Easy how-to: Convert Songs to Different Keys

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Easy, hot-to convert to different keys

I have had some requests to supply songs in different keys with different sets of chords. Supplying lots of new versions is not feasable so as a second best you may this table of help as it will allow you to easily convert chords from one key to another.

Convert Chords to Equivalent Chords in Different Keys


Major Scales (& Common Chords)

1st(Key) C Db D Eb E F Gb G Ab A Bb B
2m Dm Ebm Em Fm F#m Gm Abm Am Bbm Bm Cm C#m
3m Em Fm F#m Gm G#m Am Bbm Bm Cm C#m Dm D#m
4 F Gb G Ab A Bb Cb C Db D Eb E
5 G Ab A Bb B C Db D Eb E F F#
6m Am Bbm Bm Cm C#m Dm Ebm Em Fm F#m Gm G#m
7th B C C# D D# E F F# G G# A A#
8 C Db D Eb E F Gb G Ab A Bb B

 Rarely used optional chords

  D Eb E F F# G Ab A Bb B C C#
  Eb E F Gb G Ab A Bb B C Db D
  Ab A Bb B C Db D Eb E F Bb G
  Bb B C Db D Eb E F Gb G Ab A

How to use:

1)Find what key your song is in, the best indication is to find what chord it ends on, this will nearly always be the key the song is in.
2) Find the key in the yellow row, if for example it is in A look down the column under A and you will see the chords Bm,C#m, D etc, these are the chords most commonly used in this key.
3)Look for the Key in the yellow row which corresponds to the key you want to convert to. For example: If you want to convert to C look along the rows to the C column and use the chords in the same row. So A becomes C if the next chord in your song is Bm in C you will play Dm and for D play F, for E play G etc.
The 5th degree chord (E.g. G in key of C) is often played as a 7th (E.g. G7th in in C), although this is not specifically mentioned in the table just add the 7th if your original key has it

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