Bawdy Songs Collection

Songs with sheet music, chords, lyrics & midis

140 bawdy songs in a songbook collection. Some of these pieces are complete with sheet music and MIDIS, some are available only as lyrics. These songs are collected from various sources, some probably have their origins in the armed forces of WWII many have much earlier origins. The list of tunes/songs will take you to individual pages with the midi, lyrics and score for each piece.

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Warning: The lyrics of some of these songs contain sexually explicit language and may give offense or be considered unsuitable for children

Bawdy Songs RIBALD, BAWDY OR GAMEY songs are a traditional form of humorous entertainment which ranges from bordering on indelicacy to vulgar they are mostly sexually related.
This form of sexual entertainment should not be confused with pornography or erotica, which play sexual intercourse or sexual fetishes "straight", ribaldry aims at humor. Sexual situations and titillation that poke fun at the foibles and weaknesses of human sexuality, are a common theme, rather than to present sexual stimulation either excitingly or artistically. Ribaldry may also use sex as a metaphor to illustrate some non-sexual matters, a form of satire. Ribaldry depends on commonly a shared background of sexual conventions and values, and makes comedy of seeing those conventions broken. This can be perceives as poking fun on the poor souls who suffer the consequences of breaking the taboos, or as flouting the taboos themselves. This depiction of taboo-breaking in ribaldry makes it controversial and sometimes leads to its censorship.


A Tankard Of Ale - This is a collection of drinking songs, some of a risqué nature

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