Traditional Scottish Folk Music
tune-book & songbook part 2

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Click on the tune number (under Tune #) to go to the page showing that tune. When in that page, left click on the speed selector to play the tune, or click back on your browser to return to this page. Note: The midi arrangements are intended for reference and educational purposes only, and have been designed to emphasize the melody (left channel) and the rhythm with a simple bass and chord backing (right channel)




Tune # Key Lyrics?
A Pint O Wine 000092 CMaj Yes
A Waukrife Minnie 000122 GMaj Yes
Amang The Trees 000283 GMaj Yes
As I Went Out One May Morning 000468 BbMaj Yes
Band O' Shearers, The 000656 CMaj Yes
Barns O' Beneuches, The 000731 AMaj Yes
Baron O' Brackley, The 000733 CMaj Yes
Battle Of Loudon Hill, The 000768 FMaj Yes
Be Kind To Your Nainsel', John 000789 AMaj Yes
Birken Tree, The 000965 DMaj Yes
Blink Over The Burn, Sweet Betty 001059 EbMaj Yes
Bloody Waterloo 001067 GMaj Yes
Bonnie At Morn 001227 AMaj Yes
Bonnie Earl Of Murray, The 001239 GMaj Yes
Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie, The 001206 DMaj Yes
Brewer Lad, The 001386 FMaj Yes
Brown Adam 001463 CMaj Yes
Burke And Hare 001533 DMaj Yes
Ca' The Ewes 001587 GMaj Yes
Captain Kidd 001690 EMaj Yes
Captain's Lady, The 001700 DMaj Yes
Cauld Frosty Morning 001783 FMaj Yes
Chevalier's Lament, The 001870 GMaj Yes
Chevy Chase 001873 GMaj Yes
Crafty Farmer, The 002254 CMaj Yes
Day Returns, The 002485 DMaj Yes
Deaf Woman's Courtship, The 002506 EMaj Yes
Duncan Campbell 002938 CMaj Yes
Duncan Gray 002940 GMaj Yes
Echo Mocks The Corncrake, The 003030 FMaj Yes
Eppie Adair 003115 GMaj Yes
Eppie Morrie 003119 GMaj Yes
Fair Flower Of Northumberland 003196 DMaj Yes
Fairy Dance 003216 DMaj No
False Lover Won Back Or Bonnie Love 003238 DMaj Yes
Feein' Time, The 003347 DMaj Yes
Five Carlins, The 003484 GMaj Yes
Frae The Friends And Land I Love 003642 GMaj Yes
Gallant Forty Twa, The 003725 CMaj Yes
Greyley Yet 004179 GMaj Yes
Hey Tuti Tatey 004495 CMaj Yes
Humors Of The Glen, The 004706 CMaj Yes
I'll Mak You Be Fain To Follow Me 004904 CMaj Yes
Iel Menzie's Bonny Mary, The 010103 DMaj Yes
Inverness Scots Measure, The 005058 DMaj No
It Is Na, Jean, Thy Bonie Face 005098 EbMaj Yes
Jamie Come Try Me 005201 GMaj Yes
John Barleycorn 005334 CMaj Yes
John Come Kiss Me Now 005345 FMaj Yes
Jolly Beggar, The 005447 BbMaj Yes
Kissing My Kate (Merry Hae I Been...) 005706 CMaj Yes
Laddie, Lie Near Me 005787 FMaj Yes
Lass O' Ballochmyle 005916 GMaj Yes
Lord Ronald, My Son 006283 FMaj Yes
MacPherson's Farewell 014649 GMaj Yes
Major Mackie 006489 DMaj No
Mally's Meek 006502 GMaj Yes
Miss Spence's Reel 006877 DMaj No
Miss Wedderburn 006882 AMaj No
My Heart's In The Highlands 007149 CMaj Yes
My Love She's But A Lassie 007183 DMaj Yes
My Peggy's Face 007194 EbMaj Yes
Over The Water To Charlie 007832 DMaj Yes
Peck O' Maut 008024 DMaj Yes
Peggy Alison 008038 FMaj Yes
Rantin' Laddie, The 008516 CMaj Yes
Roll Her On The Hill 008776 DMaj No
Sae Far Awa 008929 GMaj Yes
Saint Annes Reel 008970 DMaj No
Scots Wha Hae Wi' Wallace Bled 009124 EMix Yes
Sir Patrick Spens 009428 BbMaj Yes
Tale Of A Wife, The 009984 BbMaj Yes
Tam Glen 010001 BbMaj Yes
Tibbie Dunbar 010223 FMaj Yes
Twa Corbies 010480 CMaj Yes
Up And Warn A' Willie 010570 GMaj Yes
Wee Cooper O' Fife 010842 FMaj Yes
Wha Is That At My Bower Door? 010900 BbMaj Yes
Where Braving Angry Winter's Storms 011002 AMaj Yes

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