Traditional Music Collection

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I Belong To Glasgow.nwc
I Went To Pick Some Blaeberries.nwc
I Wish They'd Do It Now.nwc
Ian Duncan.nwc
Ian James Wilson.nwc
Icy Jig.nwc
Icy Jig 2.nwc
Imitiation Reel.nwc
Inauguration Reel Or The Clinton Canter.nwc
Indian Point.nwc
Indian Point 2.nwc
Indian Queen.nwc
Indian Reel.nwc
Ingalls' Jingle.nwc
Ingalls' Jingle 2.nwc
Innocent Hare.nwc
It's A Long Way To Tipperary.nwc
Ivy Leaf.nwc
Jack Broke Da Prison Door.nwc
Jack O'lantern.nwc
Jackie Coleman's.nwc
Jack's Life.nwc
Jack's Morning Feast.nwc
Jackson's Breakdown.nwc
Jacky Daly's.nwc
Jacky Robinson's.nwc
Jacky Tar.nwc
Jacob (Or Enrico).nwc
Jamie Allen.nwc
Jan Martindale's Trip To The Bathroom.nwc
Jan Martindale's Trip To The Bathroom 2.nwc
Jane Coker's Tune.nwc
Jaque Latin.nwc
Jean's Reel.nwc
Jenny's Bawbee.nwc
Jenny's Chickens.nwc
Jessica's Polka.nwc
Jessie's Hornpipe.nwc
Jig For Chris.nwc
Jig For Chris 2.nwc
Jig From The Water Music.nwc
Jig From The Water Music 2.nwc
Jig Of Slurs.nwc
Jim Donohue's.nwc
Jim Mullin's Hornpipe.nwc
Jimmy Allen.nwc
Jimmy Duffy's Barndance No 1.nwc
Jimmy Duffy's Barndance No 2.nwc
Jinglin Johnnie.nwc
Joan Of Arc.nwc
Joan Of Arc 2.nwc
Joanie's Jig.nwc
Joanie's Jig 2.nwc
Jockey To The Fair.nwc
Jogger's Waltz.nwc
John And Tony.nwc
John Brady's.nwc
John Brady's 2.nwc
John Brown's Body.nwc
John Brown's Body 2.nwc
John Carty's.nwc
John Peel.nwc
John Peel Variations.nwc
John Ryan's.nwc
Johnny Macgill.nwc
Johnny Macgill 2.nwc
Johnny Ward's.nwc
Johnny's Down The River.nwc
Johnny's Gone To France.nwc
Johnny's Lover's Gone.nwc
Jolly Dogs.nwc
Jonathan's Jig.nwc
Jonathan's Jig 2.nwc
Jopplety How.nwc
Jopplety How 2.nwc
Jordan's Reel.nwc
Joy Of The Dance.nwc
Joy Of The Dance 2.nwc
Joy Street Jig.nwc
Joy Street Jig 2.nwc
Joys Of Quebec.nwc
Jubilate Deo (Round).nwc
Judy's Reel.nwc
Julian's Jig.nwc
Julian's Jig 2.nwc
Julie's Jig.nwc
Julie's Jig 2.nwc
Julie's Jig 3.nwc
Julie's Jig 4.nwc
Jump At The Sun.nwc
Jump At The Sun (Dm).nwc
Jump At The Sun 2.nwc
Juniper Hill.nwc
Just As The Sun Was Setting.nwc
Kanon Bars 1 - 30.nwc
Kanon Bars 31 - 57.nwc
Katie's Rambles.nwc
Katie's Rambles 2.nwc
Kelsterne Gardens.nwc
Kennet Jig (For Kennet Mixer).nwc
Kennet Jig (For Kennet Mixer) 2.nwc
Kenny Gilles Of Portnalong.nwc
Kenny Gilles Of Portnalong 2.nwc
Kentish Cricketers.nwc
Kerry Polka.nwc
Kesh Jig.nwc
Kesh Jig 2.nwc
Kevin Carey's.nwc
Kevin Griffin's Hornpipe.nwc
Kid On The Mountain.nwc
Killarney Boys Of Pleasure.nwc
Killavail Fancy.nwc
Killavil Fancy.nwc
Kilty Lads.nwc
Kilty Lads 2.nwc
King Of The Cannibal Islands.nwc
King Of The Fairies.nwc
King Of The Fairies 2.nwc
Kingussie Flower.nwc
Kiss Me Quick Me Mither's Coming.nwc
Kiss The (Minor) Maid Behind The Barrel.nwc
Kitchen Girl.nwc
Kitty O'niel.nwc
Kitty O'niel's Champion.nwc
Knotted Cord.nwc
La Bastrangue.nwc
La Bastringue.nwc
La Belle Catherinette.nwc
La Grande Chaine.nwc
La Grande Chaine 2.nwc
La Guenille.nwc
La Jambe De Jean.nwc
La Monte A Peine.nwc
La Morisque.nwc
La Musgana.nwc
La Poule.nwc
La Poule 2.nwc
La Ronfleuse Gobeil.nwc
La Russe.nwc
La Schottische.nwc
La Toque Bleue.nwc
Lad O'beirne's Hornpipe.nwc
Ladies' Triumph.nwc
Lads A Bunchum.nwc
Lads Of Dunse The.nwc
Lady In The Boat 2.nwc
Lady Mary Douglas.nwc
Lady Mary Douglas 2.nwc
Lady Of Ardross.nwc
Lady Of The Lake.nwc
Lamb Skinnet.nwc
Lamb Skinnet 2.nwc
Lambeth Walk.nwc
Lamplighter's Hornpipe.nwc
Landsdowne Lass.nwc
Lannigan's Ball.nwc
Lannigan's Ball 2.nwc
Lark In The Morning.nwc
Larry O'gaff.nwc
Larry O'gaff 2.nwc
Larry Redican's No 2.nwc
Lass O' Dallogill.nwc
Lass O' Dallogill 2.nwc
Lasses Trust In Providence.nwc
Last Mile.nwc
Late Evening Reel.nwc
Lay Dee At De.nwc
Lazy Dog.nwc
Le Parc De Sceaux.nwc
Le Quadrille Boston.nwc
Le Reel De Chateauguay.nwc
Le Reel De Grandmere.nwc
Le Reel Des Jeunes Maries.nwc
Lea Riggs.nwc
Leaping Jack.nwc
Leaping Jack 2.nwc
Leitram Fancy.nwc
Lemmie Brezil's.nwc
Lemonville Jig.nwc
Lemonville Jig 2.nwc
Les Fraises Et Les Framboises.nwc
Lesley Dolman's Jig.nwc
Lesley Dolman's Jig 2.nwc
Letterkenny Blacksmith.nwc
Levantine's Barrel.nwc
Levi Jackson.nwc
Lexie Mcaskill.nwc
Life Is All Chequered.nwc
Life Is All Chequered 2.nwc
Lilting Banshee The.nwc
Lindbergh's Crate.nwc
Lindbergh's Crate 2.nwc
Linhope Loup.nwc
Little Burnt Potato.nwc
Little Burnt Potato 2.nwc
Little Czech Number.nwc
Little Liza Jane.nwc
Little Red Waggon.nwc

Lively Tim.nwc
Lively Tim 2.nwc
Llanover Reel.nwc
Lloyd Of Binghampton.nwc
Lock My Heart.nwc
Log Cabin.nwc
Logie O'buchan.nwc
London Lasses.nwc
Londonderry Hornpipe.nwc
Lonesome Injun.nwc
Long Long Trail.nwc
Longthwaite 2.nwc
Lord Drummond.nwc
Lord Moira.nwc
Lord Of All Hopefulness.nwc
Lord Of The Dance.nwc
Lord Wellington.nwc
Lorna's Reel.nwc
Lost My Love.nwc
Lost My Love 2.nwc
Lothian Scottish.nwc
Louis Waltz.nwc
Louise's New Parlor.nwc
Love Port And Sherry.nwc
Love Port And Sherry 2.nwc
Luck Penny.nwc
Luck Penny 2.nwc
M T B .nwc
Macdonald's Jig.nwc
Mackelmoyel's Reel.nwc
Madame Bonaparte.nwc
Madame Bonaparte Variation.nwc
Madame Renaud.nwc
Madamoiselle Voulez Vous Dancer.nwc
Madness !.nwc
Madness ! 2.nwc
Maeve's Reel.nwc
Maggie In The Woods.nwc
Maggie Pickens.nwc
Maggie's Favourite.nwc
Maggie's Favourite 2.nwc
Maid Of Glenconnel.nwc
Mairie's Wedding.nwc
'mairtin Na Gcluasa Fada '.nwc
Major Mackie.nwc
Major Mackie 2.nwc
Major Mackies Jig.nwc
Major O'flacherty.nwc
Mallorca 2.nwc
Manor Gardens.nwc
Manor Gardens 2.nwc
Maple Leaf Jig.nwc
Maple Leaf Jig 2.nwc
Maple Sugar.nwc
Maple Sugar 2.nwc
Marcel Messervier.nwc
March Of St Timothy.nwc
Marching Through Georgia.nwc
Marching Through Georgia 2.nwc
Marcus Hernon's.nwc
Marion Egan's Reel.nwc
Marmaduke's Hornpipe.nwc
Marmaduke's Hornpipe 2.nwc
Marmalade Polka.nwc
Marquis Of Huntly.nwc
Marquis Of Lorne.nwc
Marriage March.nwc
Martin Wynne's.nwc
Martin Wynne's No 2.nwc
Mason's Apron.nwc
Mason's Apron 2.nwc
Mason's Apron 3.nwc
Master Crowley's.nwc
Maudabawn Chapel.nwc
May Day (Miss Mcleod's Reel).nwc
May Day (Miss Mcleod's Reel) 2.nwc
Mayor Harrison's Fedora.nwc
Mazawattee Tea Break.nwc
Mazawattee Tea Break 2.nwc
Mcelroy's Fancy.nwc
Mcelroy's Fancy 2.nwc
Mcquillen's Irish Green.nwc
Mcquillen's Irish Green 2.nwc
Mcquillen's March.nwc
Mcquillen's March 2.nwc
Mcquillen's Squeezebox.nwc
Mcquillen's Squeezebox 2.nwc
Meggy's Foot.nwc
Meggy's Foot 2.nwc
Melange 2.nwc
Merch Megan.nwc
Merrily Kiss The Quaker.nwc
Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Wife.nwc
Merry Blacksmith.nwc
Merry Blacksmith 2.nwc
Merry Month Of May.nwc
Merry Month Of May 2.nwc
Merrydale Romp.nwc
Merrydale Romp 2.nwc
Mersey 2.nwc
Mexican Waltz.nwc
Mid-day Jig.nwc
Mid-day Jig 2.nwc
Milford Pavillion.nwc
Milford Pavillion 2.nwc
Millicent's Favourite.nwc
Misir Lou.nwc
Miss Campbell.nwc
Miss Campbell 2.nwc
Miss Forbes' Farewell To Banff.nwc
Miss Forbes' Farewell To Banff 2.nwc
Miss Kay Rose.nwc
Miss Lyall.nwc
Miss Lyall 2.nwc
Miss Mary Printy.nwc
Miss Mary Printy 2.nwc
Miss Mary Walker.nwc
Miss Mcleod's.nwc
Miss Mcleod's 2.nwc
Miss Monaghan.nwc
Miss Monaghan 2.nwc
Miss Ratray.nwc
Miss Supertest's Victory Reel.nwc
Miss Susan Cooper.nwc
Miss Thompson's Hornpipe.nwc
Miss Thompson's Reel.nwc
Mississipi Sawyer.nwc
Mist On The Marsh.nwc
Moll Of The Wood.nwc
Monferrina 1.nwc
Monferrina 2.nwc
Monk's March.nwc
Montagnards Laurentiens 1.nwc
Montagnards Laurentiens 2.nwc
Montecarlo Or Bust.nwc
Montecarlo Or Bust 2.nwc
Mooncoin Jig.nwc
Morning Star.nwc
Morpeth Rant.nwc
Morpeth Rant 2.nwc
Morris Off.nwc
Morris Off 2.nwc
Mo's Peerie Boston.nwc
Mo's Peerie Boston 2.nwc
Mother Riley's Tour.nwc
Mouth Of The Tobique.nwc
Mr Gordon Of Hallhead.nwc
Mr Beveridge's Maggot.nwc
Mr Turveydrop.nwc
Mrs Casey.nwc
Mrs Casey 2.nwc
Mrs Casey 3.nwc
Mrs Willis.nwc
Mucking Of Geordie's Byre.nwc
Mucking Of Geordie's Byre 2.nwc
Muddy Water.nwc
Munera De Casa.nwc
Munster Hop.nwc
Murray's Reel.nwc
Musical Priest.nwc
My Darling Asleep.nwc
My Darling Asleep 2.nwc
My Favourite Flute.nwc
My Favourite Flute 2.nwc
My Home.nwc
My Love Is Like A Red Red Frog.nwc
My Love She's But A Lassie Yet.nwc
My Old Man.nwc
My Old Man 2.nwc
My Son's A Prawn.nwc
My Son's A Prawn 2.nwc
My Wife's A Drunkard.nwc

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