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Two Sweethearts

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Two Sweethearts


A [G]crowd of young fellows one night at a ball

were [C]telling of sweethearts they'd [G]had,

[C]all seemed jolly [G]except one lad,

who [D]seemed down[D7]hearted and [G]sad.

“Come, [G]join us, Ned”, his comrades then said,

“[C]Surely some girl has loved [G]you.”

Then [C]raising his head proud[G]ly, he said,

“[D]I'm in love with [G]two.”


[G]One has hair of silver gray, the [C]other one is just like [G]gold,

[C]one is young and [G]youthful too, the [D]other is aged and [D7]old.

But [G]dearer than life are they both to me, from [C]neither would I [G]part,

[C]one is my mother, God [G]bless her, I love her,

the [D]other one is [D7my sweet[G]heart.


My sweetheart is a poor working girl,

whom I'm determined to wed.

Father says, “No, it will never be so,

you must marry an heiress instead !”

 Mother was young, she knows how it is,

when father met her she was poor,

Ned, dont fret, she'll be your wife yet,

for he will consent I am sure.     + CHORUS

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