Cowboy Dances

A collection of Traditional Western Square Dances By Lloyd Shaw

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to promenade back to their own positions, keeping their place in their square wiiile they do so. Some couples, lacking a strong geometric sense, loiter or wander off into other squares or out around the hall or simply stand bewildered, while other couples "cut-the-pie" and get the square all mixed up. A few minutes taken to wralk them slowly through the whole Allemande and Right and left to the Promenade is time well spent with beginners.
Another difficulty arises from the failure of the first gentleman to have his lady on his right when they present themselves to the third couple. If the lady is on the left side of him, it will put two ladies on one side of the Right hand star and two gentlemen on the other side. This will make the swinging of the opposites with the right hands very difficult and confused. The two ladies should be opposite each other and the two gentlemen opposite each other in the star. And this can be accomplished only if the lady is on her gentleman's right side as they approach the new couple.
As soon as all the difficulties are straightened out the music can begin again and the dance continue, going on where you left off and, of course, not repeating the in­troduction. The call continues:
Second couple out
To the couple on the right,
Form a star with the right hand cross, etc.
With an on to the next and an on to the next and then a bal­ance and everybody swing the dance continues. Again they all do an Allemande left and a Grand right and left and a Promenade to places.
Then it is all repeated for the third couple around, and after another Grand right and left it is again repeated for the fourth couple all the way around. After the final prome­nade, the call is often given:
Promenade, you know where, And I don't care. Take your honey To a nice soft chair.
And that set is over.
Since the call for the figure has to be repeated until it has been given twelve times, it is customary to alter it now and