Traditional Music Collection C

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Nancy Dawson.nwc
Nancy Dawson 2.nwc
Nancy's Fancy.nwc
Nancy's Fancy 2.nwc
Nan's Waltz.nwc
Nantwich Fair.nwc
Nantwich Fair 2.nwc
Navvie On The Line.nwc
Never Love Thee More.nwc
New High Level.nwc
New Policeman.nwc
New Rigged Ship.nwc
New Rigged Ship 2.nwc
Newark March.nwc
Newcastle Station.nwc
Nick Nack Paddy Whack.nwc
Nine Pint Cloggie.nwc
Ninepins 2.nwc
No Name Reel.nwc
Noon Lassies.nwc
North Skelton 1 V 1.nwc
North Skelton 1 V 1 2.nwc
North Skelton 1 V 2.nwc
North Skelton 1 V 2 2.nwc
North Skelton 1 V 3.nwc
North Skelton 1 V 3 2.nwc
North Skelton 2 V 1.nwc
North Skelton 2 V 1 2.nwc
North Skelton 2 V 2.nwc
North Skelton 2 V 2 2.nwc
North Skelton 3 V 1.nwc
North Skelton 3 V 2.nwc
Northern Hospitality Jig Or Seamus Plagiarism.nwc
Northern Hospitality Jig Or Seamus Plagiarism 2.nwc
Northern Lights.nwc
Nos Galan.nwc
Nutting Girl.nwc
Nutting Girl 2.nwc
Oberon In Fairyland.nwc
Off She Goes.nwc
Off She Goes 2.nwc
Off To California.nwc
Off To California 2.nwc
Off To California 3.nwc
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be.nwc
Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be 2.nwc
Oh Susanna.nwc
Old French.nwc
Old Friends.nwc
Old Maids Of Galway.nwc
Old Man Of Mow.nwc
Olde Tyme Quadrille.nwc
O'mahony's Hornpipe.nwc
On Christmas Night.nwc
On The Road To Boston.nwc
One For The Pot.nwc
One For The Pot 2.nwc
One More Dance ;& Then.nwc
One More Dance And Then.nwc
One More Step .nwc
Open Boat.nwc
Opera Reel.nwc
Orange And Blue.nwc
Orange In Bloom.nwc
Orange Rogue.nwc
Orange Rogue 2.nwc
Orcadian 2.nwc
Outer Magnolia Reel.nwc
Outer Magnolia Reel 2.nwc
Over The Hills.nwc
Over The Hills 2.nwc
Over The Moor To Maggie.nwc
Over The Moor To Maggie 2.nwc
Over The Moor To Maggie 3.nwc
Oyster Girl.nwc
Oyster Girl 2.nwc
P Joe's.nwc
P J Mcnamara's.nwc
Pachelbel Reel.nwc
Pack Up Your Troubles.nwc
Paddy Carey.nwc
Paddy Carey 2.nwc
Paddy In Flow.nwc
Paddy The Dandy.nwc
Paddy The Dandy 2.nwc
Paddy Whack.nwc
Paddy Whack 2.nwc
Pam's Fancy.nwc
Panic Polka.nwc
Pant Corlan Yr Wyr.nwc
Pany Corlan Yr Wyn.nwc
Parson's Farewell.nwc
Parti De Saratoga.nwc
Partie De Lancier 1.nwc
Partie De Lancier 2.nwc
Pascoe's Farewell.nwc
Patchwork Polka.nwc
Pat's Parlour.nwc
Pat's Parlour 2.nwc
Payne And Bond.nwc
Peacock Rag.nwc
Peat Fire Flame.nwc
Peg Ryan's.nwc
Penny On The H2o.nwc
Perrie Werrie.nwc
Pet Of The Pipers.nwc
Pet Of The Pipers 2.nwc
Peter Feeney's Dream.nwc
Pete's Peerie Boat.nwc
Pete's Peerie Boat 2.nwc
Petit Larousse.nwc
Petit Valse Pour Michelle.nwc
Pigeon On The Gate.nwc
Pigeon On The Gate 2.nwc
Pinch Of Snuff.nwc
Pine Cones.nwc
Pine Cones 2.nwc
Piper's Broken Finger.nwc
Piper's Fancy.nwc
Piper's Fancy 2.nwc
Pit Hame Da Borrowed Claes.nwc
Pit Pony.nwc
Pizza And Apple Pies.nwc
Pizza And Apple Pies 2.nwc
Planxty Irwin.nwc
Platnix 2.nwc
Pleasures Of The Town.nwc
Plodder Seam.nwc
Pnt Ur Y Bys.nwc
Polly Put The Kettle On.nwc
Polverita Fiera.nwc
Pop Along Polka.nwc
Pop Goes The Wheezle.nwc
Pop Goes The Wheezle 2.nwc
Portland Fancy.nwc
Portland Fancy 2.nwc
Preston Tally-ho !.nwc
Pretty Little Widder.nwc
Pretty Maggie Morrisey.nwc
Pretty Peg.nwc
Primrose Polka.nwc
Prince Charlie's Welcome To Skye.nwc
Princess Margaret.nwc
Princess Margaret 2.nwc
Princess Royal.nwc
Princess Royal 2.nwc
Princess Royal 3.nwc
Professor Blackie.nwc
Proudlocks's Hornpipe.nwc
Proudlocks's Variation.nwc
Puddlegum's Misery.nwc
Putney Reach.nwc
Quaker's Wife.nwc
Quaker's Wife 2.nwc
Queen Victoria.nwc
Queen Victoria 2.nwc
Queen's Fancy.nwc
Queen's Fancy 2.nwc
Quigley's Reel.nwc
Racoon Reel.nwc
Raemona's Waltz.nwc
Rag Dolly Anna.nwc
Raggety Anne.nwc
Rake Maker's Jig.nwc
Rake Maker's Jig 2.nwc
Rakish Paddy.nwc
Ralph Page Jig.nwc
Ralph Page Jig 2.nwc
Randel's Reel.nwc
Ran-tan 2.nwc
Rattlebones 2.nwc
Rattling Bog.nwc
Red Cigar.nwc
Red Cigar 2.nwc
Red Haired Boy.nwc
Red Stocking.nwc
Red Stocking 2.nwc
Red Stocking 3.nwc
Red Stocking 4.nwc
Redesdale Hornpipe.nwc
Reel Béatrice.nwc
Reel De Bergerville.nwc
Reel De Chateauguay.nwc
Reel De La Tuque Bleue.nwc
Reel De L'enfant.nwc
Reel De Mattawa.nwc
Reel De Mattawa 2.nwc
Reel De Montreal.nwc
Reel De Montreal 2.nwc
Reel Des Ouvriers.nwc
Reel Des Voyageurs.nwc
Reel Du Bonhomme.nwc
Reel Du Goglu.nwc
Reel Du Printemps.nwc
Reel Indien.nwc
Reg's Cigar.nwc
Reg's Cigar 2.nwc
Rhos-y-gwaliau Romp.nwc
Rhubarb Sandwich.nwc
Rip The Calico.nwc
Road To California.nwc
Road To Errol.nwc

Road To Lisdoonvarna.nwc
Road To Lisdoonvarna 2.nwc
Roberston's Reel.nwc
Robert The Minnow.nwc
Roddy Mccawley.nwc
Roddy Miller's Jig.nwc
Roddy Miller's Jig 2.nwc
Rodney's Glory.nwc
Rollin' In.nwc
Rolling Off A Log.nwc
Rolling Off A Log 2.nwc
Rollstone Mountain.nwc
Roman Reel.nwc
Romantic Courtesan.nwc
Rope Waltz.nwc
Rory O'more.nwc
Rory O'more 2.nwc
Rose Tree.nwc
Ross's Reel.nwc
Roxburgh Castle.nwc
Roxburgh Castle 2.nwc
Rufty Tufty.nwc
Rushwick 2.nwc
Russ Allen.nwc
Russian Dance.nwc
Ryan's Rant.nwc
S H Reel.nwc
Sackett's Harbor.nwc
Sadlers Wells.nwc
Sailors Hornpipe.nwc
Sailor's Hornpipe.nwc
Sailor's Wife.nwc
Sailor's Wife 2.nwc
Sally Hunter.nwc
Sally Hunter 2.nwc
Sally Picker.nwc
Sallylun Jig.nwc
Salmon Tails.nwc
Sam Cormier Reel.nwc
Sarah's Jig.nwc
Sarah's Jig 2.nwc
Scarce O' Tatties.nwc
Scarce O' Tatties 2.nwc
Schottisch Fran Havero.nwc
Schottisch Fran Havero - Countermelody.nwc
Scollys 2.nwc
Scotland The Brave.nwc
Scrabble On Sunday .nwc
Scrabble On Sunday 2.nwc
Se7t De La Baie St Paul.nwc
Seamus Connolly's.nwc
Seamus O'brien.nwc
Seamus Thompson's.nwc
Sean Ryans.nwc
Sean Ryan's Reel.nwc
Sergeant Earley's Dream.nwc
Sergeant Early's Dream.nwc
Service !.nwc
Set De La Baie St Paul.nwc
Seven Stars.nwc
Seven Stars 2.nwc
Seventy Second's Farewell.nwc
Sgiandubh 2.nwc
Shafters Shindig.nwc
Shafters Shindig 2.nwc
Shafters Shindig 3.nwc
Shafters Shindig 4.nwc
Shandon Bells.nwc
Shandon Bells 2.nwc
Shane's Fancy.nwc
Shane's Fancy 2.nwc
Shannon Breeze.nwc
She Was A .nwc
Sheards Of Foula.nwc
Sheards Of Foula 2.nwc
Shebag Shebong.nwc
Sheehan's Reel.nwc
Sheffield Hornpipe.nwc
Sheila Coyle's Reel.nwc
She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain.nwc
Shepton Reel.nwc
Shetland Boston.nwc
Shetland Boston 2.nwc
Shetland Polka.nwc
Sillocks And Tatties.nwc
Silver And Gold.nwc
Silver Roses For June.nwc
Silver Roses For June 2.nwc
Singing Of The Travels.nwc
Sir Roger De Coverley.nwc
Sir Sidney Smith.nwc
Sir Watkin's Jigg.nwc
Sir Watkin's Jigg 2.nwc
Sister's Reel.nwc
Sixpenny Money.nwc
Slashers 2.nwc
Sligo Maid The.nwc
Slip Jig.nwc
Slow March For Pipers.nwc
Smash The Windows.nwc
Smash The Windows 2.nwc
So Long.nwc
Soldiers Dance.nwc
Soldiers Dance 2.nwc
Soldier's Joy.nwc
Solomon Levi.nwc
Solomon Levi 2.nwc
Some Say The Devil Is Dead.nwc
So-so Polka.nwc
Spaghetti Panic.nwc
Spanish Cloak.nwc
Spanish Dance.nwc
Spanish Dance 2.nwc
Speed The Plough.nwc
Spencefield Lane.nwc
Spencefield Lane 2.nwc
Spence's Reel.nwc
Spence's Tent.nwc
Spey In Spate.nwc
Spider Island.nwc
Spider Island 2.nwc
Spirit Of The Dance.nwc
Sporting Paddy.nwc
Sprig Of Shillelah.nwc
Sprig Of Shillelah 2.nwc
Squire Of Bensham.nwc
Squire Of Bensham 2.nwc
Squirrel Leap.nwc
St Bruno.nwc
St Bruno 2.nwc
St Lawrence Jig.nwc
St Lawrence Jig 2.nwc
St Anne's (L).nwc
St Anne's (V).nwc
St Hugh's Jig.nwc
Staggering Home.nwc
Staines Morris.nwc
Starry Night For A Ramble.nwc
Starry Night For A Ramble 2.nwc
Starry Nights Of Shetland.nwc
Staten Island.nwc
Steam-boat Hornpipe.nwc
Steamboat Quickstep.nwc
Steamboat Quickstep 2.nwc
Steppin' Out.nwc
Stepping Stone.nwc
Stone Chapel (Heysham).nwc
Stool Of Repentance.nwc
Stool Of Repentance 2.nwc
Stranger At The Gate.nwc
Stratfield Saye.nwc
Stratfield Saye 2.nwc
Sugar In My Coffee-o.nwc
Summer Lightning.nwc
Summer Lightning 2.nwc
Sunset Over Ayr.nwc
Swallow's Nest.nwc
Swallowtail 2.nwc
Swallowtail Reel.nwc
Swans Among The Rushes.nwc
Swedish Masquerade.nwc
Swedish Schottisch.nwc
Sweeney's Buttermilk.nwc
Sweet Ellen.nwc
Sweet Jenny Jones.nwc
Sweets Of May.nwc
Sweets Of May 2.nwc
Swimming In The Gutter.nwc
Swimming In The Gutter 2.nwc
Swine Jig.nwc
Swine Jig 2.nwc
Swinging On A Gate.nwc

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