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A Peter, Paul and Mary Songbook (400+ songs) lyrics and chords for guitar, ukulele banjo etc.

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Songs Of Peter, Paul and Mary 1962, lyrics and chords

PETER, PAUL AND MARY were a United States folk-singing trio whose nearly 50-year career began with their rise to become a paradigm for 1960s folk music. The trio was composed of folk song writer Peter Yarrow, (Noel) Paul Stookey and Mary Travers. After the death of Mary Travers in 2009, Yarrow and Stookey continued to perform as a duo under their individual names.
Mary Travers has said she was influenced by Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and the Weavers. In the documentary Peter, Paul & Mary: Carry It On — A Musical Legacy members of the Weavers discuss how Peter, Paul and Mary took over the torch of the social commentary of folk music in the 1960s. Manager Albert Grossman created Peter, Paul and Mary in 1961, after auditioning several singers in the New York folk scene, including Dave Van Ronk, who was rejected as too idiosyncratic and uncommercial. After rehearsing Yarrow, Stookey and Travers out of town in Boston and Miami, Grossman booked them into The Bitter End, a coffee house, nightclub and popular folk music venue in New York City's Greenwich Village. They recorded their first self-titled debut album, Peter, Paul and Mary, the following year. It included "Lemon Tree", "500 Miles", and the Pete Seeger hit tunes "If I Had a Hammer" (subtitled "The Hammer Song") and "Where Have All the Flowers Gone?". The album was listed in the Billboard Magazine Top Ten for 10 months, including seven weeks in the #1 position. It remained a main catalog-seller for decades to come, eventually selling over two million copies, earning Double Platinum certification from the RIAA in the United States alone. In 1963 the group also released "Puff, the Magic Dragon", with music by Yarrow and words based on a poem that had been written by a fellow student at Cornell, Leonard Lipton. Despite urban myths that insist the song is filled with drug references, it is actually about the lost innocence of childhood. That year the group performed "If I Had a Hammer" and "Blowin' in the Wind" at the 1963 March on Washington, best remembered for Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. One of their biggest hit singles was the Bob Dylan song "Blowin' in the Wind". They also sang other Bob Dylan songs, such as "The Times They Are a-Changin'"; "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right," and "When the Ship Comes In." Their success with Dylan's "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" helped Dylan's "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan" album rise into the Top 30; it had been released four months earlier. (Ref Wikipedia)

THIS COLLECTION OF Peter, Paul and Mary lyrics, includes some 400 songs. Many of the song lyrics also have chords marked as well as some guitar tab, the ones with chords are identified in the song list below by a "CRD" suffix. IMPORTANT this collection does include some traditional songs but MANY are still under copyright. Should you wish to use these lyrics for any purpose other that personal study you should contact the copyright owners, detail of these have been provided in the header of each song(were available). Also be aware that transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance and may contain errors or interpretive bias. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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Below is a list of all the songs available in this section, to view the lyrics/chords choose the initial letter of the title from the tool-bar at the top of this page. CRD suffix = chords included.
24 Green Street
500 Miles CRD
500 Miles
75 Septembers
A Reason To Believe CRD
A Soal In Cake Tab
A Soalin CRD
A Soalin
All Gods Critters
All Mixed Up CRD
All Mixed Up
All My Trials CRD
All My Trials
All Through The Night
And When I Die
Anger In The Land CRD
Apologize CRD
Autumn To May CRD
Autumn To May
Babylon CRD
Babylonoh Sinner Man
Ballad Of Spring Hill
Ballad Of Springhill CRD
Bamboo CRD
Beautiful City
Because All Men Are Brothers CRD
Because All Men Are Brothers
Been On The Road Too Long
Best Of Friends
Betty And Dupree CRD
Betty And Dupree
Big Boat CRD
Big Boat
Blowin In The Wind CRD
Blowin In The Wind
Blue CRD
Boa Constrictor CRD
Boa Constrictor Song CRD
Boa Constrictor
Bob Dylans Dream CRD
Bob Dylans Dream
Brother, (Buddy) Can You Spare A Dime
Brother Can You Spare A Dime CRD
But A Moment
By Surprise
Cant Help But Wonder CRD
Car Car
Children Go Where I Send Thee
Children Go Where I Send You CRD
Christmas Dinner CRD
Christmas Dinner
Come All Ye Fair And Tender Maidens CRD
Come And Go With Me CRD
Come And Go With Me
Coming Of The Roads
Conscientious Objector
Cruel War
Dannys Downs
Day Is Done CRD
Day Is Done Ver2 CRD
Day Is Done
Delivery Delayed
Deportee CRD
Dodi Li CRD
Dodi Li
Dont Ever Take Away My Freedom
Dont Go Down To The Quarry CRD
Dont Go Down To The Quarry
Dont Laugh At Me CRD
Dont Laugh At Me
Dont Think Twice, Its All Right
Dont Think Twice CRD
Dont Think Twice Its Alright CRD
Down By The Riverside CRD
Down By The Riverside
Early In The Morning CRD
Early In The Morning
Early Mornin Rain
Early Morning Rain CRD
El Salvador CRD
El Salvador
Erika With The Windy Yellow Hair
Every Flower
Fair Ireland
Fathers House
Five Hundred Miles CRD
Flora CRD
Follow Me
For Baby (for Bobbie)
For Baby D CRD
For Baby G CRD
For Lovin Me
For The Love Of It All
Forever Young
Freedom Medley
Freight Train CRD
Freight Train
Gabriels Mothers Hiway Ballad No. 16 Blues
Garden Song
Gilgarra Mountain CRD
Gilgarra Mountain
Give A Damn
Going To The Zoo CRD
Going To The Zoo
Golden Vanity CRD
Golden Vanity
Gone The Rainbow CRD
Gone The Rainbow
Good Times We Had CRD
Goodbye Baby
Goodbye Josh
Goodnight Irene
Greenland Whale Fisheries CRD
Greenland Whale Fisheries
Hangman CRD
Have You Been To Jail For Justice
Hayo, Haya
Hey Sad Sack
Home Is Where The Heart Is
Home Is Where The Heart Is1
Home On The Range
Home On The Range CRD
House Of The Rising Sun CRD
House Of The Rising Sun
How Can I Keep From Singing
How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down CRD
Hurry Sundown CRD
Hurry Sundown
Hush A Bye CRD
Hush A Bye
Hymn CRD
I Am Your Child
I Dig Rock And Roll Music CRD
I Dig Rock And Roll Music
I Guess Hed Rather Be In Colorado
I Have A Song To Sing CRD
I Have A Song To Sing
I Know An Old Lady CRD
I Know An Old Lady
I Need Me To Be For Me
I Need Me To Be For Me1
I Shall Be Released
I Wish
I Wonder As I Wander CRD
I Wonder As I Wander
Id Rather Be In Love
If I Had A Hammer CRD
If I Had A Hammer
If I Had My Way CRD
If I Had My Way
If I Had Wings C CRD
If I Had Wings G CRD
If I Had Wings
If I Were Free
Im In Love With A Big Blue Frog CRD
Im In Love With A Big Blue Frog
Indian Sunset
Invisible People
It Aint Me Babe CRD
It Aint Me Babe
Its Magic
Its Raining CRD
Its Raining
Jane, Jane CRD
Jane, Jane
Jesus Is On The Wire
Jesus Met The Woman
Jimmy Whalen CRD
Jimmy Whalen
John Henry Bosworth
Ju Les Ver Negre En Cheese
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Le Deserteur
Leatherwing Bat CRD
Leatherwing Bat
Leaving On A Jet Plane CRD
Leaving On A Jet Plane Ver2 CRD
Leaving On A Jet Plane
Leaving On A Jetplane CRD
Lemon Tree CRD
Lemon Tree
Light One Candle CRD
Light One Candle
Like The First Time
Lily Of The West CRD
Listen, Mr. Bilbo (mr. Bigot)
Long Chain On
Love City (postcards To Duluth)
Love City CRD
Make Believe Town CRD
Make Believe Town
Man Come Into Egypt CRD
Man Come Into Egypt
Man Of Constant Sorrow CRD
Man Of Constant Sorrow
Mary Beth
Meanings Will Change
Mi Caballo Blanco
Michael Row The Boat Ashore
Moments Of Soft Persuasion
Mon Vrai Destin
Monday Morning CRD
Monday Morning
Morning Train CRD
Morning Train
Motherless Child CRD
Motherless Child
Ms. Rheingold
Music Speaks Louder Than Words CRD
Music Speaks Louder Than Words
My Love And I CRD
No Easy Walk To Freedom CRD
No Easy Walk To Freedom
No Mans Land CRD
No Mans Land
No Other Name C CRD
No Other Name CRD
No Other Name D CRD
No Other Name
Norman Normal CRD
Norman Normal
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
O Come O Come Emmanuel CRD
O Waly Waly CRD
Of This World
Oh, Had I A Golden Thread
Oh, Rock My Soul
Oh Rock My Soul CRD
Old Coat CRD
Old Coat
Old Enough (Ode To An Aging Rocker)
On A Desert Island CRD
On A Desert Island
On The Path Of Glory
One Kind Favor
One Tin Soldier CRD
One Tin Soldier Ver2 CRD
Pack Up Your Sorrows CRD
Pack Up Your Sorrows
Pastures Of Plenty CRD
Pastures Of Plenty
Pauls Wedding Song CRD
Platos Song
Poem For Erika And For Baby CRD
Poem For Erika For Baby
Polly Von CRD
Polly Von
Power CRD
Pretty Mary
Puff, The Magic Dragon
Puff CRD
Puff The Magic Dragon Acoustic CRD
Quit Your Low Down Ways
Reason To Believe
Rhymes And Reasons
Rich Man Poor Man CRD
Rich Man Poor Man
Right Field
River Of Jordan
Rocky Road CRD
Rocky Road
Rolling Home CRD
Rolling Home
San Francisco Bay Blues CRD
San Francisco Bay Blues
September Song
Settle Down CRD
Settle Down
Settle Down2 CRD
She Dreams CRD
She Dreams
Side Road
Single Girl CRD
Single Girl
Soalin Tablature CRD
Some Walls
Sometime Lovin
Sometime Loving CRD
Sometime Loving G CRD
Somos El Barco CRD
Somos El Barco
Song For The Asking
Song Of Peace (finlandia)
State Of The Heart
Stewball CRD
Stewball Ver2 CRD
Such Is Love
Summer Highland Falls
Sweet Survivor CRD
Sweet Survivor
Take Off Your Mask
Take The Chance
Talkin Candy Bar Blues
Tall Pine Trees
Tell It On The Mountain CRD
Tell It On The Mountain
Tender Hands
Thats What You Get For Lovin Me CRD
The Cherry Tree Carol
The Cherry Tree Carol1
The Coming Of The Roads CRD
The Cruel War CRD
The Cuckoo CRD
The Cuckoo
The Eddystone Light
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
The Fox CRD
The Fox
The Friendly Beasts
The Golden Vanity CRD
The Good Times We Had CRD
The Good Times We Had
The Great Mandala
The Great Mandalla CRD
The House Song CRD
The House Song
The Kid CRD
The Kid
The King Of Names CRD
The King Of Names
The Last Thing On My Mind CRD
The Last Thing On My Mind
The Love In You
The Love In You1
The Magi The Heart Of Mans A Palace CRD
The Magi
The Magi1
The Marvelous Toy CRD
The Marvelous Toy
The Other Side Of This Life
The Other Side Of This Life1
The Rising Of The Moon CRD
The Rising Of The Moon
The Song Is Love CRD
The Song Is Love E CRD
The Song Is Love
The Three Ravens CRD
The Times They Are A Changin CRD
The Times They Are A Changin
The Times They Are A Changing CRD
The Unicorn Song CRD
The Unicorn Song
There But For Fortune
There Is A Ship The Water Is Wide CRD
There Is A Ship
Theres Anger In The Land
This Land Is Your Land CRD
This Land Is Your Land
This Train 2 CRD
This Train CRD
This Train
Three Ravens CRD
Three Ravens
Times They Are A Changiin CRD
Tiny Sparrow CRD
Tiny Sparrow
Too Much Of Nothing CRD
Too Much Of Nothing
Tramp On The Street CRD
Tramp On The Street
Tryin To Win
Twas The Night Before Christmas CRD
Twas The Night Before Christmas
Union Medley
Very Last Day CRD
Very Last Day Ver2 CRD
Very Last Day
Virtual Party CRD
Virtual Party
Wanderin Nobody Knows You CRD
Wanderinnobody Knows You When Youre Down And Out
Wasnt That A Time CRD
Wasnt That A Time
Wayfaring Stranger
We Shall Overcome CRD
We Shall Overcome
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Weave Me The Sunshine CRD
Weave Me The Sunshine
Wedding Song (There Is Love)
Wedding Song CRD
Weep For Jamie CRD
Weep For Jamie
Well, Well, Well
Well Well Well CRD
Whatshername CRD
When The Ship Comes In CRD
When The Ship Comes In
Where Have All The Flowers Gone CRD
Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Whispered Words
Wild Places
Wings Of Time
With Your Face To The Wind CRD
With Your Face To The Wind
Would You Like To Learn To Dance
Yesterdays Tomorrow CRD
Yesterdays Tomorrow
Yuppies In The Sky CRD
Yuppies In The Sky

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