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WHEN A LOCAL PASTOR asked Rev. Moody about the contribution that a gospel singer and song leader such as Ira Sankey brought to his meetings, Moody replied, "If we can only get people to have the words of the Love of God coming from their mouths it's well on its way to residing in their hearts." Sankey wrote several hymns and songs, and composed and arranged music for many more. He collaborated with Philip Bliss and then later with James McGranahan and George Stebbins) on a series of "sacred song" collections published in the United States by Hubert Main through his Biglow & Main Co., and in the United Kingdom by Morgan & Scott, publishers also of his most enduring work, the popular Sacred Songs and Solos(widely known as "Sankey & Moody") which eventually ran to over 1200 works and is still in use today. Sankey served as Biglow & Main's president from 1895 to 1908. He also worked with one of the company's most prolific hymnwriters, Fanny Crosby, who became his friend and music-making partner. His first and most famous composition was 'The Ninety and Nine'. Sankey and Moody were en route from Glasgow, Scotland to Edinburgh in May 1874, as they were to hold a three-day campaign there. (Ref Wikipedia)

THIS COLLECTION was derived from Sacred Songs and Solos (words version) believed to have been published in 1921. A PDF version of the book is avalable for download HERE. For a list of the hymns ordered using Sankey's original numbers from the book see HERE

The transcriptions on this site are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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A Better Day Is Coming A Morning Promise
A Blessing For You Will You Take It
A Christian Band From Far And Near
A Few More Marchings Weary Then Well
A Few More Years Shall Roll A Few More Seasons
A Glory Guilds The Sacred Page Majestic Like The
A Lamp In The Night A Song In Time Of
A Little Pilgrim On Lifes Way
A Little While And We Shall Be
A Long Time I Wandered In Darkness
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God A Bulwark
A Ruler Once Came To Jesus
A Safe Stronghold Our God Is Still
A Sinner Was Wandering At The Eventide
A Song Of Water Bright
A Wonderful Saviour Is Jesus My Lord
Abide With Me Fast Falls The Eventide
Abiding O So Wondrous Sweet
Afflictions Though They Seem Severe
After The Darkest Hour
After The Mist And Shadow After The
Alas And Did My Saviour Bleed And Did My
All All For Thee O Take Me Now Entirely
All For Jesus All For Jesus All My Being
All Hail The Power Of Jesus Name Let Angels
All My Doubts I Give To Jesus
All People That On Earth Do Dwell Sing To The
All The Way My Saviour Leads Me What Have I To Ask
All To Jesus I Surrender All To Him I
All Ye That Pass By To Jesus Draw Nigh
Alleluia Alleluia Hearts To Heaven Sing
Alleluia Jesus Saves Me
Almost Persuaded Now To Believe
Along The River Of Thine We Glide Along The River
Along The Sandy Desert Mid Scorching
Am I A Soldier Of The Cross A Follower
Amazing Grace How Sweet The Sound That Saved A
Amid The Trials Which I Meet Amid The Thorns That
An Open Bible For The World
Angels From The Realms Of Glory
Another Six Days Work Is Done Another Sabbath Is
Anywhere My Saviour Lead My Willing
Anywhere With Jesus I Can Safely Go
Are We Walking Daily Walking
Are You Coming Home Tonight
Are You Shining For Jesus My Brother
Are You Sitting Idle Still Theres Work
Arise And Away Ye Reapers The Fields
Arise And Follow Me
Arise And Shine Thy Light Is Come
Arise My Soul Arise Shake Off Thy Guilty Fears
Arise Young Men Arise Thy Saviours
Army Of Endeavour Bear The Trumpet Call
Art Thou Troubled Sin Oppressed
Art Thou Weary Art Thou Languid
As I Wandered Round The Homestead
As Shadows Cast By Cloud And Sun
Asleep In Jesus Blessed Sleep From Which None Ever
Assembled At Thy Great Command Before Thy Face
At Even Ere The Sun Was Set The Sick
At Evening Time May There Be Light
At The Feast Of Belshazzar And A
Awake And Sing The Song Of Moses And
Awake Awake O Heart Of Mine Sing
Awake Awake The Master Now Is Calling Us
Awake For The Trumpet Is Sounding
Awake My Soul In Joyful Lays And Sing
Awake Our Souls Away Our Fears Let Every Trembling
Back From The Weary Wandering
Be Glad In The Lord And Rejoice All Ye
Be Still O Heart Why Fear And Tremble
Be The Matter What It May
Be Ye Strong In The Lord
Bear The Cross For Jesus Bear It Every
Bear The Cup Of Loving Service
Beautiful Star Of Promise
Beautiful The Fields Beyond The River
Beautiful Valley Of Eden Sweet Is Thy
Beckoning Hands At The Gateway Tonight
Before Jehovahs Awful Throne Ye Nations
Begone Unbelief My Saviour Is Near And
Behold A Fountain Deep And Wide
Behold Behold The Wondrous Love
Behold Me Standing At The Door And Hear Me
Behold The Bridegroom Cometh
Behold The Eastertide Is Here
Behold The Master Now Is Calling
Behold The Saviour Of Mankind Nailed To
Behold What Love What Boundless Love
Believe And Receive The Saviour
Beloved It Is Well It Is Well
Beneath The Cross Of Jesus I Fain
Beyond Our Sight A City Foursquare
Beyond The Light Of Setting Suns
Beyond The Sea Lifes Boundless Sea
Beyond The Smiling And The Weeping I Shall Be Soon
Beyond The Stars That Brightly Gleam
Bless O Lord Each Opening Year To The
Blessed Assurance Jesus Is Mine O What A Foretaste
Blessed Be The Fountain Of Blood
Blessed Hope That In Jesus Is Given
Blessed Is He That Is Trusting The Lord
Blessed Redeemer Full Of Compassion
Blest Is The Tie That Binds Our Hearts In
Brief Life Is Here Our Portion Brief Sorrow Short
Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy
By And By We Shall Know Jesus
By Cool Siloams Shady Rill How Fair The Lily Grow
Call Them In The Poor The Wretched
Calm Me My God And Keep Me Calm
Can It Be That Jesus Bought Me And On
Careless Soul Thy Saviour Sees Thee
Cast Thy Bread Upon The Waters Ye Who
Children Of The Heavenly King As Ye
Christ Has For Sin Atonement Made
Christ Hath Redeemed Us
Christ Hath Risen Hallelujah Blessed
Christ Is Coming Let Creation From Her
Christ Is Knocking At My Sad Heart
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today Alleluia
Christian Dost Thou See Them On The Holy
Christian Seek Not Yet Repose Cast Thy
Christian Soldiers All
Christian Walk Carefully
Christians Wake No Longer Sleep
Climbing Up The Steeps Of Glory
Cling To The Bible Though All Else
Closer Lord To Thee I Cling
Come Close To The Saviour Thy Loving
Come Every Joyful Heart That Loves The
Come Every Soul By Sin Oppressed
Come For All Things Are Ready
Come For The Feast Is Spread Hark To The
Come Holy Ghost In Love Shed On Us From Above
Come Holy Ghost Our Hearts To Inspire
Come Holy Spirit Come Let Thy Bright Beams Arise
Come Holy Spirit Heavenly Dove With All Thy Quick
Come Holy Spirit Like A Dove Descending
Come Home Come Home You Are Weary At
Come Let Us All Unite To Sing God Is
Come Let Us Join Our Cheerful Songs With Angels
Come Let Us Join Our Friends Above Who
Come Let Us To The Lord Our God With Contrite
Come My Soul Thy Suit Prepare Jesus Loves To
Come Near Me O My Saviour Thy Tender
Come O Come And Let Us Worship
Come O Come While Christ Is Calling
Come O Come With Thy Broken Heart
Come On The Wings Of The Morning
Come Sing My Soul And Praise The Lord
Come Sing The Gospels Joyful Sound
Come Sing The Sweet Song
Come Sound His Praise Abroad And Hymns Of Glory
Come Spirit Source Of Light
Come Thou Almighty King Help Us Thy Name To Sing
Come Thou Desire Of All Thy Saints Our
Come Thou Everlasting Spirit Bring To
Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing Tune My Heart To
Come Thou Weary Jesus Calls Thee
Come To Jesus Come Away
Come To Jesus Ye Who Wander
Come To The Saviour Hear His Loving
Come To The Saviour Make No Delay
Come To The Saviour Now He Gently
Come Unto Me It Is The Saviours Voice
Come Unto Me Ye Weary And I Will
Come Unto Me Ye Weary Sorrowing
Come We That Love The Lord And Let Your
Come Weary One And Find Sweet Rest
Come With Happy Faces To The Place Of
Come With Thy Sins To The Fountain
Come Ye Disconsolate Wherever Ye Languish
Come Ye Sinners Poor And Wretched
Come Ye Thankful People Come Raise The
Come Ye Yourselves Apart And Rest Apart
Coming Coming We Are Coming
Conquering Now And Still To Conquer
Crown Him Crown Him Christ Our Lord
Day By Day The Manna Fell O To Learn
Day Is Dying In The West Heaven Is
Days And Moments Quickly Flying
Dear Refuge Of My Weary Soul On Thee When Sorrows
Depth Of Mercy Can There Be Mercy Still
Descend O Flame Of Sacred Fire Now May
Did Christ Over Sinners Weep And Shall Our Cheeks
Dismiss Me Not Thy Service Lord But
Do You Fear The Foe Will In The Conflict
Do You See The Hebrew Captive Kneeling
Down From The Mountains A Gay Little
Down In The Valley With My Saviour
Drawing Near With Full Assurance
Dying With Jesus By Death Reckoned Mine
Early Seeking Early Finding
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Encamped Along The Hills Of Light
Enthroned Is Jesus Now Upon His Heavenly
Eternal Father Strong To Save Whose Arm
Eternal Father Thou Hast Said That
Fade Fade Each Earthly Joy Jesus Is Mine
Fading Away Like The Stars Of The
Faint Yet Persuing We Press Our Way
Faith Is A Living Power From Heaven
Far Above In Highest Heaven
Far And Near The Fields Are Teeming
Far Away Beyond The Shadows
Far Away In The Depths Of My Spirit
Far Away My Steps Had Wandered
Far Far Away In Heathen Darkness
Far Far Beyond The Storms That Gather
Father Before Thy Throne My Soul Would
Father I Stretch My Hands To Thee
Father In High Heaven Dwelling May Our
Father Of Mercies In Your Word What Endless Glory
Fear Not God Is Thy Shield
Fierce And Wild The Storm Is Raging
Firm As A Rock That In The Mighty Ocean
Firmly Stand For God In The Worlds Mad
For Christ And The Church Let Our Voices
For Christ And The Church We Stand
For Christ Is Our Endeavour Our Hearts
For Ever With The Lord Amen So Let It Be
For The Tempted Lord We Pray
For Thee O Dear Dear Country Mine Eyes
For Thy Goodness O My Saviour
For Thy Mercy And Thy Grace Constant
Forward Be Our Watchword Steps And Voice
Fountain Of Purity Opened For Sin
Free From The Law O Happy Condition
Friend Of Sinners Lord Of Glory Lowly
From Every Stormy Wind That Blows From Every
From Greenlands Icy Mountains From
From The Bethlehem Manger Home
From The Cross Uplifted High Where The Saviour
From The Wild And Scorching Desert
From Yonder Western Plain
Gather Them In For There Yet Is Room
Gentle Jesus Meek And Mild Look Upon A
Gird On The Sword And Armour Go Raise
Give Me The Wings Of Faith To Rise
Give Thanks Unto God Who Is Able And
Give To The Winds Thy Fears Hope And Be
Gliding Over Lifes Fitful Waters Heavy
Glorious Things Of Thee Are Spoken Zion City Of
Glory Be To The Father And To The Son
Glory Ever Be To Jesus Gods Own Well
Glory To God On High Let Praises Fill
Glory To Thee My God This Night For All The Bless
Go And Tell Jesus Weary Sin Sick
Go Bury Thy Sorrow The World Hath
Go Labour On Spend And Be Spent Thy Joy To Do The
Go On Your Way Rejoicing
Go Thou In Lifes Fair Morning Go In The Bloom Of
God Be With You Till We Meet Again
God Calling Yet Shall I Not Hear Earths
God Holds The Key Of All Unknown
God Is Here And That To Bless Us
God Is Love His Word Proclaims It
God Loved The World Of Sinners Lost
God Makes My Life A Little Light
God Moves In A Mysterious Way His Wonders To
God Of Love And God Of Might
God Of Mercy God Of Grace Show The
God Save Our Gracious Queen Long Live
God Will Take Care Of You Be Not Afraid
Gods Almighty Arms Are Round Me
Going Forth At Christs Command
Golden Harps Are Sounding Angel Voices
Grace Tis A Charming Sound Harmonious
Gracious Spirit Holy Ghost Taught By
Grand Is The Song Of The Easter Morn
Great God And Wilt Thou Condescend
Great God With Wonder And With Praise On All Thy
Great Is The Lord Who Ruleth Over All
Great Jehovah Mighty Lord Vast And Bound
Great Ruler Of The Land And Sea
Guide Me O Thou Great Redeemer Pilgrim Through
Hail To The Lords Anointed Great David
Hallelujah He Is Risen Jesus Is Gone Up On
Hark A Voice Is Calling Who Will Go
Hark Hark My Soul Angelic Songs
Hark Hark The Song From Youthful Voices
Hark Hark The Song The Ransomed Sing
Hark My Soul It Is The Lord Tis My Saviour Hear
Hark Ten Thousand Heavenly Voices
Hark The Glad Sound The Saviour Comes The Saviour
Hark The Herald Angels Sing Glory To The
Hark The Sinner While God From
Hark The Temperance Bells Are Ringing
Hark The Voice Of Jesus Crying Who Will Go And
Hark There Comes A Whisper
Hark Tis The Shepherds Voice
Hark Tis The Watchmans Cry Wake
Hark What Mean Those Holy Voices Sweetly Sounding
Hast Thou No Room Within The Heart
Hasten Lord The Glorious Time When
Hasten Sinner To Be Wise Stay Not For The Morrows
Have Ye Heard The Song From The Golden
Have You Any Room For Jesus
Have You Been To Jesus For The Cleansing
Have You Had A Kindness Pass It On
Have You On The Lord Believed
He Dies He Dies The Lowly Man Of Sorrows
He Feedeth His Flock Like A Shepherd
He Hath Spoken Be Still
He Is Coming The Man Of Sorrows
He Is Seeking For The Lost
He Leadeth His Own With A Gentle Hand
He Leadeth Me O Blessed Thought By His Own Hand
He Lives And Loves Our Saviour King
He Sendeth The Sunshine And Rain
Hear The Everlasting Song Breaking
Hear Us O Saviour When We Pray Humbly
Hear Us Thou That Broodest Over The
Heavenly Father Bless Me Now
Help Me O Lord The God Of My Salvation
Here Below On Lifes Rough Billows
Here From The World We Turn Jesus To
Hide Me O My Saviour Hide Me In Thy Holy
High In Yonder Heavenly Courts
Ho Every One That Is Thirsty In Spirit
Ho My Comrades See The Signal Waving
Ho Reapers In The Whitened Harvest
Ho Reapers Of Lifes Harvest Why Stand
Hold Thou My Hand So Weak I Am
Holy Father Hear Me Cry Holy Saviour
Holy Ghost With Light Divine Shine Upon
Holy Holy Holy Is The Lord Holy Sing
Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty Early In The
Holy Spirit Faithful Guide Ever Near The
Holy Spirit Lead Us Now
Hope On Hope On O Troubled Heart
How Can We Forget Him Our Blessed
How Dear To My Heart When The Pathway
How Firm A Foundation Ye Saints Of The
How Honoured How Dear That Sacred Abode
How Oft Our Souls Are Lifted Up
How Pleased And Blest Was I To Hear
How Solemn Are The Words
How Sweet My Saviour To Repose
How Sweet The Hour Of Praise And Prayer
How Sweet The Name Of Jesus Sounds In A Believers
Hushed Was The Evening Hymn The Temple
I Am Coming To The Cross I Am Poor And
I Am Far Frae My Hame
I Am Glad I Have Heard Of The Saviours
I Am Not Skilled To Understand What God
I Am Redeemed O Praise The Lord
I Am Sailing Afar On The Ocean Of Life
I Am So Glad That Our Father In Heaven
I Am Thine O Lord I Have Heard Thy Voice
I Am Thine Own O Christ
I Am Thinking Today Of That Beautiful
I Am Trusting Thee Lord Jesus
I Am Waiting For The Master Who Will
I Am Walking On The Waves
I Believed In Gods Wonderful Mercy
I Came A Wanderer And Alone
I Come O Blessed Lord
I Could Not Do Without Thee O Saviour Of
I Feel Like Singing All The Time My Tear
I Gave My Life For Thee My Precious
I Have A Saviour Hes Pleading In Glory
I Have Given Up All For Jesus
I Have Heard Of A Saviours Love And A
I Have Heard Of Jesus
I Have Learnt A Heavenly Secret
I Have Read Of A Beautiful City Far Away
I Hear A Song A Song So Sweet
I Hear The Saviour Say Thy Strength
I Hear The Words Of Love I Gaze Upon
I Hear Thy Welcome Voice That Calls Me Lord To
I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say Come Unto Me And
I Know I Love Thee Better Lord
I Know Not The Hour When My Lord
I Know Not What Awaits Me God Kindly
I Know Not Why Gods Wondrous Grace
I Know That Jesus Ever Lives
I Know That My Redeemer Lives And Ever Prays For
I Know Thy Hand Upholdeth Me
I Lay My Sins On Jesus The Spotless Lamb
I Looked To Jesus In My Sin
I Love Thee Lord Yet Tis No Love Of Mine
I Love Thy Kingdom Lord The House Of
I Love To Hear The Story Which Angel
I Love To Tell The Story Of Unseen Above Of Jesus
I Love To Think Of The Heavenly Land
I Love To Think Though I Am Young
I Met A Stranger Fair To See
I Must Walk Through The Valley
I Need Thee Every Hour Most Gracious
I Once Was A Stranger To Grace
I Sail In The Light That Shines
I Saw A Wayworn Traveller In Tattered
I See Gods Sun Behind Earths Clouds
I Stood Outside The Gate A Poor
I Think When I Read That Sweet Story
I To The Hills Will Lift Mine Eyes From
I Wandered In The Shades Of Night
I Want The Adorning Divine
I Was A Wandering Sheep I Did Not Love
I Was Once Far Away From The Saviour And As Vile
I Was Wandering (sad) And Weary
I Will Praise The Lord With Heart And
I Will Sing Of My Redeemer And His
I Will Sing The Love Of Jesus
I Will Sing The Wondrous Story
I Will Tell The Precious Story
I Will Tell You The Wonderful Story
I Would Commune With Thee My God
I Would Have The Saviour With Me
I Would Not Ask For Earthly Store
I Would Not Live Alway I Ask Not To Stay Where
If I Were A Voice A Persuasive Voice
If In The Valley Where The Bright Waters
If Jesus Should Call You Today Dear
If Jesus Should Call You Today
Im A Pilgrim And A Stranger Rough And
Im A Pilgrim And Im A Stranger I Can Tarry I Can
Im Not Ashamed To Own My Lord
Impatient Heart Be Still What Though
In A World Where Sorrow Ever Will Be
In Ancient Days When Israels Host
In Christ Is Love Abounding
In Grace The Holy God
In Many A Village In Many A Great City
In Robes Made White Through Jesus
In Some Way Or Other The Lord Will Provide
In Tenderness He Sought Me
In The Crimson Blush Of Morning
In The Cross Of Christ I Glory Towering Oer The
In The Early Morning Verdant Fields
In The Fadeless Springtrime
In The Harvest Field There Is Work To Do
In The Heavenly Pastures Fair
In The Hour When Guilt Assails Me
In The Land Of Fadeless Day
In The Land Of Strangers Whither Thou
In The Land Where The Bright Ones
In The Rifted Rock Im Resting Sure And
In The Secret Of His Presence He Will
In The Secret Of His Presence How My
In The Shadow Of His Wings
In The Shadow Of The Highest
In The Shadow Of The Rock
In The Silent Midnight Watches
In Thy Cleft O Rock Of Ages
In Thy Name O Lord Assembling We Thy
Is There A Sinner Awaiting
Is Thy Cruse Of Comfort Wasting Rise And
It Came To Me One Precious Day
It Is A Thing Most Wonderful Almost Too
It Is Not Time That Flies Sleep And Take
It May Be At Morn When The Day
It May Not Be On The Mountains Height
It Passeth Knowledge That Dear Love Of
Ive A Message From The Lord
Ive Found A Friend In Jesus
Ive Found A Friend O Such A Friend
Ive Found A Joy In Sorrow A Secret Balm
Ive Found The Pearl Of Greatest Price
Ive Learned To Sing A Glad New Song
Ive Reached The Land Of Corn And Wine And All Its
Ive Wandered Far Away From God Now Im
Jerusalem My Happy Home Name Ever Dear To Me
Jerusalem The Golden With Milk And Honey
Jesu Lover Of My Soul Let Me To Thy Bosom Fly
Jesus And Shall It Ever Be A Mortal Man
Jesus Beloved Of My Heart
Jesus Bids Us Shine With A Pure Clean
Jesus Calls Us Oer The Tumult Of Our
Jesus Christ Is Passing By Sinner Lift
Jesus Gracious One Calleth Now
Jesus I Am Resting Resting In The Joy
Jesus I My Cross Have Taken All To Leave And
Jesus I Will Trust Thee Trust Thee With
Jesus Is Calling Forth To The Fray
Jesus Is Coming I Sing The Glad Word
Jesus Is Our Shepherd Wiping Every Tear
Jesus Is Tenderly Calling You Home
Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross There A Precious
Jesus Knocks He Calls To Thee
Jesus Knows Thy Sorrow
Jesus Lives And Jesus Leads Though The
Jesus Loves Me This I Know For The Bible
Jesus My All To Heaven Is Gone He Whom I Fix My
Jesus My Lord To Thee I Cry
Jesus My Saviour Is All Things To Me
Jesus My Saviour To Bethlehem Came
Jesus My Shepherd And Saviour Divine
Jesus Of Thee We Never Would Tire
Jesus Redeemed And Made Me Whole
Jesus Saviour On Thy Breast
Jesus Saviour Pilot Me Over Lifes
Jesus Shall Reign Whereer The Sun Does
Jesus Tender Saviour Thou Hast Died
Jesus The Very Thought Of Thee With Gladness
Jesus The Water Of Life Has Given
Jesus Thine All Victorious Love Shed In
Jesus Thou Joy Of Loving Hearts Thou Fount Of Life
Jesus Thou Refuge Of The Soul
Jesus Thy Blood And Righteousness My Beauty Are
Jesus Thy Boundless Love To Me No Thought Can
Jesus Thy Name I Love All Other Names
Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam To Shine
Jesus We Thy Promise Claim We Are
Join All The Glorious Names Of Wisdom
Joy To The World The Lord Is Come Let Earth
Joy To The World The Lord Is Come
Joybells Ringing Children Singing
Just As I Am Without One Plea But That Thy Blood
Just As Thou Art Without One Trace
Just Beyond The Silent River
Keep Step With The Master
Knocking Knocking Who Is There Waiting
Labourers For Christ Arise
Land Ahead Its Fruits Are Waving
Lead Me Gently Home Father Lead Me
Lead Me Now And Lead Me Ever
Lead To The Shadow Of The Rock
Lead Us Heavenly Father Lead Us Oer The
Leader Of Faithful Souls And Guide
Leave Me Not For I Am Lonely And The Way
Leave Not For Tomorrow The Work For
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Let The Light Of Love Shine Clear
Let Us Praise The King Of Heaven To His
Let Us Sing A Song That Will Cheer Us
Let Us Sing Again The Praise Of
Let Us Sing Of The Love Of The Lord
Let Us Sing Of The Wonderful Mercy
Let Us With A Gladsome Mind Praise The Lord For He
Let Us Work And Pray Together
Life At Best Is Very Brief Like The Fall
Life Wears A Different Face To Me
Lift Up Thine Eyes O Watchman The Armies
Lift Up Your Eyes To The Fields That Are
Light After Darkness Gain After Loss
Light In The Darkness Sailor Day Is At
Like A Bird On The Deep
Like A Shepherd Tender True Jesus Leads
Like Some Sweet Bird
Like Wandering Sheep Oer
Little Children May Be Heralds
Lo A Fountain Full And Free
Lo He Comes With Clouds Descending Once
Lo The Day Of God Is Breaking See The
Lone And Weary Sad And Dreary
Lonely Hearts To Comfort
Long In Darkness We Have Waited For The
Look Away To Jesus Soul By Woe
Look Away To The Cross Of The Crucified
Look Not Behind Thee O Sinner
Look To Jesus Weary One
Look To The Saviour On Calvary
Look Unto Me And Be Ye Saved Look
Look Unto Me And Be Ye Saved O
Look Up Look Up Ye Weary Ones
Look Ye Saints The Sight Is Glorious See The Man
Lord At Thy Mercy Seat Humbly I Fall
Lord Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing Fill Our Hearts
Lord For Tomorrow And Its Needs I Do Not
Lord God The Holy Ghost In This Accepted
Lord I Have Made Thy Word My Choice My Lasting
Lord I Hear Of Showers Of Blessing Thou
Lord Jesus I Long To Be Perfectly Whole
Lord Jesus Thou Dost Keep Thy Child
Lord Keep Us Safe This Night
Lord Of The Sabbath Hear Us Pray In This
Lord Speak To Me That I May Speak In
Lord Teach Us How To Pray Aright With
Lord We Come Before Thee Now At Thy Feet
Lord We Gather In Thy Name
Love Divine All Loves Excelling Joy Of Heaven To
Loved With Everlasting Love Led By Grace
Low In The Grave He Lay Jesus Is My
Majestic Sweetness Sits Enthroned Upon The Saviour
Man Of Sorrows What A Name For The Son
March On March On Sing Joyfully
Master The Tempest Is Raging The Billows Are
Meet Me There O Meet Me There
Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory
More About Jesus Would I Know
More Holiness Give Me More Strivings
More Love To Thee O Christ More Love
Mourner Wheresoever Thou Art
Much In Sorrow Oft In Woe Onward Christian Onward
Must I Go And Empty Handed
Must Jesus Bear The Cross Alone And All The World
My Body Soul And Spirit Jesus I Give To
My Country Tis Of Thee Sweet Land Of
My Faith Looks Up To Thee Thou Lamb Of Calvary
My Father Is Rich In Houses He Holdeth The Wealth
My Father This I Ask Of Thee
My Glorious Victor Prince Divine
My God I Have Found The Thrice Blessed
My God I Thank Thee Who Hast Made The
My God Is Any Hour So Sweet From Blush Of Morn To
My God My Father While I Stray Far From
My Heart Is Resting O My God I Will Give
My Hearts In The Homeland
My Hope Is Built On Nothing Less Than Jesus Blood
My Jesus I Love Thee I Know Thou Art Mine
My Life Flows On In Endless Song
My Saviour O What Glories Shine
My Saviour Thou Hast Offered Rest
My Saviours Praises I Will Sing And All
My Soul At Last A Rest Hath Found
My Times Are In Thy Hand My God I Wish Them There
Nearer Blessed Jesus To Thy Wounded
Nearer My God To Thee Nearer To Thee Nearer To
Nearer The Cross My Heart Can Say
Neither Do I Condemn Thee O Words
Never Lose The Golden Rule Keep It
Never Shone A Light So Fair
No Longer Wait My Brother Even Now
No Longer Well Wander In Darkness
Not All The Blood Of Beasts On Jewish Altars Slain
Not Far Not Far From The Kingdom
Not I But Christ Be Honoured Loved Exalt
Not My Own But Saved By Jesus Who
Not Now But In The Coming Years
Not Now My Child A Little More Rough
Not Saved Are We By Trying
Nothing But Leaves The Spirit Grieves
Nothing Either Great Or Small
Now In A Song Of Grateful Praise To My
Now Just A Word For Jesus Your Dearest
Now Let My Soul Eternal King To Thee Its Grateful
Now The Day Is Over Night Is Drawing
O Aching Heart With Sorrow Torn
O Banner Of Jesus In Triumped
O Blessed Home Where Those Who
O Blessed Life The Heart At Rest
O Brother Have You Told How The Lord
O Brother Lifes Journey Beginning
O Child Of God Wait Patiently
O Christ I Will Endeavour To Serve Thee
O Christ In Thee My Soul Hath Found
O Christ What Burdens Bowed Thy Head
O Church Of Christ Behold At Last
O Come All Ye Faithful Joyful And
O Come Sinner Come Tis Mercys Call
O Come To The Saviour Believe
O Could I Speak The Matchless Worth O Could I
O Day Of Rest And Gladness Of Day Of Joy
O Do Not Let The Word Depart
O Eyes That Are Weary And Hearts That Are Sore
O For A Closer Walk With God A Calm And
O For A Faith That Will Not Shrink Though Pressed
O For A Song A Fair New Song
O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing
O For The Peace That Floweth As A River
O Gentle Sweet And Tender Love
O Give Thy Heart To Jesus
O Glorious Hope Of Perfect Love It Lifts Me Up To
O God Of Bethel By Whose Hand Thy People Still Are
O Golden Day When Light Shall Break
O Happy Day That Fixed My Choice On Thee My
O Hear My Cry Be Gracious Now To Me
O Hear The Joyful Message
O Help Me Tell The Story Of Christ My
O Homeland O Homeland
O How Dark The Night That Wrapt
O How Happy Are They Who The Saviour Obey And Have
O Jesus Christ Grow Thou In Me
O Jesus I Have Promised To Serve Thee
O Jesus Saviour Hear My Call
O Jesus Thou Art Standing Outside The
O Land Of Rest For Thee I Sigh When Will The
O Let Us All Endeavour With All Our
O List To The Voice Of The Prophet Of
O List To The Watchman Crying
O Little Town Of Bethlehem How Still We
O Lord Thy Work Revive In Zions Gloomy Hour
O Love Divine How Sweet Thou Art When Shall I Find
O Love That Passeth Knowledge
O Love That Wilt Not Let Me Go I Rest My
O My Redeemer What A Friend
O My Saviour Hear Me Draw Me Close
O Peace Divine And Pure
O Praise Ye The Lord With Heart And With
O Precious Heavenly Knowledge
O Precious Word That Jesus Said
O Sacred Head Now Wounded With Grief
O Safe To The Rock That Is Higher Than I
O Saviour Precious Saviour Whom Yet
O Scatter Seeds Of Loving Deeds
O Serve The Lord With Gladness And Come
O Shall I Be Among The Throng
O Sing Of My Redeemer My Saviour Lord
O Soul Tossed On The Billows Afar From
O Souls In Darkness Groping And Longing
O Spread The Tidings Round
O Suffer Me To Come To Thee
O Sweet Is The Story Of Jesus
O Tell Me The Story That Never
O Tender And Sweet Was
O The Best Friend To Have Is Jesus
O The Bitter Shame And Sorrow That A
O The Clanging Bells Of Time Night And
O The Music Rolling Onward Through The
O The Peaceful Resting Land
O The Precious Gospel Story
O The Precious Love Of Jesus How It
O The Weary Night Is Waning And The
O Think Of The Home Over There By The Side Of
O Thou Precious Saviour
O Thou That Hearest Prayer Attend Our Humble Cry
O To Be Over Yonder In That Bright Land
O Troubled Heart Be Thou Not Afraid
O Troubled Heart There Is A Balm To
O Turn Ye O Turn Ye For Why Will Ye Die
O Wanderer Come To The Fathers Home
O Wanderer From Thy Fathers House
O Wandering Souls Why Will You Roam
O Watchman On The Mountain Height
O Weary Heart There Is A Home Beyond The
O Weary Heart Why Seek In Vain
O Weary Pilgrim Lift Your Head For Joy Cometh
O Weary Pilgrim Lift Your Head For Joy
O Welcome Hour Of Prayer
O What A Saviour That He Died For Me
O What Am I That I Should Be The Object
O What Fellowship O What Joy Is Mine
O What Shall I Do To Be Saved
O What Will You Do With Jesus
O Where Are The Reapers That Garner In
O Where Is He That Trod The Sea O Where
O Who Is This That Cometh From Edoms
O Wonderful Wonderful Word
O Wondrous Name By Prophets Heard
O Word Of Words The Sweetest
O World Of Joy Untold Beyond The Bounds
O Worship The King All Glorious Above O Gratefully
Of Him Who Left His Home Above
On Calvarys Brow My Saviour Died
On Jordans Stormy Banks
On March On O Army Of Endeavour
On That Bright And Golden Morning
On The Mountains Top Appearing Lo The Sacred
On The Resurrection Morning Soul And
On Thee My Heart Is Resting
On Yonder Hill Of Calvary Where Jesus
Once Again The Gospel Message
Once I Was Dead In Sin
Once In Royal Davids City Stood A Lowly
Once It Was The Blessing Now It Is The
Once More At Rest My Peaceful Thoughts
Once More My Soul Thy Saviour
Once More O Lord We Pray
One By One We Cross The River
One Is Our Master
One Little Hour Watching With The Master
One Offer Of Salvation To All The World
One Sweetly Solemn Thought Comes To Me
One There Is Above All Others O How He
One There Is Who Loves Thee Waiting
Only A Beam Of Sunshine
Only A Few More Years
Only A Little While Of Walking With
Only A Little While Sowing And Reaping
Only A Little Word Softly And Kindly Breathed In
Only A Look From My Saviour
Only A Step To Jesus
Only An Armour Bearer Firmly I Stand
Only Jesus Feels And Knows All The
Only To Know That The Path I Tread Is
Only Waiting Till The Shadows Are A Little Longer
Onward Christian Soldiers Marching As To
Onward O Junior Endeavourers
Onward Soldiers Onward Today
Onward Upward Christian Soldier Turn Not
Onward Upward Homeward
Oppressed With Noondays Scorching Heat To Yonder
Our Blest Redeemer Ere He Breathed His Tender Last
Our Fatherland Thy Name So Dear
Our God Our Help In Ages Past Our Hope
Our Junior Band Is Marching On
Our Lamps Are Trimmed And Burning
Our Land For Christ We Sing Our Hearts
Our Life Is Like A Stormy Sea Swept By
Our Lord Is Now Rejected And By The
Our Willing Service Lord To Thee We
Out In The Desert Looking Looking
Out Of Christ And Yet So Near
Out Of My Bondage Sorrow And Night
Out Of The Shadowland
Out On An Ocean All Boundless We Ride
Out On The Mountain Sad And Forsaken
Over Hill And Lofty Mountain
Over The Cold And Chilly Blast
Over The Gloomy Hills Of Darkness Look
Over The River Faces I See Fair As The
Over The River They Call Me Friends That
Over The Thorn And Thistle
Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour Hear My Humble Cry
Peace Perfect Peace In This Dark World
Praise Be To Jesus His Mercy Is Free
Praise Him Praise Him Jesus Our Blessed Redeemer
Praise Our Creator And Saviour
Praise The King Of Glory
Praise The Lord And Worship Him
Praise The Saviour Ye Who Know Him
Praise Ye The Lord Joyfully Shout
Praise Ye The Lord Lift Up The Voice
Pray Always Pray The Holy Spirit Pleads
Pray Brethren Pray The Sands Are Falling
Pray On Pray On Believing Ones
Precious Promise God Has Given
Precious Saviour I Will Praise Thee
Precious Thought My Father Knoweth
Precious Words Like Music Stealing
Press On Press On O Pilgrim
Press Onward Press Onward
Quiet Lord My Froward Heart Make Me
Redeemed From Death
Redemption O Wonderful Story
Rejoice And Be Glad The Redeemer Hath
Rejoice In The Lord O Let His Mercy
Rejoice Rejoice Our King Is Coming
Rejoice Rejoice Ye Saints Rejoice
Rejoice The Lord Is King Your Lord And King Adore
Repeat The Story Over And Over
Rescue The Perishing Care For The Dying Snatch
Rescue The Souls That Perish
Rest In The Lord O Weary Heavy Laden
Rest Of The Weary Joy Of The Sad
Resting On The Faithfulness Of Christ
Return O Wanderer Return And Seek An Injured
Revive Thy Work O Lord O Lord Thy Mighty
Ride On Ride On In Majesty In Lowly
Ring The Bells Of Heaven There Is Joy
Rise Ye Children Of Salvation All Who
Rock Of Ages Cleft For Me Blest Rock Of
Rock Of Ages Shelter Me Let Me Hide Myself In
Rolling Downward Through The Midnight
Safe In The Arms Of Jesus
Saviour Again In Thy Dear Name
Saviour Breathe An Evening Blessing Ere Repose Our
Saviour Help In Our Weakness
Saviour Hold Me Close To Thee
Saviour Lead Me Lest I Stray Gently Lead
Saviour Like A Shepherd Lead Us Much We
Saviour More Than Life To Me I Am Clinging
Saviour Teach Me Day By Day Loves Sweet
Saviour Thy Dying Love Thou Gavest Thee
Saviour Where Thou Leadest We Will
Saviour Who Thy Flock Art Feeding With
Say Where Is Thy Refuge My Brother And What Is Thy
Search Me O God My Actions Try
Search Me O Lord And Try This Heart Of
Seeking The Lost Yes Kindly Entreating
Send The Light O Send It Quickly
Shall We All Meet At Home In The Morning
Shall We Gather At The River Where
Shall We Meet Beyond The River
She Only Touched The Hem Of His Garment
Shining For Jesus Everywhere I Go
Show Me Thy Face
Silently The Shades Of Evening Gather Round My
Simply Trusting Every Day
Sing O Sing The Dear Old Story Of Our
Sing On Ye Joyful Pilgrims Nor Think The
Sing Them Over Again To Me Wonderful Words Of Life
Sing To The Lord Of Harvest
Sinner How Thy Heart Is Troubled
Sinners Jesus Will Receive Sound This
Sit Down Beneath His Shadow And Rest
Sitting By The Gateway Of A Palace Fair
Sitting By The Wayside
Sleep On Beloved Sleep And Take Thy Rest
So Near To The Kingdom Yet What Dost
Soft And Sweet The Bells Are Ringing
Softly And Tenderly Jesus Is Calling
Some Are Sowing Their Seed
Some Day But When I Cannot Tell To Toil And Tears
Some Day The Silver Cord Will Break
Some Day We Say And Turn Our Eyes
Some Have Crossed The Swelling Flood
Some One Will Enter The Pearly Gates
Something Every Heart Is Loving
Sometimes A Light Surprises The
Sometimes I Hear A Strange Music
Songs Of Gladness Never Sadness
Songs Of Praise The Angels Sang Heaven With
Sons Of God Beloved In Jesus
Soon Shall We See The Glorious Morning
Soon Will Come The Setting Sun
Soul Of Mine In Earthly Temple Why Not Here
Sound The Alarm Let The Watchman Cry
Sound The Battle Cry See The Foe Is Nigh
Sow In The Morn Thy Seed At Eve Hold Not Thy Hand
Sowing In The Morning Sowing Seeds
Sowing The Precious Seed In The Early
Sowing The Seed By The Dawnlight Fair
Sowing To The Spirit Sowing Day By Day
Speak Gently Speak Gently O Grieve Not
Speak Kindly For Our Days All Too Few
Speed Away Speed Away
Speed Thy Servants Saviour Speed Them
Speeding Away Over The River Of Time Where The
Spirit Divine Attend Our Prayers And Make Our
Spirit Divine Spirit Divine
Spring Up O Well Of Blessing
Stand Up Stand Up For Jesus Ye Soldiers
Standing By A Purpose True
Standing On The Promises Of Christ My
Star Of Peace To Wanderers Weary Bright The Beams
Stealing From The World Away
Steer Our Bark Away To The Homeland
Step Over The Threshold And Wander No
Still Still With Thee When Purple
Sun Of My Soul Thou Saviour Dear It Is Not Night
Sweet Hour Of Prayer Sweet Hour Of
Sweet Is The Work O God My King To Praise Thy
Sweet The Moments Rich In Blessing Which Before
Take Courage Temperance Workers
Take Me O My Father Take Me
Take My Life And Let It Be Consecrated
Take The Name Of Jesus With You Child Of Sorrow
Take The Wings Of The Morning
Take Thou My Hand And Lead Me
Take Time To Be Holy Speak Oft With Thy
Tell It Out Among The Heathen (nations)
Tell Me The Old Old Story Of Unseen
Tell Me The Story Of Jesus Write On
Tell The Glad Story Of Jesus
Tell The Whole Wide World Of Jesus
Ten Thousand Times Ten Thousand
Tenderly Guide Us O Shepherd Of Love
Tenderly The Shepherd
Thanks For Thy Word O Blessed Redeemer
The Blessed Redeemer Has Found Me
The Blood Has Always Precious Been
The Call Of God Resounding
The Churchs One Foundation Is Jesus
The Cross It Standeth Fast Hallelujah
The Cross That He Gave May Be Heavy
The Dawn Of Gods Dear Sabbath
The Day Star Hath Risen The Night Clouds
The Dear Old Story Of A Saviours Love
The God Of Abraham Praise Who Reigns Enthroned
The Gospel Bells Are Ringing Over Land
The Gospel Of Thy Grace My Stubborn
The Great Physician Now Is Near The Sympathizing
The Head That Once Was Crowned With
The Heavens Declare Thy Glory Lord In Every Star
The Home Beyond The Shadows
The Lord Bless Thee And Keep Thee
The Lord Is Coming By And By
The Lord Is My Refuge
The Lord Is Our Strength And Redeemer
The Lord Of Glory Who Is He
The Lords My Shepherd Ill Not Want
The Lords Our Rock In Him We Hide
The Love That Jesus Had For Me
The Mistakes Of My Life Have Been Many The Sins Of
The Morning Bright With Rosy Light
The Morning Light Is Breaking The Dark
The Prize Is Set Before Us To Win His
The Sands Of Time Are Sinking The Dawn
The Saviour Calls O Come And See
The Son Of God Is Gone To War A King
The Spirit And The Bride Say Come
The Spirit O Sinner In Mercy Doth Move
The Tide Is Flowing Out
The Vows Of God Are Upon You
The Walls Of Jericho Are Strong
The Weary Hours Like Shadows Come
The Whole World Was Lost In The
The Wise May Bring Their Learning
There Are Angels Hovering Round
There Are Lonely Hearts To Cherish While
There Are Shadows In The Valley Where Our Tired
There Comes To My Heart One Sweet
There Is A Calm Beyond Lifes Fitful
There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood
There Is A Gate That Stands Ajar
There Is A Green Hill Far Away Outside A
There Is A Land A Sunny Land
There Is A Land Beyond The Stars
There Is A Land Mine Eye Hath Seen
There Is A Land Of Pure Delight Where Saints
There Is A Land That Lies Afar Where
There Is A Light A Blessed Light
There Is A Light Above
There Is A Paradise Of Rest On Yonder
There Is A Stream Whose Gentle Flow
There Is An Hour Of Hallowed Peace To Mourning
There Is Joy In The Service Of Jesus
There Is Life For A Look
There Is Love True Love
There Is Never A Day So Dreary But God
There Is No Love Like The Love Of Jesus
There Is No Name So Sweet On Earth No Name So
There Is Sunshine In My Soul Today
There May Be Stormy Days
There Shall Be Showers Of Blessing
There Were Ninety And Nine That Safely In The
Therell Be No Dark Valley When Jesus
Theres A Beautiful Land That No Mortal
Theres A Call Comes Ringing
Theres A City That Looks Over The
Theres A Friend For Little Children
Theres A Glorious Kingdom Waiting
Theres A Home Eternal Beautiful And
Theres A Land Of Life And Glory
Theres A Land That Is Fairer Than Day
Theres A Light That Is Shining In
Theres A Royal Banner Given For Display
Theres A Stranger At The Door Let The
Theres A Wonderful Story Ive Heard
Theres Not A Friend Like The Lowly
They Are Gathering Homeward
They Come And Go The Seasons Fair And
They Tell Me Of A Land So Fair Unseen By
This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made He Calls The
This Loving Saviour Stands Patiently
Thou Art Coming O My Saviour Thou Art
Thou Art Fairer Than The Morning O My
Thou Art Gone To The Grave But We Will Not Deplore
Thou Art My Great Physician
Thou Art My Hiding Place O Lord In Thee I Put My
Thou Art My Rock O Blessed Redeemer
Thou Art O Lord My Hiding Place
Thou Dear Redeemer Dying Lamb
Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne And Thy King
Thou I My Saviour May Not See
Thou Knowest Lord Thou Knowest
Thou My Everlasting Portion More Than
Thou Spotless Lamb Of God
Thou Sweet Beloved Will Of God My Anchor
Thou Whose Eternal Word Chaos And Darkness Heard
Thou Whose Hand Thus Far Hath Led Me
Though Troubles Assail And Dangers
Though Your Sins Are Manifold
Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet
Thrice Blessed Spirit Giver Of Salvation
Throw Out The Lifeline Across The Dark
Thy Life Was Given For Me Thy Blood O
Thy Will O Lord Not Mine
Thy Word Is A Lamp To My Feet O Lord
Till He Come O Let The Words Linger On
Till I Learned To Love Thy Name
Time Is Earnest Passing By Death Is Earn
Tis A Goodly Pleasant Kind That We
Tis A True And Faithful Saying
Tis Finished So The Saviour Cried And Meekly Bowed
Tis Known On Earth And Heaven
Tis Midnight And On Olives Brow The Star Is Dim
Tis Only A Little Way On To My Home
Tis The Blessed Hour Of Prayer
Tis The Grandest Theme Through
Tis The Hallowed Hour Of Prayer
Tis The Promise Of God Full Salvation
Tis The Saviour Who Would Claim
To God Be The Glory Great Things He Has
To The Cross Of Christ I Cling
To The Work To The Work
To Us A Child Of Hope Is Born To Us A Son Is
Today The Saviour Calls Ye Wanderers Come
Travelling To The Better Land
Truehearted Wholehearted Faithful
Trust God As A Child Of His Love
Trust On Trust On Believer Though Long
Trusting In The Lord Thy God Onward Go
Trying To Walk In The Steps Of The
Turn Thee O Lost One
Twas Jesus My Saviour Who Died On
Twill Not Be Long Our Journey Here
Under His Wings I Am Safely Abiding
Wake Thou My Harp O Mighty Love That
Walk In The Light And Thou Shalt Know That
Walking In The Sunshine
Watch Earnestly Watch
We Adore Thee O Lord
We Are But Little Children Weak Nor Born
We Are Coming Home To Jesus
We Are Marching To The City On The Hill
We Are Out On The Ocean
We Are Pilgrims Looking Home
We Are Waiting Blessed Saviour
We Bless Thee For Thy Peace O God
We Come Today From Near And Far
We Have A Firm Foundation Whose Hope
We Have Heard A Joyful Sound Jesus Saves
We Know Theres A Bright And Glorious
We May Not Climb The Heavenly Steeps
We Meet Again With Hearts Aflame To
We Never Grow Weary Of Telling
We Plough The Fields And Scatter
We Praise Thee O Lord For The Bountiful
We Praise Thee We Bless Thee Our Saviour
We Shall Meet Beyond The River By And By
We Shall Reach The Summer Land
We Shall Sleep But Not Forever There Will Be A
We Shall Stand Before The King
We Speak Of The Land Of The Blest
We Walk By Faith And O How Sweet
We Want The Young For Jesus
We Will Not Despair Though Storms
We Would See Jesus For The Shadows
Weary Child Thy Sin Forsaking
Weary Of Self And Laden With My Sin
Weary Of Wandering Long My Sore Heart
Weary Wanderer Stop And Listen
Weeping Will Not Save Me
Were Banded Together In Christian
Were Marching To Canaan With Banner
Were Soldiers Of The King Redeemed
What A Blessed Hope Is Mine
What A Friend We Have In Jesus
What Can Wash Away My Sin
What Means This Eager Anxious Throng
What Shall I Do With Jesus I Hear His
What Though Clouds Are Hovering Over Me
What Though The Accuser Roar Of Ills
What Various Hindrances We Meet In Coming To The
What Will It Matter By And By What Will
Whatever You Do Wherever You Go
When All My Labours And Trials
When All Thy Mercies O My God My Rising
When For Me The Sunlight Gleams
When God Of Old The Way Of Life
When He Cometh When He Cometh
When I Came To Jesus
When I Shall Wake In That Fair Morn
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross On Which The
When Jesus Comes To Reward
When Jesus Shall Gather The Nations
When My Life Work Is Ended
When Our Heads Are Bowed With Woe When Our Bitter
When Our Ships Have Crossed
When Peace Like A River Attendeth My Way
When Storms Around Are Sweeping
When The Heart Made Pure Is The Temple
When The Mists Have Rolled In Splendour
When The Storms Of Life Are Raging
When The Trumpet Of The Lord Shall Sound
When This Passing World Is Done When Has Sunk Yon
When Upon Lifes Billows You Are Tempest
When We Gather At Last Over Jordan
When We Walk With The Lord
Where Hast Thou Built Thine House
Where Is My Wandering Boy Tonight
Where My Saviours Hand Is Guiding
Where The Faded Flower Shall Freshen
Where Will You Spend Eternity
Wherever My Fathers Hand May Guide Me
While Jesus Whispers To You
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks By
While We Pray And While We Plead
While With Ceaseless Course The Sun Hasted Through
Who Are These Whose Songs Are
Who Came Down From Heaven To Earth
Who Is He In Yonder Stall
Who Is On The Lords Side Who Will Serve
Who Who Are These Beside The Chilly Wave
Who Who Will Go To Bind The Broken Heart
Who Will Man The Lifeboat
Whoever Receiveth The Crucified One
Whom Have I Lord In Heaven But Thee
Whosoever Heareth Shout Shout The Sound
Why Do You Linger Why Do You Stay
Why Do You Wait Dear Brother
Why Perish With Cold And Hunger
Why Should We Start And Fear To Die What Timorous
Why Waitest Thou O Burdened Soul
Will Our Lamps Be Filled And Ready
Will There Be Light At Eventide
Will You Meet Me At The Fountain
Will You Meet Me In The Morning
Will Your Anchor Hold In The Storms Of
Wilt Thou Not Come O Soul Opprest
With Cheerful Songs And Hymns
With Friends On Earth We Meet
With Harps And With Vials
With Joy I Draw From Gods Well
With My Saviour Ever Near To Guide Me
With Songs And Honours Sounding Loud Address The
Work For The Night Is Coming Work
Work For Time Is Flying
Would We Be Joyful In The Lord
Would You Be Free From The Burden
Wouldst Thou O Weary Soul
Ye Christian Heralds Go Proclaim Salvation Through
Ye Servants Of God Your Master Proclaim
Yes For Me For Me He Careth
Yes Well Meet Again In The Morning In
Yet There Is Room The Lambs Bright Hall
Yield Not To Temptation For Yielding Is
Yielded To God My Body Soul And Spirit
Young Men In Christ The Lord Own Him
Youre Starting My Boy On Lifes Journey

There are also many other Christian pieces on this site which are included with other collections, e.g. the Children's Songs section contains quite a few.