Traditional Sea Shanties & Sea Songs Lyrics

A Collection of 200+ lyrics for traditional Sea Songs, Sea Shanties
and folk songs related to the sea or sailing. B

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Below is a list of all the songs available in this section, click on a title to view.
Balena Ballad of Captain Kidd Baltimore Shanty Banks of Brandywine Banks of Newfoundland Banks of Sweet Loch Ray Banks of the Nile Banks of the Sacramento Bark Gay Head Barnacle Bill Barretts Privateers Bay of Biscay Oh! Bell Bottom Trousers Ben Backstay Bigler Blackbird Black Ball Line Black Susie Blow boys blow Blow Bullies Blow Blow the Wind Westerly Blow Ye Winds Bold Dighton Bold Princess Royal Bold Riley Boney Bonnie Ship the Diamond Boston Harbor Botany Bay Brave Marin British Man O War Brother Noah Bully in the Alley Bye bye my Roseanna

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