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O Thou Great Teacher from the Skies-Thomas Upham O Thou Joyful, O Thou Wonderful-Johannes Falk O Thou My Soul, Bless God the Lord-Scottish Psalter O Thou Not Made with Hands-Francis Palgrave O Thou That Hear'st When Sinners Cry-Isaac Watts O Thou That Hearest Prayer-John Burton Jr O Thou Through Suffering Perfect Made-William How O Thou Who Art My King-George Badger O Thou Who Camest from Above-Charles Wesley O Thou Who Dost to Man Accord-John Hewett O Thou Who Driest the Mourner's Tear-Thomas Moore O Thou Who Dwell'st on High-Wilson Hogue before O Thou Who Gavest Power to Love-Mandell Creighton O Thou Who Hast Thy Servants Taught-Henry Alford O Thou Who Hast, in Every Age-Edward Dewart O Thou Who Hearest Every Heartfelt Prayer-Unknown author O Thou Who Makest Souls to Shine-John Armstrong O Thou Who Sealest Up the Past-Samuel Cole O Thou Who Through This Holy Week-John Neale O Thou Who Turnest into Morning-Louisa Loring O Thou Who at Thy Creature's Bar-Charles Wesley O Thou Who by a Star Didst Guide-John Neale O Thou Who in Jordan-George Bethune O Thou Who the Shepherd of Israel Art-From Psalm O Thou Whose All Redeeming Might-Latin O Thou Whose Bounty Fills My Cup-Jane Crewdson O Thou Whose Feet Have Climbed Life's Hill-Louis Benson O Thou Whose Gracious Presence Blest-Louis Benson O Thou Whose Hand Hath Brought Us-Frederick Goadby O Thou Whose Justice Reigns on High-Isaac Watts O Thou Whose Offering on the Tree-Charles Wesley O Thou Whose Spirit Witness Bears-Frederick Hosmer O Thou from Whom All Goodness Flows-Thomas Haweis O Thou in Whose Presence-Joseph Swain O Thou to Whom Archangels Raise-Unknown author O Thou to Whom, in Ancient Time-John Pierpoint O Thou to Whose All Searching Sight-Nikolaus von Zinzendorf O Thou, Before Whose Presence-Samuel Stone O Thou, Before the World Began-Charles Wesley O Thou, My Soul, Forget No More-Krishna Pal O Thou, Our Savior, Brother, Friend-Charles Wesley O Thou, That Hear'st the Prayer of Faith-Augustus Toplady O Thou, Who All Things Canst Control-Sigmund Gmelin O Thou, Who Didst with Love Untold-Emma Toke O Thou, Who Gav'st Thy Servant Grace-Reginald Heber O Thou, Who Hast at Thy Command-Jane Cotterill O Thou, Whom All Thy Saints Adore-Charles Wesley O Thou, in All Thy Might So Far-Frederick Hosmer O Thou, the Contrite Sinner's Friend-Charlotte Elliott O Thou, the Eternal Son of God-William Dix O Thou, to Whom All Creatures Bow-New Version O Throned, O Crowned with All Renown-Edward Benson O Trinity of Blessed Light-th Century Latin O Troubled Sea of Galilee-Lewis Wilson O Trust Thyself to Jesus-Mary Chapman O Turn Ye, for Why Will You Die-Samson Occom O Unity of Threefold Light-Metrophanes of Smyrna ca O Valiant Hearts-John Arkwright O Very God of Very God-John Neale O Voice of the Belove-Jackson Mason O Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus-L A Clough O What Amazing Words of Grace-Samuel Medley O What Have I Done-Samuel Medley O What Shall I Do, My Savior to Praise-Charles Wesley O What Their Joy and Their Glory Must Be-Pierre Abelard th Century O What a Stiff, Rebellious House-Isaac Watts O When Shall I See Jesus-Attributed to John Leland O Where Are Kings and Empires Now-Arthur Coxe O Where Are the Reapers-Eben Rexford O Where Is He That Trod the Sea-Thomas Lynch O Where Shall Rest Be Found-James Montgomery O Wherefore Do the Nations Rage-The Psalter O Wherefore Hast Thou Cast Us Off-From Psalm O Who Like Thee, So Calm, So Bright-Arthur Coxe O Why Not Tonight-Elizabeth Reed O Why Should Gloomy Thoughts Arise-Thomas Hastings before O Why So Far Removed-Anonymous O Will of God Beneath Our Life-George Gordon O Wisdom, Precious Wisdom-Deborah Blossom th Century O Wonder Amazing-Frank Sewall O Wonderful Love-Rhoda Starin O Wonderful Savior-E F Miller ca O Wondrous Sight!-Sarum Breviary O Word Immortal of Eternal God-Emperor Justinian O Word of God-Louis Waterman O Word of God Above-Charles Guiet O Word of God Incarnate-William How O Word of Pity, for Our Pardon Pleading-Ada Greenaway O Worship the King-Robert Grant O Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness-John Monsell O Ye Immortal Throng-Philip Doddridge O Young and Fearless Prophet-Ralph Harlow O Zion, 'Tis Thy God's Command-The Psalter O Zion, Afflicted with Wave upon Wave-James Grant O Zion, Haste-Mary Thompson O Zion, Open Wide Thy Gates-Jean de Santeuil O Zion, Tune Thy Voice-Philip Doddridge O Zion, When Thy Savior Came-Edward Denny O for That Flame of Living Fire-William Bathurst O for That Tenderness of Heart-Charles Wesley

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