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My clinch mountain home

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My clinch mountain home

Far a[G]way upon a hill on a sunny mountain side

Many [C]years ago we parted, my own true love and
[G]I From the [D]sunny mountain [G]side


Oh she [G]clung to me and trembled, when I told her we must part

And she [C]said don't go my darling I know twill break my [G]heart

When we [D]two are far [G]apart


    Carry me [C]back to old Vir[G]ginia back to [D]my clinch mountain [G]home

    Carry me [C]back to old Vir[G]ginia back to [D]my old mountain [G]home


My mother's old and feeble and my father's getting gray

Carry me back to old Virginia for its there I want to stay


Oh I held her in my arms leaned her head upon my breast

And I told her that I'd wed her when I come back from the west

To my old clinch mountain home


In my hand I hold a picture of the old home far away And the picture of my sweetheart I'm thinking of today

On the sunny mountain side

* Refrain

Below is a new version of the song with lyrics that reflect recent history.

Lyrics Copyright By Guy Mount, 2009.  4/4 time.
Based on the Carter Family melody & chords to "Clinch Mountain Home."

1. [G]Far away on a hill, on a sunny mountainside
My [C]girl and I got married, and then we moved in- [G]side
Of my [D7]old Sweet Mount'n [G]Home

2. But my job was taken from me, it was outsourced overseas.
Now some guy in India is making more than me
At my old Sweet Mount'n Home.

CHORUS: Fare-thee- [C]well to my old [G]home,
cause I [D]could not pay the [G]loan.
Now the [C]bank is movin' [G]in.
Here I [D7]go, down the road a [G]gain.

3. My home is in foreclosure, the sheriff said, "Go 'way!"
We're living in a pickup truck and I expect to stay
Near my old Sweet Mount'n Home.


4. The kids are gettin' hungry, the wife says she's real cold
Sleepin' in a camper shell sure was gettin' old,
So we said goodbye, Sweet Mount'n Home.


5. So we're goin' to Sacramento, where people live in tents.
I'm never goin' home again, I can't afford the rent
On my old, sweet Mount'n Home.