Carter Family Song Lyrics & Chords:
Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room

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Fifty Miles Of Elbow Room


[D]Twelve hundred miles its length and breadth

the [A]four square city [D]stands

It's gem set walls of jasper shine

Not [A]made with human [D]hands

One [G]hundred miles its [D]gates are wide

[G]Abundance entrance [D]there

With [G]fifty miles of [D]elbow room

On [A]either side to [D]spare


When the gates swing wide on the other side

Just beyond the sunset sea

There'll be room to spare as we enter there

Room for you  and room for me

For the gates are wide on the other side

Where the flowers ever bloom

On the right hand on the left hand

Fifty miles of elbow of elbow room


Sometimes I'm cramped and crowded here

And long for elbow room

I want to reach for altitude

Where fair flowers bloom

It wont be long til I shall pass

Into that city fair

With fifty miles of elbow room

On either side to spare

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