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Top 500 bluegrass songs lyrics with chords
Bluegrass music is a form of American roots music, and a subgenre of country music. Bluegrass was inspired by the music of Appalachia. It has mixed roots in Irish, Scottish, Welsh, and English traditional music, and also later influenced by the music of African-Americans through incorporation of jazz elements. Settlers from the United Kingdom and Ireland arrived in Appalachia during the 18th century, and brought with them the musical traditions of their homelands. These traditions consisted primarily of English and Scottish ballads-which were essentially unaccompanied narrative-and dance music, such as Irish reels, which were accompanied by a fiddle. Many older bluegrass songs come directly from the British Isles. Several Appalachian bluegrass ballads, such as "Pretty Saro", "Barbara Allen", "Cuckoo Bird" and "House Carpenter", come from England and preserve the English ballad tradition both melodically and lyrically. Others, such as The Twa Sisters, also come from England; however, the lyrics are about Ireland. Some bluegrass fiddle songs popular in Appalachia, such as "Leather Britches", and "Pretty Polly", have Scottish roots. The dance tune Cumberland Gap may be derived from the tune that accompanies the Scottish ballad Bonnie George Campbell. Other songs have different names in different places; for instance in England there is an old ballad known as "A Brisk Young Sailor Courted Me", but exactly the same song in North American bluegrass is known as "I Wish My Baby Was Born". In bluegrass, as in some forms of jazz, one or more instruments each takes its turn playing the melody and improvising around it, while the others perform accompaniment; this is especially typified in tunes called breakdowns. This is in contrast to old-time music, in which all instruments play the melody together or one instrument carries the lead throughout while the others provide accompaniment. Breakdowns are often characterized by rapid tempos and unusual instrumental dexterity and sometimes by complex chord changes. There are three major subgenres of bluegrass and one unofficial subgenre. Traditional bluegrass has musicians playing folk songs, tunes with simple traditional chord progressions, and using only acoustic instruments, with an example being Bill Monroe. Progressive bluegrass groups may use electric instruments and import songs from other genres, particularly rock & roll. Examples include Cadillac Sky and Bearfoot. "Bluegrass gospel" has emerged as a third subgenre, which uses Christian lyrics, soulful three- or four-part harmony singing, and sometimes the playing of instrumentals. A newer development in the bluegrass world is Neo-traditional bluegrass; exemplified by bands such as The Grascals and Mountain Heart, bands from this subgenre typically have more than one lead singer. Bluegrass music has attracted a diverse following worldwide. Bluegrass pioneer Bill Monroe characterized the genre as: "Scottish bagpipes and ole-time fiddlin'. It's Methodist and Holiness and Baptist. It's blues and jazz, and it has a high lonesome sound.(Ref Wikipedia)

THIS COLLECTION of Bluegrass Song lyrics with chords, includes some 1800 songs. The lyrics also include chords for guitar, Uke, Banjo etc. and a few also have guitar tablature there may also be different versions of some of the songs.

These transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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10 Degrees Getting Colder
1000 Dollar Wedding
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
32 Acres
40 Days And Nights
40 Miles From Poplar Bluff
500 Miles Away From Home
57 Chevrolet
7 Wonders
8 More Miles To Louisville
9 To 5
90 Miles An Hour
A 11
A Beautiful Life
A Big Ball In Cowtown
A Daisy A Day
A Different Song
A Faded Rose A Broken Heart
A Few Old Memories
A Fool Like Me
A Fool Such As I 2
A Four Legged Friend
A Heart That Will Never Break Again
A Home (corrected)
A Hundred Years From Now
A Little Bitty Tear
A Little Box Of Pine On The 729
A Living Prayer (intro)
A Living Prayer V2
A Living Prayer
A Mothers Love
A Place To Hang My Hat
A Ragged Old Man
A Robin Built A Nest On Daddys Grave
A Satisfied Mind
A Simple Life
A Song For You
A Violet And A Rose
A Vision Of Jesus
A Vision Of Mother
A Voice From A High
A Voice From On High 2
A Year Ago Tonight
Abilene Gal
Acony Music
Across Alley From Alamo
Across The Great Divide
Act Naturally
Afraid To Love Again
After The Goldrush
After You Leave Me
Aimless Love
Ain T It Enough
Aint A Woman Somebody When Shes Gone
Aint Gonna Work Tommorrow
Aint Gonna Work Tomorrow 2
Aint Hurtin Nobody 2
Aint Hurtin Nobody
Aint It Amazing Gracie
Aint It Enough
Aint You Even Gonna Cry
Air Mail Special
Alabama High Test
Albert Erving
All Aboard
All American Bluegrass Girl
All Night Blue
All The Best
All The Good Times Are Past And Gone
All The Love I Had Is Gone
All The Way With Jesus
All The Way With You
All The World Is Lonely Now
Almost Persuaded
Along Lifes Highway
Always Always
Am I A Fool
Amanda Jewell (mandolin Tab)
Amber Tresses
American Made
An American Dream
An Old Log Cabin For Sale
An On Old Memory Found Its Way Back
Angel Band
Angel From Montgomery
Angel In Her Face
Angels Rock Me To Sleep
Annabelle 2
Another By My Side
Another Day Another Dollar
Another Day
Another Night
Another Song Another Drink
Another Story
Any Bar In Birmingham
Any Ole Time
Anywhere Is Home
Apple Jack
April The 14th Part 1
Are There Any Lonely Women Here Tonight
Are You Afraid To Die
Are You From Dixie
Are You Mine
Are You Missing Me
Are You Sad Tonight
Are You Tired Of Me My Darling
Are You Wasting My Time
As I Went Down To The River To Pray
As Long As Im Dreaming
As Long As The Winds Blow
Ashamed To Call Me Darlin
Ashes On The Sea
At Mail Call Today
Atlanta Blue
Aw Heck
Baby Im Burnin
Baby Loves Me Peculiar Way
Baby Mine
Baby Now That Ive Found You
Babys Got A Hold On Me
Back In The Saddle Again
Backin To Birmingham
Backwoods Barbie
Bald Headed End Of A Broom
Ballad Of Jed Clampett (beverly Hillbillies Theme)
Banks Of The Pontchartrain
Bargain Store
Barroom Girls
Be A Little Quieter
Be Honest With Me
Be My Friend Tonight
Be Not Afraid
Be Quiet As Willie Walks By
Bear Creek Blues
Beaumont Rag
Beautiful Bouquet
Beautiful Life
Beauty & The Mess
Beauty And The Mess (mando)
Beauty And The Mess (walkdown And Solo)
Bed Of Roses
Before I Die
Before You Go
Beggar To A King
Bending Blades
Better Days To Come
Better Farther On
Better Get To Livin
Beverely Hilbillies
Big Balls In Cowtown
Big Blue Roses
Big Chief Buffalo Nickle
Big Fat Love
Big In Vegas
Big Mouth Blues
Big Rock In The Road
Big Sciota
Big Spike Hammer
Big Time In The Jungle
Bitter Green
Black Jack County Chains
Black Jacks Bar
Blackjack County Chains
Blanket On The Ground
Blue And Lonesome
Blue Christmas Lights
Blue Eyed Elaine
Blue Prairie
Blue Prarie 2
Blue Railroad Train
Blue Ridge Cabin Home
Blue Shadows On The Trail
Blue Sky Cathedral
Blue Trail Of Sorrow
Blue Umbrella
Blue Valley Songbird
Blue Yodel No1(t For Texas)
Bluebird Island
Bluebirds Are Singing For Me
Bluegrass Boogie
Blues For Dixie
Bobbie Sue
Bobcat Tracks
Boll Weevil
Bootleggers Son
Boots Of Spanish Leather
Borders And Time
Born With A Hammer In My Hand
Bottomless Lake
Bouquet In Heaven
Bouquet Of Roses
Box Seat In Heaven
Brand New Sidewalk
Brave Mountaineers
Brian Hennessey
Bright Sunny South
Bringing In Georgia Mail
Broadway 2
Broken Dreams
Brother Can You Spare A Dime
Brother To The Blues
Bruised Orange(chain Of Sorrow)
Bubbles In My Beer
Building On Sand
Bury Me Beneath The Willow
But I Do
But I Love You
But You Know I Love You
By The Mark
Cabin In Caroline
Cabin Of Love
Cadillac Lane
Cadillac Ranch
Cajun Moon
Caleb Meyer
California Blues(blue Yodel No 4)
California Okie
Call Me Mr In Between
Callin Baton Rouge
Calling From Heaven
Cant You Hear Me Callin
Cant You Hear Me Calling
Carefree Highway
Careless Darlin
Carolina Mountain Home
Caroll County Accident
Carolyn The Teenage Queen
Carroll County Accident 2
Carroll County Accident 3
Carroll County Accident
Carry Me Back
Cash On The Barrelhead 2
Cash On The Barrelhead
Catfish John
Cats In The Cradle
Cattle Call
Cc Rider
Charleys Picture
Charlottes Web
Child Of The 50s
Childish Love
Choctaw Hayride
Christmas In Prison
Christmas Time On Rocky Top
Christmas Times A Comin
Church St Blues 2
Church Street Blues
Cigareetes Whusky And Wild
Cigarettes And Coffee Blues
City Folks Call Us Poor
Class Of 57
Clay And Ottie
Clinch Mountain Backstep(mandolin Tab)
Close By
Close To You
Close Up The Honky Tonks
Cloudy Days
Coal Black Gold
Coat Of Many Colors
Cocaine Habit Blues
Cold Gray Light Of Gone
Cold Hard Facts Of Life
Come A Little Bit Closer
Come On Down To My World
Come On In 2
Come On In
Come Sundown
Comin Home For Christmas
Coming For To Carry Me Home
Committed To Parkview
Companys Comin
Cool Water 2
Cool Water
Corn Liquor
Cornflower Blue
Corrine Corrina
Cotton Dan
Cotton Jerry
Could You Lie
Couldnt Been Any Better
Counting Flowers On The Wall
Country Boy
Country Boys Dream
Country Hall Of Fame
Country Road
Court Of Love
Crazy As A Loon
Crazy As Me
Crazy Eyes
Crazy Faith 2
Crazy Faith
Crazy Heart
Crazy Over You
Cripple Creek(mandolin Tab)
Cripple Creek
Crooked Jack
Crow Black Chicken
Crumbs From Another Mans Table
Cry Baby Cry
Cry From The Cross
Cry Of The Wild Goose
Cryin My Heart Out Over You
Crying Holy Unto The Lord
Crying Time Again
Cryinig Again
Daddy Was An Old Time Preacher Man
Daddy What If
Daddy Whats A Train
Daddy When Is Mommy Coming Home
Daddy Will Santa Claus Ever Have To Die
Daddys Little Pumpkin
Dagger Through The Heart
Dance Little Jean
Dancing To The Beat
Dancing With The Angels
Dark As A Dungeon
Dark Turn Of Mind
Darkness And Light
Dawns Early Light
Day Is Done
Dear Abby
Dear John ( I Sent Your Saddle Home)
Dear John
Dear Lonesome
Dear Old Dixie
Dear Someone
Deep River Blues
Deep Water 2
Deep Water
Detroit City 2
Detroit City 3
Detroit City
Did Anybody Get The License Number
Did She Mention My Name
Diggy Liggy Lo
Do I Ever Cross Your Mind
Do You Hear The Robins Sing
Do You Know How It Feels To Be Lonesome
Do You Know You Are My Sunshine
Do You Remember These
Do You Want To Live In Glory
Doesnt Have To Be This Way
Doesnt Matter What I Want
Dog Gone Shame
Donald And Lydia
Dont Act
Dont Bury Me
Dont Cheat In Home Town
Dont Cry Blue
Dont Ever Tell Me Goodbye
Dont Fence Me In(harp)
Dont Fence Me In 2
Dont Fence Me In 3
Dont Fence Me In
Dont Follow Me
Dont Get Above Your Raisin
Dont Give Your Heart To A Rambler
Dont Laugh
Dont Let Her Know
Dont Let Smokey Mountain Smoke Get In Your Eyes
Dont Let Sweet Love Die
Dont Let Your Deal Go Down
Dont Let Your Sweet Love Die
Dont Lie
Dont Neglect The Roses
Dont Ride That Horse
Dont Rob Mans Castle
Dont Stay Away Too Long
Dont Stay Away
Dont Step Over An Old Love
Dont This Road Look Rough And Rocky
Doubtin Thomas (mando)
Doubting Thomas (mando 2)
Down Along The Dixie Line
Down From Dover
Down Home Girl
Down In The River To Pray
Down In The Willow Garden
Down On The Corner Of Love
Down That Road Tonight
Down To The River To Pray
Down Where The River Bends
Dream On
Dreaming My Dreams With You
Dreaming Of A Little Cabin
Drifting With The Tide
Driftwood On The River
Drinking That Mash Talking That Trash
Drive In Movies
Drive Me Crazy
Driving Nails In My Coffin
Dropkick Me Jesus
Dropping Out Of Sight
Dueling Banjos
Duelling Banjos
Dumb Blonde
Dust On Mothers Bible
Dyin For Someone To Live For
Each Minute Seems A Million
Each Season Changes You
Eagle When She Flies
Easy Silence
Eat Drink And Be Merry
Echo Of Your Footsteps
Eleven Cent Cotton
Eli Renfro
Elvira 2
Elvis Presley Blues
Empty Chair At The Table
Empty Old Mailbox
Endless Highway
Endless Seasons
Enjoyed Much As Can Stand
Eternity Has Two
Evening Shades
Ever Changing Woman
Every Time You Say Goodbye
Everybody Wants To Feel Like You
Everything Is Free
Everythings Alright
Everythings Comin Up Roses
Excuse Me (capo 1st Fret)
Eyes Of Margret
Face Of Trouble
Face On The Cutting Room Floor(mando)
Face On The Cutting Room Floor
Faded Love
Fair And Tender Ladies
Fall On My Knees
Falling Leaves
False Eyelashes
Fancy Free
Far Above The Starry Sky
Far Better Than This
Far Far From Me
Faraway Land
Fare Thee Well Love
Farewell Angelina
Father I Know Why
Favorite Year
Fields Of Summer
Filipino Baby
Final Frontier
Find Me Out On A Mountain Top
Find My Way Back To You
Find Way Back To My Heart
First Step
First Time
Fish & Whistle
Fisherman Song
Fishin In The Dark
Fishing In The Dark (i Think Its Right)
Flag Decal
Flashback Blues
Flat Broke And Lonesome
Flowers On The Wall
Foggy Mountain Break Down
Foggy Mountain Top
Foggy River
Foolin Around
Footprints In The Snow
For All The Tea In China
Ford Econoline
Forever Aint That Long Anymore
Forever And Always
Forever Yours
Forget About It
Fortune Teller
Found Soul
Four Strong Winds
Four Walls Around Me
Fourteen Carat Gold
Freeborn Man
Friday Night In America
Friend Out In The Madness
Frisco Road
From Here To There To You
From The Manger To The Cross
Geisha Girl
Gentle River
Get Down On Your Knees And Pray 1
Get Down On Your Knees And Pray
Get In Line Brother
Get Me Through December
Get This Stranger Out Of Me
Getting Used To Losing You
Ghost In This House
Ghost Of A Chance
Ghost Riders In The Sky 2
Ghost Riders In The Sky
Ghost Trains
Girl From West Virginia
Girl In Blue Velvet Band
Give It Up Or Let Me Go
Give Me My Flowers While Im Living
Give Me The Roses While I Live
Give Mother My Crown
Give This Message To Your Heart
Give Yourself To Love
Glory Of True Love 2
Glory Of True Love
Go Home 2
God Bless America Again
God Bless The Soldier
God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign
God Guide Our Leaders Hand
God Is Love
God Moves In A Windstorm
God Sent An Angel
Gods Got It
Godspeed (3)
Goin Back To Georgia
Gold Mine In The Sky
Gold Watch And Chain
Golden Rocket
Gone Gone Gone
Gonna Have Love
Gonna Take A Lot Of River
Good For Nothing Blues
Good Old Mountain Dew
Good Things Outweigh The Bad
Good Til Now
Good Womans Love
Goodbye Booze
Goodbye For A While
Goodbye Is All We Have 2
Goodbye Is All We Have
Goodnight Irene
Gospel Plow
Grandpa Was A Carptenter
Grandpa Was A Farmer
Grandpas Barn
Greasy Grit Gravy
Great Compromise
Green & Gray
Green And Gray
Green And Grey(capo 2)
Green Green Grass Of Home
Green Light On The Southern
Greenlight On The Southern
Greenville Trestle High
Gypsy Joe And Me
Half A Mind
Half Mile Down(guitar Lead)
Half Mile Down
Half Moon Rising
Halfway Home Cafe
Hand Me Down My Walking Cane
Hang Your Head In Shame
Hanging By A Thread (intro)
Hanging By A Thread
Happy Birthday To Me
Happy Go Lucky Guitar
Happy Rovin Cowboy
Harbor Of Love
Hard Candy Christmas
Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
Hard Times Come Again No More
Hard To Love
Hard To Tell
Harvest Time
Have A Feast Here Tonight
Have I Told U Lately I Love
Have I Told You Lately
Have Thine Own Way
Have You Lost Your Love For Me
He Comes Like Rain
He Forgot It Was Sunday
He Rode All The Way To Texas
He Was A Friend Of Mine
He Will Listen To You
Hear The Whistle Blow A Hundred Miles
Heart To Heart Talk
Heart Up In The Sky
Heartbreak Hurricand
Heartbreakers Alibi
Heavens Bright Shore 2
Heavens Bright Shore
Heavy Traffic Ahead
Helena 2
Hell Have To Go
Hello Heartache
Hello In There
Hello Mary Lou (goodbye Heart)
Hello Trouble
Help Is On The Way
Help Me To Be More Like Him
Here Comes Santa Clause
Here You Come Again
Hesitation Blues
Hey La La
Hickory Wind
High Cost Of Living
High Horse
High Noon 2
High Noon
High On A Mountain
Highway 40 Blues
Highway Forty Blues 2
Highway Forty Blues
Highway Halo
Highway Of Sorrow
Hillbilly Hell
Hillbilly Highway
Hills Of Old Wyomin
Hobo Blues
Hold Me
Hold On Tight
Hold To A Dream
Hold What Youve Got
Hold Whatcha Got
Home Again In My Heart
Home From The Forest
Home In San Antone
Home Sweet Home Revisited
Home To You
Honey Now
Honey Wont You Open That Door
Honey You Dont Know My Mind
Honeymoon On A Rocket Ship
Honky Tonk Stardust Cowboy
Hood River Roll On
Hot Wired
Hound Dawg
House Carpenter (mandolin Part)
House Carpenter
House Of The Rising Sun
House Of Tom Bombadil (full Mandolin)
House Of Tom Bombadil
How Are Things In Clay Ky
How Far Down Can I Go
How Long To Stop Loving You
How Mountain Girls Can Love
How She Could Yodel
How The Story Ends
Hows The World Treating You
Humidity Built The Snowman
Hundred Dollar Funeral
Hungry Hash House
I Aint Broke But Im Badly Bent
I Aint Got Nobody
I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow(harmonica)
I Am Weary Let Me Rest
I Can Let Go Now
I Cant Go On This Way
I Cant Imagine Layin Down
I Couldnt Wait Forever
I Dont Believe Youve Met My Baby 2
I Dont Believe Youve Met My Baby
I Dont Care (just As Long As You Love Me)
I Dont Care
I Dont Have To Live This Way
I Dont Hear You
I Dont Know Why
I Dont Know You
I Dont Love You Any More
I Dont Regret A Mile
I Dont Remember Forgetting
I Dont Want Your Rambling Letters
I Dream A Highway
I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven
I Dreamed Of An Old Love Af
I Feel A Cry Coming On
I Give You To His Heart
I Got Spurs (jingle Jangle Jingle)
I Guess It Never Hurts To Hurt Sometimes
I Hate It When That Happens To Me
I Have Found The Way
I Hear A Choo Choo Coming
I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling
I Hear A Voice Calling
I Hear Them All
I Heard My Mother Call My Name In Prayer
I Heard My Savior Calling Me
I Hope
I Hung My Head
I Knew This Day Would Come
I Know One
I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
I Know Your Married But I Love You Still
I Know Youre Married
I Like To Hear Em Preaching
I Live For Him He Died For Me
I Love Only You
I Love This Town
I Love You Because
I Love You Mostly
I Love You So Much It Hurts
I Made A Lovers Prayer
I Need You Now
I Never Go Around Mirrors
I Never Knew My Father
I Only Exist
I Really Dont Want To Know
I Saw Him Walk Out Of The Sky
I Shall Be At Home With Jesus
I Shouldve Known Better
I Still Write Your Name
I Talk To Myself About You
I Think Of You
I Thought I Heard You Calling My Name
I Took A Memory To Lunch
I Traded My Saddle For A Rifle
I Walk Alone
I Wanna Go Back There
I Wanna Sing That Rock N Roll
I Want To Be Loved
I Want To Be With You Always
I Want To Sing That Rock And Roll
I Want You To Meet My Friend
I Was Drunk
I Will Always Love You
I Will Forever Hate Roses
I Will Not Obey
I Will See You Again
I Will Trade The Old Cross For A Crown
I Will
I Wish It Had Been A Dream
I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head
I Wonder Where You Are Toni
I Wont Be Calling For You
I Wont Be Hanging Around
I Wont Have To Cross Jordan Alone
I Wont Have To Worry Anymore
I Wouldnt Change You
Id Rather Be A Lonesome Pine
Id Rather Live By The Side Of The Road
Ida Red 2
Ida Red 3
Ida Red
If Heartaches Had Wings
If I Could Be The Rain
If I Didnt Know Any Better
If I Give My Heart
If I Had A List
If I Lose
If I Should Wander Back Tonight
If Teardrops Were Pennies
If Thats The Way You Feel
If You Aint Got Nothin
If You Got The Money (ive Got The Time)
Ill Be All Smiles Tonight
Ill Be Going To Heaven Sometime
Ill Be On That Good Road Someday
Ill Be True To The One That I Love
Ill Be True To You
Ill Be Young Again
Ill Be Your Stepping Stone
Ill Break Out Again Tonight
Ill Fly Away
Ill Go To Church Again With Momma
Ill Go To My Grave
Ill Hold You In My Heart
Ill Just Pretend
Ill Make Your Bed
Ill Never Love Another
Ill Never Say Goodbye
Ill Never Shed Another Tear
Ill Put On A Crown
Ill Stay Around
Ill Step Aside
Ill Still Be Waiting For You
Ill Take A Chance On Loving You
Ill Take The Blame
Illegal Smile
Im A Drifter
Im An Old Cowhand
Im Blue Im Lonesome
Im Dyin A Little Each Day
Im Going Back To Old Kentucky
Im Going Home
Im Gonna Sleep With One Eye Open
Im Movin On
Im Not Afraid To Die
Im Not Over You
Im Not That Good At Goodbye
Im Not The Man Im Supposed To Be
Im Not There Yet
Im On My Way Back To The Old Home
Im Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
Im Tired
Im Troubled
Im Using My Bible For A Road Map
Im Using My Bible For A Roadmap 2
Im Working On A Building
Im Working On A Road
In Her Own Peculiar Way
In My Hour Of Darkness
In My Robe Of White
In Palm Of Your Hand
In Spite Of Ourselves
In The Hills Of Shiloh
In The Palm Of Your Hand
In The Pines
In The Window Of My Room
Intoxicated Rat
Iron Curtain
Is It Too Late Now
It Couldnt Have Been Any Better
It Doesnt Matter
It Dont Matter Now
It Hurts To Know
It Is No Secret
It Makes No Difference Now
It Takes One To Know One
It Takes People Like You
It Was So Right
It Was With Love
It Wasnt You
It Wont Work This Time
Its A Big Old Goofy World
Its A Cheating Situation
Its A Dirty Job
Its A Little More Like Heaven
Its A Long Long Way To The Top Of The World
Its A Sin
Its All Wrong But Its All Right
Its America (love It Or Leave It)
Its Been So Long Darling
Its Me Again Lord
Its My Lazy Day 2
Its My Lazy Day
Its On Fie For You
Its Raining Here This Morning
Its The Natural Thing To Do
Its Too Late To Love Me Now
Ive Been Everywhere 2
Ive Been Everywhere
Ive Been Lookin
Ive Forgotten You
Ive Got A Tiger By The Tail
Ive Got That Old Feeling
Ive Just Seen The Rock Of Ages
Ive Never Gone To Bed With An Ugly Woman
Ive Waited As Long As I Can
Ivory Tower
Jacobs Dream
Jealous Loving Heart
Jealous Of The Moon
Jeannies Afraid Of Dark
Jesus And Gravity
Jesus Help Me To Stand
Jesus Hold My Hand
Jesus Saved Me
Jesus Savior Pilot Me
Jesus The Missing Years
Jimmie Brown The Newspaper Boy
Jimmy Brown The Newsboy
John Riley
Jonah And The Whale
Journey To The Son
Journeys End
Jubilee (chords Intros And Fill)
Julie Ann Come On Home
Just A Drink Away
Just A Few Old Memories
Just A Little Lovin
Just Any Day Now
Just Because Im A Woman
Just Beyond The Moon
Just Call Me Lonesome
Just Loving You
Just Over Yonder
Just Someone I Used To Know
Just When I Needed You Most
Katy Daley
Keen Mountain Prison
Keep Her While Shes There
Keeper Of The Key
Kentucky Borderline
Kentucky Girl
Kentucky Waltz
Kickin Each Other
Kickin In
Killing The Blues
Kiss On The Door
Kiss The Children
Ladys Man
Lake Marie
Last Cheaters Waltz
Last Lonely Eagle
Last Love Letter
Last Old Shovel
Last Word In Lonesome Is Me
Late In The Day
Lay Down Beside Me
Lay My Burden Down
Lazarus And The Rich Man
Lead Me Gently Home
Leave The Lights On
Leaves Fall (thile Mandolin)
Leavin Louisiana In The Broad Daylight
Leaving Train
Left Me In A Hole
Leftys Old Guitar
Let Her Go God Bless Her
Let It Be You
Let Love Grow
Let Me Be The One
Let Me Go Lover
Let Me Touch You For Awhile
Let My Life Be A Light
Let The Church Roll On
Let The Sad Times Roll On
Let Those Brown Eyes Smile At Me
Let Your Loss Be Your Lesson
Lets Put Love Back To Work
Lets Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello
Lets Talk Dirty In Hawiian
Letter From My Darlin
Letter From My Darling 1
Letters Have No Arms
Lie Awake
Life In The Old Farm Town
Life Without You
Life Would Be So Fair
Lifes Like Poetry
Lift Him Up
Lighthouse Tale
Like It Is
Lil Jack Slade (chris Thile Mandolin Solo)
Lily Dale
Linda Goes To Mars
Linda Lou
Listen To The Mockingbird
Little Bit Lonesome
Little Brown Buiding
Little Brown Church
Little Cabin Home On The Hill
Little Cabin On The Hill
Little Dug Out Soddy On The Plains
Little Kid Sister Of Mine
Little Love In Your Heart
Little Maggie
Little Mountain Church House
Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
Little Sparrow
Little White Church
Little Whitewashed Chimney
Living Alone
Living On Memories Of You
Lone Star State Of Mind
Lone Tree Standing
Lonesome Dove
Lonesome Hearted Blues
Lonesome Pine
Lonesome Road Blues
Lonesome Wind
Long Black Veil
Long Chain Charlie And Moundsville
Long Hard Road
Long Journey Home
Long Monday (2)
Long Monday
Look For Me Ill Be There
Look For Me In Butte
Look What Thoughts Will Do
Looking Back To See
Looking In The Eyes Of Love
Lord I Want To Go To Heaven
Lord Its Just Another Hill
Lose Again
Losing You
Lost Patterns
Lost River
Lost To A Stranger
Love And Wealth
Love At The Five And Dime
Love Cant Ever Get Better
Love Hurts 2
Love Hurts
Love Is Like A Butterfly
Love Me As Youd Love The Rain
Love Me Like A Man (live)
Love Of The Mountains
Love Oh Love Please Come Home
Love You 1000 Ways
Love You A Thousand Ways
Love You In Vain
Loves Gonna Live Here Again
Lovin Only Me
Lucky One 2
Lucky One 3
Lucky One
Made In Japan
Maidens Prayer
Make A Little Magic
Make Me A Pallet
Make The World Go Away
Making Plans
Mama Dont Allow No Music
Man Of Constant Sorrow (instrumental)
Man Of Constant Sorrow 2
Man Of Constant Sorrow 3
Man Of Constant Sorrow
Mandolin Solo Correct
Many Tears Ago
Maple On The Hill
Margies At The Lincoln Park Inn
Marie Laveau
Married By The Bible Divorced By The Law
Marry Me
Martha White Theme
Mary Ann 2
Mary Ann
Mary Dear
Marys Kitchen
Me And Little Andy
Me And My Old Banjo
Melvin Is Locking Doors
Memories Of Mother
Men In Little Girls Life
Mexicali Rose
Midnight Angel
Midnight In Missoula
Midnight Moonlight
Midnight On The Stormy Deep
Midnight Rider
Midnight Storm
Miles And Memories
Miles And Miles Of Texas
Miles To Go
Millers Cave
Milwaukee Here I Come
Miners Lullaby
Miners Refrain
Minglewood Blues
Misery River
Miss Molly
Miss Ohio
Missing In Action
Missing You
Mississippi River Blues
Mississippi River Let Your Water Flow
Mississippi River Raft
Missouri Moon
Mister And Mississippi
Misty Blue
Modern Day Romance
Mollie Darlin
Molly 2
Molly And Tenbrooks
Molly Ban
Mom And Dads Waltz
Moments Like This
Mommy Please Stay Home
Mommy Will My Doggie Understand
Money The Bank
Monsters Holiday
Montana Backroads
More Love
More Pretty Girls Than One
More Than A Name On A Wall 2
More Than A Name On A Wall
More Where That Came From
Morning Train
Motel In Memphis
Mothers Not Dead Shes Only Sleeping
Mothers Not Dead
Mothers Only Son
Mountain Angel
Mountain Dew
Movin On
Mr And Mrs Used To Be
Mr Bojangles
Mr Jukebox
Mule Skinner Blues(harp)
Mule Train
Mull River Shuffle
Music Makin Mama From Memp
Must You Throw Dirt In My Face
My Adobe Hacienda
My Babys Gone
My Blue Heaven
My Blue Tears
My Bones Gon Rise Again
My Brothers Will
My Cabin In Caroline
My Daddy Is Only A Picture
My Darling Home Town
My Fathers Son
My Filipino Rose
My Good Gal
My Happiness
My Heart Skips A Beat
My Little Georgia Rose
My Little Girl In Tennessee
My Little Home In Tennessee
My Lord Keeps A Record
My Love Follows You Where You Go
My Love Will Not Change(riff For Guitar)
My Love Will Not Change
My Many Hurried Southern Trips
My Mary
My Morphine
My Mother
My Nova Scotia Home
My Poor Old Heart
My Real World Of Make Believe
My Rough And Rowdy Ways
My Sweet Blue Eyed Darling
My Tennessee Mountain Home
My Walking Shoes
My Window Faces The South
Mysteries Of Life
Name A Drink After You
Nashville Picking
Never Got Of The Ground
Never Had One I Wanted
Never Never Land
New Favorite
New Fool
New River Train
New Star Shining
New Train
New Virgina Creeper
New York City
Next Go Round
Nickels And Dimes
Night I Stole Sammys Gin
Nine Pound Hammer Break
Nine To Five
Ninety Nine Years Is Almost Life
No Love Have I (capo 1)
No Mother Or Dad
No Place To Hide
No Roundtrip Ticket
Nobody's Child
Nobodys Child 2
Nobodys Child
Noone Can Love You Dear
Northern Wind
Not Correct Waiting For Delete
Not Ready To Make Nice
Nothin Can Hurt You
Nothin To It
Nothing Can Touch Me
Nothing Gets Old Anymore
Nothing Was Delivered
Now And Then Theres A Fool Such As I
Now And Then
Now That Ive Found You
Ocean Of Diamonds
Ode To A Butterfly ( Banjo)
Ode To A Butterfly
Oh Atlanta
Oh Baby Mine
Oh Christmas Candle
Oh Heart Look What Youve Done
Oh How I Miss You
Oh What A Love
Oklahoma Gals
Old Aunt Dinah
Old Buddy Goodnight
Old Cowhand
Old Doc Brown
Old Fashioned Preacher
Old Flames
Old Home Place
Old Kentucky Shore (ft Joan Osbourn)
Old Love Letters
Old Memory Found Way Back
Old Rattler
Old Riverman Blues
Old Salty Dog Blues
Old Shep
Old Slew Foot
Old Timers Waltz
Old Train
Old Upright Piano
Ole Faithful
On My Way To Old Home
On Susans Floor
On The Border Line
On The Wings Of A Dove
On The Wings Of Love
Once More
Once Youve Loved Somebody
One And Only
One Drop Of Rain
One Has My Name
One Kiss Away From Loneliness
One Little Song
One Monkey
One More Dollar
One Raindrop
One Red Rose
One Step Ahead Of My Past
One Step Ahead Of The Blues
One Teardrop And One Step Away
Only One And Only
Only You (can Break My Heart)
Only You That I Love
Open That Door 2
Open That Door
Open Up Your Heart
Orangedale Whistle
Orphan Girl 2
Orphan Girl
Our Babys Book
Our Rockin Years
Out Of The Woods
Over And Over
Over In The Glory Land
Ozark Mountain Jubilee
Pain Of A Troubled Life
Palms Of Victory
Panama Red
Paper Airplan
Paper Wings
Paradise Road
Partners Brothers And Friends
Pass The Booze
Pass You By
Pastures New
Peace In The Valley 2
Peace In The Valley
Peach Pickin Time In Georgia
Pearl Pearl Pearl
People Puttin People Down
Perfume Powder And Lead
Pfft You Were Gone
Philadelphia Lawyer
Phoebe Snow
Picture Show
Pig In A Pen
Pins And Needles In My Heart
Play Together Again Again
Please Dont Bury Me
Please Dont Tell Me Till The Story Ends
Please Help Me Im Falling
Please Read The Letter
Poor Man
Pour Me Another Tequila
Pray Every Day
Pray For The Boys
Prayer Bells Of Heaven
Precious Jewel
Pretending I Dont Care
Prettiest Flower There
Pretty Little Miss In The Garden
Pride Of Alabama
Purple Robe
Put A Little Love In Your Heart
Put A Quarter In The Jukebox
Queen Annes Lace
Queen Of The Rails
Quiet Man
Quit Hollerin At Me
Rain And Snow
Rain Please Go Away 2
Rain Please Go Away
Rainbow At Midnight 2
Rainbow At Midnight
Raise A Ruckus
Ramblers Blues
Randolph Scott
Rank Stranger
Rank Strangers To Me
Reasons Why (solo)
Reasons Why 1
Red Clay Halo
Red Red Wine
Red Wing 2
Red Wing
Redtail Hawk
Relocation Blues
Rescue From Moose River Gold Mine
Return Of Grievous Angel
Rich Man Spiritual
Richest Man In The World
Ride Me Down Easy 2
Ride Me Down Easy
Riders In The Sky
Ridin Down The Canyon
Riding Alone
Riding On That Midnight Tra
Riding The Danville Pike
Right Or Wrong
Ring The Bell
Ripplin Water
River Of Jordan
Rob Another Mans Castle
Robin And Marian (first Half For Mandolin)
Rock Of Ages
Rock Salt And Nails
Rockin Years
Rocking Alone In An Old Rocking Chair
Rocky Top Tennessee
Roll In My Sweet Babys Arms
Roly Poly
Romance Is A Slow Dance
Room For The Poor
Rosalies Good Eats Cafe
Runnin Short Of Blues
Rye Whiskey
Sabra Girl
Sacred Memories
Sad And Lonely Texas Dance Hall Girl
Saddle In The Rain
Sadies Got Her New Dress On
Safety Joe
Saginaw Michigan
Saginaw Way
Sail Away
Salty Dog Blues
Salty Dog Rag
Sam Stone
Same Ol Love
Same Thing Happened To Me
Sams Place
San Antonio Rose 2
San Antonio Rose
Santa Fe New Mexico
Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy
Satans Got To Get Along Without Me
Satans River
Sawin On The Strings
Say Goodbye Hello
Say Goodbye Like Hello
Say Wont You Be Mine
Say You Lied
Scarlet Tide
Scotch & Chocolate
Scotch And Chocalate (guitar Intro)
Scotch And Chocolate (mandolin)
Seamans Blues 2
Seamans Blues
Second Fiddle
Send Me Pillow You Dream On
Senor Tales Of Yankee Power
Seven Bridges Road
Seven Hillsides
Seven Island Suite
Seven Sundays In A Row
Seven Sundays In A Row2
Seven Wonders 2
Seven Wonders
Sharecroppers Son
She Can Put Her Shoes Under My Bed Anytime
She Is My Everything
She My Ever Lovin Machine
She Will Never Be Mine
Shes A Little Bit Country
Shes Gone Gone Gone
Shes Left Me Again
Shes More To Be Pitied
Shes Walking Through My Memory
Shield Of Faith
Shine Like The Sun
Shotgun Boogie
Shouldve Known Better
Signed Sealed And Delivered
Silent House
Silver And Gold
Silver Dew On The Bluegrass
Silver Medals Sweet Memory
Simple Love
Sin City
Sing That Rock And Roll
Singin In The Kitchen
Sittin Alone In The Moonlight
Sitting Alone In The Moonlight
Six Oclock News
Sixteen Tons
Sleep On
Slippin Around
Slow Boat To China
Smoke On The Water
Smokesmokesmoke That Cigarette
Smoky Mountain Memories
Smoothie Song
So Happy Ill Be
So Long So Wrong
So Long To The Red River Valley
So Sad (to Watch Good Love Go Bad)
Soldiers Last Letter
Soldiers Return
Solid Ground
Some Days Reunion
Some Days You Gotta Dance
Some Humans Aint Human
Some I Wrote
Some Old Day
Somebody More Like You
Somebody Touched Me
Somebodys Prayin
Someone Took My Place With You
Something In My Heart
Sometimes When We Touch
Somewhere Between
Somewhere In Kansas
Song For Life
Sorrow On The Rocks
Sounds Of Home
South Of The Border 2
South Of The Border
Spanish Fandango
Spanish Pipedream
Speak 2
Speak Intro
Speed Of The Sound Od Loneliness
Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness 2
Spit On A Stranger 2
Spit On A Stranger
Springtime In Rockies
Squid Jiggin Ground
Stairway To Heaven
Stand A Little Rain
Standing In The Need Of Prayer
Starfish (mando)
Starlight On The Rails
Stars Stripes On Iwo Jima
Stay (live)
Stay All Night
Stay Away From Me
Stayed In The Wagon Yard
Steady As The Rain
Steam Powered Aero Plane
Steel Guitar Rag
Steel Rail Blues
Steel Rails
Step Out Into The Sunshine
Steppin Out
Stick With Me Baby
Still Feeling Blue
Storm Windows
Stormy Horizons
Streets Of Bakersfield
Streets Of Baltimore
Strong Enough To Be My Man
Stumptown (mando)
Stumptown (mandolin)
Summer Wages
Sunbonnet Mother
Sweet Afton
Sweet Babys Arms
Sweet Lies
Sweet Memories
Sweet Rosie Jones
Sweet Sweet Molly
Sweet Thang
Sweet Thing 2
Sweet Thing
Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong
Swing That Hammer
Take A Look At My Heart
Take Em Away
Take Me Back To Renfro Valley
Take Me Back To Tulsa
Take Me For Longing
Take Me In Your Arms
Take Me In Your Lifeboat
Take The News To Mother
Take Up Thy Cross
Taking A Walk
Talk It All Over With Him
Talking In Your Sleep
Talking To Myself
Tall Dark Stranger
Tall Pines
Tear It Down
Tear My Stillhouse Down
Teardrop Inn
Teardrops Kiss Dew
Teardrops Over You
Tears Fell On Missouri
Tecumseh Valley
Tell It To Me
Tell Lies And Feed Candy
Ten Degrees And Getting Colder
Ten Shades Of Green
Tender Lie
Tennessee Blues
Tennessee Homesick Blues
Tennessee Pusher
Tennessee Rag
Tennessee Saturday Night
Tennessee Stud
Tequila Sheila
Tequila Shella
Thank God For Kids
Thank God For Mama
Thank You World
Thanks A Lot
Thanks Again
That Beautiful Picture
That Could Be You
That Evening Sun
That Kind Of Love
That Makes One Of Us
Thats How Much I Love You
Thats The Way The World Goes Round (correct)
The Accident
The Agony Of Waiting
The Ballad Of Jed Clampet
The Black Sheep Returned To The Fold
The Blue Umbrella
The Bottomless Lake
The Boy That Wouldnt Hoe Corn
The Brakemans Blues
The Broken Wedding Ring
The Christian Life
The Constitution March
The Cowboys Lament
The Crime I Didnt Do
The Drunkards Son
The Drunken Driver
The End Of The Road
The Engineers Child
The Everlasting Hills Of Ok
The Family Who Prays
The Fields Have Turned Brown
The Fire That Keeps You Warm
The Fox (corrected)
The Fox (mandolin)
The Frying Pan
The Girl In The Blue Velvet Band
The Gloryland Way
The Gold Rush Is Over
The Gospel Way
The Governors Hand
The Grass Is Blue
The Great Compromise
The Great Speckled Bird
The Greatest Hustler Of All
The Hand Song
The Hobo Song
The Hobos Last Ride
The Human Race
The Kentuckian Song
The Keys In The Mailbox
The Knoxville Girl
The Last Best Place
The Last One To Touch Me
The Last Ride
The Last Word In Lonesome Is Me
The Late Love Of Mine
The Leaf Of Love
The Lighthouse Tale
The Lighthouse
The Lincoln Park Inn
The Little Sparrow
The Lonely Man
The Lowlands
The Lowlands2
The Lucky One
The Martins And The Coys
The Mermaid
The Missouri Waltz
The Model Church
The Moon Is Down
The Old Home Place
The Oldest Baby In The World
The One I Left Behind
The Other Side Of Town
The Peace Song
The Picture Show
The Prettiest Flowers Will Be Blooming
The Rhumba Boogie
The Rounder
The Rubber Room
The Same Sweet Girl
The Scarlet Tide
The Seeker
The Seventh Angel
The Silver Dagger
The Slopes Of Beech Mountain
The Spanish Fandango
The Train Carrying Jimmie Rodgers Home
The Wagoners Lad
The Warden
The Water Lily
The Way It Goes
The Winner
The Young Fisherwoman
Then You Can Tell Me Goodby
There Is A Reason
There Is Life
Therell Be No Other (capo 1)
Theres A Gold Mine In The Sky
Theres A Higher Power
Theres A Treasure In Heaven
Theres Better Times Coming
Theres More Behind The Picture Than The Wall
Theres More That Holds The Picture
These Old Bones
Theyd Have To Carry Me Away
Think Ill Go Somewhere (and Cry Myself To Sleep)
Think Of Me
Thinking About You
Thinking Of A Rendezvous
Thinking Of My Blue Eyes
This Cowboys Hat
This Heart Of Mine Can Never Say Goodbye
This Is The Thanks I Get
This Love Is Real
This Room Is So Crowded (rare)
This Sad Song
This Side
This Train Keeps Rolling Along
Those Memories Of You
Through The Eyes Of A Fool
Throw Your Love At Me
Thy Burdens Are Greater Than Mine
Tie Our Love In (a Double Knot)
Tijuana Lady
Til A Tear Becomes A Rose
Till My Dying Day
Timber Trail
Time Changes Everything
Time For The Whipporwill
Tiny Broken Heart
Tis Sweet To Be Remembered
To Daddy
To Tell The Truth
Together Again
Together You And I
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Tomorrow Never Comes
Tonight Ill Be Lonely Too
Too Many Rivers
Too Much On My Heart
Too Much Sugar For A Dime
Too Much To Gain To Lose
Toxic (madolin)
Tramp Miner
Travelin Thru 2
Travelin Thru
Traveling The Highway Home
Treasure Money Cant Buy
Trials And Troubles
Trouble In Mind
Troubled Mind
Truck Drivin Man
True Life Blues
Try Me One More Time
Trying To Love Two Women
Tulsa Sounds Like Trouble To Me
Tumbling Tumbleweeds
Turning To The Light
Twenty One Years Is A Mighty Long Time
Twice The Speed Of Love
Two Doors Down
Two Glasses Joe
Two Highways
Two Little Boys
Two Wrongs Dont Make Right
Uncle Fred
Uncle Pen
Under The Influence Of Love
Unwed Fathers
Up Against The Wall Redneck Mother
Up This Hill And Down
Vaya Con Dios 2
Vaya Con Dios
Voice Of My Savior
Wagon Wheel
Wagon Yard
Waitin For The Sun To Shine
Waitin In Your Welfare Line
Waiting For Delete
Waiting For Sun To Shine
Walk Softly On This Heart Of Mine
Walking By Myself
Walking My Lord Up Calvarys Hill
Walking The Floor Over You
Walking Through Your Town In The Snow
Waltz Across Texas
Waltz Of The Angels
Warm Red Wine
Watermelon Time In Georgia
Ways Of Man
Waysideback In Time
We Are The Lonely
We Cant Be Darlings Anymore
We Could
We Dont Grow Tobacco
We Got Paid By Cash
We Irish
We Used To
We Were Made For Each Other
Weeping Willow
Welcome Home
Well Alright
Well Meet Again Sweetheart
Well Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning
Were All In This Thing Together
Were Gonna Build A Fire
West Virginia My Home
What About You
What Aint To Be Just Might Happen
What Are You Trying To Say
What Good Will It Do
What Is Home Without Love
What Is Life Without Love
What Your Leavings Done To Me
Whatever Happened To Randolph Scott
Whats Gonna Happen To Me
Whats He Doing In My World
When God Dips His Pen Of Love In My Heart
When I Close My Eyes
When I Get My Rewards
When I Grow Too Old To Dream
When I Reach That City On The Hill
When I Wake To Sleep No More
When Im Knee Deep In Bluegrass
When Im Sixty Foour
When In Rome
When Its Gone
When Jesus Calls All His Children In
When Mex Joe Met Jole Blon
When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
When My Blue Moon Turns
When The Angels Sing
When The Blues Are Moving In
When The Cactus Is In Bloom
When The Last Of Our Days Shall Come
When The Shiny Silver Eagle
When The Wagon Was New
When World Turned You Down
When You Come Back Down
When You Go Walking
When You Say Nothing At All
Where Beauty Lives In Memory
Where Does The Good Times Go
Where Lonely People Go
Where No Cabins Fall
Where Would I Be Without Jesus
Whiskey Girl
Whiskey Lullaby
White Cross On Okinawa
White Oak On The Hill
White Satin Bed
White Trash Wedding
Who At My Door Is Standing
Who Can Blame You 2
Who Can Blame You
Who Knows Right From Wrong
Who Will Sing For Me 2
Who Will Sing For Me
Whos Cryin Baby
Whos Gonna Mow Your Grass
Why You Said Goodbye
Whyd You Come In Here Lookin Like That
Wild Bill Jones
Wild Mountain Flowers For Mary
Will The Be Unbroken
Will The Circle Be Unbroken
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown
Will You Be Lonesome Too
Will You Ever Miss Me At All
Will You Miss Me At All
Willow Garden
Windy Mountain
Winters Come And Gone
Wires And Wood
Wish I Still Had You
With This Ring I Thee Wed
With You When You Go
Within This Broken Heart Of Mine
Wolverton Mountain
Wont You Come And Sing For
Wouldnt Be So Bad
Wouldnt Change You
Wreck Of Edmund Fitzgerald
Wreck Of The Old 97
Write Me Sweetheart
Yall Come Back Saloon
Yellow Roses
Yes I Guess They Oughta Name A Drink After You
You Aint Gonna Have Ol Buck
You All Come
You And Me
You Are My Flower
You Are My Sunshine
You Are What I Am
You Ask Me To
You Can Go On Your Way Now
You Can Share My Blanket
You Cant Hurry Love
You Cant Take It With You When You Go
You Didnt Say Goodbye
You Dont Have To Be A Baby
You Dont Know How Lucky You Are
You Dont Love God If You Dont Love Your Neighbor
You Got Gold
You May See Me Walkin
You Nearly Lose Your Mind
You Never Even Called Me By My Name
You Pass Me By
You Say Nothing At All
You Two Timed Me
You Were Only Fooling
Youll Be Back
Youll Find Her Name Written There
Youll Forget
Youll Get No More Of Me
Young 2
Your Boats Lost At Sea
Your Flag Decal Wont Get You Into Heaven Anymore
Your Love Is Like A Flower
Your Old Love Letters
Your Tender Lovin Care
Youre For Me
Youre From Texas
Youre Just A Country Boy
Youre Running Wild
Youre The One
Youve Been An Inspiration 2
Youve Been An Inspiration To Me
Youve Got A Lover
Zero To Love

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