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He never came back

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He never came back


C - F - C - F - C - G - C


     C                                          F                    C

1. An old Jane about 49 came in to view the town,

            F                           C                                       G

    she registered up at Smith's Hotel as Miss Ada Brown.

             C                                       F                    C

    She said she was just 25 and that she was in love

      F                           C                                                 G

    with a young lad about 16, she called him her turtledove.

              C                                               F                       C

    The wedding day at last arrived, the birds did merrily sing,

           F                          C                                      G         C

    he touched her up for a hundred to go out and buy the ring.

           F                                                          C

    He never came back, no, he never came back


    he's been gone for a year or more.

              F                                                    C

    That sassy young thing better have that ring,

                       G                                C          + C - F - C - F - C - G - C

    when we meet on that beautiful shore.


    C                                                F                   C

2. I went down to a restaurant as hungry as a bear,

            F                    C                                           G

    and like a raving thief I did, I grabbed the bill of fare.

             C                                                      F                          C

    The waiter said, Now what for you?”  “A piece of steak !” I said,

             F                               C                               G                      C

    he’d taken my order and bowed his head and slowly walked away.

                  F                                                         C

    No, he never came back, no, he never came back,


    I waited an hour or more.

            F                                  C

    His neck I will break, if he has not that steak

                       G                                 C

    when we meet on that beautiful shore


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