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O for a Closer Walk with God-William Cowper O for a Glance of Heavenly Day-Joseph Hart O for a Heart of Calm Repose-Anonymous O for a Heart to Praise My God-Charles Wesley O for a Shout of Joy-Jacob Young O for a Shout of Sacred Joy-Isaac Watts O for a Sweet, Inspiring Ray-Anne Steele O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing-Charles Wesley O for the Tongue of an Angel-Fanny Crosby O the Bitter Shame and Sorrow-Theodore Monod O the Crown-James McGranahan O the Darkness, O the Sorrow-Thomas MacKellar O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus-Samuel Francis O the Depth of Love Divine-Charles Wesley O the Good We All May Do-Winston Hafley O the Way Is Long and Weary-George Root O to Abide in Jesus-Fanny Crosby O to Be Like Thee!-Thomas Chisholm O! Say, but I'm Glad-James Sullivan O'er Bethl'hem's Hill, in Time of Old-Mark Pearse O'er Continent and Ocean-John Holmes O'er Hoarse Atlantic's Wave-Maria Popple O'er Jerusalem Thou Weepest-Anna Hoppe O'er Land and Sea-Fanny Crosby O'er Those Gloomy Hills of Darkness-William Williams O'er the Dark Wave of Galilee-William Russell O'er the Distant Mountains Breaking-John Monsell O'er the Hill and O'er the Vale-Anonymous O'er the Hills of Old Judea-Lizzie DeArmond O'er the Realms of Pagan Darkness-Thomas Cotterill O'er the Trackless Ocean Guided-William Adams O'erwhelmed in Depths of Woe-From the Latin O, Be Glad, Ye Children-Mary Feary O, Father, Thou Who Givest All-John Holmes O, Lord, My God-Leonard Smith and Paul Gentry O, Sing We a Carol-William Irons O, What a Savior-Fanny Crosby O, for a Faith That Will Not Shrink-William Bathurst O, from These Visions Dark and Drear-Joseph Bartrum O, in the Morn of Life-Thomas Blacklock Object of All Our Knowledge Here-Charles Wesley Of All in Earth or Heaven-c Of All the Thoughts of God-Elizabeth Browning Of Him Who Did Salvation Bring-Bernard of Clairvaux th Century Of Mercy and of Justice-From Psalm Of the Father's Love Begotten-Aurelius Prudentius Of the Glorious Body Telling-Thomas Aquinas Oft Has My Youthful Mind Been Led-Chester Adgate Oft When the Day Is Dreary-Mrs Wyndham Heathcote Oft as the Bell, with Solemn Toll-John Newton Oft in Sorrow, Oft in Woe-Henry White and Frances FullerMaitland Often Had I Heard the Story-E S Buchanan Oh Be Ready!-J G B Oh How Fair That Morning Broke-John Ellerton Oh Realm of Light-Emily Miller Oh Thou Whose Tender Mercy Hears-Anne Steele Oh to Be Over Yonder-Florence Armstrong Oh! Come to the Merciful Savior-Frederick Faber Oh! What, If We Are Christ's-Henry Baker Oh, 'Twas Love-Eric Swinstead Oh, Bliss of the Purified-Francis Bottome Oh, Brother, Don't Harden Thy Heart-Elmer Rogers Oh, Charge the Waves to Bear Our Friends-William Ward Oh, City of the Angels!-Eben Rexford Oh, Come Today-Fanny Crosby Oh, Come, Little Children-Christoph von Schmid Oh, Enter, Lord, Thy Temple-Paul Gerhardt Oh, Fair the Gleams of Glory-Charles Cameron Oh, Hear the Savior's Voice-George Ryder Oh, How Blest Are Ye Whose Toils Are Ended-Simon Dach Oh, How Great Is Thy Compassion-Johannes Olearius Oh, How Sweet When We Mingle-Fanny Crosby Oh, I Am So Happy in Jesus-Arthur Pierson Oh, It Is Beautiful-George Beard Oh, It Is Hard to Work for God-Frederick Faber Oh, It Is Wonderful-Charles Gabriel Oh, Land Relieved from Sorrow-Samuel Duffield Oh, Let Us Be Glad-Vinnie Vernon Oh, Rejoice, Ye Christians, Loudly-Christian Keimann Oh, Revive Us by Thy Word-Daniel Whittle Oh, Send the Bible-Mrs D E Knowles Oh, Sing with Exultation-Anders Arrebo Oh, Sinner, Come-William Mahone Oh, Walk with Jesus-Edwin Hood Oh, What Are You Going to Do-Fanny Crosby Oh, What Wilt Thou Do-Lottie Newman Oh, When the Sabbath's Chiming-Louise Estes Oh, Why Should the Spirit of Mortal Be Proud-William Knox Oh, Wonderful Love!-Albert Reitz Oh, Wonderful Word!-Fanny Crosby Oh, Wondrous Name!-Fanny Crosby Oh, for a Heart Whiter Than Snow-Eliza Hewitt Oh, to Be Nearer-Fanny Crosby Oh, to Be Nothing-Georgiana Taylor Oh, to Love Thee-Tullius O'Kane Old Time Power-Paul Rader Old Time Religion-Anonymous; first published by Charlie Tillman Omnipotent Lord, My Savior and King-Charles Wesley On All the Earth Thy Spirit Shower-Henry More On Calvary's Cross One Day-May Brewster

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.

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