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When The Springtime Comes Again

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When The Springtime Comes Again

intro = verse 1 as instrumental


                 C                                    F

1. Once more, Little Annie, I must leave you,

                    C                               G

    we shall part at the end of the lane,

              C                        F

    but promise me, Little Annie,

                    C                      G                          C

    you will wait for me till springtime comes again.


                       C                                      F

2. When the sun shines down on the mountain,

                    C                                           G

    and the wild sheep are wandering all alone,

                     C                                      F

    when the birds and the bees are a humming

                        C                              G                  C

    makes me think that springtime won’t be very long.


              G                                      C

When springtime comes on the mountain,

               C                                                    G

and the wild flowers are scattered o'er the plain,

             C                                 F

I shall watch for the bees to return to their trees,

                   G                                                       C

and I'll be waiting when the springtime comes again.

           F                        C                                  G         C

Oh-la-lay-ee, ah-le-oh-lay-hee, ah-le-oh-hee-hee, oh-lay.


+ instrumental = verse 2


                 C                                F

3. Now springtime is here, Little Annie,

             C                                  G

    I am on my way back to the lane,

                   C                           F

    for you promised me, Little Annie,

                     C                     G                         C

    you'd be waiting when springtime comes again.     + CHORUS