Reba McEntire Songbook Lyrics with Chords - Titles U-Z

A Complete(ish) Reba McEntire Songbook with lyrics and chords for guitar, ukulele banjo etc. Also with PDF for printing.

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Up And Flying Up On The Housetop Waitin' For The Deal To Go Down Waiting For The Deal To Go Down CRD Waiting For The Sun To Shine Walk On We'll Waltz In Love Tonight We're All Alone We're So Good Together What Am I Gonna Do About You What Do You Know About Heartache What Do You Say CRD What Do You Say What If It's You CRD What If It's You What If What You Gonna Do About Me When Love Gets A Hold Of You CRD When Love Gets A Hold Of You When You're Not Trying To When You Have A Child When You Love Someone Like That Where You End And I Begin White Christmas Who's Ever In New England CRD Who Whoever's In New England CRD Whoever's In New England Whoever's Watchin' Whose Heartache Is This Anyway Why Can't He Be You Why Do We Want What We Know We Can't Have Why Haven't I Heard From You CRD Why Haven't I Heard From You Why Not Tonight Will He Ever Go Away Wish I Were Only Lonley With You I Am Wrong Night CRD Wrong Night You're Gonna Be CRD You're Gonna Be You're No Good You're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving CRD You're The First Time I've Thought About Leaving You're The One I Dream About You've Got Me Right Where You Want Me You Are Always There For Me You Can't Get A Man With A Gun You Can Take The Wings Off Me You Keep Me Hangin' On You Lie CRD You Lie You Lift Me Up To Heaven You Must Really Love Me You Really Better Love Me After This You Remember Me

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