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A Donovan Leitch Songbook (300+ songs) lyrics and chords for guitar, ukulele banjo etc.

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Donovan - Catch The Wind LP cover

DONOVAN (BORN DONOVAN PHILIPS LEITCH, 10 May 1946) is a Scottish singer, songwriter and guitarist. Initially labelled an imitator of Bob Dylan, he developed an eclectic and distinctive style that blended folk, jazz, pop, psychedelia, and world music (notably calypso).

He has variously lived in Scotland, London, and California, and, since at least 2008, has lived in County Cork, Ireland with his family. Emerging from the British folk scene, Donovan shot to fame in the United Kingdom in early 1965 with a series of live performances on the pop TV series, Ready Steady Go!. Having initially signed with Pye Records in 1965, he recorded a handful of singles and two albums in the folk music vein, but after signing a new contract with U.S. CBS/Epic Records his popularity spread to other countries. After extricating himself from his original management contract, he began a long and successful collaboration with Mickie Most, one of the leading British independent record producers of the era, scoring a string of hits in the UK, the US and other countries. His most successful singles in the 1960s included the early UK hits "Catch the Wind", "Colours" and "The Universal Soldier" in 1965, while "Sunshine Superman" topped the US Billboard Hot 100 chart (reached number two in Britain), and "Mellow Yellow" reached US number two the following year, with "Hurdy Gurdy Man" reaching the Top 5 on both shores in 1968. He was the first artist to be signed to CBS/Epic Records by then-new Administrative Vice President Clive Davis. Donovan and Most collaborated on a series of hit albums and singles between 1965 and 1970.[5] He became a friend of leading pop musicians including Joan Baez, Brian Jones, and The Beatles. He taught John Lennon a finger-picking guitar style in 1968. Donovan's commercial fortunes waned after parting with Most in 1969, and he left the industry for a time. Donovan continued to perform and record sporadically in the 1970s and 1980s. His musical style and hippie image was scorned by critics, especially after the advent of punk rock. He withdrew from performing and recording several times during his career, but he underwent a revival in the 1990s with the emergence of the rave scene in Britain.

THIS COLLECTION OF Donovan Leitch lyrics with chords, includes some 300 songs. Many of the song lyrics also have chords marked, the ones with chords are identified in the song list below by a "CRD" suffix. IMPORTANT this collection does include some traditional songs but MOST are still under copyright. Should you wish to use these lyrics for any purpose other that personal study you should contact the copyright owners, detail of these have been provided in the header of each song(were available). Also be aware that transcriptions are made by many different individuals from all over the world for their own research and instruction and as such should not be considered definitive "official" versions, or representative of any particular artist or performance and may contain errors or interpretive bias. They are being shared on this site for educational purposes only, please see our copyright page for more info.

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Should you need a print-out of the song, PDF versions (without banners or adverts) are available from the link at the bottom of each song page. Right click and use "Save target as" to download the file.

Below is a list of all the songs available in this section, to view the lyrics/chords choose the initial letter of the title from the tool-bar at the top of this page. CRD suffix = chords included.
A Soldier's Dream CRD
Actor, The
Age Of Treason
As I Recall It
Astral Angel
Atlantis CRD
Aye My Love CRD
Ballad Of A Crystal Man CRD
Ballad Of Geraldine CRD
Barabajagal CRD
Be Mine
Beat Cafe
Belated Forgiveness Plea CRD
Bert's Blues
Big Pop Star
Black Widow
Bleak City Woman CRD
Boy For Every Girl
Brave New World
Breath, The
Breezes Of Patchulie CRD
Brother Sun Sister Moon CRD
Bye Bye Girl
Can Ye Dance
Candy Man CRD
Car Car CRD
Catch The Wind CRD
Celeste CRD
Celia Of The Seals CRD
Celtic Rock CRD
Celtic Rock
Cherchez L'erreur
Children Of The World
Circus Of Sour CRD
Clara Clairvoyant CRD
Cleared Browed One, The
Co'dine CRD
Colours CRD
Comin' To You
Cosmic Wheels CRD
Coulter's Candy
Crazy 'bout A Woman
Cryin' Shame
Cuckoo, The
Curry Land
Cuttin' Out CRD
Dare To Be Different
Dark Eyed Blue Jean Angel
Darkness Of My Night
Dear Heart
Deep Peace
Devil Weed
Diggin' The Future Now
Dignity Of Man, The
Dirty Old Town
Divine Daze Of Deathless Delight
Do Not Go Gentle
Donna Donna CRD
Dreams Of Love
E Motion
Earth Sign Man
Eldorado CRD
Enchanted Gypsy, The
Entertaining Of A Shy Girl, The
Epistle To Derroll CRD
Epistle To Dippy CRD
Evelasting Sea CRD
Evernow, The
Every Man Has His Chain CRD
Every Reason
Fat Angel, The CRD
Ferris Wheel
Ferryman's Daughter, The
Fishes In Love
Flute Man, The
Forever Your Love
Freedom Road
Funny Man, A
Garden, The CRD
Gentle Heart
Get Thy Bearings CRD
Give It All Up
Gold Watch Blues CRD
Great Song In The Sky, The
Guinevere CRD
Half Moon Bay
Hampstead Incident CRD
Happiness Runs CRD
Heights Of Alma, The
Henry Martin
Hey Gyp(dig The Slowness) CRD
Hi Its Been A Long Time
High Your Love
Hills Of Tuscany, The
House Of Jansch CRD
How Silly
Hurdy Gurdy Man, The CRD
I'm An American
I Am The Shaman
I Like You CRD
I Love My Shirt CRD
I Love You Baby
Illusion, The
In An Old Time Picture Book
Intergalactic Laxative, The CRD
International Man, The
Island Of Circles
Isle Of Islay CRD
Isle Of Sadness
Ja Healer
Jabberywocky CRD
Jackie Beanstalk
Jennifer Juniper CRD
Jersey Thursday CRD
Joe Beans Theme CRD
Johnny Tuff
Josie CRD
Kalifornia Kiddies
Keep On Truckin CRD
La Moora
Lady Of The Flowers
Lady Of The Lamp
Lady Of The Stars
Lalena CRD
Lay Down Lassie
Lay Of The Last Tinker
Lazy Daze CRD
Legend Of A Girl Child Linda CRD
Liberation Rag
Life Goes On
Life Is A Merry Go Round CRD
Light, The
Little Ben
Little Boy In Corduroy CRD
Little Church, The
Little Teddy Bear
Little Tin Soldier, The CRD
Little White Road, The CRD
Living For The Love Light
Local Boy Chops Wood
London Town CRD
Lord Of The Dance
Lord Of The Universe
Lord Reedy River
Lost Time
Love Floats
Love Is Only Feeling
Love Of My Life
Love Seed
Love Song, The
Love Will Find A Way CRD
Lovely Day, The CRD
Lovely Day, This (instrumental) CRD
Lover O Lover
Lullaby Of Spring, The CRD
Mad John's Escape CRD
Magpie, The CRD
Make Up Your Mind
Mandolin And The Secret, The CRD
Maria Magenta
Marjorie Margerine
Maya's Dance
Mee Mee I Love You
Mellow Yellow CRD
Mistaken Eternity
Moon Rok
Mountain, The
Mr Wind CRD
Mr. Flute Man
Museum CRD
Music Maker, The
My Love Is True
Nature Friends
New Year's Resolution
No Hunger
No Man's Land
Observation, The
Oh Deed I Do CRD
Oh Gosh CRD
Olive Tree, The
One Night In Time
Only The Blues
Only To Be Expected
Operating Manual For Spaceship Earth
Ordinary Family, The
Owl And The Pussycat, The
Pamela Jo
Pebble And The Man CRD
Pee Song, The
People Call Me Pied Piper CRD
People Used To CRD
People Used To
Please Don't Bend CRD
Poke At The Pope
Poor Cow CRD
Poor Man's Sunshine
Preachin' Love
Queen Mab CRD
Quest, The CRD
Question, The
Ramblin' Boy CRD
Refugee Of Love
Remember The Alamo CRD
Ride A Mile
Riki Tiki Tavi CRD
River Of Ruin CRD
River Song, The CRD
Road, The
Rock N Roll Souljer
Rock N Roll With Me
Roots Of Oak CRD
Rules And Regulations CRD
Sadness CRD
Sailing Homeward
Salvation Stomp
Sand And Foam CRD
Save The World
Season Of Farewell
Season Of The Witch CRD
Seller Of The Stars
Sensitive Kind, The
Shape In The Sky
Sing My Song
Skip A Long Sam CRD
Slow Down World
Soldiers Dream CRD
Someone Singing CRD
Song For John
Song Of The Naturalist's Wife CRD
Song Of Wandering Aengus, The
Song Of Wandering Aengus CRD
St. Valentine's Angel
Star, The
Starfish On The Toast CRD
Still Waters
Summer Day Reflection Song CRD
Sun Is A Very Magic Fellow, The
Sun Magic
Sunny Day
Sunny Goodge Street CRD
Sunny South Kensington
Sunshine Superman CRD
Superlungs CRD
Superlungs My Girl CRD
Talkin' Pop Star Blues
Tangerine Puppet CRD
Teen Angel CRD
The Breath
The Divine Daze Of Deathless Delight
There Are No Roads
There Is A Mountain CRD
There Is An Ocean CRD
There Is An Ocean
There Was A Time CRD
Things To Wear
Three King Fishers CRD
Till I See You Again
Tinker And The Crab, The CRD
Tinker Tune CRD
To Sing To For You CRD
To Susan On The West Coast CRD
To Try For The Sun CRD
Trip, The CRD
Trudi CRD
Turquoise CRD
Two Lovers CRD
Under The Greenwood Tree CRD
Unicorn, The
Universal Soldier CRD
Universe I Am
Voice Of Protest, The
Voyage Into The Golden Screen CRD
Voyage To The Moon, The CRD
Walrus And The Carpenter, The
War Drags On, The CRD
Way, The
We Are One
Wear Your Love Like Heaven CRD
Well Known Has Been, A
West Indian Lady
What's A Girl
What The Soul Desires CRD
When All The World Is Young
Where Is She CRD
Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do CRD
Widow With Shawl CRD
Wild Witch Lady
Woman's Work, A
Working Man, A
Writer In The Sun CRD
Wynken, Blynken, And Nod CRD
Year Is Awakening, The
Yellow Star CRD
Yin My Yang
You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond
You Do Belong
You Got Me Reeling
Young But Growing CRD
Young Girl Blues CRD
Your Broken Heart

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