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Although most of the material on this site is provided free, we do have some "registered" or paid download versions which give you much more. Our current product list follows:

Traditional Music Library (product code TML) includes the following song and tune-books:
Bluegrass, Old-time, Scottish, Irish, Pub Session Tunes, Lewes Favourites, Sussex Folk Orchestra Tunes, Folk Revival, Popular & Best Known tunes, Bawdy Songs, Cowboy Songbook, Stephen Foster Songs, and Christmas Music Carols & Hymns . There are also nearly 6000 tunes in Noteworthy Composer format. You get all of the "missing" items plus midi files (fast, medium and slow playing speeds) with melody and backing. The graphics for the paid version are 300dpi optimised for printing as opposed to the low res "chunky" graphics versions on this site (A sample score in 300dpi can be seen HERE - in pdf format). Also there are NO ADVERTS OR BANNERS. The download size is around 80mb which expands to about 400mb on installation. Price is £9.00(about $15 US), Order HERE (Important this product is only suitable for Windows XP, 7 and 8/8.1 NOT 10)

Traditional & Folk Song Collection With Chords (product code FSL) is a collection of more than 900 traditional & folk songs marked with chords in easy keys. You can see a full list of the songs with tons of samples HERE. It is supplied as a PDF file and can be viewed and printed with any reader PDF capable of Adobe Acrobat 5 or later standards. The download size is around 5mb which expands to about 18mb on extraction. Price is £5.00(about $8 US), Order HERE

Noteworthy Composer Collection 2 (product code NWC) this is a collection of around 10,000 pieces in Noteworthy composer format. You can see a list of all the titles in the collection HERE. To use this collection you will need to have installed one of the free viewers or the full Noteworthy software (for PC only), available from Noteworthy's Site. The download size is around 40mb which expands to about 80mb on installation. Price is £9.00, Order HERE(Important this product is only suitable for Windows XP, 7 and 8/8.1 NOT 10)

SPECIAL OFFER - ORDER TML and get FSL & NWC free (you get all above three items for £9.00)

Audio plus tab & sheet music collections

Just The Tune Volumes by Rick Townend (product code JTTn (n is the volume number)) This is a 7 volume set of CDs of Bluegrass and Old-time music with tabs for Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Dobro, Mandolin & Dulcimer as well as standard sheet music. For a full list of contents more info and to hear samples look HERE. Price is £5.00 Order HERE (Important this product is only suitable for Windows XP, 7 and 8/8.1 NOT 10)

All Traditional By Grassroots (product code AT1) This CD is intended to help aspiring Bluegrass Harmony singers. Music recorded by the Grassroots Band with Tabs for Guitar, Banjo & Mandolin also showing tabs of sung harmony notes. You can see more info and listen to samples HERE. The download size is around 50mb which expands not very much as the files are pre-compressed. Price is £5.00. Order HERE (Important this product is only suitable for Windows XP, 7 and 8/8.1 NOT 10)

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER - Get above items (7 JTT volums plus AT1) for just 20

Before you order:-

IMPORTANT- When you order I need to email you the URL's and passwords you will need for downloading. Please add my email to you safe list. If you don't hear from me in a couple of days it is probably that your ISP has some sort of blacklist which is blocking my emails. Why this should happen I don't know, perhaps because the email contains URL's, but for whatever reason, something like 10% get lost. If you run into this please email me again with a Google, Hotmail, Yahoo or similar address where I can reply to you. PLEASE DO NOT USE EARTHLINK.NET EMAIL, THIS ALWAYS CAUSES DELAYS AND PROBLEMS.

MAC & other operating systems.
All the above items have been designed and tested on Windows PC(NOT WINDOWS 10)and with the exception of the The Traditional & folk song library, will probably not work properly on anything else. See Support page for more info.

DOWNLOAD is not recommended unless you have a broadband connection.

Payment, contact details etc. Payment can ONLY be made by PAYPAL. Sorry I have no direct facilities for credit cards. BUT YOU CAN PAY BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD BY USING PAYPAL. To buy with Paypal use the buttons or if you prefer go direct to the Paypal site and ask for a payment to me quoting my address ""

I am located in the town of Crowborough, East Sussex in England. You can phone me on (sorry had to remove this due to telephone spammers ) or e-mail as above. In exceptional circumstances I can accept callers if you need to pick up a CD version but you will need to email for an appointment first.

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