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Bring back my wandering boy

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Bring back my wandering boy


       G                                    C                     G
1. Out in the cold world and far away form home

    somebody's boy is wandering alone,

     G                                      C                          G
    no one to guide him and keep his footsteps right,

      G                            D                 G
  somebody's boy is homeless tonight.


  G                                   C              G
Bring back my boy, my wandering boy,

far, far away, wherever he may be.

  G                                     C                            G
Tell him, his mother, with faded cheeks and hair,

G                               D7               G
at their old home is waiting him there.     + instrumental = verse 2


       G                                   C                         G
2. Out in the hallway there stands a vacant chair,

    yonder's the shoes my darling used to wear.

      G                                C                             G
    Empty the cradle, the one that's loved so well,

      G                                 D                      G
    how I miss him, there's no tongue can tell.


+  CHORUS   + instrumental = verse 2


     G                                    C                        G
3. Oh, could I see him and fold him to my breast,

    gladly I'd close my eyes and be at rest.

        G                                C                     G
    There is no other that's left to give me joy,

      G                                   D              G
   bring back my boy, my wandering boy.          +  CHORUS