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Over the Garden Wall

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Over the Garden Wall

D - A - D


           D                                                             A          D

1. My love stood under a walnut tree over the garden wall,

                                                                                           A          D

    she whispered and said she'd be true to me, over the garden wall.


    She has beautiful eyes and beautiful hair,


    she's not very tall, so she stood in a chair,

       G                                         D                     A          D

    many a time I've kissed her there, over the garden wall.


  D                         A                                  A7

Over the garden wall, the sweetest girl of all,

           A                              D                       G                                    D

there never were yet such eyes of jet, and you can bet I'll never forget

       G                                   D                  A           D

the night our lips in kisses met, over the garden wall.


                  D                                                                     A          D

2. There's always a will, there's always a way, over the garden wall,

                                                                                         A          D

    there's always the night as well as the day, over the garden wall.


    We hadn't much money, but weddings were cheap,


    so while the old feller was snoring asleep,

               G                                                  D                    A          D

    with a lad and ladder she managed to creep over the garden wall.


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