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You Denied Your Love

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You Denied Your Love


  instrumental intro = verse 1


        E                 B7                              E

1. That was the day when you went away,

                             B7                              E

    you broke my heart in the month of May,

                   A                     E

    that little ring I gave to you

                                   B7                         E

    was to show you, dear, my love was true.      + instr. = verse 1


          E                B7                             E

2. Sweet are the flowers of our friendship,

                     B7                                  E

    that has bloomed our whole life through,

                         A                                  E

    but ne'er forget though you're far away

                               B7                   E

    they're blooming in my heart today.         + instr. = verse 3


       E                       B7                               E

3. You denied your love, but you proved it so,

                          B7                                     E

    you came to see me when the sun was low

                             A                             E

    you broke my heart, but you were kind,

                                    B7                             E

    when you said, oh dear, you'll never be mine. + instr. = verse 3


     E               B7                              E

4. Oh, let me tell you what love will do,

                          B7                          E

    if you love a boy that don’t love you,

                                   A                                  E

    they'll break your heart, they'll leave you alone,

                                B7                      E

    they'll roam the West so far from home.

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