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Baptism Adult
Christening a child
Baptism is a Christian sacrament of admission and adoption, almost invariably with the use of water, into the Christian Church generally and also a particular church. The canonical Gospels report that Jesus was baptized, a historical event to which a high degree of certainty can be assigned. Baptism has been called a sacrament and an ordinance of Jesus Christ. In some denominations, baptism is also called christening, but for others the word "christening" is reserved for the baptism of infants. The usual form of baptism among the earliest Christians was for the candidate to be immersed, either totally (submerged completely under the water) or partially (standing or kneeling in water while water was poured on him or her). While John the Baptist's use of a deep river for his baptism suggests immersion, pictorial and archaeological evidence of Christian baptism from the 3rd century onward indicates that a normal form was to have the candidate stand in water while water was poured over the upper body. Other common forms of baptism now in use include pouring water three times on the forehead, a method called affusion. Martyrdom was identified early in Church history as "baptism by blood", enabling martyrs who had not been baptized by water to be saved. Later, the Catholic Church identified a baptism of desire, by which those preparing for baptism who die before actually receiving the sacrament are considered saved. As evidenced also in the common Christian practice of infant baptism, baptism was universally seen by Christians as in some sense necessary for salvation, until Huldrych Zwingli in the 16th century denied its necessity. Today, some Christians, particularly Christian Scientists, Quakers, The Salvation Army, and Unitarians, do not see baptism as necessary, and do not practice the rite. Among those that do, differences can be found in the manner and mode of baptizing and in the understanding of the significance of the rite. Most Christians baptize "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit" (following the Great Commission), but some baptize in Jesus' name only. Much more than half of all Christians baptize infants; many others hold that only believer's baptism is true baptism. Infant baptism is the practice of baptising infants or young children. The practice is sometimes contrasted with what is called "believer's baptism", or credobaptism, from the Latin word credo meaning "I believe", which is the religious practice of baptising only individuals who personally confess faith in Jesus, therefore excluding underage children. Infant baptism is also called christening by some faith traditions.(Ref Wikipedia)

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Music Videos with Lyrics & Orchestral Backing Music are available for many of the songs in this song book; the video below is the latest in our Youtube collection, to see more videos click on the three bars icon in the top left of the video window.

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A Voice By Jordans Shore All Things Bright And Beautiful At Your Baptism In The Jordan O Lord Melkite Traditional Baptism Of The Holy Spirit Baptismal Hymn Anon Baptize Me M W Knapp Baptize Me With The Spirit A A P Baptize Us Anew Baptized Into Thy Name Most Holy Baptized With The Holy Ghost Mrs C H Morris Be Still For The Presence Of The Lord Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine Blessed Jesus Here We Stand Breathe On Me Breath Of God Edwin Hatch Childs Consecration Marianne Hearn Christ Liveth In Me Daniel W Whittle Christ When For Us You Were Baptized Come Holy Spirit Dove Divine (hickok) Come Holy Spirit Dove Divine (judson) Come Holy Spirit Heavenly Dove Come Holy Spirit Lord Our God Come Thou Fount Dear Master In Thy Way Dearest Jesu We Are Here Dearest Jesus Draw Thou Near Me Dearest Jesus We Are Here Gladly Your Descend Gracious Holy Ghost Down To The Sacred Wave Draw Me Close To Thee Draw Me To Thee Eternal Spirit Come Father Son And Holy Ghost Fear Not E G Taylor Fill Me Now E H Stokes Fill Me With Thy Spirit For All The Saints Friend Of The Home Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken Go Forth The Lord Is With Thee Go Forth To Life O Child Of Earth Go Into The World Go Ye Therefore Into All The World God Himself Is Present God Himself Is With Us God Is Here Gracious Savior Gentle Shepherd Grant To This Child The Inward Grace Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah He That Believes And Is Baptized Hes Got The Whole World Holy Spirit Be My Guide Holy Spirit Come And Shine Holy Spirit Dwell In Me E S Black Holy Spirit Lord Of Love Thou Who How Firm A Foundation I Bind Unto Myself Today I Feel His Promise I Was Made A Christian I Will Sing Unto The Lord In The Beginning Alan Cairns In Token That Shou Shalt Not Fear Jesus Lives And So Shall I Christian F Gellert Jesus Lover Of My Soul Jesus Our Lord And King Lift High The Cross Lift Up Your Hearts Henry Montague Butler 1881 Lift Up Your Hearts Lo On The Waters Brink We Stand Lord Enthroned In Heavenly Splendor Lord I Want To Be A Christian In A My Heart Lord Jesus Christ Our Lord Most Dear Lord Of All Hopefulness Morning Has Broken My Lord I Did Not Choose You Now Thank We All Our God Martin Rinkart O Bless The Lord My Soul (montgomery) O Bless The Lord My Soul (watts) O Day Of Light And Gladness O Father Bless The Children O God Be Merciful To Me (1) O God Great Father Lord And King O Jesus Christ Our Lord Most Dear O Jesus I Have Promised O Lord Send The Power Just Now O Lord While We Confess The Worth O Love How Deep How Broad How High O Spirit Of The Living God O Thou Who In Jordan On Jordans Bank The Baptists Cry Charles Coffin 1736 On Jordans Bank The Baptists Cry On Jordans Stormy Banks I Stand Crd On The Banks Where Jordan Rolled One More Step Along The World I Go One Sole Baptismal Sign Our Children Lord In Faith And Prayer Our Lord And God Oh Bless This Day Praise My Soul The King Of Heaven Rites Cannot Change The Heart Savior Who Thy Flock Art Feeding See Israels Gentle Shepherd Stand Spirit Of God Descend Upon My Heart George Croly Spirit Of God Descend Upon My Heart Stand Soldier Of The Cross Tell Out My Soul The Greatness Of The Lord Timothy Dudley Smith The Churchs One Foundation The Dove The Savior Kindly Calls The Son Of Man From Jordan Rose The Water Way Thee We Adore O Hidden Saviour Thee There Is A Pure And Tranquil Wave This Child We Dedicate To Thee This Joyful Easter Tide Thou Hast Said Exalted Jesus Tis Done That New And Heavenly Birth To Jordan Came Our Lord The Christ To Thee O God In Heaven Today We All Are Called To Be Disciples Twas The Commission Of Our Lord We Are Baptised Unto His Death We Bless The Name Of Christ The Lord What Shall I Render To The Lord Wild And Lone The Prophets Voice Echoes Through With Christ We Share A Mystic Grave Within The Churchs Sacred Fold

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