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Goodbye to the plains

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Goodbye to the plains

+ D - G - D - A - D


               D                                 G               D                                 A

1. Goodbye to the pals of the prairie, goodbye to the pals of the plains,

          D                                   G                   A                                        D

goodbye to the dash and the danger, goodbye to the heartaches and pains.


+ D - G - D - A       - D - G - D - A - D


               D                               G               D                                    A

2. Goodbye to my faithful old pony, take care of him, boys, when I go,

          D                               G                            A                           D

    I'm riding away on life's roundup away to where the sun sinks low.


+ D - G - D - A       - D - G - D - A - D


               D                                  G                 D                                  A

3. Goodbye to the hoof-rushing cattle, goodbye to the clanking of spurs,

              D                                      G                 A                                   D

    goodbye to the laugh and the chatter, goodbye to the wildlife and steers.


               D                                      G                   D                                  A

4. Goodbye to the dawning's first blushes that spare in the east faintly glow,

           D                              G               A                                        D

    I'm riding away on life's roundup, away to where the sun sinks low.


+ D - G - D - A       - D - G - D - A - D


               D                                  G               D                       A

5. Goodbye to the girls and the boys, goodbye to all of my friends,

              D                                      G                       A                     D

    goodbye to the dear girl, my sweetheart, for I know this is my end.


                  D                                     G              

6. For the pale rider comes with his summons,

                   D                            A

    and I'm willing and ready to go,

                D                              G                     A                                    D

    for I'm riding away on life's roundup, far away where the sun sinks low.


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