Traditional Sea Shanties & Sea Songs
The Hog-Eye Man

A Collection of lyrics for traditional Sea Shanties & Songs of the Sea.

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The Hog-Eye Man

Oh! go fetch me down my riding cane,
For I'm goin' to see my darlin' Jane!

And a hog-eye railroad nigger with his hog-eye
Row the boat ashore, and a hog-eye O!
She wants the hog-eye man.

2. Oh the hogs-eye man is the man for me,
He was raised way down in Tennessee.

3. O the hog-eye man are all the go,
When they come down to San Francisco,

4. Now, its "who's been here since I've been gone?"
A railroad nigger with his sea-boots on,

5. O Sally in the garden is picking peas,
Her golden hair hanging down to her knees,

6. Oh Jenny’s in the garden shelling peas,
A bold Jack Tar sitting on her knee.

7. Now where have you been gone so long.
You Yankee Tar with your sea-boots on.

8. We’re a hog’s-eye ship and a hog’s-eye crew,
With a hog’s-eye mate and a skipper too.

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