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When the Roses Come Again

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When the Roses Come Again

                         E                                                    A                    E

1. 'Neath the shadow, down the meadow, leaves lying on each side,

                E                                           B7                 E

    by the river, flowers shiver, fading, dying in their pride.

                         E                                                A                        E

    Someone straying, long delaying, stands a-parting down the lane,

                E                                                        B7                  E

    I must leave you, someone's saying, till the roses come again.


                 E                                            A                    E

When the roses come again, when the roses come again,

            E                                                    B7                  E

I will meet you, I will greet you, when the roses come again.

           E              B7             E

Oh-la-lay-ee, ah-le-hee, ah-le-hee.  


+ E - A - E      - E - B7 - E


              E                                       A                      E

2. As I wander, I will ponder on a happy bye and bye,

              E                                      B7                 E

    on a summer over yonder with joy to you and I.

                  E                                            A                       E

    Do not borrow grief or sorrow in the hours that yet remain,

                      E                                              B7                   E

    we shall know a glad tomorrow when the roses come again.


+ CHORUS       + E - A - E    - E - B7 - E


              E                                      A                       E

3. Sunshine over clover blossom on the meadow wide,

                      E                                            B7                  E

    summer's fingers sweetly linger everywhere on every side.

                         E                                                  A                          E

    Someone's roaming in the gloaming, happy hearts that feel no pain,

                   E                                                       B7                   E

    all their sadness turned to gladness, now the roses come again.




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