
I Will Sing The Wondrous Story-Ira Sankey
In Judah God Of Old Was Known-Ira Sankey
In Love For Me-Ira Sankey
In Loving Kindness Jesus Came-Ira Sankey
In Tenderness He Sought Me-Ira Sankey
In The Cross Of Christ I Glory-Ira Sankey
In The Name Of Jesus-Ira Sankey
Is Jesus Able To Redeem-Ira Sankey
It Is Finished (proctor)-Ira Sankey
It Is Well-Ira Sankey
It Passeth Knowledge-Ira Sankey
Ive Got A Home-Ira Sankey
Jesus I Am Resting Resting-Ira Sankey
Jesus I Come-Ira Sankey
Jesus I Will Trust Thee-Ira Sankey
Jesus Is Coming-Ira Sankey
Jesus Jesus Jesus-Ira Sankey
Jesus Leads-Ira Sankey
Joy In Sorrow-Ira Sankey
Joy Is The Flag-Ira Sankey
Joy To The World-Ira Sankey
Kept For Jesus-Ira Sankey
Lamb Of God-Ira Sankey
Lead Me-Ira Sankey
Lead Me On-Ira Sankey
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms-Ira Sankey
Let Me Be-Ira Sankey
Let My People Go-Ira Sankey
Let The Blessed Savior In Fanny Crosby-Ira Sankey
Let Us Break Bread Together-Ira Sankey
Let Us Praise And Adore-Ira Sankey
Let Us Stand For Jesus-Ira Sankey
Let Us Walk In The Light-Ira Sankey
Lift Up Your Heads-Ira Sankey
Light After Darkness-Ira Sankey
Little Steps-Ira Sankey
Lord For Tomorrow-Ira Sankey
Lord Jesus Christ-Ira Sankey
Lord Of Lords-Ira Sankey
Lord Send Us Forth-Ira Sankey
Love The Lord-Ira Sankey
Majesty-Ira Sankey
Make Me A Channel-Ira Sankey
Mercy There Was Great-Ira Sankey
Mighty God-Ira Sankey
More Love-Ira Sankey
My Beloved Is Mine-Ira Sankey
My Faith Looks Up To Thee-Ira Sankey
My Ship Is Coming In-Ira Sankey
Near To The Heart Of God-Ira Sankey
Never Give Up-Ira Sankey
Never Say Goodbye-Ira Sankey
Not Far From The Kingdom-Ira Sankey
Not Now My Child-Ira Sankey
Now Thank We All Our God-Ira Sankey
O Be Joyful In The Lord-Ira Sankey
O Beautiful Sea-Ira Sankey
O Believe Him-Ira Sankey
O Blessed Be The Lord-Ira Sankey
O Blessed Word-Ira Sankey
O Brother Lifes Journey Beginning-Ira Sankey
O Child Of God-Ira Sankey
O Christ What Burdens Bowed Thy Head-Ira Sankey
O Come All Ye Faithful-Ira Sankey
O Come Let Us Adore Him-Ira Sankey
O For A Heart To Praise My God-Ira Sankey
O Give Thanks-Ira Sankey
O God Our Father-Ira Sankey
O God You Are My God-Ira Sankey
O How I Love Jesus-Ira Sankey
O Jerusalem-Ira Sankey
O Jesus I Have Promised-Ira Sankey
O Magnify The Lord-Ira Sankey
O Precious Word-Ira Sankey
O Serve The Lord-Ira Sankey
O Songs Of The Beautiful-Ira Sankey
O What A Savior-Ira Sankey
Oer Land And Sea-Ira Sankey
Oh Wonderful Word-Ira Sankey
Oh Wondrous Name-Ira Sankey
On The Resurrection Morning-Ira Sankey
Only Remembered-Ira Sankey
Only To Know-Ira Sankey
Onward Onward-Ira Sankey
Onward Soldiers-Ira Sankey
Onward Upward-Ira Sankey
Onward Will We Go-Ira Sankey
Out Of Darkness Into Light-Ira Sankey
Over The Beautiful River-Ira Sankey
Praise My Soul-Ira Sankey
Praise To The Holiest-Ira Sankey
Praise To The Holy One-Ira Sankey
Praise To The Lord-Ira Sankey
Precious Blessings-Ira Sankey
Precious Words-Ira Sankey
Press On-Ira Sankey
Redeemed-Ira Sankey
Resurrection Morn-Ira Sankey
Rock Of Ages-Ira Sankey
Rod Of The Root Of Jesse-Ira Sankey
Send The Gospel Light-Ira Sankey
Send The Light-Ira Sankey
Send Us Showers Of Blessing-Ira Sankey
Shine On O Star (stuart)-Ira Sankey
Show Me Thy Way-Ira Sankey
Silent Night-Ira Sankey
Simply Trusting-Ira Sankey
Sing Unto The Lord-Ira Sankey
Sing We The King-Ira Sankey
Some Sweet Morn (marvin)-Ira Sankey
Songs Of Gladness Horatius Bonar-Ira Sankey
Speak Lord In The Stillness-Ira Sankey
Spirit Of God-Ira Sankey
Standing On The Promises-Ira Sankey
Sunshine In My Soul-Ira Sankey
Take Me As I Am-Ira Sankey
Take Thou My Hand Julia Sterling-Ira Sankey
Tell It Out (havergal)-Ira Sankey
Thanks Be To God-Ira Sankey
Thanks For The Bible-Ira Sankey
Thanks For The Bible
The Angels Joy-Ira Sankey
The Christians Good Night-Ira Sankey
The Cleansing Fountain-Ira Sankey
The Everlasting Hills-Ira Sankey
The Feast-Ira Sankey
The Handwriting On The Wall-Ira Sankey
The Harbor Bell-Ira Sankey
The King Is Coming-Ira Sankey
The King Of Glory-Ira Sankey
The Lord Is King-Ira Sankey
The Lord Is My Shepherd-Ira Sankey
The Lords Prayer-Ira Sankey
The Love Of Jesus Robert Bruce-Ira Sankey
The Model Church-Ira Sankey
The Name Of Jesus-Ira Sankey
The Name Of The Lord-Ira Sankey
The Ninety And Nine-Ira Sankey
The Shadow Of The Rock-Ira Sankey
The Smitten Rock-Ira Sankey
The Story That Never Grows Old-Ira Sankey
The Windows Of Heaven Are Open-Ira Sankey
There Are Lonely Hearts To Cherish-Ira Sankey
There Is A Paradise Of Rest-Ira Sankey
There Is Joy-Ira Sankey
There Is Power In The Blood-Ira Sankey
There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing-Ira Sankey
Therell Be No Dark Valley-Ira Sankey
Theres A River Of Life-Ira Sankey
They That Be Wise-Ira Sankey
Thine Be The Glory-Ira Sankey
This Is Our Endeavor-Ira Sankey
This Is The Confidence-Ira Sankey
This Is The Day-Ira Sankey
Thou Wilt Keep Him In Perfect Peace-Ira Sankey
Thy Hand Upholdeth Me-Ira Sankey
Thy Word-Ira Sankey
Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus-Ira Sankey
To Arms To Arms Ye Soldiers-Ira Sankey
To Be Like Jesus-Ira Sankey
To Be There-Ira Sankey
To God Be The Glory-Ira Sankey
Tomorrow-Ira Sankey
Trim Thy Lamp-Ira Sankey
Trusting Jesus-Ira Sankey
Under His Wings-Ira Sankey
Victory In Jesus-Ira Sankey
Waiting For Thy Coming-Ira Sankey
Waiting-Ira Sankey
Walking In The Sunshine-Ira Sankey
We Are Able-Ira Sankey
We Believe-Ira Sankey
We Have A Message-Ira Sankey
We Have Heard The Joyful Sound-Ira Sankey
We Praise Thee We Bless Thee-Ira Sankey
We See The Lord-Ira Sankey
We Will Follow Thee-Ira Sankey
We Worship And Adore Thee-Ira Sankey
Welcome Wanderer Welcome-Ira Sankey
Weve A Story To Tell-Ira Sankey
What A Friend We Have In Jesus-Ira Sankey
What A Gathering-Ira Sankey
What A Mighty God We Serve-Ira Sankey
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross-Ira Sankey
When Mothers Of Salem-Ira Sankey
When My Weary Hands Are Folded-Ira Sankey
When The King Shall Come-Ira Sankey
When The Mists Have Rolled Away-Ira Sankey
When The Roll Is Called-Ira Sankey
When We Walk With The Lord-Ira Sankey
Where The Savior Leads-Ira Sankey
Who Is On The Lords Sidel-Ira Sankey
Whoever Will-Ira Sankey
Whosoever Calleth Julia Sterling-Ira Sankey
Whosoever Shall Call-Ira Sankey
Whosoever Will May Come-Ira Sankey
Wishing Hoping Knowing-Ira Sankey
Yet There Is Room Horatius Bonar-Ira Sankey
You Are My God-Ira Sankey

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.