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He Took White Roses From Her Hair

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He Took White Roses From Her Hair


         G                                   C               D          D7               G

Oh, Willie, my darling, come back, I will ever be faithful and true,

         G                                   C             D            D7            G

oh, Willie, my darling, come back, I'll forever be faithful to you.


         G                                   C         D              D7                  G

1. I remember once that he said, he loved me better than his life,

          G                                      C              D                D7                G

    he called me his darling, his wife, then asked me to be his own bride.


             G                               C                D         D7             G

2. Oh, darling, he said, I am sure, your heart is made of a stone,

           G                                       C             D             D7          G

    he took a white rose from my hair, then left me a standing alone.


+  CHORUS    + instrumental = CHORUS


             G                                  C

3. The next fateful Willie was dead,

                  D                 D7                   G

    he was found in the pond near the mill.

                    G                                   C

    Oh, the clear precious waters so fair,

             D                      D7               G

    that flows from the branch of the hills.


            G                                   C

4. His blue eyes were forever closed

             D                    D7       G

    and damp was his golden hair,

              G                                    C

    and close to his pale lips was found,

                     D                    D7                  G

    the white rose which he took from my hair.